Barbie/Clone Size Shillman/Maddie Mod
Black Pleather Pants
Near Mint Condition
Very cool leather look pants likely made
in the late 60's/70's. No holes or
cuts/splits! The bottom of the center
back seam is loosened up by about 4 or 5
stitches. This can be tightened up
without hurting the fabric. The fabric is
not torn, just the thread needs to be
restitched, so it will look nice again with
minimal effort! Snap closure is secure.
They look really cool! Sorry I don't have a
vest or top that might have come with
Vintage Fashion Doll White & Plaid Mini
Dress - Tagged Made in Hong Kong
Very Good Condition
This is adorable. It is a well manufactured
piece but not sure for which doll line. It is
tagged with a paper Made in Hong Kong
tag in the lower back of the skirt portion.
It has a soft white knit bodice and soft
plaid mini skirt with a vinyl collar and red
vinyl velveteen finish tie at the neck. I am
trying to research if it was made for a
Wendy, Mary Make Up or similar doll. It
is well crafted. It has 2 white finished
snap closures on back. The flaws are that
there is a significant amount of
rusty/oxidation to the snaps under the
painted tops. That has affected some of
the fabric. They still work & the fabric
does not have holes or tears but I would
handle it carefully. This is a much older
piece. I estimate it to be from the 60's. It
could use some brightening but will be
tricky with the red tie. The plaid skirt
looks wonderful! It will display nicely as
is. There is a speck of a spot that sits
mainly behind the tie. It's a speck and I
believe it's from contact with the snaps
on back. A light tan spot on the right
front closer to the underarm but that's
not too bad. No runs, holes or blown
seams. Trace smudge on the right collar
but not horrible. It is absolutely adorable
though and would look great on Tressy or
a Mary Make Up as well as the Barbie
dolls! $14
Yellow Gauze Pants (possibly Mego)
Near Mint Condition
These are possibly made for Mego's
Fashion Candi. I could be wrong. They'll fit
any  11 1/2" doll. They are nicely made with
2 front pockets and long drawstring at the
waist. No stains or blown seams! I've seen
these several times but don't have anything
else to go with this outfit currently. Great
looking pants! $4
Clone Tressy, Tammy Short Set
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Very sweet set! Soft knit green, white,
blue & fine burgundy stripe top with
matching white shorts. The shorts are a
more cotton fabric. They're super clean
white & have some of the soft knit by the
sides. Velcro closures on back are all
secure. No stains, holes or blown seams.
A trace of an "off" stitch in the knit on
the back of the left side, but no holes & it
displays beautifully. Nice set!
Barbie Clone Pink Nylon Gown & Belt Set
Mint Condition
This is gorgeous! Beautifully crafted of a
light pink nylon type material with wide
lace collar and ruffle skirt with braided
silver trim. To complete the look is a pink
satin belt with embroidered flower
applique and velcro closure on the back.
The belt is a separate piece. I do not
believe this has ever been on a doll! It is
clean, crisp & just adorable! The lace
looks beautiful! This must have been sold
in a catalog set for Barbie & her same size
friends. $30
Purple Satin & Maribou Feather Robe
Excellent Condition
Gorgeous color! The fur trim is great. Even
has some maribu on the belt! The satin
only has 1 or 2 small pulls (one on the right
from & down from the shoulder-it's not
bad). It's a gorgeous display. It's not tagged
but it's not homemade. Will look beautiful
on any 11 1/2" doll! Possibly a Miss Sergio
Valente piece. I'm still researching it! $17
Marx Jane West Doll Original Hat -
Excellent Condition - Has chin strap and
no abuse $2
Shillman/Premier Floral Romper
Excellent Condition
This is absolutely adorable. It is a
manufactured piece in great shape.
Pretty colors! Clean with no dinginess,
blown seams or holes. 2 snap closures on
the back are secure. A little play time on
the lace trim but not too horrible. Very
cute piece! $8
Mini Mod Tri Color Tank Top
Near Mint Condition
I could be wrong but I believe this was
from the Mini Mod label. It's super clean!
Well cared for tank top with no holes,
stains or heavy play time! All 3 colors are
crisp & bright! Not tagged but definately a
manufactured piece! $4
Marx Jane West Doll Skirt
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Could use just a little wipe down for
some storage dust but no ink stains or
serious handling. There is a split in the
back that is approximately 1/2". Not bad!
The peg & button hole closure are in
great shape so it will display great on
your doll! $3
Raspberry & White V Neck Top
Excellent Condition
Its not tagged but definately a
manufactured piece. Pretty
fuschia/raspberry color knit with white
cotton cuffed sleeves, V neck & collar. No
holes or blown seams. It is clean. Some
piling to the knit fabric but looks very
nice. Plastic snap closure on back is
secure. Cute top! $1
Ken Doll Size Green Plaid Robe
Near Mint Condition
This is a fantastic robe. Not sure who it's
made by & for, but you'll love it! Super
clean & ready to display. No stains, holes
or blown seams. It is tagged Hong Kong
inside. It has a fine green & black plaid
print with black satiny trim. This was
extremely well made and will look great on
your doll! $8
  Red Track/Jogging Pants
Excellent Condition
Likely a catalog piece from
Sears/Montgomery Wards. They have red
piping down the legs, white knitted cuffs
and elastic waist. Elastic is very good too.
No stians. They are clean with no runs or
snags. No blown seams. They look great.
Sorry I don't have the top to go with them
Purple Floral & Lace Collar Wrap Dress
Near Mint Condition
This is absolutely gorgeous in person! This
dress looks very close to one that was part
of a Darci pattern set but it's not Darci's
size. This is sized for an 11 1/2" doll. It's a
sleeveless wrap dress with large lace collar
and a rust brown satin ribbon tie. If it is a
mommy made piece, then someone was a
brilliant seamstress. These are very precise
& clean seams! The fabric is a beautiful
white/orange/green/tan/red floral print on
purple background. The dress has a velcro
closure at the front of waist. The lace is
great! It's a fantastic dress!!! $7
Clone/Catalog Long Floral Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is gorgeous! Super clean & well
cared for. No holes, stains or blown
seams. Has velcro closure on the back.
Will fit any 11 1/2" doll. Does not have an
elastic waist. As you can see in the pic,
the waist can drop down closure to the
hips. So this can be worn by a doll with a
slightly larger waist if needed. Beautiful
color combination of black, golden
yellow & dusty and rosy red, and green
floral pattern. This is a beautiful skirt!
Untagged but not homemade. $4
Lucky Industries Blue & White Gown
Excellent Condition
Looks like it might belong to a princess
doll. Maybe a Snow White. I'm
researching. Dress looks very nice. Bright
blue satin and white side panels with light
gold stars. Looks clean and not snagged.
Velcro closure on the back. Elastic
sleeves are not stretched out. Dress is a
little over 7 1/4 inches long. Waist is 3 1/2
inches across. $4
Takara or Similar Size Blue Rose Flannel
Mint Condition
This is adorable. I'm still researching who
it's for but it came to me with Takara
Licca/Jenny items. It's beautiful, soft &
clean flannel fabric with blue rose print
against pale blue fabric with white lace
collar, royal blue ribbon at waist, ruffle
hem and two metal snap closures on back.
It is 7 1/2" inches long. This will be too short
for a Barbie size doll and two narrow. I'll
update as soon as I can confirm the
manufacturer. Late 70's/early 80's era. No
stains, holes or blown seams. $22
Fashion Doll Baby Peachy Pink Halter
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
Cute ruched elastic bodice with lace trim
ruffles and matching hem with fine white
string halter neck tie. It's clean with only
light playtime. Has a small amount of
light snags but will look fine on a doll. I
see a few faint tan smudge/spots on the
back. Not sure if that's package residue
or just age. I do see the elastic on the
bodice sounds dry. I did not put it over a
mannequin to keep it looking tight. I
would recommend this going on a
straight leg doll to keep it from getting
stuck on soft vinyl legs. (go for the
harder old legs that it can easily slide up
on!) There is a little oval Hong Kong tag
on the lower back inside the gown. No
holes or blown seams. $4
Cotton Knit Stripe Top
Excellent Condition
This may actually be a genuine Barbie
piece but it's not tagged. It's really cute &
the colors are pretty. Soft fabric with no
blown seams or stains. Has a clear plastic
snap closure on the back. It has a tight
fitted look. This would fit Francie dolls
Yellow & Plaid Soft Vinyl Raincoat
Excellent Condition
Likely a catalog piece from Sears or Wards.
Other than the stitching of the collar being
done off kilter and sloppy it's a very nice
piece. The red plaid material was used on
multiple catalog outfits so it will
coordinate with many of them. It is a
Barbie size coat. The yellow vinyl has some
minimal wrinkling but only a little from
storage. The coat looks like it has
discolorations in the picture. It's from the
plaid fabric lining on the front inner seam.
The lower left back panel does have some
red that bled into it, still displays cute! $3
Premier Fashion Doll Blue & Knit Trim
Near Mint Condition
This is a beautiful dress. It is a
manufactured piece by Premier for all 11
1/2" fashion dolls. It was very well cared
for! Super soft knit with pretty green,
blue & pink knit collar and cuffs. It fits
Barbie perfectly and very flattering! It
has a double stitched empire waist with 2
snap closures on the back. Both are
secure. A little loose seam thread on the
left back vertical seam but will look fine
if you leave it alone. No other issues! It's
bright, barely handled at all. The knit
trim all looks nice & clean. The piling on
the knit is just from how it's made and
storage. It's a great dress! So pretty on
your dolls too! $14
Clone 3 Piece Hawaiian Bikini & Lei Set
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is adorable. Not sure who made it
though. It's large for a Barbie. I would
recommend this more for a Cher size
doll. I would assume it should have a
bikini bottom to complete it but I only
have the red top, the grass skirt and the
red plastic lei. The top is crips & clean but
has a piece of 2 sided tape on the bottom
of the left side. The elastic on the red lei
is a little wide but still very cute!. The
grass skirt has double sided tape inside
and a little bit of tape on the end of the
skirt on one side. I don't see any missing
grass pieces and everything is clean. It's
cute! $10
Green & Silver Catalog Dress
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This dress is great! Not 100% mint but still a
wonderful display. It is a deep V neck
made with beautiful shimmering silver
weave on white base fabric. A beautiful
emerald green taffeta like skirt. The dress
is clean. No stains or holes. There are some
loose threads on the silver bodice but still
plenty of life in it. The back snap closure
on top is missing one half and the other
side is secure. The bottom half is complete
but one side is loose. The other half of that
one is secure. A little bit of that back
center seam underneath the snaps has
come loose and a little horizontal split on
that back fabric. It basically doesn't show
unless you put a doll in the seated position
with this dress. Keep her standing, and it
won't hurt the fabric. Likely how this
happened anyway. Still a gorgeous color
combination and great "mod" design!
11 1/2" Clone Barbie or Catalog Hooded
Cover Up
Mint Condition
This is a very soft & light nylon or
polyester knit fabric with gold and white
diamond print and white trim. No holes,
stains or blown seams. It is clean. Not a
homemade piece. It does have a
mis-stitch down on the lower left front
by the trim seam. Displays very nice.
Barbie sized! No snags! $5
LJN Brooke Shields Riding Outfit
Mint Condition
This is nearly complete. I believe it is
missing the crop. A great look set with a
yellow shell, purple & black trimmed
riding jacket, khaki jodphurs, black
riding boots and black equestrian hat!
Everything looks great! No stains, holes
or blown seams! Just a trace curl on the
gold 1st decal but it's very nice!
Charly Yellow Soft Vinyl & Beaded Raincoat
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is made for Durham's Charly Doll. It is
in very good shape. Not torn or split. It has
2 snap closures that are secure. Cute bead
& tie closure for the neck. There are 2
arm/hand slits. Looks to be the size for an
11 1/2" doll. Could use a wipedown but with
this soft pliable vinyl, you won't hurt it. No
ink stains. So it's a very nice piece. Kinda
has that Paddington Bear look. Cute coat!
Other Fashion & Celebrity
Doll Outfits, Accessories
& Shoes For Sale
This page features many unknown manufacturers. Clone items that are undocumented, items by
"Premier", Sears, Montgomery Wards JCPenney & other catalog issue outfits and also some well made
home made pieces.
Email me directly for shipping rates & invoice.
Wards Fashions For The Barbie Crowd
Tan Suede Fur Collar Coat
Tagged Made in Hong Kong with tag
similar to the Mego tag.
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is a gorgeous coat. One of three
sold in a set from the mid 70's. The coat
is a beautiful camel tan faux suede with
fur collar and breast trim. Only thing
missing is the tie belt for the waist. It's
perfectly clean and bright. No blown
seams, stains or abuse! Minimal
handling if any. The fur is not matted.
You'll love this on your dolls!
Takara 5" Pink & Silver/White Ruffle Dress
Mint Condition
I believe this is a Takara Licca Dress. I
could be wrong. I am still researching it.
Came with several Takara pieces I have
currently. It is super clean & adorable.
Pink dress with white based, silver
threaded weave ruffle, sleeves and wide
collar. No stains, holes or blown seams. 2
metal snap closures on the back are
secure. This is a piece from the late
70's/early 80's at the latest from what I can
tell. $25
Brooke Shields Lace Party Dress
by LJN 1982 Complete
Near Mint & Very Good Condition
The dress looks gorgeous & very clean.
Barely any handling. Snap closures are
secure. The white tights have some light
yellow spots. Likely from storage. Good
elastic waist & the fabric is in nice shape.
So give them an oxy cleaning & hopefully
they'll whiten up. The shoes look great!
Will still display nicely. Pretty dress!! And
the cute matching lace trimmed sheer
headpiece completes the set! Nice shape!
2 Piece Stars & Stripes Dress & Jacket
Excellent Condition
This is an adorable set featuring a blue
soft & stretchy knit sleeveless mini dress
with 2 stars on faux denim print fabric
and a small velcro closure on the upper
back. The jacket is a white cotton fabric
with matching faux denim, red & white
stripes and matching white stars. The
jacket has a drawstring at the waist.
Neither piece is tagged but they are very
well made (not homemade). The dress
has nothing wrong with it other than a
little curling up of hte star points. The
jacket looks great too. Minimal specks
of handling but barely. Both pieces are
clean and ready to display! This is a
really cute set!
Brooke Shields Disco Outfit
by LJN from 1982 Complete
Excellent Condition
I may have the top backwards in the
picture. Didn't fit this mannequin well so I
apologize for that! This set came with
dark gray shoes and not blue as I've seen
pictures of others. Not sure why. It's a
shimmering royal blue with silver lame`
suit with a cute blue drawstring purse
with long gold braided strap. Cute set.
Nice shape & it looks very good. The
pants have only a little bit of rubs. The
top is very nice. Just a stray blue thread
on the tie but very nice. The purse is great
and the shoes are mint! Cute set!
Jenna "Wintertime Outfit" Coat
Excellent/near mint condition.
A very cute quilted winter coat. Sold
through Avon and it fits all 11 1/2" fashion
dolls. Great shape and not abused. No
stains, holes or blown seams. This is
potentially from 1991 and distributed in
Canada. $2
2 Piece Red Fleece & Lace Nightgown &
Mint Condition
This set is super clean & looks like it's
never been played with. This is from the
later 70's. Velcro closure on upper back.
All of the fine lace trim is clean white. 3
button accents are all secure. No abuse,
stains or holes. The cap is sewn in the
downward position on the peak. Will fit
all 11 1/2" dolls and just slightly wider too.
Suzy Cute Hop Skip & Jump Top from 1964
Good Condition
Looks great from the front. It does have a
circular stain mark on the bottom center
back. Like a pale beige. It's a little stiff
right there, so it may wash right out. A
couple tiny pale brown stains on top of
the left sleeve but it will display nicely.
The embroidery and blue piping trim
look very nice. It's a cute top. 2 snap
closures are secure on back. See my Doll
Accessories (all brands) Page for a Suzy
Cute original baby bottle too! Top is $4
Penny Brite or other similar sized doll red
pantyhose. Near Mint Cond.
Super clean and well cared for. No runs,
snags, holes or blown seams. Elastic is wide
but that's all I could find wrong with them.
11 1/2 Fashion Doll Red Nylon & Lace
Near Mint Condition
No serious playtime on these! Very clean
& well cared for. Strong elastic waist. 1
leg opening is a hair bigger than the
other. Can be common with clone
pieces, but still very nice! $1
Brooke Shields Doll/Mego Fashion Candi
Yellow Open Toe Heels
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
These shoes are the correct yellow shoes
for the Brooke Shields Doll and some of
her outfits. They will fit Candi and any 11
1/2 inch doll. They were made with a
rough edge as many of these pairs were.
Not from abuse! They can be tricky to
find. $4
Tagged Lucky Industries Black Tuxedo
Very Good Condition
Clean jacket with faux velvet collar &
pocket fronts. 2 white buttons on front are
secure. Velcro closure. A bit wrinkled from
storage but clean. Some inner seam thread
a little frayed but seams are solid. A couple
threads on top of the right shoulder are
slightly pulled. I think it was made that
way. $2
Barbie Clone Size Floral Blouse
Excellent Condition
This is adorable! Not sure who made it as
it is untagged but it's pretty! The blouse is
fitted with 2 snap closures on the back.
(secure) No stains. A little unfinished on
the inside of the female ends of the snap
closures but the other side is. Just a tiny
bit of a popped seam on the right side
but it's not much. Will fit any 11 1/2" doll
Clone Orchid Tulle Double Layer Short
Mint Condition
This is for a doll a trace wider than Barbie
as I see the gold woven waist band looks
slightly wide for her waist. The green
holiday gown listed above seems to be
made for the same doll. I'm still
researching! The tulle layers are
wonderful and a pretty pale orchid color.
The waistband is a shimmering gold
woven foil like fabric. In great shape with
no runs, holes, blown seams or stains.
Single snap closure is secure.
Unfortunately I do not have anything else
to go with this at this time. $3
Catalog or Clone Yellow Victorian Blouse
Near Mint Condition
Beautiful light yellow cotton blouse with
double lace "V" front and cuffs. The
blouse has a single upper velcro closure
on the back. No blown seams, holes. One
tiny micro trace of a speck on the lower
front under the lace at the V point but no
other stains. This will look beautiful with
many skirts, pants for an 11 1/2" doll!
  Shillman/Maddie Mod Silver Fishnet Hose
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Only one flaw on them. The back seam is
open under the elastic but the rest of
them is gorgeous! Super bright clean silver
with no runs, holes or snags. The elastic
waist is otherwise great. Just needs a
repair on that back seam and they'll be
gorgeous on your dolls! The toes are solid.
You'll see tiny ends of seam thread but
that's just how they were finished. They're
really pretty! $7
Mini Mod 2 Piece Red & White Western
Skirt Set
Fair/Good & Near Mint Conditions
This is adorable! Pretty red skirt with
white fringe & coordinating shirt with
checked pattern. Skirt is wonderful! No
flaws. Snap closure secure, fringe is all
soft. The shirt needs the left cuff resewn.
It will repair nicely. There is some edge
wear on the right cuff. The fabric looks
split/frayed. Will still display fine, just not
mint. I'd ditch the cuffs or replace both
completely. Both pieces are clean. Still
very cute outfit! $6
Barbie Montgomery Wards/Sears Outfit -
1970's - Sold as a set with the 2 outfits on
the right.
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is another outfit that because of it's
styling, I love to display it on my Francie's
(particularly cute on a Malibu!) An
orange, green, blue & white stripe long
sleeve cotton shirt with jeans and cute
green crushed velvet cuffs. Very tiny and
minor slit on one cuff, but it's from the
factory that way and in no way hinders
display! Both pieces are nice and clean.
Snap closures are secure. Adorable set
that was well cared for!! $10
Barbie Montgomery Wards/Sears Outfit -
1970's - Sold in a set with other outfits on
the right and left.
Excellent Condition
Red knit top has pretty white looped
fringe. No holes or blown seams. One loop
of fringe on the left sleeve is long. It's only
the end of the fabric and can be snipped
off to look perfect. Nylon pants are nice.
There is a little bit of smudging on the
inside of the leg which looks light on the
back side of the pants. It's some kind of
dark residue from something. Won't hurt
display ability. Cute set! $5
Barbie Montgomery Wards/Sears Outfit -
1970's - Sold with outfits on the left. A very
well known knit pattern of
green/white/peach and fluorescent
Excellent Condition
Very clean pieces with minimal play time.
A loop of the fringe is long but can be
pulled back in shape. Half of snap closure
is loose but still attached. One center
seam is loose on the pants but an easy fix.
Material is not blown apart or damaged.
This outfit technically fits Francie better
than Barbie!! (I have my childhood one &
it's tight to get on Barbie) Very Cute! $7
Petite Boutique Wedding Gown & Veil
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is clone brand. It's very sweet and in
beautiful condition! It has a 3 flower
embroidered accent on the center of the
bodice. Bodice has 2 vertical sheer lacy
panels & matching ruffles skirt. That lacy
fabric is very similar to the material
Mattel has used many times in the 70's.
It's in great shape too! One single snap
closure on back at the neck. It is secure.
It was not made with one at the waist.
The waist seems too tight for one anyway.
No blown seams or stains. I see 2 sets of
staple or needle marks on the back of the
sleeve from being sewn in a package but
that's from the manufacturer. And a set
of the same pin marks on the top of the
ruffle hem from being sewn in a package.
I don't think this was used ever though.
It's very crisp & clean! The veil look near
mint/mint too. I could not see anything
to attach it to a head though. No holes &
clean! Sweet set! $10
Penny Brite Singing In The Rain Hat
from 1963
Excellent Condition
Just minor traces of handling on the red
corduroy brim but overall it looks great!
No holes or blown seams. It is a stiff hat.
They all are. Will be a great hat to
complete your outfit for Penny! $6
Vintage Peggy Ann Clone Original Pink
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This was made for the clone malibu style
doll with the almost "Casey" like
headmold. "Sunkissed Boutique" Fashion
Doll. Made in Hong Kong. The suit is
bright & clean! Minimal use. Just a little
bit of the top edge seam work undone
but the fabric is not blown out or have
any runs. One pull on the left top strap
but the rest of the suit looks great! Just
one loop of thread loose on the scoop
neck collar area. A nice replacement suit
you can use on any 11 1/2" fashion doll!
11 1/2 Fashion Doll Fur Coat w/Hood
Untagged (Catalog Piece)
This is a manufactured piece and in near
mint/mint condition! It's super soft and
clean. A heathered fur color of
taupe/tan/with a touch of a gray tone. It's
a thick fur. Nicely crafted. Not a mommy
made piece. One single snap closure at
neck. No stains, holes or blown seams. A
little pressed down on the ends of the
sleeves but a beautiful coat! So cute! $10
Brown & Tan Animal Print Fur Coat
Untagged (email for full details!)
Fair/Good Condition
4 gold pearly tone accent buttons & 2 snap
closures are all secure. Pretty fur! I did
find  green & blue spots under the left
arm. Needs a wash on that area. The stains
started in the lining. The lining is not
mint. A brown stain inside back bottom. A
little hole under the right arm. Played
with but still cute. $1
Red White & Blue Diamond Knit Cape
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is a fully line cape & is a
manufactured piece. Very clean & well
cared for. 2 pearl tone white accent
buttons & single snap closure are secure.
Ivory acetate lining is pretty nice. Only 3
little snags on the knit in the back. Still
very nice! $3
Jordache Swim Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Straight cut skirt with black & white
trim on waistband. It is tagged
Jordache. Doesn't appear to have ever
been played with! Super clean & well
cared for! No stains, snags or holes. the
elastic on the top back seam is not
stretched but doesn't look very strong
either. Sorry I don't have the swimsuit
to go with it! $5
Brooke Shields Fur Jacket Walking Suit
by LJN 1981 Complete
Excellent Conditions
Classy outfit! Pretty white fur jacket with
soft vinyl/leather feel skirt, rosy/mauve tie
and white boots. It looks sharp! The tie
looks great. The jacket is almost mint. Just
light handling in the fur but really nice in
person. It's not yellow. The boots are mint.
The skirt has very little play wear. Just a
speck dot here & there, then a very small
light amount of package residue on the
lower back. Nothing that hurts its display
ability at all. No tears on any piece. The
snap closure on the skirt is secure. The
jacket does not have a snap or any closure.
All of the red stitching  on the skirt is nice
with no bleeding of color! One of the
prettiest outfits made for the Brooke
Shields doll in my opinion!
Denim & Polka Dot Dress
Excellent Condition
This dress is about the same size as a
Mattel Sister Small Talk dress I have. It is
approximately 4" total length on the back
from collar to bottom hem and 2 1/2"
shoulder to shoulder on the back (not
including sleeves). The waist straight
across from left to right is 2 3/4". It is a
manufactured piece & not homemade!
Clean golden yellow soft ribbed knit fabric
with white polka dots & denim skirt with
suspenders & rik rak trim. 2 rivet closures
on back of dress & 1 on back of the
suspenders. They are all secure. The dress
is clean. Only 2 specks of dull looking
spots on the underside of the bottom
hem. Like they use a trace of a glue at 2
seams but no stains on the outside of the
dress at all. Some creasing from storage
but a very clean dress & adorable! I'll
update as soon as I can find out who it's
made for! $8
Clone/Catalog Red Lurex & Purple Dress
Mint Condition
The dress is super clean! I do not
believe it has ever been on a doll. It is
likely sold by Sears or Wards. It features
the shimmering lurex material with
interwoven silver thread in the fabric.
Pretty fabric! Super clean! No snags,
pulls, holes or blown seams. The purple
trim is a basic cotton fabric. The dress
should be a slightly off shoulder look
with a bow leaning off to the right
shoulder. The semi circular waist is
pleated but sewn somewhat crooked.
So the stitching is a little uneven. 2 snap
closures are secure! $8
Blue Lame` & Gold Trim Prince/Military
Fair/Good Condition
Not tagged but definitely a manufactured
piece. The jacket looks like it will fit all Ken
type dolls & clones. It has gold rik rak trim
on the cuffs, blue & silver woven collar &
bright gold fringe shoulder badges. Some
playtime & handling, so there are rubs. The
left side seam & sleeve is almost completely
wide open. Fabric is not destroyed & will
restitch up perfectly. So not mint, but could
be very cute.
Light Brown & Black Floral Print Catalog
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Crisp fabric with no holes or blown seams.
The black bow is slightly undone & there is
some wrinkling. Needs a light press & it'll
be fine. There is just a trace/shade of
storage/handling difference on the tops of
the sleeves. Not dramatic, just needs to be
mentioned. Snap closure is secure. $3
Black Velvet & White Formal Dress
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is adorable! Not sure which doll it's
made for but it is tagged Made in China
with a modern tag with care
instructions. Total height of the dress is
3 1/2" tall (from collar to bottom hem),
Waist is just shy of 2 3/4" across. It has a
velcro closure, black velvety bodice
with flowerettte, lace trim, sheer
organdy overskit and white satin skirt.
Perfectly clean. Just a little lint on the
black velvet. Comes with hanger
pictured inside. Fits Penny Brite, Suzy
Cute sized dolls. If you need other
measurements, just ask! It's sweet! $6
Clone Gold & Green Holiday Gown
Good/Very Good Condition
A trace wider than Barbie. This is not
perfect but it is so pretty & has great
potential. The dress features a shimmering
gold fine woven fabric with empire waist
and 2 layer evergreen tulle skirt & green
gold foil leaf applique. I do believe there
should have been a matching leaf on the
tulle as I see a knot & thread remaining on
the lower front of the tulle skirt. The
bottom hem is unfinished & slightly frayed
on the bottom of the gold skirt but still ok.
A little loose thread at the top right
shoulder, easy fix! Both snap closures on
back are secure. A bit wrinkled on the gold
skirt from storage. Main flaw is a big
vertical split on the lower tulle on the right
side. It actually displays fine because it's on
the side but it is a big split. I tried to picture
this in the 3rd picture. It's really sweet
otherwise & perfect for an autumn or
holiday display! $8
Green & White Unknown Cheerleading
Very Good & Near Mint Conditions
The bodysuit looks perfect! The skirt is
almost perfect. Just a trace of fabric
starting to run in the middle right under
the waist band. Otherwise, it's beautiful.
Tagged "Made in China". Very cute! Grab
this one & the set to the right, and make
a cheerleading squad! $5
Green & White Unknown Cheerleading Set
Fair/Good Condition
Both pieces are the same as the set
pictured to the left but There is a spot on
the front of the skirt & a couple yellowy
stains under the left arm area. The skirt
should wash up I believe. The top might
wash up ok too. I haven't tried. I
questioned whether it was package
residue of some sort. A few little snags on
the bodysuit but not bad. $2
Sears/Wards Plaid Skirt 11 1/2"
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a very pretty red & green plaid
fabric skirt from a catalog outfit from the
70's. It is super clean & the fabric is crisp.
One corner folded over & creased but a
great looking skirt. Sorry I don't have the
rest of the outfit. Snap closure is secure!
This fabric was used for several outfits, so
it will mix & match easily! $3
Unknown manufacturer. Looks like it
would fit the World of Love or Charlie's
Angels size dolls. This outfit is a mass
produced piece but has the stitching
marks of an outfit like a Sew Easy
pattern or something similar! Very cute
dress & in nice shape. Only minimal wear
to the ends of the tie straps! $3
Shillman or Maddie Mod Ivory Jumpsuit
Mint Condition
I don't think this has been on a doll. The
elastic looks untouched on the collar,
sleeves & ankles. Clean nylon fabric with
no pulls, holes or runs. It's an ivory/cream
color. No fading. This should have some
kind of waist tie to go with it but I don't
have it at this time. Great suit! $9
Brooke Shields Purple Fleece Coat Set
by LJN from 1981 Complete
Mint Condition
I could not find anything wrong on any of
this set! Everything looks wonderful &
clean! No abuse. Maybe just a crease on
the side of the oval section of the belt but
that's really getting picky. Soft & clean
purple with cute matching hat & white
tulle on brim. The boots look great & the
belt is clean & soft leather feel. $11
Clone or Catalog White Lace Gown
Fair Condition
This is gonna need some work on the
left sleeve & top shoulder and also the
back lower center seam under the snap
closure. It was repaired previously. It
needs to have a better restitch job done
though. It will need a bath to get it
whiter. A little light brown on the back. I
do believe an oxyclean will greatly
improve it. The skirt is not torn. I think
it's worth saving. If the sleeve & shoulder
are too far gone, I would put a new
bodice on it or just make a long lacy
skirt out of it. 25 Cents
Clone/Catalog Black & Orange Floral Velvet
Near Mint Condition
This is beautiful! I don't know who made it
but it is a manufactured piece. It is a soft
velvet coat with white cuffs, faux pocket
fronts and lining. The collar does not like to
fold outward as it should. It has one snap
closure that is secure. No stains, holes or
blown seams. Not tagged. The coat has 3
gold tone tiny accent buttons that look very
realistic down front. It's beautifully made &
will look so cute on your dolls!
Mini Mod Skirt & Blouse Set
Excellent Condition
This is adorable & will be such a great
looking set for Fall! A gorgeous green
velvet skirt with a beautiful black
waistband & embroidered red & yellow
roses! The skirt is truly beautiful! Nice &
clean! No blown seams or holes. Just a
little bit of lint/dust but a wonderful
piece. The coordinating white blouse has
a soft velvet green bow at the neck with
lace trim collar & cuffs. It has a Hong
Kong tag inside. Snap closures are
secure. Only flaw on this is a water
mark/package residue stain on the back
of the right sleeve. I do believe this can
spot wash out! It looks so pretty
otherwise & thankfully it doesn't show
from the front. Such a pretty outfit!
You'll love it on your doll! $14
Mini Mod Sleeveless Stripe Top
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I doubt this was ever used! Super clean &
crisp fabric. No holes, runs, snags or
abuse! I have seen versions of this that
came with roller skates. This is likely
from a similar set.
Sears/Wards Red & Off White Striped
Near Mint Condition
Soft poly knit hoodie with red open side
kangaroo pocket. Probably had track pants
to go with it. Unfortunately I only have the
hoodie! Looks wonderful! No holes, runs,
snags or blown seams. Just a trace of
handling on the back of the right sleeve.
Looks great though! $4
Barbie Clone Yellow Satin Ruffled Blouse
Near Mint Condition
This is a beautiful golden yellow blouse.
No snap or velcro closure on front & I
see no evidence of it having one. Nice
elastic cuffs on the sleeves. Pretty lower
front pleated ruffle. A few tiny trace
snags but super clean & bright. No holes
or blown seams. It's a sharp blouse! $5
Barbie Clone Mint Green & Silver Gown
Good/Very Good Condition
Not sure who made this but it is very
pretty! The dress has a bright silver
bodice with thin spaghetti straps. One
needs to be reattached on the front. A
pair of thin variances in the silver fabric
on the bodice. Click on close up picture
to see full detail. Might be from pulling
it up on a doll body. Still displayable.
The gorgeous pale mint green skirt
almost feels like silk. Not a heavy satin
fabric. It's beautiful! The sheer white
tulle overskirt has gold stars all over.
The skirt section is gorgeous! It's not
tagged but definitely not homemade or
cheaply made. No stains. No abuse on
the skirt or the tulle. Just reattach the
strap & it will look great on your dolls! $8
2 Piece Purple Fleece Jogging Set
Very Good & Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Likely a catalog set. The top looks mint.
Nothing wrong with it. The only issue on the
pants is that the crotch seam is open. A
simple restitch & it will be a mint condition
piece. Both are super clean! No dinginess,
no fading. They don't feel like they've been
played with or handled. That seam might
have been badly done at the factory & took
nothing for it to give out. Excellent elastic.
Top has velcro closures. Gold braid trim is
bright & clean! Cute set! $5
2 Piece Denim Jordache Skirt & Jacket Set
Near Mint Condition
Both pieces are extremely clean & well
cared for! Skirt has 2 belt loops on front,
small open slit on lower front center &
secure snap closure. The jacket has a
single black button closure with 2 front
pockets & the Jordache satin tag. No
stains, blown seams or abuse! I do not
know if this set had a blouse. It may not
have. Great looking set!
Midnight Blue Knit Sheath Dress
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I don't normally put outfits on here that
I question if they are "mommy made" or
not. But this one was so well done, I
couldn't help it. Pretty dark blue with
red waist and embroidered flower on
bodice. It has a snap closure on the
back. No tag, so I can't be sure if it is a
manufactured piece or not. It was
incredibly well done. No holes, stains or
blown seams. The knitting is beautifully
done. All tight & even. Soft fabric. No
moth holes. Just a sweet, darling dress!  
Pale Peach & Beaded Satin Gown
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is possibly a catalog piece. I don't
believe it is homemade. The stitching looks
pretty professional. It is a beautiful color of
pale peach. A heavy satin material with
beautiful white & braided trim and bead
trim. The dress is very pretty. Not 100% mint
but still very cute. There is a fraying spot on
the bottom of both darts on the bodice. I
am wondering if there might have been
some kind of trim or decoration on those 2
spots. Same on both sides. So it's possible
something might have been pulled off in
the past. There is some yellowing of the
glue on the bottom back of the braid/bead
work. And also the same yellowing of glue
on the top back too, by the snap closure.
It's not dirty but there are very light traces
of handling. Just tiny specks. Light creases
(easily seen in pics). Still a very cute dress! $4
Shillman/Maddie Mod Black Lace Hose
Mint Condition
They are gorgeous and the elastic waist
looks untouched. I don't think they've
been on a doll. The fabric is all crisp. No
runs, holes, blown seams or snags. The
lace is a large floral pattern. The toes
look great! These are for 11 1/2" fashion
dolls. Great pantyhose! $10
11 1/2" Fashion Doll Red Stockings
Near Mint Condition
Not sure which manufacturer made
them but they are nicely done! Soft knit
with excellent elastic waist. No holes or
blown seams. No fading or stains. I saw
one thin run just starting on the inside
by one ankle. It's not bad, just handle
them gently. The toes are not running or
snagged. Will look great on your doll! $4
White Lace Blouse
Mint Condition
This is beautiful! Pretty white sheer lace
blouse. It is a beautifully made piece and
was not made with buttons or velcro. I am
thinking it is possible this is part of a
Jordache denim skirt set I have available
but haven't been able to verify that yet. No
stains, holes or blown seams. Bright &
clean! Will look fantastic with many
outfits!! $7
Unknown Midnight Blue & White Trim
Mint Condition
Super clean & don't look like they've
ever been used. Crisp cotton fabric with
white satin hip trim and white cotton leg
openings. Excellent elastic waist, not
dried out! These are older. Not modern.
Likely from the early 70's or late 60's.
They look a little long for Barbie. I'm
thinking these would be for Tressy or a
doll sized like her. Could be a catalog
issue piece. Unfortunately I don't have
anything else that matches these. They
look more like underwear in shape but
with those satin trims on the side, sorta
looks like shorts. Very clean & great
displays! $3
Sears/Mont. Wards White Pleather Coat
Excellent Condition
Brown fur collar is very nice. No blown
seams but I do see a water mark inside
the coat and one tiny split on the back.
Does not show up on display. I found it
from looking at the inside of the coat.
Soft vinyl "pleather" material. Brown
stitching is all in great shape. Sold in
numerous Sears/Wards Barbie Doll
Clothes sets. $3
Small Brown Fringe Vest
Near Mint Condition
Not sure who this is made for but it's well
done! This vest is 1 1/2" tall and 2" wide. I'm
thinking it's just a little too big for a
Rockflowers doll. Maybe it will fit a
Charlie's Angels Doll by Hasbro. No stains
or blown seams. It's soft and a really nice
rich saddle brown color. No cuts on the
fringe. Great looking vest! $3
Clone/Catalog Blue & Silver Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Unfortunately I have no idea what else
came with this jacket. It's nicely made of
brushed fleecy material & fully lined in a  
darker blue nylon fabric. Silver braided
trim around the front arms and chest. No
stains, holes or blown seams. Looks
wonderful. Was not made with any
closures, so I'm sure it's part of a pant or
skirt set. Untagged. Definitely a
manufactured piece & not homemade.
Looks great! $5
Barbie Peggy Ann or Maddie Mod Multi
Color Wild Print Strapless Dress
Near Mint Condition
This is in beautiful condition. Only
reason I can't call it mint is that I know it
is supposed to have a gold chain across
the waist. This one is missing but I am
sure it can be replaced. No stains, holes,
blown seams or dinginess. Snap closure
on back is secure. It's beautiful & will
look wonderful on your dolls! $14
Blue Purple & Olive Green Plaid Top/Jacket
Excellent Condition
For some reason, this just screams "Tressy"
at me. It's very cute. Muted colors but
nicely made & clean!  It is a manufactured
piece & the inner collar is not worn. Just
the fabric below the seam is flipped up.
But if you can train it to stay down, that
seam is nice & tight. Single snap closure is
secure. No blown seams or holes. It has 3/4
sleeves. Will fit any 11 1/2" fashion doll but I
do feel like it's meant for a more straight
arm & straight leg vintage doll like Tressy
or Mary Make Up. Cute!! $6
Takara 5" Tagged Pink & Red Dress
Tagged Takara Made in Japan
Mint Condition
Beautiful & clean! Sweet pink dress with
white lace/red trim yoke, floral ruffled
hem and velcro closure on back. No
abuse, stains or holes! Came with an
older group of Barbie outfits so I'm
thinking this is late 70's/early 80's era. I
have red shoes that came with this listed
on my Fashion Doll Shoes page. I believe
this may be for the Licca dolls. Still
researching. Nice dress! $25
Sears/Mont. Wards Blue Dress
Mint Condition
This piece has never been played with.
Made of blue nylon fabric with sheer
pale blue & white ruffle. Elastic waist is
super nice. It's a very tight dress though.
I could not put this on my mannequins
to picture it. So I recommend highly that
you use it on a straight leg or light plastic
type doll. You'll blow the seams if you
use it on a tnt type doll. Would fit
Francie width wise but it's a mature look
for her. $7
Quilted Red & Floral Print Robe
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is not tagged but definitely a
manufactured piece. It's adorable! Nicely
done too! It's clean but has some storage &
handling on the bottom red seam trim
fabric! No holes. There are some loose
black threads in the diamond stitching
pattern but otherwise it looks great! The
sleeves are "half" or 3/4 but it will fit any 11
1/2" fashion doll. $5
Vintage Tammy Tressy & Friends White
Shell/Sleeveless Blouse
Mint Condition
This is beautifully made & very well cared
for! I have been searching for any
reference on who made it. No info at this
point, but I will update as soon as I can!
The blouse is clean and features a very
fine diamond pattern. 2 metal snap
closures on back are secure. Maybe one
tiny trace speck mark on the lower right
front but it's beautiful! No holes, blown
seams or heavy handling. Will fit all 11
1/2" fashion dolls. It is not homemade.
This is a vintage mid to late 60's piece.
Mini Mod/Catalog 3 Piece Green Tennis
Set for 11 1/2" Fashion Dolls
Excellent Condition
This is very cute! The outside layer is
smooth, inside is a soft fleece like fabric.
The visor can be worn either way. The
top has a pair of tennis rackets printed
on it. One in blue, the other in brown
and with tiny white print for strings. The
detail on that is wonderful for a fashion
doll outfit! The mini skirt has a little
white bow on front. Has some fraying on
it, but still ok. The front hem white trim
is oddly finished on front. Like they ran
short. No holes or blown seams on any
piece. The skirt has a little bit of what
looks like makeup colored spots on the
left side. Not dark but you can see them.
The elastic waist on the skirt looks
perfect! Not dried out or stretched. The
biggest flaws to this set is the heavy
fading to the skirt as you can see & some
to the top. The visor has no fading.
There is a shoulder seam repair on the
top of the right shoulder. Could be
redone better. (not done by me)
Otherwise the top is very sweet and
looks nice. The ties on the visor are
excellent. Will be an adorable set on
your dolls! $6
Sears/Mont. Wards Rose Pink Satin Dress
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Pretty satin dress with a plastic snap
closure on the back. Not tagged but a
manufactured piece. I saw one or two little
water marks but nothing major at all.
Pretty display! $3
Small Doll Red Poly Knit Mock Neck
Near Mint Condition
I almost thought this was made for the
Skye Garden Gal doll by Kenner but hers
does not have a mock neck collar. It is
almost the same size though. This is 2"
across from sleeve edge to sleeve edge
left to right and then just a trace over 2
1/2" total length from collar to bottom.
Single snap closure on back is secure.
Just two very faint ultra dull marks on the
breast areas but it is otherwise very
bright red, crisp & clean! Still researching
who it's made for. I'll update as soon as I
can find out. No runs, holes or snags! $3
Sears/Mont.Wards 3 Piece Denim Suit
Near Mint
All pieces are super clean! Just a little
wrinkle on the bottom of the skirt and
the right sleeve but no holes, stains or
abuse. Snap closures are all secure. No
dinginess! $8
Denim & Pink Seam Jumper
Mint Condition
Not sure if this is a catalog piece or not. It
is definately a manufactured piece and not
homemade. Super clean with absolutely no
abuse or handling. I doubt it was ever
played with. Clean denim, no holes or
stains. It was not made with snap closures.
Just one large pocket down the right front.
All the pink seam stitching looks very cute
& clean! Not tagged but well done! Will fit
any 11 1/2" fashion doll! $4
5 Piece Gold & Lace Clone Skirt Set
Mint Condition
This is as clean & untouched as it can get!
Adorable & very 70's feminine outfit with
yellow & white lace trim, collar, cuffs,
ruffle hem and gold braiding trim on
shimmering gold knit fabric with
matching purse and gold open toe shoes
to complete the set! No abuse, stains,
holes or blown seams! I don't think it's
been on a doll. Velcro closures on the
back. Will look wonderful on your dolls!
Clone Fashion Doll Tiered Lace Dress
Near Mint Condition
This is gorgeous! Only reason I can't call
it mint is the popped strap on the back
side. Should fix easily and it will look
wonderful on! The fabric is crisp, white
and looks barely handled! No runs,
snags, blown seams. Maybe a trace of
handling at the lace where the snap
closure is but it's hard to see under my
drafting light! There are a few places of
undone bottom seam where the edging
is just coming out of that bottom
stitching. This is only on the white solid
underskirt, not the lace tiers. So it really
doesn't show on display that much! The
top snap closure is not loose or missing.
It just didn't fit this mannequin. It was
tight. Very likely why this popped its
shoulder strap. So this would be
recommended for an actual clone doll
that has a smaller build and not a Mattel
Barbie that tend to be a bit wider. (just
my opinion!) $12
Clone or Catalog 2 Piece Denim & Blouse
Very Good Condition
This is a nice basic set that you can use to
mix and match with virtually anything! The
denims are a lightweight fabric and in very
nice shape. Only flaw is that the back half
of the snap closure came detached from
the other end of the fabric. Both sides are
still there but you'll have to figure out how
to get that rivet back on the other end of
fabric. No stains, blown seams or abuse.
Just a little wrinkling from storage but very
nice denims. The blouse only has one
issue. The cuffs are loose from their seams.
I do think this can be repaired to look very
nice. The fabric is not all destroyed. Some
fraying yes, but I think it can be saved &
look good again if you have the time &
skill. It is a clean white nylon. The snap
closure is secure. It's not yellow or
dirty/dingy. Will look nice with these
denims or anything that needs a layering
Chambray Ruffle Jumper
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This piece has a profile in black of a girls
head with some fine print under it. I can
not make out all of it. Says something
like "Right and" I can't make out the rest.
It's too small. It's definately a
manufactured piece and not a
homemade. Will fit any 11 1/2" fashion
doll from what I see. I believe there
would be some kind of blouse
underneath but I'm still researching it.
No holes, blown seams or stains. It was
well cared for! The only issue is half of
the snap closure is missing on back.
Needs the female end. It was a rivet style
closure. Pretty soft lightweight
denim/chambray look. $3
Clone Vinyl Raincoat & Boots Set
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is very cool! Meant to look like a
denim print coat. It's actually a light
flexible vinyl/plastic. Not brittle or
cracked. There are no blown seams. The
boots are in great shape and a super nice
style for a clone set! Very realistic
molding. Not tagged but likely from
Sears or Montgomery Wards. Came with
several other clone sets pictured above.
Clone or Catalog Dark Blue Red Stitch
Near Mint/Mint Condition
These will fit a Barbie or any 11 1/2" doll but
not Ken. They are a polyester material. Not
homemade. They are manufactured. Nicely
done! They have red stitching in the area of
faux pockets and the zipper area. Snap
closure is secure. No blown seams, stains
or holes! They don't look like they were
ever used!
Dark Blue Catalog or Clone Flared Pants
Near Mint Condition
These are made for any 11 1/2" doll but
not Ken as well. They are a heavy
polyester fabric with no stains, holes or
blown seams. Only flaw on these is half
of the snap closure is missing. Otherwise,
they look fantastic! Will coordinate with
any blouse!
Sergio Valente Red & Blue Top
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I really thinks this looks like a Ken doll
size top and not a Barbie size. The top
looks perfect & if it's been used..maybe
once! Super clean with no holes, runs or
snags. It's a stretchy woven material
(with spandex). Blue sleeves, red top &
yellow braided trim. One single snap
closure on the back. Has the classic S V
tag with the logo in the middle. I do
think this will fit any Ken doll clone.
Might be a hair on the small side for
Ken. It does have a lot of stretch though.
Nice Top! $5
Pink Trimmed Tan Vest
Near Mint Condition
Not sure who this was made for. Looks
super clean & feels soft. Heavy gauge tan
denim is very soft & has a touch of stretch
to it. the pink embroidered trim looks
great. No closure. Darted slightly and
should fit any 11 1/2" doll. Might be a touch
on the big side, so it could be worn by
Darci, Dusty, Bionic Woman easily.
Generous armholes will allow for bigger
doll arms. Untagged. Could be a catalog
outfit piece. Nice vest! $4
Vintage Soft Knit Pocket Top
Excellent Condition
This is really cute & nicely made. The top
could be just a hair brighter on the white
collar, cuffs & pockets but overall very
nice. Cute knit with red, light blue, dark
blue & white. Has 3 snap closures on the
back. Only one half of the bottom back
snap closure is missing. The upper two
sets are complete and secure. No runs,
pulls, stains or blown seams. Will fit any
11 1/2" doll. $3
Sears Issue Red White & Blue Pant Set
for all 11 1/2 Inch Dolls
Near Mint Condition
This is one of 4 outfits sold together by
Sears for the Barbie & all similar sized
dolls from the 70's. It's super clean &
crisp feeling fabric. There is a paper
"Made in Hong Kong" tag inside the top.
No blown seams or stains. Just a little
creasing on the bottom of the legs from
storage. Cute outfit! $3
Sears Issue Hot Pink Faux Velvet Jacket
for all 11 1/2 Inch Dolls
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is one of 4 outfits sold together by
Sears for the Barbie & all similar sized dolls
from the 70's. It's super clean & crisp
feeling fabric. There is a paper "Made in
Hong Kong" tag inside. No blown seams or
stains. This one is made of a white almost
vinyl type material inside & an almost
flocked crushed velvet outfit on the
outside. I've seen these in a few colors and
this one is a beautiful hot pink! Really cool
piece! Most of these get heavily abused and
get bald spots. This one looks awesome! 1
little cut line on the bottom back but that's
from the factory not abuse. All four gold
tone buttons are in nice shape. $5
Multicolor Casual Shirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Could fit an 11 1/2" doll but seems shorter
and wider across the chest. too big for a
Ginny I think. The shirt has slits on the
lower sides and a yellow cotton single
pocket on the front to match the collar.
Velcro closure on the front. The shirt has
no stains, holes or blown seams. Nice &
Clone Orange & Black Trim Underwear
Near Mint Condition
These are super bright & clean! Only
reason I couldn't call them mint is that
there is a tiny amount of separation
from the lace on the front right leg. This
is clearly visible in the picture. They look
a little tight on the lace on the rear of
the left leg. Just how they're made. They
are really cute though. No stains or
snags. Elastic waist is a thin elastic but
still pretty good. Not all stretched out.
Didn't have anything else come with
these, so I don't know if it's part of s set
or not. $1
Extra Large Red Shirt (Bionic Main Size?)
Mint Condition
This is a nicely made soft polyester knit
shirt. The shirt looks like it was barely
used, if ever. It has a built in white ribbed
knit "dickey", 3 small white buttons and
stitched faux pocket on the left. White
stitching accents the sleeves and bottom
hem. The shirt is perfectly clean with no
stains, holes, blown seams or dinginess.
Not tagged but it is a manufactured piece.
Large enough to fit a Bionic Man doll. Not
sure if it's a catalog clone piece or for a
specific brand doll. Still researching. Nice
Gold Soft Knit Pants
Near Mint Condition
Super clean & well cared for! These pants
will fit any 11 1/2" doll. They have the
exact material as the soft version of
Golden Dream Barbie's pants (I have one
with this fabric variation for sale right
now-same fabric!). Only these do not
have an elastic waist. These have a velcro
closure on the back. They are very bright
& clean. No blown seams or holes. Just a
trace of fraying on the lower back from
the unfinished inner edge. They look
wonderful & display beautifully on your
dolls! $4
Pink Short Fleece Half Sleeve Robe
Excellent Condition
Cute robe & very soft. It is not tagged but
definitely a manufactured pieces. No
holes or blown seams. There is a light
browish spot on the inside back. Only a
trace line mark shows through the back
though so it will display nicely. Cute!! $2
Sears/Wards Pastel Floral Robe
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is part of a peignoir set. It would have
had a panty & bra set to match. I only have
the robe available at this time. The robe is
very clean & well cared for. I only saw one
pin hole & one snag in the back of the robe
(upper back). And upon closer inspection I
found a split under the arms on both sides.
Not in the seams but I'm sure it can be
tightened up to display nicely. The lace
trim is all bright white & secure. It's so
sweet! I have my childhood set if you need
to see what else it came with, just email for
info. $3
Red & Brown Trim Wide Collar Coat
Very Good/Excellent Condition
It is a manufactured piece but there is no
tag, so I can't be sure who made it. It has
a wide collar with brown trim on collar,
sleeve cuffs and ties around the waist.
The only issue the coat has is a little bit
of the seam needs restitching on the
back under the collar (center). It looks
like it was pulled out. I don't know if that
was intentional to accomodate a talking
doll or not. It's in the right spot for it. No
stains or other blown seams. Super
strong elastic waist is not stretched out! $3
  Off Shoulder Fruit Print & Yellow Fleece
Mint Condition
It's not tagged but definitely a
manufactured piece. It has a left side
velcro closure. Perfectly clean & well cared
for. Looks like it was never handled. No
holes, blown seams or stains. I don't have
anything to coordinate with it at this time,
sorry! $2
Barbie & Other 11 1/2" Fashion Doll White
Sheer Hoodie/Jacket
This is a great piece! You can use this for
any 11 1/2" fashion doll. Not sure who
made it but it's well done and not
homemade. It's perfectly white & clean.
No snags or velcro. Probably just
designed to be a bathing suit coverup as
a dolls original outfit piece. No heavy
snagging. I saw one at the back of the
neck (right below the seam) but it looks
great! And one snag on the right side of
the hood area. It's a cool jacket! $3
Blue & White Floral Squared Skirt
Excellent Condition
This is a manufactured piece. It has a
riveted snap closure on back. Gathered
at the waist. No holes or blown seams. It
is clean but has some wrinkling from
storage. Not sure if this is for Tressy,
Mary Makeup or a clone doll. Cute skirt!
Red Cuffed Shorts
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Nicely made. They are a clean bright red
cotton fabric. A little unraveling from the
bottom of the right side waistband seam.
The cuffs are nice. Missing the female end
of the snap closure on back. The male end
is secure. No holes or stains. Will fit any 11
1/2" fashion doll nicely! $1
Sparkling Red & Purple Trim Dress
Fair/Good Condition
This dress needs some restitching but
once that's done it will be an adorable
display dress. A little bit loose from the
purple collar trim on the top left bodice.
And then the back left side of the bodice
at the waist seam is separated. The upper
snap closure is complete but the female
end needs to be reattached to the other
side. Easy fix. The fabric is all very clean
& bright. Has that pretty silvery
threadwork in the weave to give it that
"blingy" look! It doesn't seem that the
back of the waist had a snap closure. I
see no evidence of it having had one. Just
a little restitching  & you'll love it!
Brooke Shields Designer Outfit by LJN
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
This is a sharp outfit for Brooke! The
pants are a nylon (almost parachute
pants) style fabric with full elastic waist
in a mahogany brown. The jacket is a
metallic brown with cuffs and undertrim
matching the pants. It has a fine gold
braided tie at the waist that weaves in
and out of the jacket. The only flaw is
that there is some faint package residue
on the back of the jacket. This may come
out. It's still brown colored but a
somewhat sticky residue. Still a beautiful
display. The boots & hat are mint! Has
chin strap in nice shape! SOLD
Brooke Shields Western Skirt Set by LJN
Excellent/Near Mint/Mint Conditions
The outfit is adorable and will display
beautifully on your dolls. The only flaw
with this set is some yellowing/package
residue on the back of the upper sleeves.
Looks beautiful from the front but you'll
have to see what you can do for the back of
the sleeves. The red fringe is all very nice.
The skirt looks beautiful. The scarf, hat &
boots are mint. Still a very sweet set!
Catalog or Clone 3 Piece Pajama Set
Mint Condition
Not sure who they were manufactured
for but they are all perfectly clean and
don't look like they've been played with.
The fabric is a soft light cotton baby pink
with little dark pink rosebud print and
white lace trim. The robe has a large
single front pocket and single button
closure at the neck. The top has 2
buttons on the upper back. All secure!
The pants have a full elastic waist that is
not stretched out. The robe is cut slightly
wide but should still fit all 11 1/2 fashion
dolls. It is untagged. No stains, holes or
blown seams. The top has a wide darted
bodice on front. Slim fit back. The lace is
all clean & bright. Sweet set! $10
Barbie Clone Size Red Dress Shirt
Excellent Condition
Very clean & made of that smooth, not
quite satiny nylon material. The snap
closure at the neck is complete but one
half needs to be reattached to the other
side. Easy fix. The shoulders &
sleeves/underarms are not torn or blown
out. There is a little loose thread on the
right cuff. The fabric is not destroyed.
The collar is a fairly large cut but will
look fine once the snap closure is
restitched (that's why it didn't picture
properly). Nice red color in person. My
picture is making it look too dark! $2
Pink Soft Knit Purple Flower Top
Excellent Condition
Still researching who this was made for.
Larger than a Barbie but not too much.
The top is ultra soft with velcro closure on
back and a pretty 4 petal lavender
embroidered flower/star on the front with
silver center. The hips have little open slits
on the bottom (by design and the sleeves
are slightly bell shaped/flared. It's pretty
clean with only a couple tiny specks or
traces of play/handling. A smudge under
the flower that is similar to a water mark.
No blown seams or holes. Minimal piling.
Cute top $2
Barbie & Other 11 1/2" Fashion Doll Blue
& Gold Trimmed Satin Skirt
Excellent Condition
This is a great looking skirt. Only flaw on
it is the waist elastic is looking a bit wide.
Not sure what came with it, but it's
pretty. It's all satin and soft. The gold
trim provides a beautiful contrast color.
It's not tagged so I can't tell who made it.
I don't think it's a catalog piece. Could be
Jordache, Sergio Valente or Mego Candi.
I'm still researching it. It is well made!
The skirt is clean with no stains, holes or
blown seams.
White Short Fleecy Fur & Green Border
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Full zippered front works smoothly.
Pretty velvety green border is very nice!
The white fabric could be a little brighter
but it's very presentable! A faint dark
spot on the left sleeve but not as dark in
person as it shows in that picture. It's not
tagged but definitely a manufactured
piece. The zipper is a YKK brand. Likely
a catalog piece from Wards. $5
2 Piece Yellow & White Peignoir Set
Excellent Condition
Sorry I don't have anything else to go with
this set. I have the robe & the baby doll
shorts/panties. The robe looks wonderful.
Bright & clean with no holes or stains. I
don't know if it should have had a tie at the
waist. I see no evidence of it having had
one. Looks great as is! the satiny shorts are
very nice. A little bit of light snags but good
elastic waist. They are clean and no blown
seams or holes! Cute set! $6
Barbie Clone or Wendi Tan/Leopard
Trim Fleece Coat & Pillbox Hat Set
Mint Condition
Definitely a manufactured set. Possibly
for the Wendi line but I'm still
researching. It's a beautiful set that is
very soft and clean. The hat is sewn
perfectly so this is not a mommy made
set. The coat is nicely done with single
snap closure at the neck and pretty
leopard print trim at collar and cuffs.
Generous cut but will still wear nicely on
all 11 1/2" fashion dolls. A nice vintage
feel but can be used on later era dolls as
well. Minimal traces of lint but it's clean
with no stains, holes or blown seams.
Will look adorable on! $13
Heathered Gold Soft Knit Top
Very Good Condition
Very clean fabric. Super soft & a pretty
"heathered" look to the material. I am not
100% convinced if it's a catalog piece or
not. The seams look just a little bit sloppy
but sometimes catalog pieces can be like
that. I'm not ruling out a handmade job
here. The outer right arm seam has a few
loops of thread loose. So that will need to
be tightened up. Two snap closures on the
back are secure. It did come with the
brown satiny pants to the left, so they may
belong together.  One tiny hole on the
back by the upper snap closure. No runs in
the fabric from it. Looks like it happened
when the snap closure was attached.
Clone Fringe Edge Sable Velveteen Pants
Near Mint Condition
These are really cute in person! They
have an unfinished fringe cut on the
ankles, elastic waist with no snap
closures. They are a pretty sable brown
color. The fabric is an almost flocked
feeling velveteen type fabric. They are
clean & well cared for. Just a little
lint/dust from storage. No stains, holes
or blown seams! Elastic waist looks great
& not stretched out! No rubs! $2
  Vintage/70's Era Small Baby Doll Top
Near Mint Condition
This is for a doll similarly sized to the
vintage Suzy Cute Doll. The top features
purple and golden yellow safety pin like
print with pink & blue polka dots, lace
trim & elastic cuff sleeves. The back has a
full velcro closure but it is not a modern
piece. It is well cared for with no holes or
blown seams. Only light
handling/playtime but no severe staining
or heavy dinginess. It's cute! $3
Light Tan Thigh High Stockings
Good/Excellent Conditions
They look beautiful and they are well
made! They do have a hole in the back of
one thigh. The other one looks great!
The one that has the hole has a thin run
line down the seam side of the foot. That
will still display fine but needs to be
mentioned. As long as you handle them
carefully, both will look very nice on
your dolls. Will fit any 11 1/2" fashion doll.
Not sure who made them but they are
being modeled by a vintage Barbie body.
Can fit Tressy, Mary Make Up &
countless others!
Clone Barbie Size 4 Piece Corduroy Vest,
Belt, Hat & Purse Set
I wish I knew what else may have come
with this. Surely pants or a skirt but I don't
have them. The color is a nice even
medium blue. A little darker than sky blue.
Not quite royal blue. 2 gold tone accent
buttons on the vest are secure & on the
purse as well. The buckle is shiny on the
belt. Snap closure on the vest is oxidized.
Still ok to use, but has a funny dry look to
it. All 4 pieces are clean! No holes or blown
seams but some fraying at the end of the
belt & strap of the purse. Just from being
unfinished at the edges. The hat was
finished nicely. A little bit of handling on
the top center & right below it. $3
Vintage Full Leg Stockings
Fair/Good Conditions
These are for taller dolls than a Barbie
size doll. They measure 7 1/4" tall from
top seam to toe. I have them on a
Horsman doll in the picture. They have a
roomier leg than a Barbie. Not sure if
these are for a Cissette or Revlon type
doll. I don't have those dolls on hand to
test them, so I'm still researching. They
have playtime & snags! They are clean.
The top stitching is all solid & the toes
are still solid. There is a hole in the lower
front of one. Not for the mint collector
but they will display alright too. $5
Clone Red & Yellow Fabric & Vinyl
Rain/Trench Coat
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is a light cotton fabric version of the
coat listed to the right. Unfortunately I
do not have a matching hat to go with it.
The differences are that it's a cotton
fabric, there are tiny red buttons on top
of the tapering pocket panels, the
pocket panels are made of a very nice
soft & pliable vinyl fabric instead and it
has black trim stitching throughout the
design of the coat. Just a cute variation.
Some wrinkling from storage but it is a
clean coat. The only issues are a bit of
opening on the left cuff that will need to
be restitched  and there is a hole that
goes through the back of the collar on
the upper back left side. You can
actually see this in the picture. I am
thinking it may have left the factory this
way as there is no fraying at that spot.
Not sure how that hole happened. The
snap closures are complete sets. One
side needs to be reattached & the upper
needs one end tightened up but
otherwise an excellent coat with bright &
clean, crisp fabric. Will display very well!
Petite Boutique Red & Yellow 3 Piece Rain
Trenchcoat Set
Near Mint Condition
All 3 pieces are in wonderful shape with no  
abuse. There is a tiny split under the right
arm hole but it doesn't look like it's from
use. I don't see where it was fused
together. Like they slipped with this one on
the machine. Just a little dust from years of
storage but will wipe up nicely. The colors
are nice & vivid. I don't think it's been
used. I see no wear marks on the belt at all.
I see pin holes on the hat and collar. So it
was probably sewn into a package. That is
very normal.  The hat has a fold on the
brim but will display fine.  I have the
original brown boots to complete this
outfit. They are in mint condition with no
abuse. Pic to be added shortly!  Petite
Boutique is a clone brand of doll clothes
much like Shillman, Maddie Mod & Maxi
Mod. $10
Vintage Pink & White Polka Dot Small
Baby Doll Feet Pajamas
Near Mint Condition
These are for a doll approximately 3 1/2"
tall. I'm thinking maybe a Sweet April
doll or similar size doll. They are very
cute with a lace trimmed white bib and
velcro closure on the back. No holes or
blown seams. A trace speck on the front
inner left toe and only light
handling/playtime but very nice! Will
look cute on. $3
Petite Boutique Floral Dress
Excellent Condition
This would be near mint but it has one
stain on the lower right side. It will still
display fine if that doesn't wash out. It
might, I haven't tried. It's a light
brown/coffee color looking stain. The
rest is nice! No blown seams or holes,
The elastic is loose on the left sleeve.
Snap closures on the back are secure. I
do have the green shoes that belong to
this dress. I will be adding them to this
listing! It is missing a bulky red vest.
Looks better without it! This set was
made for all 11 1/2" fashion dolls. $8
2 Piece Clone/Catalog Plaid Skirt Set
Fair & Near Mint Conditions
I love the color combination! This is so
cute but not for the mint collector. The
skirt is near mint & looks gorgeous! Snap
closure secure. No stains, issues or abuse!
The jacket can display ok. The big problem
is that it looks like someone might have
torn it off it's original packaging. I see 2
sets of twin holes on the left sleeve. Then a
pair of larger holes on the back not far
from the right sleeve. And another set
down by the left side seam. So this is not a
perfect piece at all. It can be used &
thankfully the holes mostly show on the
back. Some handling soil on the ribbed
knit but it's such a cute set! Put a shirt with
the skirt & I think it's adorable!! $5
Clone or Catalog 2 Piece Colonial
Wedding Dress
Excellent Condition
I do not know who made this but I do
believe it is a manufactured piece. It's a
pretty swiss dotted fabric with big puffy
gathered sleeves, white pearl buttons
down the bib, pleated lower skirt & a
detachable train with satin ribbon that
velcro's around the waist. It's very sweet!
Looks like a colonial style or something
slightly reflective of the mid-late 1800's
look. It's just a pinch longer than a
Barbie size outfit. It's on a 11 1/2" style
mannequin the pictures & the waist is
perfectly sized for it. No holes or blown
seams. One pin dot light brown speck on
the back left sleeve. Only light
handling/playtime but overall clean!
Good elastic on the sleeves. It's very
sweet! $7
Shillman/Peggy Ann Mod Jumper Short
Mint Condition
This has never been on a doll! The light
orange/gold base fabric is as crisp &
clean as it can get! It has a tiny floral
print in green, pink & white on it with
soft polyester collar & leg cuffs. One
snap closure on back is secure!
Incredibly clean & bright & truly
adorable! Will look great on all your
mod era dolls! Too cute!! $13
Clone or Tressy Doll Sky Blue & Stripe Top
Mint Condition
Super soft & clean cotton fabric. It's very
cute! I don't know exactly who it's made for
but the sleeve to sleeve (ends)
measurement is 4 1/4" and the bottom is 2
to 2 1/8". It has 2 velcro closures on back
but they look older. This is not a modern
piece. No holes, stains or blown seams.
Looks a little wide on the top for Tressy but
maybe a slightly taller fashion doll.
Unknown Manufacturer Sheer Green &
Lilac Lace Mini Skirt
Near Mint Condition
I don't know how old it is but it has a
snap closure on the back (secure) and it's
very clean! You'll need something
underneath it because it's sheer but it is
adorable! Perfectly clean colors are so
pretty. No holes or stains! Non elastic
waist. Only a trace loop of thread on the
center back seam on each side of the lace
is loose but it's where the fabric meets
under the snap closure. This is likely how
the fabric was finished by the
manufacturer. Not tagged but it's
definitely not a homemade piece. Very
cute! $5
Barbie Clone or Tressy Red Velveteen
Near Mint Condition
This is beautiful! The coat is a vintage
lipstick red color velveteen like fabric
with 6 gold tone buttons down front &
white short fur collar. The coat looks
like it's barely been used if ever. No
blown seams or tears. The only flaw on
the whole coat is on the back of the
collar. A pair of gold spots that look like
they are from tape. Probably from it's
original packaging and having been in it
for years. Otherwise its a gorgeous coat
and it won't show while the coat is being
worn and the collar is down. Some
rubbing on the lower right side button
but still a wonderful coat! Both snap
closures are secure! Scarf is wrinkled but
mint. Hat looks wonderful! Matches the
collar. The boots are excellent. One has
a split in the heel from how thin it's
made. The purse is excellent but a little
split in the handle. Adorable set! $15
  Clone 2 Pc Animal Print Cape & Mini
Skirt Set
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Neither piece look like they've ever been
used! Super clean & soft corduroy fabric
with very short white fur accented collar
and faux pocket flaps. The white cotton
neck tie is bright white! Both pieces are
just adorable. Not tagged but definitely a
manufactured set. Snap closure on the
back of the skirt is secure. You'll love this
set on any of your 11 1/2" fashion dolls!
Clone or Catalog Yellow & Blue Terry
Bath Robe & Belt
Excellent Condition
Very nicely made. Not tagged but it's a
manufactured piece. Some playtime but
overall very nice. Mainly on the blue
collar trim area. The yellow looks pretty.
The belt is in great shape. I did find one
area right on the side of the blue trim by
the right arm seam. It's not officially a
hole but the fabric is very thin there. So
it could become a hole if you pull it too
rough. No other trouble spots. The front
bottom edge has a very curved swept
hem line. Just cut odd, but still a cute
set. Not sure if this could be for Mary
Make Up, Tressy or not. Will fit any 11
1/2" fashion doll!
JC Penney "Real Teen" 2 Pc
Red Vest & Mini Skirt Set
Excellent Condition
The vest is tagged "Made in Hong Kong" on
the inside left. Both pieces are very nicely
made. The vest is a simple cut with white
stitching and fully lined in a light red
cotton fabric. Same lining for the mini
skirt. It has 2 snap closures on the front
that are secure. 4 black accent buttons give
some detail to the textured "pleather" vinyl
fabric. No splits or tears in the fabric! I
think they could use a light wipedown from
years of storage & handling but they are
not filthy. There should be a white blouse
with black tie but I don't have one, sorry!
Clone/Catalog Shiny Red Patent
"Pleather" Car Coat
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This coat looks very realistic in it's styling
and is really cute! It has a textured look
to the vinyl "pleather" and lightweight
cotton collar, nylon tricot back lining.
The coat has one single snap closure
(half of the snap needs 2 spots
restitched. It's still attached just a little
loose. The 2 black accent buttons on
front are secure. No blown seams or
underarms! Minimal playtime/handling
on the collar. One light tape residue or
coffee colored mark on the inside but
does not show through the back. Great
looking coat for any 11 1/2" fashion doll! $5
Animal Print Lounge Robe
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Not sure who made this but it's definitely
factory made. Nicely done too. It features a
soft black, taupe & off white animal print
with off white cotton trim all around the
bottom, collar and cuffs. One single
circular snap closure is very secure. No
blown seams, stains or heavy play wear.
Could be used for Mary Make Up, Tressy or
any 11 1/2" fashion doll!
Clone Barbie Size Black Lace Strapless
Very Good Condition
This dress has fantastic potential! It's a
pretty black lace with silver threading
woven throughout the lace overskirt.
Underneath is a black cotton fabric in
good shape. Some wrinkling from years
of storage but it will wear nicely. The
main issue for the dress is the front left
vertical bodice seam is open. It's
approximately 1/4 of an inch. This is the
black base fabric as well as the lace. The
fabrics are not shredded, so it will repair
nicely. The rest of the bodice looks really
nice! The top of the bodice has rik rak
design gold thread woven in the trim
versus the silver . It's going to be a
gorgeous display when that's tightened
up. There are 2 snap closures on back.
The top is secure. The bottom one needs
to be reattached on one side & the other
side is loose but it's a complete set.
Minor bottom edge wear. Still very nice.
The pictures don't do this one justice. It's
a super pretty dress! $8
Unknown Periwinkle Jacket
Good Condition
It's not tagged and has a single white
riveted snap closure. Made of very sturdy
heavy cotton/almost linen fabric. A little
short in the sleeves for a Barbie but
likely made for a clone doll. No blown
seams or holes but it needs a good
oxyclean for handling & storage soil. Still
very presentable. Does not appear to be
homemade but not tagged either.
Barbie Clone Black Pleather Fringe Hem
Pants, Excellent Condition
They really aren't tapered leg pants, just
folded inward toward the bottom. They
open up nicely & are a really cute display!
Snap closure on the back of the waist is
secure. Fringe bottoms are all nice. No
blown seams. Just a little wipe down for
sporadic specks but no heavy stains or
abuse! Sorry I don't have anything else to
go with them! $4
Clone/Catalog Red Plaid Crop Pants
Mint Condition
These are in wonderful shape and look
barely played with! They have a full
elastic waist and cuffed at the calves.
Perfectly clean with strong elastic that is
not dried out! They'll look great on your
Catalog Clone Lace Tea Length Wedding
Near Mint Condition
It is untagged but looks like it was barely
played with if ever! The dress was made
beautifully. It has long lace sleeves. The
dress is an off white ivory somewhat
satiny knit underneath. Both snap
closures are perfectly secure. No holes,
stains or blown seams. No dinginess! Just
a little bit of wrinkling from storage but
not much. It's a great looking dress!
Doesn't have to be used for a wedding
dress either since it's tea length. $5
Champagne Gold Tights
Mint Condition
Still researching who these are made for.
They are gorgeous! Beautfil shimmering
gold weave on white fabric. Full elastic
waist is in great shape. No blown seams,
holes or runs. They're perfectly clean! They
are just a pinch tall for Barbie but in the
picture they are displayed on a vintage
Barbie body. A little bit tall for my Ideal
Misty doll too but they did look pretty nice
on her. So possibly a clone doll or a doll
who is 12" tall. They are very pretty & well
cared for! $10
Clone Barbie Pink & Blue Floral Jacket
Excellent Condition
I've had a few of these and not know
what belongs with it! Pretty jacket with
soft poly knit collar, cuffs & bottom trim.
2 snap closures on the front. The female
end of the top snap is a little loose. A
quick loop of thread & it will be solid.
Still connected just one corner is popped
up. No blown seams or repairs. No stains
or runs either. $3
Barbie Clone or Catalog Pale Peach Slip
Mint Condition
I'm not sure if this is a clone piece or not. It
is beautifully made! No stains, holes or
blown seams. Very pretty lace trim on the
bottom edge. Elastic waist is in great
shape. It could be from one of the major
manufacturers. I didn't recognize it as a
Mattel piece but the quality is right up
there with them. $3
Clone White Heavy Cotton Jacket
Excellent Condition
I am trying to research who this may fit.
Looks like a slender cut for Ken but a
little too big for Barbie. It is very nicely
made & the fabric is a sturdy cotton twill.
One snap closure on front that is secure.
No blown seams or stains. Just mild
handling but it's minimal. It's a great
display jacket! 2 faux pockets on front
are secure. They are just folded over
flaps of fabric essentially. This is not a
homemade piece. It's definitely
manufactured. $4
Sears/Wards Pink & White Knit Sweater
Near Mint Condition
This has never been played with. It's
perfectly clean and bright. It could fit a
Barbie but the sleeves and the width
make me think it was really meant for a
doll like a Penny Brite or a doll like her
with a slightly longer torso. It has a
single snap closure that is secure. The
only flaw is on the right side of the
collar. This is how it was made at the
factory but the bottom of the collar is
not sewn into the seam. With lots of
handling this could start to fray. It's the
folded top layer of the knit. It looks fine
as is, but needs to be mentioned.
Very pretty sweater though! $2
  Red & White Checked Dress
Excellent Condition
This is really cute. Nice soft cotton fabric
dress with gathered long sleeves & cuffs.
It has an attached soft red velveteen like
belt with gold buckle. Snap closure on
the top of the back is a little loose but
still connected. I would just tighten it up
& it will look nice. A little bit of creasing
from storage but not too much. It's
bright! No dingy look to the colors! I did
find a few light gold like spots on the
lower left front toward the hem. A little
sloppy on the lower back snap closure
but it's original as from the factory.
Cute display! $4
Shillman or Clone Light Purple Tunic
Good Condition
This might have been part of a tennis
outfit or just a cute summer pants or
shorts set.
This is the only piece I have but it's a soft
super diamond knit top with white deep
scoop neck trim & single clear/white
button. The trim needs to be tightened
up on the top right. That will fix pretty
well! The rest is pretty nice. Not tagged.
The color could be a hair brighter but
still presentable as is. No outside holes
or blown seams. There is a hole in the
interior fabric on one side. It's not big &
does not show on the outside at all! So it
is a nice top. $1
Vintage Miss Revlon, Suzette White
Near Mint Condition
These are made for all the old 50's Miss
Revlon, Miss Suzette and similar dolls that
are in the 10" tall range. They'll work for
several dolls but they are approximately 2"
in the waist across lying flat and 2 1/2" in
the hips. The elastic is not really stretched
but it is aged so it will stretch when you
pull them wide. They are pretty clean! I
found one tiny dot on one lower side but
other than that, they look wonderful! $4
Vintage Black & White Check Corduroy
Exvcellent Condition
Only reason I can't call them mint is a
little upper front rise seam split. It's not
much just about 4 loops of thread and
really easy to fix. The rest is perfectly
clean and nicely made. I do believe these
are manufactured. They'll fit any 11 1/2"
fashion doll but can also fit 10" Miss
Revlon, Miss Suzette & similar dolls. Not
sure which style they were made for.
They are made with a slightly bigger back
rise for a "well rounded" rear. (if that
helps!) $3
Tressy & Mary Make Up Original Dress
Ribbed Knit Version
Excellent Condition
Made in Spain
The dress is tagged inside "Made in
It's very nice! No blown seams, holes or
heavy abuse! Just a little dingy on some
of the white trim but not horrible. The
trim is the white (almost acetate) so give
it a 2 day soak in white vinegar to keep
the red from running and it will wash up
nicely. The red knit is not dirty. I think
there might be just a little in some of the
bodice but under my drafting light it
doesn't show up in person. So again,
follow the directions above and I think it
will be a fantastic dress! $5
Brooke Shields Safari Outfit by LJN
Mint Condition
The outfit doesn't look like it's been played
with! Khaki top & camo pants are in great
shape. The gold waist purse/belt are in
wonderful shape. The hat is excellent and
clean. It has the thin elastic chin strap in
place. The shoes are mint. A great set for
your doll! $9
3 Piece Red & White Wrap Skirt Set
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
This is really cute. The skirt is beautifully
made! I do think overall it must be
handmade because the shirt is just a
little wide and the darts on the bodice
are just a little large. Will fit most 11 1/2"
fashion dolls. The skirt is great. The scarf
has a little storage soil on one side. Very
light tannish/brownish specks. The shirt
is good, just a little wide, so I have it
tucked in to the skirt. It looks better that
way. Cute!
Shillman, Maddie Mod Wedding Gown
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
It has a paper tag inside and it is actually a
beautifully designed gown. It has a white
satin skirt under the very pretty white &
fine silver threaded lace. It has a wide solid
waistband with bow. The dress has an
unfinished hem at the bottom and 2 snap
closures on the back that are secure. The
big problem with the dress is that there is
some wear & pulling on the sleeves. The
skirt of the dress is quite pretty. Wrinkled
and a little frayed on the very bottom but
the white satin looks clean. The right
sleeve is not too horrible. Not perfect but it
displays ok. The left sleeve is getting
rough. It's got a hole that needs to be
corrected and the top of the shoulder is
coming apart. So it will need a little work
but it has potential. A little dingy from
handling on the upper bodice, the bow &
sleeves. $2
Catalog Baby Pink Fleece Jumpsuit
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a piece I have never seen before.
It's a soft pink fleece long sleeve
jumpsuit with yellow braided cord trim
running down the sleeves, sides and
collar. It has a small velcro closure at the
neck. It's perfectly clean and I don't think
it's been played with much at all. No
holes, stains or abuse. Just a slightly
loose couple threads right at the center
where the crotch seam begins and I
believe that is only that it was left in a
perfectly finished state. It's an easy fix.
Very cute! $8
Fashion Doll Yellow Blouse
Excellent Condition
Just a little bit of the top right shoulder
coming loose. Otherwise it's clean and
looks very nice. A little creasing on the
bottom left side but will display nicely.  
Made of a nice soft cotton fabric. Darts
are even. Not tagged but well made. 2
metal snap closures are secure on the
back. $3
Sky Blue & Yellow Soft Fleece Top
Excellent Condition
This is super soft & beautifully made! The
top has a v neck with ribbed knit golden
yellow collar and cuffs. It is clean and
barely played with. I found one light
tan/brown spec, on the back. Doesn't hurt
the look of the top at all. No holes or
blown seams. Not sure what it came with
but will fit any 11 1/2" fashion doll!
White Lace Fashion Doll Tea Dress
Excellent Condition
This is so pretty! Looks very clean and
white. The dress has long sleeves. Both
cuffs are unfinished. Probably unraveled
from use but will repair easily. The lace
overskirt has an unfinished hem by
design. No holes in the lace. The nylon
underskirt and bodice are nice. No holes
or heavy abuse. It does need 2 snap
closures completely replaced. They are
missing. This is going to look beautiful
on your dolls! $8
Fashion Doll Black Satin Pants
Good Condition
They are not marked but they are nicely
made. Likely by Sears/Wards. They are
clean. Some wrinkling from storage but
will press out nicely. A little bit of the seam
on the back is loose (right at the bottom &
left side looks a little sloppy), but the snap
closure is secure on back. They will look
nice on! $2
Ken Clone Dark Blue Black & Green
Wool Jacket
Excellent Condition
Only reason I don't call it near mint is
that it is missing the front closure button!
This was nicely made for a clone! It is
fully lined with a nice acetate fabric. If I
could say anything about the sewing, I'd
say it's a little bulky in the sleeve &
shoulder seams but it is very nice fabric!
No holes, stains or blown seams. It's
really cute!!! Just add a button & I think it
will look great! $5
Clone or Catalog 2 Piece Jogging Halter
Top Set
Fair/Good & Very Good Conditions
This set looks a little played with but a
little bit of restitching & it will display
very nicely! The halter/tube top is a
simple orange poly knit top with white
braided cord tie around the neck &
velcro closure on the back. The velcro is
a little loose on the back but it's there.
The top & pants are both very clean! No
runs in the fabric or snagging! The
elastic waist is in great shape. It's not dry
rotted. The issues are that the fabric
pulled away from the elastic on the right
side but it's all there. And then the top of
the orange piping on the right side came
loose because the waist loosened up. So
if you don't mind a little restitching,
you'll have a cute outfit! $5
Brooke Shields 4 Piece Rollerskating/Disco
Outfit by LJN Complete
Mint Condition
Bright red quilted collar & leg jumpsuit
with bright gold lightning flash & gold tie
belt at the waist are in wonderful
condition. I don't think it was played with.
Everything looks and feels very clean! The
skates look wonderful and have no splits
or discolorations. The jumpsuit has
"balloon" hips as was the style of the
early/mid 80's. Will look great on your
dolls! SOLD
Brooke Shields 5 Piece Jogging Set
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
This is super clean and bright. The
drawstring on the hooded top looks
great with only traces of fraying at it's
ends. I saw one little pull on the pants
but it's not bad. The duffel bag looks
perfect and the shoes are mint. Not sure
what they were thinking putting wedge
sandals with a jogging set but I guess they
didn't design sneakers for Brooke. It's a
great set for your dolls! $9
Clone or Catalog 2 Piece Ski Jacket &
Muff Set
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Very likely a Sears/Wards set from the
70's. Sized for Barbie & 11 1/2" dolls. The
jacket is a bright blue with deep yellow
pockets, white fleecy hood trim & white
braided cord ties at the neck and
bottom. One cord on the bottom right
side is missing. The white muff is pretty
good. A pinch of a little spot on one side
but nothing too horrible. No holes or
blown seams on either pieces. The
yellow pocket fabric is not finished at
the top edge (opening) so I see some
fraying but they're ok. The blue fabric
looks great but I did find one hole in the
sleeeve right by the seam down near the
inside forearm area. It didn't show up in
my picture. It will stay on the underside
when on a straight arm doll. Could be
stitched up some & used without a
problem because it's close to the seam. A
little dingy on the fleecy hood trim. Can
still be a very cute display! $2
Clone or Catalog Ivory & Brown Jacket
Very Good/Excellent Condition
I'm sorry I don't have anything else to go
with it. It likely had jogging pants. The
jacket has a red inner bottom trim & also
inside the collar. Not sure why. The brown
knit collar & bottom have a little reddish
tinge to them (like faint spotting) but the
outer sleeve piping in brown looks fine.
There are some dark lines on the outer
edge of the piping trim. Must have been
used at the factory when it was being sewn
together. Looks like seamstress marks. It is
a manufactured piece and not homemade.
It's a nice color combination! No blown
seams or repairs. It is for an 11 1/2" doll like
Barbie & not a Ken doll. $2
Brooke Shields 6 Piece Babydoll/Lingerie
Set by LJN
Near Mint & Mint Conditions
It's almost complete. Just missing the
pink ribbon on the waist of the babydoll
pajama piece. All pieces are super clean
and very well cared for! Nice elastic on
the nightcap, the babydoll and the
panties. The bra has both shoulder straps
secure and in nice shape. The shoes are
mint condition. No heavy playtime. Very
cute outfit for your Brooke doll!
Barbie Clone or Catalog Gold Pullover
Good Condition
A soft poly knit fabric with gold
velveteen/velour like v neck collar, cuffs,
pocket edging & bottom trim. 2 snap
closures on the back are secure. The
pocket edges are a little loose but after
looking at it closely, this is how it's
finished at the factory! Could be a little
brighter but will still display nicely as is.
An oxyclean will make it look fantastic.
The handling shows mainly on the
velveteen trim. (smudge on right pocket
trim) I see a tiny pin hole right at the
side of the top portion on the right of
the pocket. Might be from having been
sewn in a package because it's not frayed
or abused heavily. A few pale faint gray
specks/spots on the back but again, an
oxyclean job should help that a lot!
Sorry I don't have the pants for it! $1
Barbie & 11 1/2" Fashion Doll Dark Blue
Denim Fringe Shorts
Excellent Condition
They are very nicely made. Excellent
quality denim & very cute in person. They
have a single snap closure that is secure.
No stains, holes or blown seams. The fringe
is all there. A little fraying since it's
unfinished but they are very nice. Just a
little bit of lint but clean. There is a tiny bit
of edge seam wear on the corners of both
hips (top) but it's not bad
4-6" Doll Yellow Sleeveless Lace Trim
Fair Condition
I'm still researching which doll this might
be for. Could fit a Penny Brite or similar
size. Betsey McCall maybe? Or perhaps a
Suzy Cute size. The dress has a lot of
handling/playtime. the white design was
picked up nicely by my camera but in my
rooms natural light, it's not that bright. It
needs a good wash. The embroidered
flower is fine. A little creased in the
middle but it's fine. The lace trim is all
there. It tends to get tucked underneath
in the front. No holes or blown seams.
The snap closure is heavily oxidized. So it
looks like a powdery gray. I would just
recommend replacing it. The dress
doesn't seem to be stained from it
though. $1
Durham "Charly" Raincoat & Hat
Tagged Hong Kong
Excellent Condition
Very nice condition coat. Has a few light
spots that need to be removed but I've
already been able to remove most of
them. Just a little package residue.
Nothing major. No ink stains. The color
is otherwise bright yellow! No tears or
blown seams. Has the 3 bead tie at the
neck in excellent shape. The coat has 2
snap closures. The bottom female end is
a little loose but an easy fix. The coat has
slits for the dolls hands & wrists to come
through. The hat is in mint condition
and can be a hard to find piece. This
variation has a couple orange flowers on
it with a blue, yellow & green
background. I haven't seen this print
before on the hat. The hat is also tagged
made in Hong Kong. Very cute & will
make a great display! Will fit all clone
and Barbie style fashion dolls! $9
Brooke Shields 5 Piece Bathing Suit Set by
Near Mint/Mint Conditions & Complete
Everything looks beautiful & very well
cared for! The hat is adorable. Just a pinch
of end wear to the sheer tie but it's all
clean & looks great. No snags on the suit or
the skirt. Nice elastic on the skirt. One
seam thread slightly hanging on the right
side of the halter but it's how it was
finished from the factory, not abuse or
wear. The shoes are in mint condition too.
Pretty purple color. Great set that will
display perfectly on your doll!
Clone Fashion Doll 5 Piece Red & White
Pant Suit
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a catalog set very likely from
Wards or Sears from the late 70's/early
80's. It's adorable & looks barely played
with if at all. The set has bright red
pleated trousers with a matching red vest
that has elastic waist, snap front closure
and a little white accent button on the
waist. Velcro closure on back of pants.
The white fleece top has puffy sleeves,
wide pleated ruffle collar with dusty red
braided ribbon & 3 stripes of matching
braided ribbon across the top.
Everything is super clean with no
dinginess, blown seams or holes. The
fleecy side of the fabric is on the outside
of the blouse by design. The blouse has 2
velcro closures on back. Only flaw is
some creasing on the pants & vest but
brilliant colors! No fading! Strong elastic
on the inside of the vest. The shoes are
pretty & well made! No splits or abuse!
Will look so cute on your dolls! $14
Hong Kong Tagged Striped Dress
Skipper, Cricket, Penny Brite & Similar
Near Mint Condition
This has a firm paper Hong Kong tag
inside and it seems to be sized for
Skipper or other 9 inch doll. Perhaps
Cricket. I'm still researching. It looks
wonderful. I only found one tiny light
brown pin dot size spot on it & one even
harder to see pale gray speck on the
center front. No other stains. No holes or
blown seams. Pleated, gathered skirt
with white collar, almost butterfly (wide)
sleeves. Elastic gathered sleeves are in
great shape. 2 snap closures on back are
both secure. Crisp fabric.
This is an adorable dress!
Penny Brite, Cricket & Same Size
Blue/White Print Crop Pants
Excellent Condition
These are manufactured but I am still
researching for whom. They have a small
white rivet snap closure on the back and
are beautifully made. White & light blue
print is very nice. Minimal handling. A
trace of wear at the bottom of the leg
below the seam stitching on the front right
leg but they are very nice overall. Could be
just a pinch brighter in some spots but it's
light handling/storage. They are being
shown on a Cricket body. Non elastic waist.
No blown seams or holes. Solid fabric.
Skipper, Cricket & Same Size Doll Dress
Very Good Condition
Sweet little pink & blue patterned cotton
dress with pink sash and fine eyelet lace
trim. The dress fabric is all solid and
nice. Wrinkled from storage though, so I
displayed it on a doll to give you a better
view of it. A little separation of the eyelet
lace trim at the front center of the collar
but will fix easily. The sleeve trim is all
solid, just creased from years of storage.
There is a little piece at the end of the
right back collar that is separated
leading down toward the top button
closure that will need to be restitched in
place. Both button closures are
excellent. No stains or holes! Cute! $5
Tammy/Pepper Size Blue Mini Skirt
Very Good Condition
The fabric is all clean. This is a
manufactured piece but I am not sure by
whom. The No holes in the fabric or
stains. The main need is that the elastic
waist needs to be restitched in a few
places. Otherwise it will be an excellent
display. It will repair nicely and the
elastic waist is strong. $2
Premier Fashion Doll Tennis Outfit Top &
Visor - Untagged
Very Good/Near Mint Conditions
I only have 2 pieces to this cute set. The
visor is near mint and clean. Excellent &
clean white elastic is not stretched out. The
sky blue fabric and white underside fabric
are both crisp & clean. Just creased from
storage. The soft knit white top is very nice
but needs the top left shoulder blue trim
restitched and a small amount of the
bottom seam thread on the right side as
well. It will display nicely once fixed. The
rosette applique is excellent. The white
knit looks very nice but has a pale
tan/beige spot on the upper left. I have not
washed this so it may come right out. A
little bit of a run on the back of the let
shoulder. It's not long but it's there.
Handle it gently and it will display
beautifully! $4
3 Piece Clone Fashion Doll Ski Suit
Very Good/Excellent Conditions
It is missing one mitten. The outfit is a
sky blue and yellow with yellow fur trim
on the hood of the jacket & mitten. The
jacket looks great but is missing one of
the gold nylon ties and has a tiny faint
pale brown spot on the back. The spot is
not severe at all and won't hurt display
ability at all. It was not made with snap
closures or buttons. No holes or blown
seams on the jacket or mitten. Both look
great! The pants are nice & clean but
have just a light trace of
storage/handling at the back rear seam.
They do have an open seam on the inside
of the right leg right near the knee and
the back side of the crotch seam is open
and I see a small hole right there. You
should be able to tighten that up pretty
well and display nicely. The leg hems are
solid and the elastic waist is very good.
Elastic is not stretched. $5
Clone Fuschia Sequin & Bead Trim Tunic
Near Mint Condition
Pretty soft fuschia fabric with white
sequins & beads on the "almost" bell
sleeves and collar. This is a
manufactured piece. I've had one before
but not sure who it is made for. Only 2
flaws. One half of the top snap closure
needs to be reattached to the other side
(easy fix) and just a few stitches need to
be redone under the back side of the left
underarm. The fabric is not blown out &
will repair cleanly. Cute top! $4
Clone Ken Yellow Woven Pants
Good/Very Good Condition
Very nice pants made of a nylon woven
tricot fabric or light polyester. They are not
a thick polyester fabric. They are clean
with double stitched non elastic waist. The
single back snap closure is complete but
male half needs to be resewn to the other
side. Otherwise they are great pants. Just a
couple undone threads on that lower back
seam at the rear but the fabric is all good.
Will tighten up easily & neatly.
Orange & White Stripe Empire Waist
Excellent Condition
This is really cute. It's a stiff cotton fabric
in orange and white stripes with an
empire waist, 3 pearl tone buttons and
double snap closure on front. The
female half of the top snap closure is
missing. The one on the waist is
complete and secure. It is clean with no
stains, holes or blown seams. Some
creasing from storage but still very nice!
Vintage Pink Quilted Small Doll Jacket
Near Mint Condition
I am not sure who this was manufactured
for. The jacket is a lightly insulated fill type
lining with pink woven nylon exterior and
white tie at the neck and surrounding trim.
It is clean with no stains, holes or blown
seams. Bright color with no major
handling/storage dinginess. Only flaws
would be sporadic popped threads in the
diamond pattern. The measurements are:
3 1/2" across chest (under arms)
7 1/4" sleeve end to sleeve end & 3 1/4" back
length. $3
Vintage White & Red "M" Dress
Tagged British Crown Colony of Hong
Very Good Condition
The dress appears to fit a Cricket or
Skipper Doll I believe. It is tagged but the
tag is badly frayed. You can't really read
it, but I knew it was the British Crown
Colony tag. I have seen another sold
online as well with the same tag. Some
wrinkling & could be brighter but not
torn. Snap closure on back is secure. This
is from the late 60's/early 70's. $8
Remco Judy Littlechap Pink Party Dress
from 1963
Excellent Condition
This dress would be mint condition but it
has a small watermark stain on the back
left bottom edge. I haven't washed the
dress so I am thinking this should wash
out. It's otherwise gorgeous and looks
wonderful! That watermark is a pale
beige looking color. A trace thin line of
it on the bottom very left (hem area) but
again, it's a beautiful display. The zipper
works nicely and the Judy Littlechap tag
is inside and in nice shape. A beautiful
display dress for your Judy doll!
Cut & Sew Free Heart Print Dress For all 11
1/2" Fashion Dolls
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This dress is one I've seen several times and
I believe it is one of the Cut & Sew pieces.
I've seen other pieces with the same fabric.
This one is an adorable white dress with
red hearts and daisies in vertical stripe
dotted panels. It is super clean and barely
played with! It will need one snap closure
on the back of the waist so it fits right but
it was constructed beautifully so it will look
wonderful on display! The bodice is lined.
The skirt is not. I would say the back of the
skirt is just a hair shorter than the front
but overall it was nicely sewn. Clean seams!
No dinginess, holes in the fabric or stains.
The upper snap closure is secure. $10
Mego Jordache Gray & Burgundy Trim
Pant Suit
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The pants look perfect. Both pieces are
super clean and ready to display. Only 2
tiny flaws. The 2nd closure button on the
jacket is missing and the top button
closure loop is loose on one end. Both
are easy fixes. Just need to find the right
button. Otherwise it's very well cared for!
No blown seams, stains or holes. Will fit
all 11 1/2" fashion dolls. $6
Fashion Doll or Catalog Soft Red Plaid
Excellent Condition
These are really cute and super soft. The
pants are definitely manufactured but I
am not sure by whom. Likely for Sears or
Wards from the early 70's. They are very
clean and have no stains, holes or blown
seams. Just a good amount of wrinkling
from storage but that's an easy fix. They
metal snap closure on back is secure.
They are a bell bottom style. They are
not dingy at all so they will look great on
any 11 1/2" fashion doll. Sorry I don't have
any other pieces to go with this.
World of Love or Skipper Size Green &
Floral Print Wide Leg Pants
Excellent Condition
These are super cute. The lower legs look
more bell bottom style but the waist is
more like that for the Hasbro World of
Love or Skipper size. They do look like
they may be homemade but extremely well
done. The reason I say it, is the bottom leg
cuff stitching looks like they used wide
stitches. Still nicely done but if they were
manufactured the look of the loops would
be a small/finer quality. They have a metal
hook and loop closure on back that is
secure. No holes, stains or blown seams.
The fabric is a nice cotton fabric in an
adorable pink & white floral print on
spring green color. It's very cute! The waist
does look like it was done extremely well,
which is why I still am not 100% decided on
if they are homemade or not. It's possible
they could be one of those cut & sew pieces
from the late 60's early 70's. Some
wrinkling from storage but will press nicely
without hurting the fabric. If I can confirm,
I will update this section. $4
Clone or Catalog Fashion Doll Blue Tunic
Very Good Excellent Condition
I'm not sure what this came with but it's
definitely a manufactured piece. Likely
made for Sears or Wards. It has two
metal snap closures in the back that are
secure. The tunic has a split neckline
with just a little loop of thread loose
right there at its center. It's a pretty blue
color and made of a sturdy cotton fabric.
It's well made but there are a couple tips
of thread right at the edge of the collar
flaps. I'm thinking it may have had small
buttons there at one point. No stitches or
signs of them being sewn to the tunic
itself. It's a clean piece from the outside
but I do see a gold/light brown stain on
the inside of the left collar. It won't show
on display which is great. You can leave it
alone or wash it. I have not washed it.
The color is not faded or dingy. Put it
with a pair of white pants and I think it
would look adorable on!
Sears Fashion Doll 2 Piece Knit Skirt Set
Excellent Condition
This is one of several versions of this
skirt set in a sweet zig zag knit in blue,
pink yellow & white. Sometimes this also
has green in the knit but this one only
has traces of the green on the upper
back. The back of the top is
predominantly yellow & white with just a
little green on the top. The skirt is pink
on the top, mainly blue on the bottom
and a trace of yellow on the bottom
edge. It has a snap closure on the upper
back of the top and one on the skirt. The
skirt fits a Barbie doll beautifully! Both
pieces are very clean and bright! No
dinginess or heavy handling/storage
wear. One loop of slightly pulled thread
on the front left side of the skirt but not
too bad. The top looks great. A little bit
of pulling on the fringe of the right
sleeve but it will be adorable on a doll.
These knit outfits are really cute. I have
a bunch from childhood and my Malibu
Francie wore them for years because
they fit her nicely too! It's a very cute
outfit! $6
Catalog White Vinyl & Fur Collar Coat
Near Mint Condition
This coat's fur collar has a dark green tone
to the black fur. Slightly different from the
one I have listed toward the top of this
page. It's a very soft & pliable lightweight
vinyl. Feels very nice. No blown seams,
holes or heavy abuse. Just a couple very
light marks inside but nothing too heavy.
One is a pale red (very very light line mark)
& a dark blue thin mark. These do not
detract from it at all. Minor edge storage
soil. This is getting crazy picky about it. It
looks great as is. It will make a great
display on your dolls! $5
Catalog 2 Piece Brown Coat & Kerchief
Mint Condition
This set is adorable. Nice soft vinyl brown
coat with tan fur trim and shiny  vinyl
kerchief with ivory lace trim. The
kerchief is still in the tied position so I
left it as I got it. That can be considered
near mint as it looks wonderful but is
tied, so you'll have handling creases on
the ties once you undo it. The fur is not
matted. No stains, holes or blown seams
on either piece. The lace trim looks
wonderful. Came in a set with the white
& black/green fur trim coat listed to the
left. Adorable set for your dolls! $7
Wards/Sears Red & White Knit Skirt
Excellent Condition
I can't call it near mint because I found a
little bit of an opening in the knit on the
upper back of the skirt. There's still a
loop of thread there so it's not
technically a hole but it is slightly in one
hole if you place your finger on the
inside & lean it outward. (I'm just picky)
One loop of red thread on the top front
is loose on one end. Otherwise this skirt
is clean and a beautiful display! So many
of these knit catalog pieces can mix &
match! Easy to find a top/shirt for! $2
Clone/Catalog 7 Piece Red Workout Set
Excellent To Mint Conditions
This is a great set! It featurs a red knit
tights, leotard, red terry cloth & white
fringe workout towel, red dumbbells with
grips and white dumbbells. All 4 dumbbells
are in mint condition. The towel is near
mint/mint condition & looks wonderful.
The leotard is in mint condition! The tights
are excellent/near mint. Only issue with
them is slightly wide waist elastic but not
bad. No snags, stains, blown seams or
holes/runs. It's an awesome set! $10
Red & White Stripe Scarf
Mint Condition
This is adorable! I'm not sure who it's
made for but it's very well made. Nice
soft poly knit stripe fabric is clean and
bright. Still has a little stitch in the center
from it's original packaging. Each end
has 3 soft pom pons on it. They are nice
and soft. Only traces of light
storage/handling but they look cute. The
scarf is approximately 14 inches long.
Wards/Sears Ken & Friends Red Shirt
Near Mint Condition
Only one slight pull on the left side by
the front of the sleeve but no holes. The
rest of the shirt is bright, clean & really
cute! Soft red knit with white collar, cuffs
and blue & white braided piping on the
sleeves. It was not made with a snap
closure. Will display beautifully with
anything. I do suspect but could not
prove that it came with the white clone
pants I have listed slightly lower on this
page. Either way, it will look great with
almost anything! $3
Barbie & Friends Size White Terry & Yellow
Trim Coverup
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Very soft white terry cloth fabric with soft
yellow arm holes & bottom hem. It's very
well made. It's defininately a manufactured
piece but I'm not sure which company. Not
necessarily a clone piece. I'm still
researching. No stains or dinginess. There
is a tiny opening on the top of the left
shoulder right by the hood. It's an easy fix
& the fabric is not frayed. The right front
should fold slightly inward. I think that top
edge seam probably loosened it up. A
couple stitches there and it will be perfect!
The arm holes or Barbie size & not large
enough for a Ken or similar size doll. It was
not made with a snap or velcro closure.
Nice display! $3
Purple & Gold Lame` 4 Piece Leotard Set
Fair/Excellent/Near Mint Conditions
Very cute & well made! This set has an
orchid/lavender color leotard in nice
shape. Clean. The gold lame` looks great
on all 3 pieces. The leg warmers look just
about perfect. No abuse! The only flaw
on the leotard is the back of the right leg
opening seam has come undone. The
fabric is all in great shape, so it's an easy
fix! The white tights need a little work on
the back vertical seam. It's open. That
can be fixed & look great. The one big
flaw is that the right leg has a run going
around the whole leg. The toes are not
blown out and the elastic waist is
excellent. They are ok otherwise. Not a
lot of handling & no stains. Cute set! $6
Clone/Catalog Purple & White Romper
Very Good/Excellent Condition
It's a clean piece but has some loose
threads right by the left shoulder white
trim. Not too bad & should repair nicely.
The back of both shoulders at the top of
the trim a couple threads look slightly
stressed but not blown out wide. The
elastic on the right side of the waist is a
little stretched but I think it will display
nicely regardless. I saw one tiny speck of
a spot on the white leg trim on the inner
left leg. Won't show up on display. Still a
nice piece for a summer diorama. $3
Clone/Catalog 5 Piece Cheerleading Outfit
Mint Condition
This is too cute! Red shiny vinyl against
inverted fleecy fabric. It is only missing a
sock. The set is very well cared for. Not
sure if it's ever been on a doll. The set has a
cute white bodysuit. The soft fleecy fabric
is on the inside so the outfit feels like a soft
smooth knit. Red vinyl piping accents on
the sides and cuffs, matching fringe scarf &
single sock, red shiny vinyl skirt has white
faux suede panels & velcro closure. To
complete the set is a cute red megaphone
with grip handle. No holes, stains or blown
seams on anything. The grip handle on the
megaphone is in good shape too. A
wonderful set for your dolls! $10
3 piece Clone/Catalog Stripe Top & Sock
Excellent & Near Mint Conditions
These are so sweet. A soft knit top with
single velcro closure on the back and
pair of matching ankle socks. All three
pieces are clean and soft! They look
great. The socks are near mint/mint
condition. No flaws, abuse, handling,
stains, holes or blown seams. The top
looks nice but a little bit of unraveling on
the right arm hole seam. Easy to fix and
the fabric is not bad at the edge. One
thread is coming away but it can be
repaired easily. A little undone seam on
the underside of the left sleeve. The
fabric is not frayed yet. A few popped
threads right at the lower center of the
scoop neck but that's easy to fix & does
not look bad as is. A little tightening up
and the top will be wonderful. $3
Fashion Doll Pink & Piped Leg Warmers
Near Mint Condition
They'll fit all 11 1/2" fashion dolls. Not
sure who they are made for. They are
clean & well cared for! Barely any
handling. Maybe a trace tiny snag but
they look wonderful! $2
11 1/2 Fashion Doll Rosy Pink Terry Cloth
Mini Skirt
Excellent Condition
I'm researching who this is for. Could fit
Jem, Barbie, any of the clones & several
other fashion dolls. Looks to be 80's or 90's
era. It is untagged. Very clean with only
light piling. There is a little bit of the
bottom vertical seam coming undone. Easy
to fix! Elastic waist is a little loose under
the seam. It is not torn on the fabric but I
can feel the elastic is split inside. Will
display nicely. $2
Light Pink Velveteen Mittens
Near Mint/Mint Condition
These are adorable. I'm not sure who
they are made for but they'll fit most
fashion dolls. I'd say they have a slightly
wide cut but they are perfectly flat. They
are a soft clean velveteen like fabric with
cute white almost terry cloth cuffs. No
holes, stains or abuse. Minimal handling.
Just a loop or two of thread loose on the
terry cuff seam on one mitten but very
nice as is! $3
Clone/Catalog Black & White Animal
Print Fur Hooded Cape
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is utterly adorable in person. It's
very soft and clean! Pretty print with
black lace neck tie. This is from the 70's.
No blown seams, stains, handling, holes
or abuse. It's too cute and will look great
on any mod era or 70's era doll! $7
Ken & Friends Clone/Catalog White Twill
Excellent Condition
Only reason I don't call them mint is one
half of the snap closure on back is missing.
Easy to fix and they are very nice
otherwise. No stains or blown seams. There
is one tiny wear spot with a trace of a hole
on the back right rear. They still display
nicely. They look pretty clean. Maybe a
trace of handling but overall excellent and
ready to display. I do suspect they came
with the red soft knit shirt above with the
blue & white braided sleeve trim. Haven't
been able to confirm yet but they came
together. $3
Clone Barbie Size Brown Suede Vest
Excellent Condition
Not sure what might have come with this
but it's cute. It's very clean and has 2
small gold tone accent buttons. No snap
closures. Only flaws are on the left
shoulder/arm hole. A popped seam on
the top (you can kind of see this in the
picture) and a couple loose threads on
the bottom of that arm hole. Just a tiny
flap on the front left arm hole that came
out of the seam. This is also visible in the
picture. The right side looks fine. These
are not bad, just need to be mentioned.
No stains! Will still display nicely! $1
Clone Denim Beaded Panel & Fringe
Mint condition
These are adorable! I hate that I don't
have the top to complete the set. They
are a light denim/chambray fabric with
fringed hems and button accented front
panel. All buttons and back snap closure
are secure. They are clean. No holes or
blown seams. These were likely sold by
Wards as I have a few pieces they came
with that are from Wards. You can put
almost any top with this & they'll look
wonderful on display! Will fit all 11 1/2
inch fashion dolls. $5
Barbie Wards Catalog Red Halter Dress
Near Mint Condition
Super crisp fabric with bright red halter
top and white front pleat skirt. Just a little
bit of pale beight specks in the center of
the skirt (mainly on the left side of the
pleat but there are others sporadically on
the skirt) but they are very pale. They are
age spots from storage. It's otherwise an
almost perfect looking dress. I don't
believe it's been on display. Some
wrinkling from storage. I do suspect it
came with the red & yellow raincoat listed
further up on this page. The halter is a
narrow cut which is why I believe it was
meant to display under the coat. Snap
closures are secure. No holes. Will look
excellent on display. $7
Barbie Catalog/Clone Swiss Dotted Gown
Excellent Condition
This is as sweet as could be! Beautiful
white gown in Swiss dotted fabric with
simple darted strapless bodice, long full
skirt and floral embroidered applique.
It's a nice dress and well made. This is not
a homemade piece. It has some handling
but not a dirty dress at all. The dots are
all ivory. The gown is actually a creamy
white. The snap closures are secure on
back. The only flaws on this dress are on
the back lower left. Three tiny holes.
Looks like it might have gotten snagged
on something as there is a wrinkle there.
It will dipslay nicely and you can either
leave those holes alone or put a stitch in
them just to keep everything from
fraying. It's kinda like 3 splits in the
fabric. Could have gotten pulled &
caused these splits. Still a pretty gown!
Barbie or Clone Yellow & White Checked
Mini Dress
Good Condition
I am unclear if this is a manufactured
piece or homemade. It is made of a soft
heavy knit fabric with a cute white &
yellow pleated mini ruffled skirt. It could
use a good wash but this fabric should be
very safe to wash! There are some
general play time soil spots but a bit of a
brown spot on the top left back
shoulder. I'ts been played with. It's very
cute and very 70's. I've seen several
dresses like this, so it's possible that it
was sold as a catalog item. A slight
undone lower front section of the hem
but it's an easy fix and the fabric is not
frayed. $1
Clone or Catalog Dark Blue Mini Skirt
Good Condition
In standard lighting it looks very nice.
When you put it under bright light you'll
see it has some watermark like spots that
leave an almost dark pink look in them. I
think it needs to be washed. The front
displays better than the back. No holes,
runs or blown seams. It's nicely made with
a fitted pleat gathering at the waist. Snap
closure on back is secure. $1
3 Piece Multi Color Knit Skirt Set
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is beautiful! I don't normally list
many knitted items because I can't verify
it being homemade or manufactured but
this has all the earmarks of being a
manufactured set. It's too well made! The
skirt is fitted perfectly as is the sleeveless
mock neck sweater. The sock is very well
done too! No holes, moth holes, repairs,
stains or blown seams. There is a single
snap closure on the back of the sweater
that is secure. Unfortunately this set is
missing one sock. It is made of a super
fine knit. Very soft & clean. No dinginess
or handling. It's such a classy looking set.
Will look so sweet on your dolls! $8
2 Tone Brown Knit Sheath Dress
Excellent Condition
I tend to not like listing knit items
because you never can verify if they are
just someone's homemade or if they are
truly a manufactured piece. Most are
homemade. This one is done beautifully
and I think it will look really nice on a
doll. The light brown bodice is
beautifully fitted. Whoever did this, just
nailed it! No flaws on the bodice. The
skirt is really nice but has 2 flaws. The
bottom left hem right on the edge/side is
a pinch lower. The other is one little hole
in the upper back right side. It can repair
nicely with a  couple loops of thread &
look wonderful. No snap closures. It just
slides up over the legs. Probably best on
a straight leg vintage doll or clone. No
stains, moth holes or musty odors. $3
Light Polyester/Terry Knit Stripe Pants
Near Mint Condition
These do not look like a homemade pair of
pants. They are the most unusual fabric
that I believe is a light polyester but when
you examine very closely, and feel them,
they are the finest terry cloth I've ever felt
& seen! Completely unique! They are clean,
made very well and fitted! No stains, holes,
run or blown seams. They have a single
snap closure on the back that is secure.
Very 70's but really cute! $4
Maddie Mod/Mini Mod Black Red &
White Dress
Made in Hong Kong
Good/Very Good Condition
It will need some fine restitching to the
underarm areas and has had a restitch on
the back of the left sleeve but it could be
redone better. The fabric looks like it's
all in solid shape. Doesn't look frayed
apart. The red & black braid trim is really
pretty. The black skirt does have some
red spots on it from contact with the
braid trim I suppose. You will also need
to reattach the back side half of the right
cuff. The fabric is not frayed. It will need
some work but it's a cute dress. Snap
closures on back are both secure.
Orange Crop Short Sleeve Top
This top is wider across the chest than a
standard Barbie or 11 1/2" fashion dolls
would be. The arm holes are right, but
this may be for a slightly bigger doll.
Lying flat the chest is 3 1/2 inches wide.
I'm still researching. The two snap
closures and 2 small orange accent
buttons are all secure. No holes or blown
seams. Nice bright orange color. A few
light pale marks on the lower right front.
One near the snap closure. $3
Penny Brite Chit Chat Black Velvet Pants
Good Condition
They will be near mint, but they need the
front vertical seam restitched a little bit.
The fabric is not destroyed, just somehow
popped the seam. Snap closure on back is
secure. They do love to attract dust. I've
brushed them off & they just love to pick
up any little speck, but I'll make sure they
are brushed off again before I ship. They
are clean. The fabric is not bald or matted
anywhere, so these will be very nice on
your Penny's! $5
1983 Sears Ken Doll Active Wear 2 Piece
Beach Jacket & Capri Pant Set
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a variation in blue and white of
the 2 piece beach jacket & capri pants
from the Sears set issued in 1983. The
back of the pants have an elastic waist.
Cute stripe pockets on the pants that has
a flap opening & then 2 pocket panels on
the top (faux pockets). The set is clean
and very well cared for! No blown seams,
holes or stains. The top is clean white!  
The waist is 2 1/2" wide laying flat
un-stretched. Front rise is 2 1/4" inches.
Hips are approximately 3 1/2" at least. So
the pants are wide but this was sold for
Ken and similar size dolls. It is a very
cute set though & in great shape! $13
Clone/Catalog Yellow Nightgown
Excellent Condition
Looks like it's barely been used but it
does have some package residue on the
lower back. The lace bodice is beautiful
as is the bottom lace trim. Snap closure
on back is secure. A few trace light spots
on the front. I think they're from
storage. An open seam under the snap
closure on back but the fabric is all solid
and it will display beautifully as is. Easy
to fix seam too. Untagged but likely
made for Mini/Maxi Mod. $4
Clone/Catalog Soft Brown Knit Coat
Fair/Good Condition
Made in Hong Kong
The coat is made of the same material as
Barbie's red Furry 'n Fun coat. It is a dark
brown with large pockets and white collar
and cuffs. The coat is clean but needs the
right underarm hole closed/restitched. The
collar is also loose and needs to be
tightened down but that's an easy fix and
the material is not frayed apart &
destroyed. The underarm seam will repair
nicely! It's very soft! No stains. Just a little
wrinkling from storage but not bad. The
cuffs look very nice & the collar is clean
too. It will make a very cute display coat
with just a little restitching. The Hong
Kong tag is a little bit torn but still some
left. Likely made for Mini Mod or Maxi
Mod clone labels. $4
Clone/Catalog White Lace Front
Wedding Gown
Fair Condition
This will need a wash and some
restitching on the right sleeve and the
back of the left sleeve but has lots of
potential. The dress has a long lace front
accent down front with lace collar and
puffy sleeves with lace above the large
cuffs. The dress is a nylon material so it
will stand a washing and hold up pretty
well. The two snap closures on back are
secure. Great project dress that should
repair nicely. $1