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Skipper Fashion Collectibles #3778
Beautiful dark navy & floral print dress with
fine ivory lace trimmed collar and ruffled hem.
It's a gorgeous dress and perfectly sealed. No
fading or abuse. There is a faint trace line
inside the package. I thought it was a water
mark but the backing does not show any water
or moisture evidence at all. Everything looks
great inside. A little sticker residue where the
original price tag used to be. Will make a great
outfit for your dolls whether you keep it sealed
or display on! $25
Skipper Best Buy #7703
Package is in excellent condition with only
minimal edge wear toward top left corner.
Outfit is mint and not faded. $50
    Barbie Snap 'N Play Outfit NRFB from the
This outfit was designed to be easy for a
smaller child to dress her doll. The package
does have some wear but still sealed and the
outfit looks mint. No fading! $3
I cannot advise on package residue on the inside of the outfit that is not visible from the front. (This mainly applies to 1970's Barbie
outfits where a sticky film was used to attach the outfit to the back of a card). If I detect any, it will be noted. But I cannot make
guarantees if you decide to open the outfit.