Barbie & Friends Fashions
1980 To Present
For Sale
Barbie outfits and outfit pieces from 1980 to current day items. Many are just pieces. There will be complete or near
complete outfits too. All pieces will have descriptions but just about everything will be extremely clean. I won't list
anything that is heavily played with or really dirty! Mannequins, if pictured, are NOT included!

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Barbie Best Buy #3641 from 1981
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Very pretty & clean! This dress is
so pretty in light blue with purple
trim. The ties are in nice shape.
No stains, holes or blown seams!
The elastic waist looks good and
there are no spots of old package
residue. A great dress for all your
Barbie's! It is tagged with the
satin Barbie tag inside.
Fashion Collectibles #1905 from
Excellent Condition
Pretty soft royal blue fleece wrap
skirt suit with white & yellow/gold
braided trim. The top is tagged
and a brilliant bright royal blue.
The skirt is a lighter blue. I don't
know why because the tie on the
skirt is clearly the same color as
the top. I do think the skirt may
have gotten wet on a doll as I see
a water mark on the backside in
the shape of a butt, so that may be
what happened. For the most part
the color is all even and it looks
perfectly presentable. No holes or
blown seams on either piece. The
ties have some light edge wear on
the top but nothing horrible at all.
The skirt ties are perfectly fine.
It's a cute suit! $7
Barbie Designer Western Fashion
#3578 from 1981
Excellent & Near Mint/Mint
One of my favorites! A beautiful
deep blue & floral print bodysuit,
matching long ruffle skirt with
brown cuffs & fringed vest.
Topped off with dark brown
cowboy boots & soft vinyl western
hat! Hat, boots & vest are
beautiful! The bodysuit looks
great but needs half of snap
closure resewn (it's there!) & has a
little loose thread on right front
elastic. No stains on any piece! A
trace of a rub on back of right
cuff. Super tiny! The skirt looks
great but missing buckle decal.
No holes but there is a funny
"misprint" on the fabric right
above the lower left side of ruffle.
Like it didn't get the blue dye on
the fabric. Odd but that's the 70's
quality Mattel sometimes had.
Still a very pretty set! You'll love it
on your doll! $22
Barbie Collector Series III Silver
Sensation from 1983 #7438
Excellent Condition
Beautiful strapless silver gown
with matching long elbow gloves
& pink cape. The cape has some
creasing from age but will
display fine once it relaxes. The
gown looks wonderful. Just a
little bit of threads pulling away
at the top edge. Excellent elastic.
The whole dress is stretchy so it
has a snug fit. The gloves have
some fraying at the tops but will
display nicely. One more than
the other. No stains, blown
seams or holes. A pretty display
outfit! $13
My First Barbie Fashion #5614
Complete from 1983
Excellent Condition
Sweet red dress with black
velveteen & silver braided trim
waistband. And it has the
adorable black velveteen clutch
purse! A little dust on the purse
but looks great! Dress is in nice
shape with just a little bit of
package residue on back. Looks
very nice though!! $9
Barbie Fashion Classics Jacket
#5705 from 1983
Part a great looking short set for
Barbie. The hunter green short
sleeve jacket is in great shape and
has the satin tag in good shape.
No holes, stains or blown seams.
An excellent
replacement/upgrade piece for
your outfit! $5
Teen Talk Barbie Leggings
Near Mint Condition
1 of 4 colors available for the Teen
Talk dolls from the 90's. They are
very clean & not snagged or
stained. Will look nice on any era
doll! Lace trim is pretty and also in
great shape. No fading! $1
Barbie Designer Original Jacket
#3799 from 1981
Mint Condition
Sorry I don't have the jumpsuit at
this time to go with it! The jacket
is gorgeous! All of the silver dots
look perfect & sparkly!
Everything is clean and bright.
No stains, holes, blown seams or
play time/handling! I don't think
it has ever been on a doll! Part of
a sharp looking set!
Barbie Fashion Fun #4805
"Perfectly Pink" from 1984
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is so cute & would be mint
but there is a pale dark water
mark on the lower right front. I
think it will wash off easily
though. It's not horrible but I can
see it under a bright light. No
other issues. The elastic waist
looks great and the white lace
trim all looks wonderful! It's a
simple design but just detailed
enough that it looks elegant and
so sweet! No snags, holes or blown
seams! $5
My First Barbie Top #1882 from
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Part of a very cute set of fashions
made to be easy for little girls to
put on her My First Barbie. The
top is clean. The ballerina decal is
secure. It has a long velcro closure
running down the back. Some
light edge wear to the unfinished
sleeve edges but a very nice top! $3
Barbie Best Buy #3637 from 1981
Excellent Condition
This is a cute little halter sundress
in bright blue with white gros-grain
trim & ties and a cute floral satiny
decal on front. The decal still looks
very nice! The white ties  are still
tied in a knot and have a light
amount of dinginess by the knot.
Really more of a pale beige look
but only right there by the knot.
The rest on the dress and ends
looks perfectly white. So it will
display great! A hard to see light
smudge/spot on lower left back & a
whitish dot by it. A couple light
almost whitish specks on front.
They are minimal. Very hard to see.
Only a trace light snag or 2. Elastic
waist is pretty good. Just a trace
wide. A very cute dress in person! 8
Barbie Twice As Nice Fashion
#4825 from 1984
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
The outfit is mint and looks
beautiful! Clean throughout! No
blown seams and the elastic is
strong. I don't think this has
been put on a doll. Socks have no
pulls or runs/holes. The sneakers
have some handling and need a
wash up & have a few thin dark
spots on the bottom but still
excellent sneakers. Cute! $15
Barbie "Pink B" 7 Piece Fashion Set
Mint Condition
I believe this from the 2010 era.
Only pieces missing are shoes I
believe. I have the Ipod, red dress,
rainbow jacket, matching denim
crop pants, jumper, pink t-shirt
and studded white belt. None of
the pieces have any stains, blown
seams, holes or handling soil!
They don't look used! Ipod is
excellent too as is the belt! All but
the jacket have velcro closures.
Mix & match them! $12
Barbie & The Rockers Original
Jacket & Pants
Near Mint
Both pieces look great! One tiny
trace snag on the back of the
jacket & a couple on a sleeve but
all of the silver glitter dots are
bright, clean & non missing. I did
find a couple hard to see
tan/beige spots but it will display
nicely. The pants are bright &
clean as well with excellent strong
elastic waist. I see just a little
separation in the back right
vertical seam but that's an easy
fix. $7
Barbie Blue & Silver Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is part of a set. I've never had
the entire set but it is Mattel. Most
often these pieces show up looking
dull and pretty heavily played with.
This skirt is just about the nicest
example I've gotten yet! Very pretty
if you can complete the set! $4
Barbie Pretty Choices Fashion
#4122 from 1987
Excellent Condition
Pretty yellow soft knit one
shoulder bodice with floral crop
pants and elastic waist. They are
clean with no holes, stains or
blown seams. Excellent elastic. I
do believe it is missing a belt.
Sorry I don't have one at this
time. Sweet outfit! $4
Barbie Fashion Classics #5701
from 1983 Complete
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Adorable! Clean & complete! This
3 piece set features a beautiful
gray strapless summer dress with
pretty pink roses, white eyelet
lacy trim slip and cute pink &
white checked sash. Everything
looks wonderful! Snap closure is
secure. Elastic waist on slip is
strong. Super crisp fabric on the
gray dress! Outstanding set. I
don't think it has been on a doll
before! No package residue
marks! $20
Barbie Fashion Fantasy Dress
from 1984
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Beautiful & clean! This was well
cared for or barely playe with! The
dress features a full length long
hot pink nylon tricot with elastic
gathered waist, bow at waist &
lacy bodice cover. No stains, holes
or blown seams! The lace is bright
white! Just a trace speck of white
thread on the top edge of the lace
is loose from it's edge but I truly
think this is how it was left
finished by Mattel at the factory!
Great dress!
Barbie & The Rockers Fashion
#3390 from 1986-87
Near Mint & Mint Conditions
Beautiful set! Features a long cap
sleeve shimmering golden yellow
coat with matching mini skirt that
has purple waistband trim and lime
green fold over collar tube top,
matching leggings and yellow open
toe shoes to complete the look.
Only thing missing is the oversized
shoulderbag. The coat is tagged.
Everything is mint but there is a
watermark & 1 snag on the
leggings. Will wash up nicely. So
I'm calling them near mint. The
shoes are marked Phillipines & are
mint condition! $19
Barbie Pink & Green Triangle
Trim Dress
Very Good Condition
This is a cute summer display
dress. Nice fabric, clean trim. 1
tiny speck on the bodice and 1
little smudge by the rear on the
back. These should wash out.
Just give it a gentle spot wash.
The fabric should not bleed.
Cute! 75 cents
Barbie Active "B" Fashion #7914
From 1984
Excellent & Near Complete
Just missing the left front pocket
decal. Otherwise a wonderful
outfit and well cared for. It does
need the right pocket decal
reattached but that's very
common. Thes shoes, scarf &
tights look wonderful! Very bright
red & clean! No abuse & nice
elastic waist! No holes or snags.
The top is very very nice. As they
all do, where the pockets were is
yellowed from the adhesive.
There is a couple specks on it (one
on back-pink/red)but overall nice
bright white. The velveteen trim is
an off white. This is how it should
be. There is a fine tiny slit in the
fabric on each side where the
pocket decals were. Very minor &
reattaching decals will hide that.
Not sure if that's from the factory
or not. Still a beautiful display!
My First Barbie Fashion Apron
#4870 from 1984
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Part of sweet outfit made just for
the My First Barbie. Designed to
be easy for young girls to dress.
The apron is clean with no holes,
stains or blown seams. A few loose
inner threads but no blown seams
so it's a wonderful display. $4
Tagged Barbie Taffeta Dress
Modern 2000+ Era
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Ivory, pale gold, blue, orchid &
green abstract print dress with a
taffeta like feel and acetate lining.
The dress looks great. It has a
velcro closure on back with
spaghetti straps and a shaped cut
at the waist. No holes, stains or
blown seams. The tag is a modern
pink & white "B" Barbie tag inside
the skirt. It is an off white and
yellow fabric, not dingy! Pretty for
a spring/summer display! $4
Barbie & The Rockers Dee Dee
Original Top
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Bright orange spandex fabric
with blue metallic stars &
Rockers decal. All in very nice
shape! No stains or abuse!
Rose & Pink Barbie Shift Dress
Near Mint Condition
This is a chic newer style dress.
Probably only a couple years old.
Pretty design & color
combination. No holes or stains.
Velcro closure. Tagged. $1
Fashion Collectibles #1901 1980
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Super pretty soft silky feeling
nylon/satin fabric in creamy ivory
& burgundy striping with a long
gros-grain ribbon. Looks great
but has a faint washed out gold
spot on the lower front & a few
dotted areas of package residue
on the back. Still displays
beautifully! Snap closure secure.
Lace is clean! Ribbon is nice. $8
Barbie Fashion Collectibles #1908
Near Mint Condition
Pretty light brown coat brown trim
& red lined collar. It is very clean &
soft! I doubt it was played with! No
holes or blown seams! 1 snag on red
lining but very small. Coordinates
with F.C's #1907!  $7
Barbie Fashion Fun #5720
from 1983
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Super pretty pink satin dress with
pink pouf at neck & silver tie &
belt! This was well cared for.
Only a few minimal & tiny snags.
Very clean! 2 trace specks of a
spot on the back right. (from
original packaging). A gorgeous
display dress! The pouf is made
from the same fabric as Beauty
Secrets Barbie's jacket!
Barbie Western Fashions #3577
from 1981
Excellent Condition
All it needs are the white western
boots. The jeans look mint! Silver
trim is bright. The "B" pocket
(patch) on the back is clean. The
bodysuit is adorable. Very clean.
Decals are good!! A little bit of
edging loose but still nice! Hat has
some pink discoloration & no
sticker but still very nice hat! Love
this outfit! $15
Barbie Twice As Nice Vest #4827
Good Condition
This is a very hard to find piece.
It's a white faux leather vest with
red stitch trim and 2 red accent
buttons across the waist. It is
tagged with the satin Barbie tag.
The vest is prone to cracking as
this faux pleather vinyl just does
not hold up with age. From the
front it displays nicely. There is a
good size piece flaked off in the
back & cracks all over. Still very
hard to get! It is clean! $8
Barbie Blue & Green Athletic Shirt
Near Mint
A bright colored (soccer??) shirt
with a "5" on it. Tagged Barbie.
Velcro closure. No runs, stains or
snags. Nicely cared for & bright! 50
2nd Edition Rockers Barbie
Original Top
Very Good/Excellent Condition
The main flaw is that the silver
stars are all pink now. The main
decal is fine & the rest of the
shirt is great. No stains or blown
seams. $2
Western Stampin' Barbie Original
Near Mint Condition
A pretty blue fleecy material
jacket with white fringer and
silver trim. No holes or blown
seams. $1
White Sleeveless Soft Cotton
Near Mint Condition
I'm still researching which outfit is
belongs too. It has a white plastic
snap closure on back that is
secure. It is a soft cotton fabric.
Nice & bright white. No blown
seams, holes or abuse. $2
Barbie Fashion Collectibles Fleece
Top #1367
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Part of a great outfit from 1980!
Just needs the designer style jeans
for a cool casual look for Barbie!
This top is clean & soft! Well cared
for! No stains, holes or abuse! Snap
closure is secure! The color is a
rusty orange. $7
Barbie & The Rockers Pink T Shirt
Near Mint Condition
Super clean & bright. Barely
handled. No snags, stains, holes,
blown seams. Snap closures
secure. Just a little creasing on
the decal from storage but it
looks really nice! I have the
jacket & wrist glove that came
with it listed separately too!
Barbie (potentially Skipper)
Dusty Pink Shirt
Very Good Condition
This has some play time but still a
very good piece.  Could be a little
bit brighter. Some handling. It
seems like a smaller cut to me so
perhaps it's for the last issue
Skipper. It does have a metal snap
closure. $1
Barbie & The Rockers Tee Shirt
Excellent Condition
Bright chartreuse color. Green &
purple decal are good. Some
edges of the decal are lifting off
the shirt but most of it is secure &
looks good. Fabric is clean & has
maybe an incredibly faint trace of
a spot on the lower left. Really
hard to see! Otherwise, the tee
looks great! $5
Barbie & The Rockers Orange Tee
Mint Condition
Super clean & bright orange color
with Rockers decal in green, hot
pink & gold. No abuse, stains,
discolorations or blown seams! A
great replacement/upgrade shirt
for your Rockers dolls! $7
Barbie Fashion Fun #4801 from
1984, Near Mint & Complete
Very well cared for! Clean peach
& blue 1 piece swimsuit with
white & peach/green/blue print
wrap skirt. Minimal play time.
Clean with no snags. Just a little
aging to the back elastic of the
suit but nice display set!! $6
Barbie Twice As Nice Skirt #7956
from 1984
Near Mint Condition
Only one snag on the blue side
but no other flaws! It's clean
bright and part of a great set! I
don't have the top for it
unfortunately. The skirt is a pretty
aqua blue on the reverse side.
Single snap closure is secure. Will
look great if you have the top for
it! $5
Barbie Heavenly Holidays
Overskirt & Plaid Cummerbund
#4277 from 1982
Excellent Condition
The red velvet overskirt is in great
shape & clean. Just a little bit of
dust/lint but no stains, abuse,
heavy handling or blown seams.
Snap closure is secure. The
cummerbund looks mint! Only
missing one half of the snap
closure but that's an easy fix.
Barbie Romantic Wedding Fashion
Dress & Veil #3102 from 1987
Excellent/Near Mint Conditions
Gorgeous dress & well cared for!
All of the embroidered skirt looks
gorgeous. It is clean! Maybe a trace
of handling on the back of the left
sleeve. The dress is tagged. The hat
& veil look great. Could be one
shade brighter on the hat but a
great display! Veil is long and not
torn! A couple specks of silver
glitter in the tulle behind the hat.
Gorgeous set! $10
Barbie Twice As Nice Sock #7952
from 1984
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean & bright soft white
knit sock. No stains, holes or
blown seams. Looks great!
Barbie & The Rockers Pink Jacket
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The silver glitter is all bright. No
blown seams. Looks great but has
a small tan speck inside the jacket
& faint pale mark on the back
from it. I think it will wash out
easily. Some light snags but
overall a great display jacket! $3
Pink & White Heart Pocket Top
Excellent Condition
A cute top with long pink sleeve.
The heart is open on the top to be
used as a pocket! A couple snags
on the sleeves but not horrible.
Bright & clean colors. Velcro
25 cents
Fashion Classics #5702 Sock 1983
Mint Condition
Looks great! Very soft fabric is
bright & clean! No holes or blown
seams! Perfect sock to help
complete your set! $3
Orchid Taffeta (like)Jacket
Near Mint Condition
This either belongs to the last
issue of the Barbie Millicent
Roberts Collection dolls or it's a
Fashion Avenue/Fashion Fever
piece. Not sure. It's beautiful!
Has all 4 tiny bead buttons and 2
clear plastic snap closures. $2
Fashion Extras #4917 from 1984
Mint Condition
Super hot pink magenta color
halter top with elastic waist. No
stains, snags, holes or abuse! I
don't think this has ever been on a
doll! Great little top to add with
almost anything!
Fashion Fun Dress #7909 from 1984
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Beautiful shimmering satiny
orchid pleated gown with long
purple halter neck & waist ties.
The dress looks great but does
have golden age spots on the
front of the skirt & a little bit on
the lower left side. I haven't
washed it & I think it could safely
without hurting the colors. Not
sure what caused it. No snags,
holes or blown seams. Great
elastic. The ties look wonderful.
Most of the spots are inside the
pleats. $5
Barbie & The Rockers Orange T
Good/Fair Condition
Would be a great shirt. Decal is
nice and not much peeled up!
There is a brown/dark spot on the
front of the shirt. I have this
repictured  so you can see it
accurately. No holes or blown
seams. Hopefully this can be
washed out. Snap closure is
intact.No serious snags. No runs in
fabric. Could just be cleaner. $1
Toys R Us Pullover Shirt
Very Good Condition
Cute long sleeve top. It's pretty
clean with no dinginess. Just a
few tiny specks (really hard to
see). One on the front & a couple
on the back. Nothing major. The
print is all very nice & not
rubbed. Only a couple little
snags. One on the lower left
front band. There are some loose
seam threads on the lower
band/hip/waist trim. Should be
an easy fix. 3 main areas. One on
the back and 2 on the front.
Once they are resewn, the top
will look great on your doll! $1
Hot Pink Sheer Jacket
Excellent Condition
Very clean piece but there are a
few snags. Nothing horrible. Black
drawstring tie is nice. 50 cents
Barbie & The Rockers Hot Pink
Nylon Jacket
Good Condition
Just a little bit of the edge fabric
on the ends of the sleeves coming
out of the hem. A couple very
light spots on the back that
should wash right out I think. I
believe this either belongs to one
of the Barbie dolls or one of the
Rockers outfits. (I could be
wrong!) Slightly gathered elastic
on the top of the sleeves are in
very good shape! 50 cents
Barbie Fashion Collectibles Dress
#3689 from 1981
Excellent Condition
Super soft knit with
yellow/gold/blue & rusty red stripes
against an ivory in a long sleeve
crew neck straight dress with single
snap closure on back. No stains,
holes, blown seams or abuse. The
soft knit is designed to have a wispy
look from the stripes. It's not
abused. It's a great dress and will
look so sweet on your dolls! $10
Super Talk Barbie Original
Denim Jacket 1995
Excellent Condition
A cute heavy denim jacket with
thick gold textured vinyl trim. It
has jewel tone beads and a "gold"
seashell on it too. Very cute.
Only a little play time but will
display nicely! Not dirty. No
blown seams. $1
Rosy Pink Tank Top with Star
Very Good Condition
This is a nice piece. I am thinking
this may look a little small for
Barbie. Not sure if it was made for
their more modern bodies or not.
Perhaps for the late issue Skipper
instead. It has a black vine print
on the lower left side, a star
"button" with thin yellow and
orange ties. There is a tiny hole on
the back. Will still display nicely
though. Velcro closure. Tagged. 25
Barbie Active "B" Fashions #7914
Excellent Condition
This is the long white shirt that
should have red lacy pantyhose &
matching red sash. It's a cute set
when it's all put together. I only
have the shirt at this time. One
pocket decal is missing. The shirt
is very white & not dirty. A little
lint on it, but I've been just
picking that off. No holes or
blown seams. The decal is a bit
loose but that's common with
these. If I find the other decal, I'll
make sure it's included. And yes,
you'll see a light residue where the
right front pocket decal was
attached. That's normal. $4
Barbie White & Silver Zippered
Skinny Leg Gathered Pants
Very Good/Excellent Condition
They look very cool! The white
fabric is peppered with silver finish
all throughout. They have gathered
lower front legs in a skinny leg
style, faux zipper accents on the
front thighs, little silvertone rivets
and a tiny tie at the waist. The
velcro closure on back is good.
They are clean with no stains or
runs in the fabric. There is a little
bit of an open seam on the inner
right thigh inseam but it's an easy
fix & the fabric is fine. Only light
handling. Very cute! $3
Barbie Pink & Gold Skirt
Excellent Condition
Same fabric as was used for the
1979 Fashion Collectibles #1421 on
the ruffle. Unfortunately I don't
have the top that finishes this
outfit. Very hard to find set! Skirt
is clean & well cared for. No
stains, holes or blown seams
Orchid Sheer/Silver Skirt
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is a very pretty skirt. Soft
orchid nylon material with sher
overskirt speckled with silver
glitter. No stains or holes. There
are some snags on the sheer part
but you have to study it to see
them. Still displays very nice!
Velcro closure. 50 cents
White & Gold Lame`Spotted Pants
Mint Condition
Very clean and the gold is all nice
and bright. These actually have a
"Lucky Industries" tag inside
them. I've seen that name several
times. They'll fit Barbie but are
made for a different line of dolls.
Velcro closure. 2 pairs available.  
50 cents
Flight Time Barbie Original Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Vivid colors & gold lame` waist that
are super clean & bright! Another
well cared for piece! Lame` is
bright, glitter is clean & not rubbed
off & the sheer pink tulle is very
nice too. Plastic snap closure is
secure. Great piece to complete
your dolls outfit! $4
Purple/Mauve Biker Shorts
Near Mint Condition
Very pretty geometric type
design. Soft light nylon tricot
material. Velcro closure. There
are 2 strips of velcro on the back
of the legs. (1 for each lower leg).
Not sure why?? 50 cents
Veterinarian Barbie Original Paw
Print Pants
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Very cute and clean! I believe I
may have the top that goes with
these. Stay tuned! 50 cents
Bright Orange Athletic Shorts
Near Mint Condition
Very clean. A light nylon type of
material. Similar to what
parachute pants felt like. Velcro
closure. 50 cents
Barbie Best Buy #1472 from 1980
Very Good Condition
The only issue on the dress is that
the silver neck band is split. Hard
dress to get on a doll with it intact
actually! So a restitch needed at the
neck & off to the left side.
Otherwise it looks great! Vertical
elastic is great! No stains! $5
Barbie Fashion Fun Muslin Skirt
Fair/Good Condition
The only thing really holding this
back from being near mint is a
spot on the right front. This will
wash out. I would spot wash this
or make sure you follow
"vinegar" soak instructions
before washing so the trim
doesn't run. It may not.
Otherwise great! 50 cents
    California Midge Original Skirt
Near Mint Condition
Cute yellow and white polka dot
fabric with white & speckled print
wide skirt. Very clean & crisp! Half
of snap closure needs to be resewn
to other side but it's there! $2
Barbie Red Lame` Pants
Very Good/Excellent Cond.
I haven't figured out which outfit
these are from. Definately from
the late 70's/early 80's. Shiny red
color. They are a very nice
display. Not mint, since lame` is
notorious for rubbing easily.
There is some rubbing but they
still look pretty good. Elastic
waist is very nice! $3
Barbie Pink Tank Top
Near Mint Condition
Made in China
Super soft polyester type knit top
with white gros-grain ribbon at
the front. Small velcro closure on
the back. Must be a later
90's/2000's era top. It is tagged but
the tag doesn't say Barbie. Just
made in China. No abuse, stains
or holes! Clean! 50 cents
Sparkle Beach Barbie Original
Bikini Top
Near Mint Condition
A very tiny top but if you have the
bottoms, it is a very pretty suit.
Very sparkly & clean! 25 cents
Tropical Barbie & Miko Swimsuit
Mint Condition
A fantastic replacement/upgrade
suit for your dolls! Super clean and
unplayed with! No stains, holes,
snags or blown seams. The
detachable yellow ruffle looks
bright & clean too! I haven't had a
cleaner one outside of the package!
  California Dream Barbie Original
Near Mint Condition
A cute yellow and white polka dot
vest with little mini pictures on it.
Snap closure needs a couple loops
of thread on one half just to
tighten it up but still there. $1
Barbie Orange Satin Cargo Pants
Near Mint Condition
They are super bright & clean!
Well cared for! No holes, blown
seams or stains. Velcro closure on
back. Has 2 deep thigh pockets.
Very nice! $2
Hot Pink Disney Leggings
Good Condition
The main thing is that they need a
bath. They have light brown soil. I
do believe this should wash out. No
ink stains or something that would
be other than from a grubby child's
hand. No holes or blown seams.
The elastic is strong. Maybe a pinch
of a snag or 2 but not bad. 50 Cents
Barbie Polka Dot Mini Skirt
Fair/Good Condition
Needs to be brightened. The
black elastic waist is stretched
out. Velcro back closure is
secure. This could be a good
display but needs a wash. A faint
khaki spot on the front. No holes
or blown seams.
25 Cents
Barbie Light Pink Mini Skirt
Excellent Condition
Just a couple light specks but a
very nice display. They are very
hard to see. No holes or blown
seams. Velcro closure. Tagged.
Not dingy! 25 cents
Hot Pink Purple & Black Mini Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
A wild print with deep colors!
Looks very nice on display. I don't
think this was played with. Velcro
closure. Tagged. 50 cents
Kevin Fish Neon Crop Top
Good Condition
Looks pretty good but the lower
right bottom seam did come
loose. Fabric has minor fraying
on that edge but will look great
from the front. Neon yellow
color. Decal has only 3 tiny traces
of bottom edge wear. 25 Cents
Barbie Skipper Sarong Wrap Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a very pretty piece. Made
of a silky material too. Has an
orange, gold, purple, red pattern
with stars and moons. Tiny velcro
closure. Super clean! 50 cents
Barbie Pointed Edge Mini Skirt
Mint Condition
This is a pretty piece. A purple &
white floral print with little purple
plastic heart and purple satin
ribbons. I don't think has ever
been used. Velcro closure.
Tagged. 50 cents
Barbie Skipper Purple White Vest
Near Mint Condition
Wasn't sure if this was for Barbie or
Skipper. Size could be for either.
Not a super big bulky piece. Might
be for that last issue Skipper that
was a slender body but just about
as tall as Barbie. Very clean. Not
tagged. 25 cents
Peaches 'N Cream Barbie
Original Boa
Excellent Condition
Looks very nice! I saw one tiny
snag on it. Soft fabric with two
layers of light & slightly darker
peach sheer gathered nylon. It
does have both ends of the snap
closure securely intact. There is a
section that is not gathered on
the bottom. Visible in picture. I
didn't have this as a child, so I'm
not sure if this is how it's
intended to be. Great upgrade
piece! $4
Barbie Dusty Pink Lame` Swimsuit
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This suit might belong to a dolls
original outfit but I'm not sure. It's
a very pretty color. The lame`
finish is still shiny. 2 little dots
that are rubbed on the back, so
it's a very pretty display! Velcro
closure. $2
Barbie Active B Fashions Skirt
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
I don't know why, but this piece
always shows up without the
bodysuit to go with it. Very clean
& not handled much. Tagged. $2
Barbie Active B Fashions #7916
from 1984
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Adorable 2 piece set with strapless
white & blue stripe bodysuit
finished in white stitch trim and
wide blue calf length skirt. Both
pieces are very clean & barely
handled. The little "B" decal is still
in place on the bodysuit. Snap
closure secure on skirt! Nice set! $9
Barbie Skipper White & Pink Leg
Excellent Condition
Not sure if this is Barbie's or
Skipper's. It's very clean. I saw
one loop of thread at the top of
the center seam loose but that's
an easy fix. Very clean! 25 cents
Barbie Yellow & Pink Animal Print
Bodysuit & Skirt Set
Excellent Condition
A wild color combination. Likely
an original outfit for a doll but I
don't know which one. The suit
looks great. There are two clear
buttons on the ruffle but I'm
thinking there may have been 3
originally. 1 tiny speck of a pin
hole on the edge of the skirt. Cute
display. $1
Baywatch Barbie Original Jacket
Near Mint Condition
1 or 2 super tiny snags but nothing
severe. The baywatch decal is still
on the sleeve in nice shape. No
holes or blown seams. 50 cents
Barbie Cool Times Jacket from 1988
Near Mint Condition
This is part of an adorable series of
"Cool Times" outfit. I only have the
jacket to this particular outfit. It is
very clean & bright! No holes,
stains, or blown seams! Knit
sleeves, satin back, collar & lower
front, cotton upper chest. Great
jacket! SOLD
Barbie Fashion Fun Wrap #2093
Fair/Good Condition
The fabric is fine but it needs an
oxyclean for some spots. This is a
safe piece to wash & it will clean
up nicely. A few loops of seam
thread are loose but no holes.
Tagged $1
Barbie Blue Satin Shawl
Very Good/Excellent Cond.
This sash came with a early 90's
blue strapless dress. Don't
remember the series off hand.
There are a couple snags but it
will still display nicely. 25 cents
  Barbie Silver Trimmed Jeans
Near Mint Condition
These have a "B" satin pocket on
the back side. Silver braided trim
down the outside legs. Very nice
pair & clean! Metal snap closure. $1
Barbie Best Buy# 1359 from 1980
Mint Condition
Adorable & vivid multicolor print
on nylon tricot fabric. It's a
beautiful example of this dress
and I do not think it has ever
been on a doll. No stains, signs of
handling, snags, holes, runs or
blown seams. The elastic waist is
not stretched out. The halter tie
is not even wrinkled from being
in a tied position. Just a few
minimal creases from storage. It
has a left side leg slit. No bottom
edge wear at all. Gorgeous dress!
This is the cleanest example of
this dress I have ever offered for
sale! $18
Barbie Cuffed Leg Jeans
Very Good Condition
A nice pair for any top! 2 white
thread seams on the waist. Metal
snap closure. No pockets. A little
seam stress area on the back
center seam but they'll display
nicely. 50 cents
Barbie & The Rockers "Dee Dee"
Original Pants & Rockers White T
Near Mint Condition
Both pieces are bright & clean!
Very well cared for & they look
adorable together! The shirt looks
oversized. Possibly for the Ken or
Derek dolls but it will fit Dee Dee
or any of the Barbie dolls too.
Snap closure is secure on back.
The decal is very nice. A little
curled up on the ends but still
looks very nice. The pants are
fantastic! Bright & pretty crazy
animal print colors. Good elastic
at the waist. No stains, holes or
blown seams on either pieces.
Nice pieces for any of your
Rockers dolls! $9
Barbie & Midge White & Orchid
Mint Condition
This is an original outfit from a 90's
era Barbie doll. One that would be
a very basic doll with the straight
arms and palms facing down.
Forgot the name. Sorry! Super
clean. Doesn't look like it was ever
used! $2
Barbie Gold Lame` & Pink
Reversible Skirt
Excellent Condition
Not sure which outfit this is
from. It has a metal single snap
closure at the waist (secure) but
the fabric is a satiny pale blush
pink & then gold lame` on the
other side. It's a light gold. Some
handling has rubbed the
lame`finish but it's still an overall
nice light finish. Just a couple
very light trace snags on the pink
side. Nothing big or horrible. It's
a nice skirt, but a very light shiny
gold finish. Not a dark gold. I'm
still researching this piece to find
what it came with. $5
California Midge Original Vest
Near Mint Condition
A pretty blue and white polka dot
vest with snap closure secure.
Very clean. $2
California Dream Barbie Original
Near Mint Condition
A pretty blue and white polka dot
skirt with pink star & zig zag line
print ruffle. Clean and well cared
for. Metal snap closure is secure.
Barbie Fashion Fun Dress #7902
from 1984
Excellent Condition
Cute somewhat nautical flavor to
the dress. Clean knit fabric with
very little playtime. No holes or
stains. Missing white bag. Look for
the coordinating Skipper dress on
the Skipper Fashions page too! $8
Barbie & The Rockers Original
Jacket (not a reproduction)
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Looks brilliant and gorgeous!
I doubt this was played with. All
of the silver glitter looks bright &
clean. No stains, holes or blown
seams. The elastic in the sleeves
is excellent. A trace speck mark
on the front likely from the
glitter. It has the silver gray look
to it. Will make the perfect
replacement jacket for your doll!
Barbie or Princess Doll Pink &
Opal thread finish Sleeves
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Sorry I don't have the exact outfit
this belongs to but I do have the
mate for this piece now! So you
are purchasing a pair of these puff
sleeve accents & not a single one.  
They have elastic holes for the
arm and they are not stretched.
No stains, snags or abuse! $1
Barbie Fashion Fun #7903
from 1984 Complete
Excellent/Near Mint Conditions
2 piece teddy & robe set in white
nylon tricot with lace trim. The
only flaws are a wide elastic on
the waist of the teddy & a tiny pale
brown speck mark on the lower
left side of the robe. The speck is
very minimal and this is a great
display set! It looks beautiful!
Barbie 2 Tone Orange Full
Length Skirt
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Unfortunately I don't have the
rest of this outfit. A nice piece
but there are a few water marks
on it. Bows are in great shape.
Velcro closure on back. $1
Barbie Nautical Pak Dress
Very Good Condition
Many of these dresses were sold
on cards, in plastic paks or
attached to other outfits. This one
is a yellow satin spaghetti
strapped dress with white cotton
and yellow stars with blue borders
and blue anchors with red dotted
ropes. Cute print!
I saw 2 tiny spots that need to be
washed out. I think it will clean up
fine. One on the top front star
edge and another one on the back
by the edge of the velcro seam (in
the center). 50 Cents
Barbie Blue Skirt
This is a later 80's piece. It is a
straight tight knit skirt. Very good
elastic waist. No holes or stains.
There is some piling to the
material from handling/light play
but still looks very nice. $2
Barbie White & Black Polka Dot
Very Good Condition
They have a very good elastic. Need
a little oxyclean for some minor
spots. I saw one pull on the back of
upper right leg. Won't show up
under a dress. They display nicely!
No blown seams and no holes. Any
spots are few & very small. Just a
brightening will make them look
super nice.
Genuine Barbie T Shirt
Excellent Condition
I believe this is from one of the
fan club packages from the late
80's. It's in very nice shape with
only minor cracking on the
patch. One tiny gray dot on the
upper left side of the front but
otherwise a cute shirt. A little
piling but not bad! Cute! $2
2 Pc Blue Crop Top & Skirt
Near Mint Condition
I'm still researching who they
were made for & what year but
they are either original outfits for
a 90's era Barbie or a from a series
of fashions that must have come
out after the Barbie & The
Sensations or something similar.
Both pieces look wonderful &
clean! The top is tagged with the
purple "B" inside. Tulle looks
great & decal is secure! Nice set!
2 pc Pink Crop Top & Skirt
Near Mint Condition
Again, researching this set. Both
pieces are clean and look
adorable. Just a trace couple light
snags underneath the tulle but
very well cared for! Velcro closure
on back of skirt. The top has the
purple "B" tag inside. So cute in
person! Decal on top is nice &
Barbie Heavenly Holidays
Collector's Series Outfit Capelet &
Overskirt #4277 from 1983
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
A little bit of storage dust but that
will brush right off. Both have
creasing from storage. The
overskirt's snap closure is secure.
Just needs the lint brushed off. No
stains, holes, discolorations or
abuse. The capelet is very nice.
There is just a slight area on the
back that is a shade lighter than
the rest. It will display very nicely
though. The ties are nice. All silver
trim looks wonderful! The capelet
is tagged with the satin Barbie tag.
Barbie Fashion Fun #7907 from
Mint & Complete
A gorgeous set! Looks like
they've never been played with.
Comes complete with the faux
crushed velvet clutch purse with
gold braid trim. Dress is super
clean with no snags, runs, holes
or stains! Brilliant gold elastic
collar looks wonderful! A
beautiful example of this outfit
out of the package. No package
residue on back!! $20
Barbie Heavenly Holidays
Collector's Series Outfit Slip #4277
from 1983
Excellent Condition
There are just a couple light spots
on it. 2 little light tan ones on the
front and a gray smudge like spot
on the lower back. Still very nice
and the fine silvery lace trim looks
great. The elastic waist looks very
nice. A trace tiny pink mark on
the top back elastic. From the
original package backing. A very
nice display though! $5
My First Barbie Original Dress
"Prettiest Princess Ever" from 1989
Very Good Condition
A little bit of light snagging on the
bodice but no runs or holes. A
small handful of light soil spots on
the skirt. Those should wash right
off since this is a very shiny
material. A little oxy clean on the
skirt should put it to rights. The
sleeves look great. $1
My First Barbie Original Outfit
2nd Edition from 1982
Complete with Shoes
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Only reason I don't call the
bodysuit mint is that the ties have
some creases. Otherwise
everything looks gorgeous! The
elastic is fantastic on everything.
The bodysuit has no runs or snags.
Everything is clean. Shoes are
beautiful and marked Taiwan. No
breaks. Fantastic upgrade set!
Midge "Wedding Day Gift Set"
Bridal Skirt
Very Good/Excellent Condition
It has some playtime and could
use a little oxyclean to brighten
up some of the white swiss dots
and a little dark gold/tan spot on
the bottom left of the skirt but
it's overall a very nice skirt. The
silver & white lace hem is
beautiful. The wide satin waist is
great and the snap closure is
secure. There are a handful of
snags on it but most of them are
on the back and sides. It will
display nicely. Not for the mint
collector. $3
Barbie Blue & White Sleeveless
Mint Condition
This has a velcro closure on the
back. It's perfectly clean and
looks wonderful! No stains, holes,
blown seams or snags. It's a soft
stretchy fabric. It's not tagged. A
trace tiny speck of a variance in
the fabric on the upper right
back. It's how it was finished at
the factory, not abuse. This would
also fit the taller version of the
new Skipper doll too. $2
DOTW Oriental Barbie Original
Dress from 1980
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Gorgeous dress! Great for any
Barbie really. It's a pretty yellow
satiny dress with red piping and
floral applique's by the right
shoulder. It has open leg slits on
each side. High neck collar and
straight skirt. Snap closure on
back is secure. The colors are
clean & bright! No abuse or snags!
Just a crease or two from storage
but it's so pretty! 15
Barbie Designer Collection #5654
from 1983
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I don't think this was handled much
at all! Super clean & bright colors.
A pretty shimmering pale aqua
bodice with halter neck tie & fine
sheer collar with pink edging, full
skirt with white opalescent fabric &
light pink embroidered diamond
pattern on sheer overskirt. It has a
very long aqua satin tie that wraps
around. Super clean with no holes,
snags or abuse! Will look gorgeous
on your dolls!
Barbie Black & Multi Weave
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Super pretty aqua, gold & pink
glittering thread woven in
black. Only minimal edge wear.
Looks so much prettier in
person. A genuine Mattel piece.
Outfit & year unknown.
Definately 80's! $4
Barbie Best Buy Fashion
Mint Condition
Still researching which one this is.
It's from the late 70's/early 80's. It
is super clean and looks like it's
never been on a doll. It has an
elastic gathered waist with
straight skirt and tapered open
leg at the bottom on the back
side, large ruffle collar that goes
all around the back with elastic at
the bottom of the ruffle. All
elastic is super strong & not
stretched out. No stains, holes or
blown seams! Color is a dusty red
& white. No dinginess! Great
dress!! $14
Barbie Fashion Fantasy #5548
from 1983 "Evening Rose"
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean & very well cared for or
never used! The dress looks great.
One shoulder dress with rolled
floral applique` on shoulder. Single
snap closure on back is secure. No
stains, holes or blown seams. It's a
tight dress by design so you do
need to use care when putting it on
a doll! $13
Barbie Denim Vest
Near Mint Condition
This is from the All Star Barbie
line. I believe this came with the
Barbie. Very clean. Just a little
crease on right front but a great
display! $1
Barbie "Wedding Of The Year"
Bridal Gown Set 1985
Excellent & Near Mint
Beautiful set! Not much
playtime or handling. The dress
looks absolutely beautiful from
the front. The flaw is on the
back. Some light faint yellow
spots from package residue I
believe. None on the front. The
lace is all gorgeous with no
snags or runs. Dress is tagged.
The veil is wonderful Just a tiny
dent in the vinyl cap but no
abuse on the tulle or on the
silver strap. Pretty! The bouquet
looks great! Still has the string
from the original package. The
shoes are marked Phillipines on
the bottom and have no splits.
They look great too! $15
Barbie Fashion Collectibles
Denim Capris 1980-81
Near Mint Condition
Extremely clean and ready to
display. No holes, blown seams or
abuse. A little bit of gold stitching
on the right front looks like it was
done improperly at the factory
but a great display. $3
Barbie Neon Orange Drop Shoulder
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Not sure which outfit it's from but
likely from the late 90's. Vivid
colors that are very clean. I saw one
super tiny snag on the lower front
but it looks great! Velcro closure on
back. 50 cents
Barbie Pink/White Crop Top
Excellent Condition
Only one tiny flaw on the lower
left front. A pale tannish colored
spot. You'll need to click on the
picture to see it up close. Looks
fine on display. No other abuse
and very clean otherwise. Velcro
closure on back. 25 cents
Barbie Romantic Wedding
Fashions #3102 from 1987
Fair/Good Condition
The dress needs the right inner
sleeve & cuff restitched. The
rest of the dress is nice. Both
back snap closures are secure.
The skirt & bodice are nice.
Very pretty embroidered skirt!
It is clean! The sash seems to
look a little curled up. Once the
sleeve is fixed it will look
adorable on!! $1
Barbie White Open Foot Stirrup
Mint Condition
They are clean. They came in a
group of items from the 70's/early
80's eras, so I'm thinking they are
from that timeframe as well. Very
clean and soft fabric with a seam
on the back of the legs. Excellent
elastic waist. No runs or snags. I'm
still researching what they came
with. Very nice! $6
Barbie "B" Active Fashions Top
#2185 from 1985
Near Mint Condition
The only flaw with this piece is the
"B" decal on the bodice is missing.
Still a very nice piece and very clean
otherwise. A little creasing from
storage but no holes or blown
seams. It is tagged with the early
80's style black & white "Barbie" tag
inside. $2
Barbie Hot Pink & Stripe Biker
Very Good/Excellent Condition
These would be mint except for
one pull on the back side (click on
small picture for closeup).
Otherwise they are pefectly bright
& clean, no holes or blown seams.
Velcro closure. Likely from the
late 90's. 50 cents
California Dream Midge
Original Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Yellow & white polka dots with a
"paint splatter" pattern skirt is
very clean  & bright. No holes or
blown seams! $3
Barbie White Stitched Glitter
Denim Jeans
Very Good Condition
These are pretty. Not for the mint
collector as there is a tiny pull on
the mid to lower right leg on
front. It's a popped thread, so it's
a bit of an opening under it. I
think someone might have cuffed
them at one point but the are
otherwise fine. Velcro closure on
back is good. They are clean with
no blown seams or other holes.
Barbie Shopping Spree Autumn
Leaves Dress #5039 from 1981
Good Condition
It has some playtime & light snags
but still a good dress. The elastic
waist has just a little bit of stretch
to it, but again, still decent. The
color is clean. No stains. It's a pretty
bronzy brown satin fabric. The only
thing that keeps this from being a
near mint dress are the snags. It
will still look very cute on your
dolls. $5
1981 Barbie Shopping Spree
"Winter Warm Up" Cape #5039
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The 3rd piece of 4 for this
adorable gift set I have. The white
cape is nice & clean! No holes
(other than the factory slits for the
arms/hands) or blown seams. The
only flaw is that the snowflake
sticker is gone. The gros-grain
white ties are in great shape! The
white is not dingy and does not
feel matted. (I've had my own of
this set since I was a kid. The cape
is adorable on display!!) $5
1981 Barbie Shopping Spree
"Summer Splash" Swimsuit
Excellent Condition
Very cute gold swimsuit. This
can fit Barbie & Francie
actually. It is missing the sun
decal but otherwise it looks
really nice. Straps are not
abused & they are securely in
place. No blown seams or stains.
Just a trace hint of a snag but
nothing major. Great display
suit! Beautiful color!
Barbie Pink & Floral Satin Dress
2000+ Modern Dress
Mint Condition
The dress looks wonderful. Nice
tulle skirt and tulle shoulder
straps. Clean velcro closure down
the back. Pretty satin bodice with
blue, white & hot pink floral
pattern. Has a built in panty. This
looks to be made for the more
modern less busty style Barbie
dolls. Nice dress! $2
Barbie Fashion Fun #4802 from 1984
Mint Condition
Very rarely do you ever see me
label something as mint. I just
couldn't find anything wrong with
this dress. Maybe a hair of thread
on the end of one tie but it looks
beautiful! Super sunny yellow nylon
tricot with white neck ties & white
elastic hips. The elastic is strong. I
don't think this was played with at
all. Super clean, no abuse, snags or
holes! Adorable for a
spring/summer display! $9
Barbie "Party Pair" Twice As Nice
Skirt #4823 from 1983
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Looks wonderful! Super clean with
a single snap closure secure. It is
reversible. Blue side & white side
with a pale baby pink waistband.
No snags, stains or holes. Great
replacement/upgrade for your
top! $5
Barbie Fashion Extras #7961
from 1984
Good Condition
Only flaw is a little pink stain on
the center lower front. I think
this can wash out. Also a little
blackish line mark underneath
it closer to the hem. Otherwise
very nice. Snap closure secure.
No blown seams or holes. 50
  Barbie Wedding Party Fashions
from 1985
Near Mint Condition
Beautiful pink taffeta gown with
puffy short gathered sleeves & full
skirt with darker pink sheer
overskirt & purple satin waist
ribbon/sash. The dress doesn't look
like it's been played with. Clean &
bright. Both snap closures on back
are secure. The elastic cuffs of the
sleeves are nice & strong. Just some
light creasing from storage but a
gorgeous dress! $12
Barbie Size Mickey Mouse & Goofy
2 Piece Pajama Set
Made in China
Mint Condition
How incredibly adorable! Both
pieces look fresh out of the
package. I think they might be
from the late 80's or 90's. I'm still
researching. No stains, holes, or
abuse. They are clean and the
fabric is crisp! Tiny velcro closure
on the back of the top & the
elastic waist on the bottoms look
Too cute!! $15
Barbie Fashion Fantasy Dress
#5544 from 1982
Mint Condition
I'm sorry I don't have the fur
shawl to complete it because
the dress is just gorgeous &
super clean! I don't think it's
been on a doll! No stains, holes,
snags or runs! Beautiful
shimmering purple color. Neck
tie & belt/tie at waist both look
wonderful! I've had my own
since childhood & it looks great
on your dolls! A realistic & very
sexy dress! So pretty! It is tagged
with a satiny black & white
Barbie tag inside
Barbie Designer Collection Gown
#5654 from 1981 Variation with
"Dreamtime Barbie material"
Mint Condition
I am still researching this so that I
can be accurate. This gown is
designed exactly like the 1981
version (see my original version
listing above) but it features the
sheer overskirt in the material
Mattel used on the robe for the
Dreamtime Barbie. It's a beautiful
variation with eyelet trim on the
bodice, pink satin neck ties, sweet
pink & purple floral skirt with
white satin skirt underneath. It is
tagged inside the skirt with the
early to mid 80's black & white
Barbie tag. So it is genuine! It has
not been played with & looks
gorgeous! No stains, snags, runs
or blown seams! The satin ties
look great! The snap closure on
back is secure & the eyelet trim is
all clean. It's just adorable & so
Fashion Fever Floral Blouse
Mint Condition
Does not look like it's ever been on
a doll. Sweet orange, burgundy,
yellow & green floral print on white
with elastic cap sleeves yellow
gros-grain ribbon sash and velcro
closure on back. Perfectly clean
and crisp fabric. No abuse, stains,
holes or blown seams. Will look
adorable on your dolls! $3
Barbie Yellow Elastic Waist Pants
Not exactly sure which outfit they
belong to but they are a 90's era or
later issue. Nicely made but they'll
need a good wash. No blown
seams and the elastic waist looks
great. Smudges on one side look
like they should wash out without
too much effort. All seams looks
nice. No holes in the fabric. $1
Barbie "Wet n Wild" Bathing Suit
from 1989 #1069
Mint Condition
It still has the threads that
attached it to the packaging
through the back! Perfectly
mint & clean! Never on a doll!
Never played with and no
handling soil.
No runs, snags or abuse! Will
look great on any of your dolls!
Fashion Jeans Barbie Original
Fair/Good Condition
They need just a little work but
have fantastic potential! The
denim is very dark & clean! One
pocket decal is missing & the pink
satin ribbon around the waist is
almost entirely gone. The right
pocket seam is open. Tighten that
up & add a new ribbon and they
will display beautifully! The snap
closure is secure. There is a
slightly tiny speck of fabric dead
center front seam that had
popped up on me. I pressed it
back in place & it looks fine. I
think it's a tiny speck of thread.
Should display fine as is & no
resewing. The pink piping trim
down the legs & on the pockets is
all nice! Sorry I don't have the
sweater right now! $1
Barbie Olive Green Twill
Mint Condition
These are super nice & clean! Very
well cared for with nice velcro
closure on back. No stains, holes or
blown seams. They sit on the hips
and from the 2000's or later eras.
They'll look great on your dolls!
Barbie "B" Monogram Purple
Mini Skirt
Tagged "B"
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Looks very nice. Traces of lint but
just about all of it blew off. Velcro
closure on back. No stains, holes
or blown seams! 50 cents
My First Barbie Fashion Top
#4872 from 1984
Near Mint Condition
Part of an adorable set! It is a
multi color dotted top with
gathered waist & open v back
styling. The elastic looks great!
The fabric is clean, bright & very
crisp feeling. Only reason I can't
call it mint is some collar seam
thread popped out & fabric is
just a hair loose near the right
side of the neck. Still a great
display! SOLD
Barbie Wide Leg Cargo Pocket
Very Good/Excellent Condition
These are part of an original
outfit for one of the modern
Barbie's from the 2000's era. They
look great. They are clean with
big cuffed bottom legs, crossed
double stitching & a big cargo
pocket on the left. Tiny silvertone
buttons on front. No stains or
holes but there is a little fraying
on the back bottom under the
velcro closure. $2
Barbie "Feeling Fun" Jacket #1189
from 1988
Fair/Good Condition
It needs a good wash but clean up
nicely. The big spot is on the outer
left sleeve (can be seen in the
picture). The rest is solid. No tears
or blown seams. Some creasing
from storage but with a wash it will
look nice I believe. It is tagged
Barbie & the silver dots are all nice.
50 cents
Barbie Cuffed Denim Capri Jeans
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
They look great. Just a little
creasing from storage but nice &
clean. Cute little single silvertone
button on front. Velcro closure on
back. No holes, stains or blown
seams! They'll look great with
almost any top! $2
Barbie "Jeans" Fashion Dress
#1688 from 1988
Fair Condition
Tagged "Genuine "B" Barbie"
The dress has an asymmetrical
hem line with blue & pink pin
stripe fabric ruffle, belt accents,
fine collar & sleeves. The main
body of the dress has light white
wash denim design. The dress
has a few flaws. The biggest is
the open seam on the back of
the left shoulder. It will repair
fine. The main dress fabric is
frayed on that edge but it just
needs that seam redone & it can
look good again. Edges of the
belt are loose. It was unfinished
by design so it's bound to
happen. Just a little loose on the
ruffle. Snap closures are secure.
There is a glitter in the
underside that is flaking off a
lot! No stains.
Barbie Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans
Excellent Condition
They look very nice. Velcro
closure on back (white) with nice
black & white woven denim. They
do flare just slightly at the lower
leg so I'm calling them boot cut
jeans. A couple pale spots on the
back right by the velcro on the left
but nothing horrible. They are
clean otherwise. No holes, blown
seams or heavy handling. $2
Barbie or Similar Doll Skinny Leg
Blue Jeans
Perfectly clean and well cared for!
No holes, stains or blown seams.
Small velcro black closure in back
in nice shape. Somewhat smooth
material with a medium blue/white
weave. Slightly slicker than a
normal cotton fabric. They look &
feel nice in person! No handling at
all! Very clean! $3
Barbie Flare Leg Aqua/Turquoise
Corduroy Pants
Near Mint Condition
Very pretty and clean! Velcro
closure on back. They are not
tagged but are Mattel. No bald
spots in the corduroy. Soft & not
matted material. Minimal
handling. They are a hip hugger
style with a flared leg & wide hip.
No holes or blown seams. $3
Barbie Silver/Gray Capri Satin
Cargo Pants
Excellent Condition
They are really cute. Pretty
silver/shiny gray satin fabric
with cargo pockets and elastic
legs. Velcro closure on back.
They have stitched faux pockets
on front too. The right side
pocket has a few loose threads
on the side of the pocket
section (not the flap) but it's still
very secure. They are otherwise
very nice. Clean with only
minimal handling. They'll look
great on your dolls! $2