Skipper & Friends Dolls
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Boxed & Loose
Quick Curl Skipper in Original Dress
Made in Taiwan
Very Good Condition
She is a very pretty girl! I gave her a wash and fresh curls. She
has a wonderful peachy complexion face with excellent
makeup & freckles. Skipper has no green stains or earring
holes. No neck splits, nipped nose or makeup retouches. Her
hair is full. Some fly aways but that is very common with the
quick curl hair. You can take it down & restyle it as you like.
The ends will be dry. That's from years of play but it styles
nicely. She has a bit of a swingy waist but still very nice. Her
arms are not swingy. The fingers all look good with no cuts,
chews or missing digits. Her feet have all the toes. Both knees
click & hold 3 very strong positions each. They'll actually click 4
times each but won't hold that 4th. The legs would be fantastic
but there are a lot of pin pricks on the ankles. They're still
solid but you may prefer to display her with boots at some
point. She'll still display fine, just not for the mint collector.
The rest of the legs are great. Skipper comes dressed in her
pretty gingham blue & white dress. It looks fantastic but there
is an area on the back bottom ruffle that needs to be
restitched. It's hard to see but it needs it. The black bow looks
wonderful. The elastic sleeve cuffs are not stretched out. Back
snap closure is perfectly secure. The color is clean with no
dinginess! So just redo that bottom back ruffle seam & you
have a beautiful example of this dress. She's a sweet girl & will
look adorable on your shelf! $35
Island Fun Skipper in So Active Fashion #2234
Excellent Condition
Pretty doll in very nice shape. She has a full heavy of wavy
golden blond hair. It does have some dry ends but overall lots
of shine & still very pretty. I see no missing plugs and no
trims/cuts. Her face is beautiful with no rubs or retouches.
Pretty peach lip color. Bright blue eyes. There is a little smudge
by the hairline. Probably just needs a light wash. Tiny speck on
the side of the left eyebrow edge. It's hard to see & very
minimal. The rest of her is wonderful. All fingers & toes are
nice with no chew marks, nips, scratches or pin pricks. Both
knees click and hold 2 positions each. She is marked on her
lower back Mattel Inc. 1967. She is marked on the back of her
head 1984 Mattel Inc. (at least I think that reads 1984-it's hard
to read). She has the shiny torso and it is very nice. All clean
legs!! No stains or fading. No white spots. She's a fantastic
display doll! Skipper comes to you dressed in a sweet outfit
from 1987. It is missing the white heart shape belt but is just
about mint condition. Clean and crisp soft knit red top has the
little tiny "S" sticker still attached and the pretty red, white &
black plaid skirt. No holes, stains or blown seams to either
piece. All she needs are a pair of shoes and then you can style
her hair however you like! She's very sweet!! $15
Malibu Skipper in Original Outfit
Excellent Condition
Made in Korea
She looks great! She is a well cared for doll and very clean.
Nice face paint is all original with no retouches. No rubs on the
lips or eyebrows. She does have one microscopic pin dot in her
nose tip. It's like a super tiny prick/dent. No ink or stains in
that. Could be from the factory that way as the whole nose is
there and perfectly intact otherwise. She displays fine though!
No earring holes, green stains or neck splits. Her hair is very
nice. A few short flyaways as are so common with Malibu dolls
but I have given her a reproduction headband to keep her
bangs in shape and to just train her hair to stay tidy. No hair
trims or cuts. She is missing 3 plugs of hair on the right side but
she does not look bald or thin! Her body is in excellent
condition! All fingers & toes are excellent. Clean vinyl! Just a
trace or two of hard to see pin dot pale brown marks but
nothing from playtime/handling. I think it's merely how she
was made. No ink stains, pricks, nips, cuts or chew marks. Her
arms are not swingy. Her legs are very tight in the hips. So
much so that it can loosen her at the twisting waist. So move
them gently so she doesn't pop out at the waist. Strong legs!
Both knees click and hold 2 positions each (nicely). There is
one circular mark with a tiny line dent in it. This is from the
mold used in manufacturing at the plant, not abuse. Her
swimsuit looks very nice. The top has just a small handful of
loops of thread loose at the center dip in the collar but
otherwise excellent & decent elastic on the back. A little
stretched at its ends but the center looks good. It does not
hang on her! The bottoms have only one thin hole on the back
right side but otherwise look great! No snags or runs on either
piece and they are clean! So she's a great display doll and will
look good in any of your Skipper outfits!! $20
Sunsational Malibu Skipper in Original Swimsuit from 1981
Excellent Condition
Made in Phillipines
She is a beautiful doll and very well cared for! Skipper has big
bright blue eyes and excellent face paint with no retouches.
She has no earring holes, neck splits, or green stains. She has a
full head of silky blond hair. I did give her a reproduction
headband to train it to stay down and keep her bangs from
looking too fluffy. It worked and they look very nice now. No
cuts, trims and I didn't see any missing plugs. Her body is in
great shape. All fingers and toes are nice with no chew marks,
pin pricks, cuts or stains. Both knees click and hold 2 positions
each. These later dolls don't click like a 70's or mod era doll
but she is as she would be from the factory, so they don't make
a loud click. Her arms can look like they're going to pop out of
their sockets but the arms are not swingy at all. For some
reason, these later dolls and the Sun Lovin dolls like to do that.
I don't know why, but she's not abused at all! Her swimsuit
looks absolutely in super clean and mint condition. There is
not abuse on this at all! It has the sweet little floral sticker, the
sheer pink ties and trim look great! The purple fabric has no
stains, holes, blown seams or runs. The back side even has nice
elastic. She is an excellent example of this doll  and will make a
great addition to your collection! Pretty girl!! $20
Pet Pals Courtney in Original Outfit
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Made in Malaysia
She comes in her almost original outfit. She's just missing one
sneaker and then her accessories. She is in very nice shape. She
has had her hair re-crimped. The bangs are all original. Her
hair had been combed out and fuzzy but not burned or broken
hair. It combed through nicely and recrimped very well. It's in
a more mini crimp style versus the original but works nicely
per se. No missing plugs, no burned hair or trims. It's a very
full head of hair! Some fly aways but this is the lightweight hair
that is not saran hair. Courtney's face is all original paint in
great shape. Very pretty girl!! No runs or green stains. No
earring holes. She is on her original body. No stains or
stickiness to her legs! Both knees bend and hold 2 positions
each. All fingers and toes are nice and not nipped or chewed.
So she has an excellent body! Clean with no stains, no pin
pricks. Her outfit is adorable! The top is mint condition. The
dress/tunic is near mint condition. Someone had a safety pin
across the back of the neck which made no sense because the
velcro closure is in great shape. So you might see what's left of
a pin hole from that but it's beautiful otherwise. The outfit is
clean. Maybe some handling on the capri pants but still in
great shape. No holes, blown seams or stains! A couple tiny dot
mark/specks on the front of the capri pants/shorts but they are
very nice. The fabric is an almost shiny/metallic woven knit
poly. They do look nice person. The socks are both in nice
shape. Could be a little brighter but still very very nice. The
one has been protected by the sneaker. Sneaker is in great
shape. I've been looking for a mate. If I can find one, I'll add it
but right now I don't have one. Pretty doll with an adorable
face and she'll make a great addition to your collection! $15