Rooney's 'Riginals
This is my latest addition to Jewels Doll Castle and my newest favorite hobby! I adore rerooting!! I hope you'll
love some of the "girls" I've recreated. Being an absolute purist at heart, I never thought I'd do this. But I've had
too many sweet dolls cross my path that had a child go too far with a pair of scissors. I felt compelled to give new
life to some "girls" that would otherwise just beg to be adored again! And what fun!

I only use KatSilk Saran hair & KatSilk Nylon hair for the best results!!
KatSilk is a registered trademark of RestoreDoll.com

I will eventually offer this service, so if you have a request, let me know & I'll send you my price list.

You are more than welcome to ask for the "before" pictures of the girl(s) you're interested in so you can see the

Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal.
OOAK Twist 'n Turn PJ in Original Outfit w/Glasses
Rerooted to "Glitter" Hair Color

I love her! This PJ is not a super yellowy/pale greenish
translucent skin tone doll but it does have that hint of it in her
skin tone. Still very bright & gorgeous face but with that tint, I
this was the right hair color for her. It compliments that pretty
face. I think it's a nice match for her eyebrows & it's a soft look.
Really brings out her eyes and the pink lips! I did not root her
any thicker than Mattel did originally, so as to not stress out or
split any of her original hair plug holes. She was a fine rooted
doll originally & not a super thick head of hair. I have "before"
pictures if you'd like to see. I'm training her bangs to stay in
place so she will arrive to you with her reproduction headband.
I did replace her original beads. They are the correct color
scheme. She is wearing her original swimsuit and she did come
with these glasses originally. I have opted to not sew them back
into her head. This can be done at the buyers request if you
prefer them to stay on. Sometimes it's nice to have the option to
dress them in something that might not suit sunglasses but I will
attach them if you like! PJ has no green stains on her face, no
earring holes or attempts. No neck splits. All eyelashes are
there & nice. No make up retouches. She's all original with the
exception of the hair. Her body is her original Japan tnt body in
very nice shape. All fingers & toes are there and not abused.
Nice straight stance! She's not swingy. Her knees click and hold
a strong 2 times each. She can bend on the 3rd but she prefers to
not hold it, so I wouldn't force it. Good strong legs! I pictured
both sides of her legs. They look very good but there are some
light sporadic green dots on the upper right thigh just under her
bathing suit crochet trim. Not horrible but I didn't do anything
to treat them. There is a pen dot size green dot on the inner
upper left thigh and one smaller one on the back of the left
thigh. One very faint trace of a green speck on the front lower
left calf. (I'm getting picky here). And then lastly just a few shiny
spots on the legs. I think that's just a handling, how she was
finished at Mattel thing. This is a very beautiful doll but anyone
with experience buying from me knows I go on forever about
little bitty details. The arms look good. The toes are not stained.
The soles of the feet are not split. Her suit is clean. Maybe one
ultra faint tan speck on the top left but that's really hard to see.
Has a little undone seam thread on that scoop collar. Nice
crochet skirt. The orange vinyl is not split or cracked. It came
with her and it's pretty solid. I think she looks like an angel & I
hope you'll love her as much as I do!

OOAK Pretty Changes Barbie in Barbie Fashion Collectibles
#3685 from 1981
Rerooted to Ginger Hair Color

A totally fresh idea that I haven't seen done yet. She's got her
original short curly hairstyle. Lots of soft curls. I combed it out
to give it lots of volume. You can restyle & comb as you see fit.
I've got a little gel in there to finish training it. I did not
over-root (meaning to add more hair that what she originally
had by Mattel). It's nice & full. No other restoration work has
been done to her. All original face paint. Noticeably light pink
blush. Her eyebrow color is original and a fantastic match for
her new hair, so I just loved it. Bright blue eyes. Sadly when I got
this girl she did not possess any of her original outfit or jewelry.
She did however come with this dress and these shoes. So I
thought they were a wonderful compliment for her new
coloring. I think she looks sassy & chic! First her body, all fingers
& toes are in great shape with no nips, chews or abuse. Limbs
are not swingy. Neck & area surrounding are not cracked or
splitting. No green stains. Only her original earring holes. Both
knees click and hold 2 times each. She'll click 3 times but you can
feel they weren't meant to hold it. So I would not force that or
you might hurt them. I'd say if there was anything slightly odd, it
would be a slight yellowish look on her legs. I have seen this
before & it's not a big deal. It's either from having her original
jumpsuit on for a while or just from light play/handling. Didn't
really wash off for me and I didn't want to scrub too hard
because she has a slight sheen/shiny look to her vinyl and I'd
rather not risk ruining that. A trace lean to her ankles toward
her left side. That's not too terrible. She stood in a case for many
years. Her feet are very nice though. No damage to them and no
splitting on the vinyl under her feet. Still a nice body though. It's
solid. The shoes are black and in wonderful shape! They are
both marked Taiwan on the balls of the soles and are from the
late 70's/early 80's. No splits. They are straight and beautifully
made genuine Mattel shoes. Barbie's dress is one of my favorites
from the Fashion Collectibles line. It's a bold glittery cobalt blue
with diagonal black striping on the left side and crossing down
toward the right hip. It's a tight dress at the ankles so you can't
move her legs much while she's wearing it but it's such a sexy
number! Just a little bit of fray on some threads but not heavy!
One on the top left shoulder and some mainly on the left lower
sleeve. It is very clean & bright. It will glow on your shelf with
some light on it and make a great statement. There was a little
run & open seam under the right arm when I got it. I did tighten
it up and not that I'm a total genius but it actually repaired much
better than I expected so it displays pretty nice. It's a tight dress
by nature so just handle it gently every time you take it off or
put it on any doll. I'll be glad to add a picture if you like. The run
started to head down the side of the torso but it's actually hard
to see the repair. I think she's a pretty sweet girl & this was an
adventure to pull off (and I'm being very kind about this lol!) but
I had to rescue her. Her original hair was sheared off.