Payment Methods
I'm pretty flexible to work with. I accept postal money orders,
cashiers checks, Western Union and international money orders
in US funds only. The only payments that I do not accept are
personal checks! Sorry!!

I am now accepting online payments using Paypal. This is the only
online payment I will be using at this time.
Email me with your items you'd like to purchase and I will send
you an invoice.  If ordering more than one item, I gladly combine
shipping!!!! Once I send an invoice to you and you pay for your
item(s), I cannot add an item to that order. Please keep this in
mind!! Anything beyond that or an additional payment for an
item you decide you'd like to add to your order, will have it's own
invoice and separate shipping fees! I want you the customer to
know this up front because if money were needed to be refunded,
Paypal will charge you to receive that money back!! This makes it
much more clear & free from having to deal with extra
charges....and keep both of us from paying too much for fees!!! So
this is the best policy and I will stick to it. And since it is always
best to check with me & confirm the item(s) you would like are
available, feel free to email me. I will gladly answer all of your
questions so we have a nice smooth purchase together.
And of course, any echeck payments via Paypal will not ship until
I have confirmation from Paypal that the payment has cleared.
Shipping Terms and Rates
Ok, this is going to be a pinch lengthy. I will do my best to keep shipping costs
to a minimum but I do have one main requirement! Insurance!! (with the
exception of the small first class notice above!!!) All packages must be insured
if you want to use Paypal. It's to protect us both in the event of loss or damage
by the post office or UPS. UPS includes insurance coverage for the first
$100.00. The post office unfortunately does not. For small items I will use first
class mail unless you prefer Priority Mail. Around the holidays, I will strongly
encourage Priority Mail, period! For the large boxes like doll cases, baby dolls,
large play dolls, etc., I will use UPS. I find that they are much better overall for
the large items! International packages have all sorts of different size rules on
a box. So if you are planning a large purchase, check with me first so we have
the shipping conversation covered and no mis-communications about your
package and it's shipping cost. I always welcome international sales as I have
many years of experience in it and have met some wonderful people
throughout the world! I will warn buyers from Mexico that it does seem to be
very difficult to ship there. And please don't take offense to that!! It's the
insurance that is not easy to get. Not that I don't want to work with you, but
insurance is very limited!! And if you use credit cards as a payment method,
insurance for the full purchase price is required!! So again, check with me first!
I'll do the best I can!! In the case of small items (bubble envelopes) overseas,
please register your package if you plan on paying with credit cards!! I can't
stress enough, the importance of protecting your package!  And lastly, in the
case of Talking Barbie & Ken dolls, shipping will be via Priority Mail or Int'l
Priority Mail period!! They will be covered for the full purchase price only!
There are no exceptions to this rule if you pay with credit cards. I must have
these covered against loss or damage. In many cases, I would not be able to
replace them. I want you to enjoy your experience in buying from me and
don't mean to sound so harsh, but I want everyone to know that any time you
buy from me, I care about your item and it's packaging. I'm a stickler on them
arriving to you safe and sound! Thanks very much for your understanding! And
as always, if you have any concerns, feel free to email or call!! Thanks! Julia
My address to send a money order is:

Julia Waters Rooney
808 South Main Street
China Grove, NC 28023
First Class Mail in the US will start at $5.25
I will ship First Class Mail Uninsured starting at $3.75 for items totalling
$25 or less upon request because I truly do understand shipping is a royal
pain & it adds up quick! So for less fragile & inexpensive orders please
don't hesitate to ask!
Priority Mail is determined by zones and generally starts at $8.25 (Please
note, the west coast will be higher)
Int'l Airmail First Class starts at $12.00 for bubble envelopes.
Int'l Airmail First Class starts at $14.00 for parcels (dolls & furniture,etc)
Int'l Priority Mail starts at $38.25

These are just the starting rates. All packages in the US include insurance
& delivery confirmation as explained below.
Int'l airmail does not include any extras.
Int'l Priority Mail includes insurance up to a specified dollar amount as
determined by the post office. For additional insurance, I will be glad to
get a quote for you.

Remember, the rate is determined by the weight of the package. The
starting rates are just a general guide & starting point. I cannot guarantee
that rate because of new postage rules in place. I cannot control them!!!
Int'l rates have gotten crazy this past winter. I apologize for them. It's
not me, it's the postal service!
Paypal requires sellers to ship to a confirmed or verified address. I
can only ship to the address you use on your account. I will not ship to
other addresses as this releases any protection from fraud/loss by
fraudulent or unauthorized buyers. So please, do not request me to
ship to an address that is not on your paypal account. Any payments
with requests for other addresses will be refunded & you may incur
fees from Paypal if you have to be refunded. I do believe they charge
for refunds! So save your money & make sure we have the right
address before you send payment!

Asking me to send to a US address with an int'l address on file will
not work & US rates are not available for int'l addresses! (see below)
Whew, and believe me everybody, NOBODY hates these shipping rates more
than I do!! I want to be able to give you the best rate I can. It is truly out of
my control. The postal rates are pretty steep for overseas shipping. I am more
sorry than you know! Of course, I am always happy to get quotes for you & I
understand the frustration! But please know, this is not about me making
money on shipping! I make absolutely nothing on shipping. I only cover the
cost of the postage itself, the material (ink, label, tape, etc) and that does not
even remotely cover everything!
So it is with all sincerity that I promise you, I am not out to gouge you on

All the best!! Julia