Other Miscellaneous
Fashion Dolls
Here I'll be posting all the other fashion dolls of the 60's & 70's that were made by American Character,
Remco, Mego (non celebrity), Horsman, Uneeda and many more that I may come across. All are sold
dressed as pictured. Stands not included unless specifically mentioned.

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Deluxe Reading Penny Brite in Flower Girl Dress
Excellent Condition
She's adorable! Well cared for doll with shiny & silky hair. It's
not very curly but it feels nice! It's full with no cuts or trims.
Has a nice wave look and the sides do have some curl. Very
thick hair. No missing plugs that I could find. Well done face!
She's not pale ivory in her skin tone. Lips look pretty good as
do the eyes. No retouches to her paint. She is marked Deluxe
Reading Corp, Elizabeth NJ Pat Pending on her upper back.
Her body is well cared for and not faded out. All limbs match
colorwise with her torso. She could use a little wipe down just
for some handling/storage soil in the cracks of her fingers &
toes but overall a very nice body. No ink stains or heavy wear.
There is a shiny oval on the outer right leg. Must be from the
factory. It's perfectly clean. Just has a shiny look to the vinyl.
All fingers & toes are there. No chews, cuts or pin pricks! Her
dress looks wonderful!! It's a clean light pink with white, pink
& green embroidered trim. Both snap closures on the back are
secure. The collar and sleeves (lace wise) look great too! The
only flaw on the dress is that the satin ribbon on the back is
very short. I'd either replace it or don't worry about it. The
dress looks wonderful either way! One of the better examples
I've had yet of it otherwise! She's a sweetheart & she'll be
adorable in your collection!
Remco Lisa Littlechap Doll
Excellent Condition
She is very well cared for! She comes dressed in a blue skirt
suit with fine white polka dots and red poppy flower on the
lapel. Her hair is in a tight updo coif and doesn't look like it's
ever been combed out. I thought this doll had more hair
though, so you'll need to use the pictures as your guide. It
could be that she hasn't had it ever combed out. It comes up
from the side and swirls around. She's in great shape
otherwise. She could use a light bath but just for years of
storage soil and light handling. She's not stained. Her face
paint looks great! No retouches, so it's all original. Not
rubbed. No earring holes or neck splits. All fingers and toes
look great! She does not have chew or bite marks. No pin
pricks. She's approximately 14" tall. Marked Lisa Littlechap
Remco Industries in a circle on the small of her back. The skirt
suit is pretty clean. It's made of a fine cotton fabric with
gathered waist on the blouse. Hook and loop closures on the
back. If it's homemade, then someone was a brilliant
seamstress. It's nicely done and very flattering on Lisa! Sorry I
don't have any original accessories or her shower wrap. She'll
make a great doll for your collection! $15
Horsman Mary Poppins Original Bag
Excellent Condition
Normally I don't list accessories on this page but I wanted this
listed next to a doll so you know who it belongs to. The bag would
come with a doll like the one listed to the left. It has a snap
closure and black elastic carry strap. It is in wonderful shape and
clean! It is 3 1/4" X 2 1/2". Nice replacement/upgrade piece for your
Mary Poppins doll! $8
American Character Tressy/Mary Make Up
Fair Condition
She's gonna need some work but she'll be fun for the
restorationalist! Tressy/Mary needs her face repairnted. She
has that soft light skin which is why I was thinking she's a Mary
Make Up. But she has that heavier quality Tressy body. She
legs are flexible rubber when the knees bend. There is a
scratch in the tip of the nose and she'll need some rerooting to
the hair. The ponytail is fine! That doesn't have any issues. And
she actually can display as she is but she's got several missing
plugs. I think her head leans toward the right side, so you
might wanna see if you can get her to straighten up. It's not
bad but noticeable. Her body is in wonderful shape. She has
the center in her torso for the key and it's not abused! It only
needs a little cleaning but it's one of the better bodies I've
gotten with these dolls! All fingers & toes are nice. There is a
little ding in the top of the left foot but I'm really thinking it's
from how she was made at the factory. Nothing major, I just
wanted to make sure it's mentioned. She comes wearing the
red Tressy dress. Pretty nice shape too! Great color! Some
piling and it's the soft knit version. Somewhat of an aged look
to the trim but still very presentable! No holes! Mary/Tressy
has a lot of potential!!! The body alone is great!
American Character Mary Make Up
Excellent Condition
Of the 3 Mary Make Ups I have available, this one is my
favorite. She was played with the least from what I see. Her
hair is very nice and clean. She did have some kind of square
shape hat on for many years. She has "hat head" but looks
nice. Her make up is all original and looks wonderful! Her face
skin (vinyl) is very smooth looking. No knicks or abuse. I really
don't think anyone used the make up kit on her or ever
colored her hair! Her body is very nice with all fingers and
toes. She was not made from the factory with all the toes on
the left foot. The side of that lower leg has that rough cut look.
It's not from play, it's from the factory. It's a clean body. Her
dress is probably a homemade piece but it's very pretty, nicely
made and it's just as sweet as she is! This will be a gorgeous
display for your Tressy/Mary Make Up Collection!! $15
American Character Mary Make Up
Good Condition
This doll would be excellent but she needs some rerooting done
to the back of her head. She's a very nice doll otherwise! Great
face paint that is only lightly rubbed on the lips but not enough to
worry about. I'm talking only traces rubbed. She's got a green dot
on the back of her right forearm and a couple smudge marks but
she'll display fine. Her hair is a clean light blonde. I do know one
of the spots that needs to be rerooted has a split in the scalp. It's
not from abuse, when a bunch of hair gets pulled out, it will stress
the holes if they are too close together. She could still be spot
rerooted and look nice. She is by no means, a "junker". She has
fantastic potential. Her jumpsuit is adorable. It's very tight but it's
a great display piece and is very clean. It does have velcro
closures on the back so it's not a vintage piece. I just thought it
looked great on her. $6
Uneeda Pee Wee Ash Blond Doll
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Marked on Bottom of feet U D Co 1965 Pee Wee T M
The body is in excellent condition. It is a soft flexible vinyl
body with no stains, chew marks or abuse. No pin pricks.
Probably one of the earlier bodies as it is very well made and
not the thin unmarked light plastic versions. The doll has a full
head of golden ash blond hair. It will need a nice restyling to
get the curls back to rights but a full head of hair. Some
dryness to the ends & different lengths but that's from needing
a restyling. Nice face paint with no retouches or rubs. A little
speck in the middle under the nose. Looks fine though. All she
needs is an outfit and she'll look very cute on display.
Uneeda Pee Wee Titian Doll
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Pretty doll with nice shiny bright strawberry blond/titian hair. She
has a light plastic body in great shape. She is marked U D C inc on
her upper back, MCMLXXVI, Made in H.K. Matching markings on
the back of her lower neck. No stains, abuse, chew marks or pin
pricks on the body or head. She has a beautiful full head of hair
with pretty curls. Her face has a lovely pink/peach complexion
with no fading or retouches to the paint. All she needs is a pretty
outfit and she will be a wonderful display in your collection!
Uneeda Pee Wee Dark Titian Doll
Marked Hong Kong on back of neck.
Marked with very faint markings on the upper back "U D Inc"
and I cannot make out the rest. There is a staple line hole
from where her original outfit was attached to her. She has a
light hard plastic body and slightly flexible soft plastic head.
THe body does have a couple pinched fingers on the left hand.
She's got a puncture on the right knee as visible in the picture
and some slightly pushed in marks on the bottoms of both
feet. Not for the mint collector but she's a very nice display
doll too. Her head looks excellent. She has dark brilliant red
hair. It's full and has nice curls all around. Some dry ends but
still lots of shine too. Nice face & makeup with no pale spots or
green stains. No retouches to her paint. Nice pink/peach
complexion. What she needs is a cute outfit & shoes & she'll be
a sweet doll in your collection! $3
Uneeda Pee Wee Platinum Doll
Marked on her back "Uneeda Co, Inc 1965 Made in Hong Kong"
Also marked on back of lower neck.
She has a super thick head of white platinum blond hair. Lots of
curls but the hair is very dry. Not sure why this seems so common
in platinum haired dolls but it's just a different material than the
others. It is very full which is nice. She has a soft vinyl head but a
harder plastic body. The body looks very good but there is a
kink/buckle look to the bottom right heel. Mainly shows as a line
on the bottom of the foot. Slight trace thin look to the back of the
right heel but you cannot push it in. It's firm enough to not crease
so she's got a solid body. The arms, torso and legs looks fine. A
few light minor edge scuffs on the left outer foot. That's pretty
minimal. Her head is nice. Some pale spots on the cheeks and
nose tip. Pale spots under the hair line but she's still a nice doll
with all good face paint. No retouches. She just needs a nice outfit
& some shoes! $4
Herself The Elf "Willow Song" Doll
Marked 1982 American Greetings Corp Hong Kong
Excellent Condition
Cute 4" doll from 1982. One of four dolls in the series. She is
very cute and has a full head of blue hair in a ponytail with
short tight curly bangs. She has blue eyes and orange painted
lower torso & legs. She should be wearing a little yellow fairy
dress with orange belt and little orange fairy slippers. She
unfortunately does not have her original outfit. She came
wearing the white Strawberry Shortcake shoes. They will not
be included but listed separately as they do not fit her
properly at all. They are too loose. Willow Song will need a
little bath and a tidying up of her hair. Her bangs (curls) are in
nice shape but there's some storage soil in the front. A little bit
of cleaning needed on the ponytail too. Most of it looks
wonderful & shiny. Underneath the ponytail needs to be
recombed/cleaned up a little and it will be great! I don't see
any missing hair plugs. She's got a full head of hair! Nothing
trimmed or cut. The face paint looks great! Just wash her face
up a little. Nothing horrible. Just years of handling/storage
soil. the body looks great! The orange paint is all there. No
missing or chewed/cut fingers or feet. The arms, legs & head
are all nice & solid. No swingy limbs or abuse. She'll be a great
display doll for your collection! $4
Mary Make Up Doll
Very Good Condition
With just a little restyling, wipedown & face paint retouching
she'll be absolutely gorgeous! Mary has the firmer bendable
Tressy body and it's in wonderful shape. Her keyhole area is not
abused at all and her left bend. All limbs are nice. She only needs
a bath for years of handling & storage soil. No ink stains or
anything green. The fingers, hands and feet are all nice. There is a
line mark going up the middle of the toes on the left foot but it's
how she was made at the factory. It's not from play or abuse. Her
hair is going to be very nice with a wash & restyle! There are
several thin or empty plugs on the back of her head. But combed
out, it won't show up on display. There is a lot of hair on her head.
So out of the package new she must have been absolutely
incredible. Her eye paint is still pretty much there. Some eyebrow
and eyelash ridge paint do remain. The lips could use a good
redo. But that's the fun of Mary Makeup. To create her face as
you'd like it to be! So she will be wonderful when you redo it to
your liking. On minimal scuffs/scratches. She's going to be a
wonderful doll in your collection! $18