Fashion & Non
Doll Furniture
This page will feature all doll furniture from the 60's through the modern era for all dolls (fashion or
other), and anything in between. If you have anything in particular you're looking for, just email.

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Plastic Doll House Red Sofa & Dresser by Renwal
Excellent & Near Mint Conditions
These are scaled for the 1960's & 1970's old metal doll
houses. The dresser stands just under 2 inches & is a
pinch over 2 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide. The sofa is 3
3/4"X 1" X 1 1/4". I  believe there should be a mirror for the
dresser. Unfortunately I don't have it. The sofa is in
excellent condition. The dresser looks great but has an
area on the back edge of it's top that has a very fine &
small crack. I think this is where a mirror might have
been attached. Still looks very cute. Has a swirled finish
to look like real mahogany stain. The sofa is marked
made in Hong Kong. The dresser is marked made in
USA, No. B 83. A Renwal Product, Pat Pend USA. Selling
them as a set. $5
Fashion Doll Yellow Square Set Stool
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
I cannot find any markings on it. It's very well made. Stands
approximately 4 3/4" tall. Maybe for a Skipper type doll but I
do not feel it is an older piece. Late 70's at the oldest It's nicely
molded. Sturdy. The base sits level on the table but the stem
had a lean to it in the picture. I have since straightened it up. It
displays nicely! The chair is clean. Bright yellow. It is not
abused or cracking. Some scuff marks on the back of the chair
but nothing severe at all. I am still researching who it was
made for and I will update this as soon as I can find out what
brand it is. $3
Pair of Turquoise Desk or Kitchen Chairs
Very Good Condition
This is a set of 2 turquoise blue firm vinyl/plastic desk
chairs. I am researching them to see who made them.
They are not marked. They are a semi flexible
vinyl/plastic material. Could be made by Deluxe
Reading or Marx maybe. They are both in good shape
with no broken legs. One chair has a split on the bottom
of each peg that holds up the upper back of the chair but
if you don't pull it forward and stress it, it will display
nicely for many years to come. The only thing they need
is a good wash. No severe staining that won't wash off.
It's just general storage & handling soil.
3 Piece Plastic Bathroom Doll House Furniture
Fair & Near Mint Conditions
This is a 3 piece group of aqua green plastic doll
furniture that would be used for the 1960's & 70's old
metal doll houses. I have a toilet, a sink & I believe the
3rd piece is a radiator. The toilet & the radiator are in
near mint condition. No breaks or abuse. The sink is
missing 2 legs. Thankfully it's the back legs. So if you can
prop it up with something, the sink will display fine. Or
get even more creative and make a curtain like piece to
go around (like a skirt). The lid does open on the toilet.
It's an open piece inside it but that's how it was made.
Cute little pieces for your doll house! All 3 are marked
Made in Hong Kong. Selling as a group.$5
Penny Brite Pillowcase by Deluxe Reading Inc.
Good Condition
This is one of Penny's orange & lace trim pillowcases to
her bedroom set. The orange fabric feels very nice &
crisp. A little bit of wrinkling from storage but clean.
The lace has some wear and could use some brightening
but should still display nicely. Sorry I don't have any
other pieces for this set at this time. $3
9" Fashion Doll Yellow & White Polka Do Sleeping Bag
Mint Condition
I don't know who manufactured this piece but it is
beautifully made. Looks like it could be for a 9" to 10"
fashion doll. Could work for Skipper, Penny Brite or
similar size doll. It is a bright golden yellow quilted
cotton fabric with white polka dots, large zig zag
stitching throughout with large padded top end and one
side open to fold open. Looks exactly like the same
fabric used to make Quick Curl Francie's original dress.
This is not homemade. It's too well done. Looks very
clean and well cared for. No holes, blown seams or
abuse. Minimal storage handling but I really didn't find
anything wrong with it. It's adorable! I'm still
researching this piece. If you have any idea of who it's
made for I'll gladly update this listing!
Wooden & Woven Kitchen Chair
Near Mint Condition
This chair stands approximately  7 1/8" tall and I think is
just slightly larger than a Barbie doll size chair. There
are no markings on the chair to indicate who made it. It
is nicely done! The chair has a smooth straw like woven
seat with high back posts. It stands straight. No breaks
or abuse! A cute chair! $4
Sears/Wards Rattan Wicker Kitchen Chair
Excellent Condition
This is part of a 5 piece set made for all 11 1/2" fashion dolls
from the 70's and 80's. The chair is in great shape. A slight lean
to one side but overall very nice and sturdy. No broken section
or missing areas. The framing is not broken. Good middle
support. The base sits nicely on the surface. Just a little lean
but it's likely how it was made from the factory! Clean with no
stains or mold/musty smells. $5
  Ideal Tuesday Taylor Penthouse Vanity/Bench
Marked 62414-216 Underside of seat
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Only flaw on this piece is a little bit of a rough
scrape/chip on the lower leg edge. I pictured this on the
front left so you can see exactly what you'd be getting.
It's a solid piece and not yellowed! Many of these can
show up with some tinge of discoloration. This one is a
very good looking piece! Some light scuffs but nothing
too rough. There is a slight little faint mark that is a
light hint of color by that scrape/melt mark but it's not
bad at all. Overall this is a very good piece for your
Tuesday Penthouse. Only minimal handling
marks/specks that may not be even color. I'm getting
crazy picky with it. On the top edge just before the seat
rounds off to the curved edged is a little bit of a rough
scuff. Again, just being ultra picky. It's a solid piece and
displays/stands straight!
Wooden Stacking Furniture

This is a set of vintage wooden stacking furniture. I have
one chair and underneath it has 3 pieces that can be
used for foot rests or benches. I do believe this set must
be missing one chair. I have a duplicate of the 3
bench/foot rest pieces. All of them are in excellent
condition and clean. They are not marked. The chair
stands 3 3/4" tall and 1 7/8" wide. Not sure who they were
made for but can be used with several 5-8" dolls.
8 Piece Vintage/70's Era Baby & Furniture Set
Excellent Condition
This is a set of plastic furniture from the early 70's that
features 2 cribs, one with a padded bed set, 2 playpens, a
highchair and a bathtub. It's a cute set. Likely made for a
doll house since these are miniature in size. The pieces
are all in excellent condition. The playpens have some
age soil in them. It will clean up but will take a good
cleaner like either goo gone or Greased Lightning. The
bathtub is clean as are the cribs and the highchair. The
red & white bedding is very nice. Not sure if that is
original or someone just added it. Looks like a perfect
fit, so it might be original to the set. Very clean & cute.
The babies are very nice. They don't have clothes but
they do have "molded" diapers & booties/socks. So they
aren't technically naked. The high chair is not fully
pictured being tucked behind the bathtub. It's an
adorable piece in translucent orange with yellow seat &
legs. Stands straight and in great shape. The tub has
very skinny red legs. Stands fine. A little bit of warping
on the playpens but minimal. The cribs both stand fine.
Very cute set for the miniature doll house collector! $10