Mod & Vintage Era
Barbie & Friends Dolls
for Sale
(fashions included!)
All the dolls you'll see on this page are from the vintage & mod eras. I urge everyone who has a question on the
condition of any of these dolls, to please email any question you might have. I want everyone to love the dolls they
purchase from me. You'll find that they are all dressed dolls. Any fashions, shoes & accessories that you see on/with
these dolls ARE INCLUDED with them! The stands are NOT included. I can write novels about details (but that would
take up too much space). Always feel that your questions and concerns are top priority!  I'll gladly provide closeup
pictures to you upon request! All of the dolls on this page are sold as is and as described to the best of my ability!

Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal.
Vintage Barbie Fashion Queen Head
Excellent Condition
Only flaws with this head are the brownish spots at her ears.  
Otherwise she's a beautiful display head! I do not know if she
has ever been treated for those spots. Her face and head paint
are all original to the best of my knowledge. No rubs and I do
not detect any retouches on the face at all. I see two very hard
to find faint traces of missing paint on the top of her head. I do
also see 2 pin holes in the top of her head as well. Likely from a
pin to hold a hat in place at some point. Nice eyebrows, lips
and eyes. This is how she came to me in a childhood collection.
She will become a wonderful display doll. $18
Sunset Malibu Barbie in Best Buy #7817
Made in Japan
Excellent Condition
She is not perfect but she is a very pretty display doll! She has a
few flaws. 3 green spots on her face being the most prominent.
I have not treated them in any way. One by the left corner of
her mouth, another by her left inner eyebrow and the 3rd
being right in the corner of her left eye. I haven't treated green
stains on a face and I didn't want to experiment with her, she is
so pretty otherwise. Her face paint is all excellent with no rubs
& no retouches. No necksplits, nose nips or earring holes. I did
find one very light green spot on the right side of her face.
Much less pronounced so it's not bad on the side. Her hair is
gorgeous! Nice & full with no missing plugs. No cuts or trims
and it's not frizzy. Not many flyaways either! Her body is very
nice. It is the Japan twist 'n turn Malibu body. All fingers and
toes are nice. Great color with only a speck smudge on the
front right upper calf. Nothing major. The limbs are all nice &
tight. Not swingy legs/sprung hip/swingy arms. Both knees
click & hold 2 positions each. There are a small amount of pin
pricks on the feet/ankles. Not horrible, but a small amount.
Some are like a little line mark but she is not riddled with them
either. She displays very well without shoes on. Her feet are
not heavily abused! So don't let that scare you. Barbie will
come to you wearing a beautiful Best Buy halter dress from
1974. It is missing the hat but the dress looks almost mint
condition. The only reason I can't call it mint is the lower back
center seam is opened up somewhat. It's an easy fix and only
the equivalent of 3 loops of thread loose. All of the fabric looks
beautiful. No runs, stains, snags or handling soil. It is not faded
or dingy! Both ties on back are in great shape. She's overall still
a very pretty display doll. I'd love to see someone be able to
help her green spots because she's got a beautiful face and
fantastic hair! She has fantastic potential! $20
Sunset Malibu Barbie in Best Buy #2222
Made in Japan
Very Good/Excellent Conditions