90's Era to Current
Barbie Dolls & Friends
This is the newest page (and probably most overdue!!) to my site! This will feature all of my 1990's era, thru 2000's and up to
the current day Barbie's I have available. This will also include her friends, Kira, Teresa, Kayla, Midge, Christie and similar size
dolls! They won't be listed in any particular order.
Glitter Beach Barbie in Original Outfit from 1992
Excellent Condition
She is so adorable! Barbie has the prettiest face! It was extremely well
done! No rubs or abuse! She has a full thick head of blond crimped
hair. No trims or cuts but some light handling/storage time. So some
of it is out of the crimp a little bit. Still nice. Not frizzy! This is the type
of hair that is the soft hair you don't want to give a boil restyle job on
or it will burn! And it's in nice shape so you won't need to. Her body is
in wonderful shape! All fingers and toes are perfect. Both knees click
and hold 2 positions but early 90's Barbie's starting getting away from
the old fashioned way of clicking. They're not a dramatic and
bendable as older Barbie's but she works as good as she did from the
factory. Her suit is complete with the hair ribbon and her pretty
jeweled necklace has never been off of her. I really don't think she was
played with. All the glitter is still on her suit. Everything looks
wonderful on this doll! And she is wearing her original silver earrings
too. So she is outfit-wise complete! A trace of tidying up on the bangs
and she's an awesome display doll! $8
Late 90's Era Barbie Doll in Denim Jumper Set
Excellent Condition
Made in China
Overall she's a wonderful doll. Clean body with all fingers and feet in
excellent condition. No green stains, pin pricks, cuts or abuse. Both
knees click 2 positions each. She has a gorgeous face. Bright blue eyes,
red lips. No rubs on the face paint. She has a full head of platinum
blond crimped hair with bangs. This is the soft hair, no the more saran
like hair used on older dolls. I always recommend to anyone, do not
boil set this hair if you restyle it. Her hair is very nice. A little going
thru needed but not bad at all. She has some kind of childs hair band
in the ponytail. I'm selling her as she came to me. No breaks in the
neck knob. She's a solid, clean doll. Her outfit is very cute. Not sure if
it's an original or not but it is made by Mattel. Genuine black boots in
mint condition. The jumper is mint condition. The bodysuit is near
mint. I found one tiny pale beige speck on the lower right sleeve. I
pictured this so you can see it. Otherwise, it's a great outfit! Velcro
closures on both. No stains, holes or blown seams other than
mentioned. A great doll for a child to play with, ooak or display! $6