Sindy "Dinner Date" Dress from 1979
Near Mint Condition
Gorgeous red floral dress with fine white lace
trim. Only flaw on it is the back center snap
closure is loose but both pieces are there on the
one side. Easy fix! The rest is gorgeous & clean.
Crisp fabric with barely any handling or
playtime! Upper snap is secure. No blown seams
or holes. Adorable & will look gorgeous on your
Sindy! $22
    Sindy "Night Spot" Dress #44305 from 1977
Fair Condition
Not for the mint collector but it will display
fine under a coat. The front has some wear on
the satin on front. The back looks nice. A
slightly ugly spot on the right side as you can
see in the picture and some spotting down the
front as well. A little bit of wear/holes on the
right bodice on the side. The straps are fine.
The snap closures are complete but needs the
half of each male side resewn/tightened down.
Use it for parts or just have it under a great
looking coat. The back of the dress is clean, so
maybe it is worth using for parts if you have a
better front half on another dress! $3
  Sindy "Let's Go Riding" Jodhpur Pants #1102
from 1978
Excellent Condition
Only reason I can't call them mint is the elastic
on the left foot/bottom leg is missing. It's an
easy fix! The rest of them is wonderful! Perfectly
clean and well cared for otherwise! The pants
have no snags, runs, holes or blown seams. The
felt pads are soft & clean. The snap closure on
back is secure as is the right foot elastic. It is
not dried out. Cute pants for your doll! $5
Sindy Barbeque Apron
Near Mint Condition
It's super clean and well cared for. Dark
blue with light white vertical stripes and
black ties around the waist & neck. No
stains, holes or blown seams. Only light
handling on the ties. It looks great!
Sindy Winter Nights from 1977
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Beautifully cared for and clean set! Sweet white
nightgown trimmed with red and yellow
floral/rose embroidered border trim on hem
and shoulder straps. Elastic waist & bodice for a
nice fit is in beautiful shape. I don't think this
set has been on a doll. Perfectly white with no
major signs of handling. Both snap closures on
back look perfect. The yellow terry cloth robe
looks untouched as well. Snap closures are both
secure. No signs it has been handled. Clean and
bright yellow. Crisp fabric! No holes, stains,
dinginess or abuse! Beautiful set! Just missing
the scuffs. $25
(by Marx & Pedigree)
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