This page features Skipper, Tutti, Stacie, Kelly & Friends fashions from all eras.
I'll gladly answer any questions you have about conditions of items!
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Skipper, Tutti & Same
Size Friends Fashions,
Accessories & Shoes
Best Buy Halter Top #2231
Excellent Condition
This is almost mint condition! Only reason I
can't call it mint is a little bit of the bottom left
side seam is pulling out of the tie. It will repair
beautifully and everything else looks
wonderful. Crisp fabric. Super clean white lace
trim. Only minimal edge wear on the ties. That
lace will tuck back in to the seam as well and
look nice. Sorry I don't have the skirt for it at
this time! $5
Skipper Let's Play House Original Baby Doll &
Cradle  Cradle & Baby are Mint!! Diaper is
loose but there! Extremely Hard To Find!! $100
for the set
Skipper Best Buy# 1385 Brown Vest
Mint Condition
Part of a 3 piece outfit from 1979. It has zig
zag seam stitching all around. No stains holes
or blown seams. Looks barely touched! A
great replacement/upgrade for your outfit!
"Dress Coat" Velvet Hat #1906
from 1964-65
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Beautiful & clean! No stains, holes, blown
seams or rubbed/thin spots in the velvet. The
white satin lining is also clean too! Bow is
perfectly secure on back. Minimal faint traces
of handling (one speck at the top point) but
looks very nice!
Tutti Plantin' Posies Hat NM!
Very Clean piece with only minimal edge wear
to the ties. No stains or abuse! $6
Skipper School Days Skirt #1907 from 1964-65
Good/Very Good Condition
It has some handling/playtime but no holes
or blown seams! Just a gentle wash and it will
look wonderful! It's soft. The snap closure on
back is secure. $5
Skipper Best Buy #9706 from 1977
Excellent Condition & Near Mint Conditions
The top looks fantastic. Clean with a secure
snap closure on back. The cloud/sun/rainbow
decal looks great. Very minor edge wear on it.
It's not abuse. Clean dark blue nylon fabric
top. Just minor bottom edge wear. It's very
clean and the sleeves are not blown out. No
snags or dinginess & no fading (on any piece).
The shorts do have a wide elastic waist but
otherwise clean! The skirt looks fantastic &
mint condition! Great set!! 15
Skipper Best Buy #9707 Head Scarf
Near Mint Condition
Other than a microscopic black speck in the
fabric and an crease in the middle (from being
on a doll), this piece looks wonderful. The
ribbon ties are almost perfect. 1 side is and the
other has one thread loose but the lace is
great and it will be an excellent display on
your doll! $5
Skipper Fashion Fantasy #5810 from 1983
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Both pieces look like they've never been on a
doll! Super clean and crisp fabric. No fading,
stains, handling/play soil, holes or blown
seams. Just needs the tie at the neck retied
properly but that's easy. The shorts are great.
The elastic waist has never been stretched.
Just add the sneakers and the white sailor
cap. I do not have the hat available at this
time. Adorable set for your Skippers!
Skipper "Nighty Nice" Pajama Top 1970
Top only. Excellent Condition
Minimal play wear. Fabric is soft. A few specks
of light package residue on the lower left
front. Very pale specks that don't hurt display
ability! Snap closure is secure. A nice piece! $4
each (2 available)
Skipper Flower Power Long Skirt #3373 1972
Excellent Condition
Only real flaw to this skirt is that the waist
elastic is wide which is so common for these
skirts. The colors are very nice and not tan or
dingy. No holes, blown seams or abuse. $3
Skipper Flower Power Belt #3373 1972
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Very hard to find piece in great shape. Nice
red velveteen fabric with no stains or rubs.
Only light edge wear to the ends of the waist
ties. Excellent piece to complete your set! $11
Skipper Super Snoozers Pajama Pants #3371
1972 Good/Fair Condition
Crisp material that is nicer in person than in
photos. Waist elastic is wide but would display
nicely with pajama shirt over them. Needs an
oxyclean job for some light spots. They should
clean up well and look nice on display. $1
Vintage Skipper Dreamtime Blue Felt Kitty
Near Mint Condition
He's adorable and very clean! Well cared for.
Soft blue felt is not stained. He's got his little
tail and complete face in wonderful shape. All
of the black stitching looks great. Pretty kitty!
Korea White Skipper Flats
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Up close there is a super hard to see mark on
the shoe that almost gives the impression
that it's split. It is not split nor chewed. They
are very nice display shoes. $5
Vintage Skipper Underpretties Slip
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Well cared for and clean! Excellent elastic at
the wait. Nice lace ruffle trim and no stains,
holes or blown seams. Just a few tiny snags but
minimal. It's a good looking piece and so sweet
on your dolls! Skipper tag is nice but a tiny
amount of fray at the edge. $4
Skipper Red Sensation Hat
Fair Condition
The edges are pulled pretty good & it's a
shame because it's otherwise very clean! The
inside piece is there and the ribbon is very
nice! $2
Skipper Fashion Fantasy #4880 from 1984
I only have these 2 pieces to the outfit. They
are both in near mint condition and very
clean. A little bit of wrinkling on the vest but
will display nicely! $4
Growing Up Skipper Original Mini Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Incredibly clean and bright! No stains, play
time or handling soil! The blue vinyl waistband
looks great! The little button closure on back is
secure. Only reason I can't call it mint is for
some handling soil on the little elastic loop. It's
otherwise in good shape! $7
Malibu Skipper Original Swim Bottoms
Good Condition
If it weren't for the loose waist elastic these
would be near mint! Great color with no
fading. 1 little snag on the back but barely
visible. No blown seams or stains. If you can
tighten up the waist, you'll have a fantastic
display. 75 cents
Vintage Skipper Dreamtime Blue Telephone
Good Condition
Just needs the cord replaced. It does have a
few melt marks on the base and some aged
look to areas of the glue but a good
wipedown and it will display nicely!
Superteen Skipper Original Skirt
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Pretty purple satin skirt with fine pink lace
trim on ruffle. It is super clean and well cared
for! Just a trace couple light snags but nothing
severe. It looks beautiful! The single snap
closure on the back is secure. Brilliant color
with no dinginess. A great upgrade skirt for
your doll! $4
Skipper Striped Top
Excellent Condition
This is a piece from the late 80's/early 90's.
It has some playtime but a nice looking piece.
Some piling but no holes or snags. Metal snap
closure is still secure. Not filthy. The piling can
hint at a faint dingy look. It's not bad at all. $4
Best Buy #7775 from 1974
Excellent Condition
Sweet dress in pink & yellow floral print on
white with a striking black gros-grain ribbon
sash and cuff ribbons. It's very nice. Looks
pretty evenly colored, so it's not faded. Some
handling but no coffee or odd stains. The
ribbon on the back is tied in a knot so that
needs to be undone but it's all there. A little
split in the ribbon but still in one piece. I do
see a snag in the ribbon (a tiny dot like
shape-just getting picky!!). I do think it could
use an oxy but it's not heavily handled.
Mainly for the bottom ruffle, yet it is colored
evenly. Could even just be from storage. No
blown seams or holes. Just some edge fraying
on the unfinished areas but a solid dress! $9
Skipper Pink Trim Blue Jeans
Excellent Condition
Very pretty with pink elastic waist in great
shape. Just a little bit of seam stress on the rear
seam but not blown out. They are clean with
no holes. Just a little wrinkling from storage
but they'll display nicely! $3
Skipper Denim & Lace Trim Jacket
Near Mint Condition
Part of a very cute dress set from the 90's. It is
very clean and well cared for. The pink "S" is
not cracked or peeling. Lace is all in great
shape. $1
Skipper School Girl Hat #1921 1965-66
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Cute hat. Soft red felt with a red & white
hounds tooth sash & white feather. It has
been somewhat folded in a Skipper case for
years but a nice display. Some handling but
not filthy. The feather is white. $16
Skipper School Girl Skirt #1921 1965-66
Excellent Condition
Looks great! Minimal handling. The snap
closure is secure. The fabric is all very nice with
no stains, holes or blown seams. You may
prefer it to be a trace brighter but it's a good
display skirt. Minimal storage/handling.
Stacie Doll Original Top
Near Mint Condition
A second sleeveless top from the first issue
Stacie doll. Nice and clean with no abuse.
Velcro closure. $1
Stacie Western Top
Fair/Good Condition
This top is part of a cute set from the 90's.
The edge of the sleeves is fraying. The gold
lame` fringe is pretty nice. 1 tiny black dot
right near the underarm of the left sleeve. 25
Skipper School Girl Jacket #1921 from 1965-66
Excellent Condition
It is well cared for but overall it's got some
handling storage dinginess. Not horrible. I just
know it should be a brighter red. It is missing
one of the gold tone accent buttons on front
but it does have the crest of the pocket and the
single snap closure. No blown seams or holes.
The tag looks very nice and straight. Just a
trace of edge fray. Just needs to be brightened
and it will be a wonderful display!
Skipper School Girl Blouse #1921 from 1965-66
Excellent Condition
Just needs to be brightened. There is a small
little pale beige stain on the middle left side.
It's not big but it's there. It does have both of
the little red accent buttons below the collar
and the single snap closure on back. No holes
or blown seams. All of the red stitching and
pleats look very nice. Slight roughness to tiny
edges in the armholes but the seams are all
solid. Just needs a good bath and it will be a
great blouse! $8
Skipper Fashion Collectibles #1943
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean and barely used if at all! No
blown seams or holes. Minor crease on the
sleeves from storage but nothing horrible.
No stains. It's a very pretty coat!
Skipper Green Filligree Hanger
Made in Korea
Mint Condition
This is from a shoe pak from the mid to late
70's. It is a pretty spring green color and in
wonderful shape. No bends, cracks or abuse!
Perfect for your favorite Skipper dress or top!
Island Fun Skipper Grass Skirt
Near Mint Condition
It's in great shape and clean! Excellent elastic
waist! No serious abuse maybe a trace of a kink
on a blade of "grass". Will look great on!
Skipper Bikini Top "Florida Vacation" from 1998
Near Mint Condition

50 cents
Skipper Ruffle Trim Shorts
Good Condition
These are from one of the early 90's outfits. I
am researching which one. I can see a light top
with a print & I'll update the style & year when I
have it. Very nice with no holes or blown seams.
There is a light brown marks/spots on the back
of the right upper thigh. Not severe & it might
wash out. They'll display nicely. Excellent
elastic waist. 50 cents
Skipper Dreamtime Robe #1909
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Pretty soft pink robe with the red printed
kitty on the pocket and pink neck
gros-grain ribbon ties. No holes, blown
seams or stains. Only light handling/storage
evident on the robe but a very nice display.
Skipper/Stacie Waist Purse/Fanny Pack
Near Mint Condition
Not sure which outfit this came with but
definately a later 90's piece.
50 cents
Vintage Skipper White Ankle Socks
Excellent Condition
These came with the Skipper School Girl outfits
pieces listed above but can be used with almost
all of Skippers vintage and mod era outfits.
They are very nice. Just traces of handling. You
can brighten them up and they'll be perfect or
leave them as is and they are still very nice. No
holes, blown seams or runs. They'll look great
on all your Skipper's & Skooter dolls!
Skipper Outdoor Casuals Pants #1915
Fair Condition
They have great potential as they look but
they need some restitching at the inner leg
and crotch seams. The other issue is there is
a golden/brown stain on the fold on the
front right. I have not washed them. The
rest of them look nice. A little bit of effort
and they will be very nice. $1
Best Buy Jumper #7774 from 1974
Excellent Condition
This is very clean and a vivid red. Only missing
the blouse but you can put any white blouse for
skipper with it and it will look adorable! No
tears or repairs to the straps. Decent elastic
waist. Not stretched wide & not dry rotted. I
would still handle 40 year old elastic very
gently! No blown seams, handling stains or soil.
Some light threads loose from inner seams but
no blown seams. Just how it's finished at the
factory! A great upgrade or start for this outfit!
Very cute! $6
Skipper Ship Ahoy Dress & Vest
TLC/Fair Conditions
Both pieces are heavily played with. They need
a good cleaning. The vest is has a lot of
handling soil but is a solid piece. Only needs
the top two gold tone buttons replaced. It does
have both of the white stars on back. No holes,
or blown seams. A good cleaning & the 2
buttons and you will have a great vest! The
dress does have a hole in the front of the
striped fabric right in the center on top of the
waist seam & it does need some restitching just
to the left of that hole on the seam. I think it
could be tightened to look pretty good. A little
bit of underarm stitching undone under the left
arm and some loose seam thread/slight tiny
hole on the back left waist seam as well as
fraying fabric right under the 2nd snap closure.
So yes there are some areas that will need work
but both sets of snap closures are secure. The
skirt is solid and looks good. Some cleaning
overall but do the white vinegar soak before
hand to keep the colors from running and it
will be a good set. Not for the mint collector
but if you take a little time, go over it, it would
be pretty decent. $3
Best Buy #7218
Fair Condition
This dress could use some brightening. The
white sleeves have some staining. The front
bow is basically gone. Just a trace of it left.
And the white gros-grain tie in the back is
missing. A couple small dark spots but I
think they might wash out ok. A little bit of
the center back seam is loosening up but
that will fix easily. It's just not for the mint
collector but if you can give it a little tlc you
can have a good display. $2
Skipper Wedding Party Fashions #1419
"Flower Girl Frills" from 1979
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Gorgeous set and barely handled. Clean baby
blue satin bodice dress with sheer & lace
overskirt, short sleeves and matching flower
trimmed headpiece with bouquet. Only thing
missing are the shoes. I really can't find
anything wrong with any of these pieces. Just
the ends of the ribbons on the bouquet fraying
but that's it! Super clean and crisp fabric. No
snags or runs.  Nice elastic on the headpiece.
The dress is tagged. Snap closures secure.
Skipper Best Buy #2234 from 1978
Near Mint Condition
Super bright & clean colors! Sweet summer
dress in multicolor stripes with yellow bodice
and yellow nylon tricot scarf. It is very well
cared for and has no stains, holes, blown
seams, handling/play soil or fading! Some light
creases on the scarf but very nice. One tiny
piece of cotton on the backside of the dress
that flips upward, (this is a mere speck) but it's
from the weave from the factory. Not abuse!
Snap closure secure on back. This is a great
example of this outfit and complete. Will look
so pretty on your dolls!
Ballerina Get Ups N Go Bag #7714
from 1973-74
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The only reason I can't call it mint is that
there is just a little bit of frayed/popped
seam on the top right side (the side without
the drawstring). Otherwise it looks
wonderful. No fading or stains! The long
cord has been tied, so there's a tiny knot
there but it's not split and it can be untied
without too much trouble or hurting the
cord. Minimal handling/storage but a super
nice upgrade/replacement piece for your
Skipper Lemon Fluff Robe
Fair Condition
No holes or blown seams but it's been played
with. The belt is missing and the tag has some
wear. A little red mark on the inside of the robe
but nothing that shows on the outside. It's only
on the inner mesh like stitching, so it won't hurt
anything. The fur is matted and just needs a
good refreshing overall. It's not filthy, so it's
worth saving.
Skipper Velvet Blush Dress #1737 from 1970-71
Fair Condition
This dress has a lot of rubs to the velvet fabric.
The collar on the left side is unraveling. The
bow & sash at the waist are fine. The cuffs are
fine. Lower back center seam is open quite a
bit. It does have the lower snap closure but half
needs to be reattached. Missing half of the
upper snap closure. It is tagged. Honestly, this
is best used for some donor pieces or fabric. It's
not dirty, just don't know if someone can
restore to what it was. $1
Skipper Dreamtime Slippers #1909
Excellent Condition
Minimal playwear/handling. They look very
nice with no missing fringe or holes in the
felt scuffs. A great pair to complete your
outfit! $9
Skipper Gray & Red Trim Mini Skirt
Modern Era (90's & later)
Excellent Condition
Not sure when this was issued but it has a velcro
closure on the back. No holes, stains or blown
seams. Has a crease in the middle but will wear
on a doll fine. Not tagged but it is a genuine
piece. 50 cents
Skipper Fun At The Fair Skirt #1911
from 1965
Fair Condition
The skirt is pretty solid but needs the red vinyl
belt section replaced. The buckle is fine. The
pocket is firmly attached. All seams are good. It
does need a spot on the back removed. Use a
product like Goo Gone after doing a white
vinegar soak treatment & I'm thinking it will
wash out. Not sure what it is. Slightly stiff
residue. Other than that, just needs to be
brighter but I think it has potential or just use it
for parts. $1
Skipper Pink Dotted Pantyhose
Near Mint Condition
These look great! Nice & clean! Soft white
sheer hose with baby pink flocked look
dots. No blown seams, runs or stains!
Excellent elastic waist! I believe these are
from either the late 80's or early 90's. The
toes are not abused or split. Will look
adorable on! $10
Hot Stuff Skipper Original Gold Sweatpants
Near Mint Condition
Nice & bright golden yellow color. Excellent &
strong elastic waist & around the ankles!
Minimal piling. They look clean & feel soft! No
holes or blown seams!
Royal Blue Ribbed Knit Soft Leggings
Near Mint Condition
These are for a late 80's or 90's era Skipper doll
as they are just slightly longer. They are clean
with no stains, holes or blown seams. Excellent
elastic waist. Researching the outfit they might
have come with!
Vintage Straight Leg Skipper Original
Fair Condition
It needs to be cleaned up all over. A dark
spot in the white trim on the front (clearly
visible in picture) and a small seam opening
on the lower back but that's an easy fix. The
leg elastics are wide as is the back elastic at
the waist. Experiment with it & or see if you
can use it for parts.
50 cents
Camping Get Ups N Go Hat #7715 from 1973
Near Mint Condition
Only reason I'm not calling it mint is one tiny
faint hint of a beige spot on the front side of
the brim. It's very light and the hat displays
beautifully regardless. It's been lying flat in a
Skipper case for many years but looks great
when on a doll! No blown seams or
popped/split areas to the red stitch trim. Hard
to find piece! $10
Single Red Nylon Tricot Sock
Mint Condition
This is from the 70's. It is perfectly brilliant red
and clean. No splits, snags, runs or stains! The
perfect upgrade replacement piece if you are
missing a mate to your sock. Even the top edge
has no fraying or wear! Maybe a tiny speck or
hint of a side edge snag if I go under my
drafting light but it looks wonderful!
Hot Stuff Skipper Original Yellow
Fair Condition
They need some help. The fabric is all solid,
but it is heavily soiled. Will need some
seriously stain removal. The elastic waist is
strong but needs a little restitching around  
it (mainly the right & back side. The left side
is fine. Elastic leg cuffs are fine and not
stretched out. Some piling to the fabric.
50 cents
Vintage Skipper Silk N Fancy Headband #1902
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
It looks great! This is not a reproduction piece.
It is not stretched out. Just folded slightly
inward from storage. Pretty bright gold color!
Will look wonderful on your dolls! $12
Skipper Fashion Collectibles Top #1384
Excellent Condition
This is not a sweatshirt as I have seen most
being. This version is a rust colored nylon tricot
top with cuffed sleeves & single stitch on outer
sleeve design. It has an elastic waist with a V
back. The top is in great condition and has no
stains, holes or blown seams. Only a few very
light snags but still a great display. It is not
Barbie size. This is meant for Skipper. $7
Skipper Best Buy Top #1382 from 1979
Good Condition
The only real issue with the top is that it
needs to be washed. Nothing that shouldn't
wash right out. It's just play/handling soil.
No ink or pink discolorations. The snap
closure on back is secure. The red stitching
is all there. You can see a few end threads
but that's how it was finished from the
factory. No holes, blown seams. There are a
small amount of snags but no runs. They're
not horrible. I don't have the pink overalls
for it, but it will display fine under them or
with jeans. Part of a very hard to find outfit!
Skipper Wedding Of The Year Flower Girl Frills
Dress from 1979
Fair/Good Condition
It's a played with dress but can still be a decent
display. The lace sleeves and trim on the bodice
and skirt all looks nice. The biggest flaws are
really on the satin bodice. Most of the wear is
on the back which is better than being on the
front. The satin is heavily handled. It's not
filthy. It's fraying on unfinished seams. The
worse is on the right side of the back collar and
down on the side with the female ends of the
snap closures. The overskirt has some light
snags but not too bad on the front. One main
one on the bottom front edge and some light
ones on the back. But the bulk of the front
looks great. There is a slight separation of the
satin bodice on the left just outside of the
vertical lace panel. You can still display it well
enough. The snap closures are all there. Some
smaller separated lines in the satin fabric on
the back (both sides but under a Skipper dolls
hair, it won't be a huge deal breaker. I'm
making this sound like a nightmare & it is not.
Not for the mint collector by any means but
from the front, it does display surprisingly well.
If you can tidy up that back collar area, you'll
have a decent display dress. $2
Skipper White Jeans (2000's Era)
Excellent Condition
I believe these belong to the newer issue taller
Skipper doll when she was re-introduced as an
older girl. They look great. I saw two very tiny
traces of speck/spots on the front of the left leg
but they will look very nice on! The gold
stitching is all in great shape. The velcro
closure on back a little worn but it's there. The
harder side is perfectly fine, just the soft side is
very fuzzy & doesn't stick as well as it should.
They have 2 gold stitched faux back pockets. A
little bit of a wide seam pop on the right hip
area. It's not big. That can be tightened up
fairly well. This is clearly visible in the picture
(just click to see the full size!). The rest looks
great! $2
Skipper Best Buy Dress #9711 from 1977
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean and crisp pink cotton dress with
pretty lace collar, double lace ruffles on
skirt and little black bow. Snap closure on
back is secure. No stains, holes, blown
seams or playtime/handling soil. No fading
either! This is so sweet on Skipper dolls. Just
a little bit of very light storage creases but
nothing heavy or major. The elastic at the
sleeves does not look stretched out.
Beautiful dress and an adorable display!
Skipper Best Buy Skirt #2231
Very Good Condition
The skirt fabric looks gorgeous! It's crisp &
clean! No dinginess or handling. The only issue
is the elastic waist is a bit wide and the bottom
white edging lace is loose from the right side
edge. It should repair nicely if you take your
time because it has fantastic display potential
otherwise being so clean & crisp. It will make a
wonderful skirt. This fine trim almost always
shows up loose, so it's very common. Will be a
pretty display on your Skipper Dolls! $3
Growing Up Skipper Long Wrap Skirt
Mint Condition
Super clean and bright! No stains, fading, holes
or blown seams. Minimal fraying on the ends of
the ties. It looks great! Will be a fantastic
upgrade for your Skipper's outfit! $8
Skipper Fashion Fantasy #5813 from 1983
Very Good Condition
Sweet yellow and white dress with white
eyelet collar. The right side of the collar is
wide. Needs to be tightened up with some
seam thread I believe. Missing the white
nylon tricot sash for the waist but will look
cute without it as well. No stains. It's very
clean looking. It does have 2 small holes on
the lower back of the skirt on the right side.
Looks like it could be from being sewn in a
package but I didn't think these outfits were
sewn in. I'm researching that as i don't have
this outfit in the package personally! The
waist is a little wide but with a sash added, it
will look fine on a doll. Just tighten up the
collar and it'll still look very nice! $5
Skipper Best Buy #7218 from 1975
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is very pretty! Clean red and white floral
print cotton fabric dress with why nylon tricot
inset bodice with lace trim and nylon tricot
short sleeves. The dress has a little nylon bow at
the waist. The dress is super clean and the
fabric is crisp. No handling, fading or
dingy/playsoil! No blown seams or holes. No
snags on the nylon. Snap closure is secure on
back. Just some creasing from storage on the
skirt but it's very well cared for and a very nice
example of this dress! $12
Skipper Pink 90's Era Nightgown
Near Mint Condition
Looks great! Nice & soft pink knit fabric wiht
lace collar and white stitched trim on the
bottom & up the sides and sleeves. It has a blue
heart and blue/white/black geometric soft vinyl
patch on the front. The back has a velcro
closure. It is clean and well cared for. No holes,
stains or blown seams. The velcro is clean and
not abused. The lace collar looks very nice! No
wear on the blue heart and geometric patches.
A thread hangs out of the right sleeve. Just how
it was finished from the factory. Will fit any of
the mid to late 80's Skipper dolls and through
the 90's eras. Not intended for the earlier issues
but it can be used. It would just run slightly
larger for a small bust & longer body. $4
Skipper Best Buy #2231
Excellent Condition
Both of these pieces are very clean and are
well cared for! One minor flaw on each but
both will look fantastic on display. First the
dark blue fabric with white dotted print is
all crisp. No fading, stains, handling/play
soil or dinginess! The fine white lace/loop
trim is all clean white! The ties on the halter
top are very nice. Only minimal edge wear
(they weren't finished at the factory but
that's standard 70's quality). The elastic
waist on the skirt is not stretched! A tiny
edge of the bottom white lace trim is loose
on the right side of the top. It is otherwise
perfect! On the lower back left side of the
skirt there is a 1 inch section of the white
trim that is loose from the stitching. The
white trim looks perfect but it lays over the
blue fabric and you cannot tell until you
hold it in person. You can restitch it or just
leave it alone and handle it gently. Still
looks fantastic. Some inner threads that
hang but that's from the factory and very
normal for Best Buy outfits of the time.
Will still look great on! $15
Skipper Best Buy# 2237 from 1978
Near Mint/Mint Condition
The top looks perfect! I don't think these have
ever been on a doll! At first I thought the skirt
was a little wide at the waist but I think this may
be how it was from the factory. I think the
elastic looks a little dry but the pleats at the
waist are all even and un-stretched looking in
person. The tops waist elastic is not stretched.
Both pieces are clean and crisp. No stains,
holes, blown seams, handling/play soil or
fading! Just needs the white visor and it's
complete. I don't have that available at the
moment. Cute outfit! $15
Skipper Fashion Favorites "Winter Warmth"
Vest #2812 from 1979
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Part of a gorgeous set for Skipper! Right now I
only have the vest available. It looks great!
Pretty brown suedecloth material with white
faux fur trim. It is tagged with the satin black &
white Skipper tag. There is a tiny slit in the
middle center back on the top edge of the
suedecloth. That might be from the factory.
The edge seam is right below that but it doesn't
tuck inward. Maybe it was supposed to. I'd
leave it alone. It's tiny and doesn't hurt the look
of the vest at all. It's clean, soft and very well
cared for. No bald spots. The trim is excellent.
The arm holes are unfinished. Slightly rough
cuts but that's from the factory. There is a split
on the bottom of the right armhole. It's not
bad. Approximately 3 mm's. A pretty piece to
start your outfit or upgrade for a nice one!  
Very hard to find!
Skipper Teen Time "School Favorite" Pink &
Lace Skirt from 1988 #2626
Mint Condition
This is super hard to find! It's a beautiful
multi colored 2 tier lace skirt with pink
nylon base fabric underneath. It is tagged
and beautifully cared for. Crisp clean fabric
with no stains, holes or blown seams. The
elastic waist looks wonderful. A great
upgrade/replacement piece or start to this
outfit. Sorry I don't have any of the other
pieces available to go with it at this time.
Skipper Gold Mini Accent Skirt
Mint Condition
I think this could be used for Barbie or Skipper
& friends. It is made of a shimmering gold
sheer material, pleated with elastic waist. No
snag or velcro closures. Likely from the 90's
era. It's shorter than I would think for a Barbie,
so I'm thinking it's for Skipper. Still
researching. I'll update as soon as I can confirm
Nice & clean with no stains, runs, snags, blown
seams or holes. Elastic is in great shape! Will
look cute with almost any outfit or over jeans
with a cute top! $3
Skipper or Barbie Blue Glittery Overskirt
Mint Condition
I believe this is Skipper's due to the length but I
could be wrong. Possibly Barbie's. It will fit
either doll. It is a beautiful sheer blue glittery
fabric with white & glittery edge trim with blue
tricot knit waistband and single plastic snap
closure on the back. It is secure. Perfectly clean
with no snags/runs, holes, stains or blown
seams. Will look adorable on your dolls!
Skipper or Stacie Straight Multicolor Skirt
Mint Condition
This is made from the same material as
several pieces of Skipper & Stacie outfits
from the 90's. It is a straight skirt with tight
elastic waist and velcro closure on the back.
It has pink fine stitched trim that flares the
edging nicely. It is super clean and bright!
No stains, holes or blown seams. Will look
so cute on either doll!
Skipper Pink Knit Capri Pants
Near Mint/Mint Condition
These are either for Skipper, the larger issue
Skipper or Barbie. I believe they'll fit any of
them. From the 90's era I believe. They are a
soft knit with full elastic waist in great shape.
No stains, holes or blown seams. Minimal
handling if any. They'll look great on your dolls!
Skipper Twice As Nice Coat #1735 from 1970-71
Excellent Condition
Very well cared for. No holes, blown seams or
heavy wear. There is only mild
handling/storage but nothing severe. Most of
these show up pretty rough, but this is a very
nice example of this coat. The gold tone
closure button is secure The 2 faux pockets are
in good shape. The collar likes to stay upward,
so you'll have to train it to stay down some.
Sorry, this is the only piece for this outfit I have
at this time. Will make a great
replacement/upgrade for your set!
Sailor Hat for Kelly, Melodie & Becky Dolls
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is from one of the early outfits for
Barbie's little sister Kelly, Melodie & Becky
dolls. This is the only piece I have for this
outfit but it's in great shape. Has the single
red star printed on the white cotton fabric.
Red stitched edging is all clean and in nice
shape. It's a generous size hat to fit the big
heads of hair the dolls have. So it will look
adorable on your dolls! Nice & clean.
Minimal handling. No stains, holes, blown
seams. $2
Skipper Skimmy Stripes Dress #1956 from 1968
Very Good Condition
Pretty orange knit dress with green, yellow &
pink stripes. The dress is pretty solid and will
display very nicely. It needs to be washed. It's
handling & play soil. Just a dingy brown like
look. This dress is tough enough to handle a
good soak and washing. I don't think the
picture shows it all, but there are smudges &
handling on the dress on the other sleeve. Just
that one spot is the most obvious. No holes,
pulls, snags or blown seams. A good wash and it
will be a near mint condition dress. The little
white button is still attached on the back. The
loop string is there but one end is off. Great
potential for this dress! $7
Skipper Velvet Blush Dress #1737 from 1970-1971
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This dress is a very nice display. Not for the
mint collector but very nice. The big flaw is an
easy fix. The lower back vertical seam is
completely open. Thankfully, the fabric is not
shredded and destroyed. It will restitch nicely
and the dress will look fantastic. The red velvet
material is not rubbed bare. The white sash &
bow look fantastic! The collar looks very nice.
The cuffs show the most handling but still very
nice. Could be a little brighter but overall,
pretty good. A tiny bit of that left cuff, you can
see in the picture, is a little loose but only right
there at the seam joint. It's pretty clean overall.
Both snap closures on back are secure, so if you
don't sew, the dress will display like it normally
should because of the snap closures. And to be
technical if you're not an experienced
seamstress. The cut of the fabric where the
seam was opened is meant to have that "L" look
toward the top where you would start the seam.
I don't want someone to be confused that the
fabric is frayed or cut by a kid. This is how
they're made from the factory. It will restitch
properly. (sorry to be picky) $10
Vintage Skipper Skating Fun Skirt #1908
from 1964-1966
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
I really couldn't find much wrong with it! It's
a clean, solid piece! The straps are not
worn, dingy or heavily handled. The red
velvet is soft and clean. I saw two faint
traces of specks on it. Just like a pair of tiny
water marks. No color to them, just a
different shade of red. Snap closure is
secure. The underside is clean. Not
smudged or dingy. A little creasing on the
skirt from storage but nothing major. The
tag is nice. Some fray on the edge and it's
creased over but this is a great
upgrade/replacement piece for your
Skipper's set! $6