Pink Gathered Bodice Swimsuit
Very Good/Excellent Condition
A little too short for Barbie & I'm not
100% sure if it's for a later issue Skipper.
Just a little popped seam thread on the
right side of the v neck & some on the
lower "v" in the back. No runs, holes or
snags. 2 tiny light brown handling/soil
marks on the rear but a decent suit.
50 cents
Wee 3 Janet Doll Original Raincoat
Mint Condition
Part of a cute set for the Janet doll. The
orange coat has cute purple vinyl trim
and star with matching purple stitch trim.
No stains, holes or blown seams. Sorry I
don't have the rest of this cute outfit at
this time. $2
Mattel Sunshine Family "Gardening Craft
Kit" #7791
from 1976 - Excellent Condition - Missing
the neck tie but will replace easily. Very
hard to find dress & a great display. Clean
and never washed! Not dingy! $9
Mattel Sunshine Family Baby Sweets
Food Dish from "Backyard Picnic
Project" #9194 from 1976
Mint Condition & Rare!
No abuse. It is a black version that only
came with this particular play set. $10
Mattel Sunshine Family Steven Jeans
Near Mint
Nice color and not dingy looking. The
thread belt loop is still on the back. No
holes or abuse! $3
Honey Hill Bunch "Sweetlee" Doll
Fair/Good Condition
She is adorable but her bangs are a bit
short. Her hair is back is full but it's been
trimmed (I think). Has what I would call a
bi-level cut. I know she should have a
ponytail, so that might be how she was
originally done. The body is very good
and her face is clean. Missing her cookie
& yellow smock dress/pinafore. Hair will
need some work to calm down some frizz
but she's still really cute! $1
Sunshine Family Orange & Peach Dress
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
I'm pretty sure this is for the Sunshine
Family. I couldn't find it in my book, so
if I'm wrong, let me know. It is sized
right for Stephanie. The dress is in
wonderful condition. It is tagged Made
in Hong Kong, Hand Wash only. No
blown seams, stains or holes. Just traces
of handling but I think it looks great!
Snap closure on back is secure. Adorable
dress! $18
Wee 3 Stacie Doll Original Raincoat
2004 Mint Condition
Adorable coat that came on the blond
doll. The coat has pink vinyl trim and a
star with part stitch trim. No stains, holes
or blown seams. Sorry I don't have other
pieces from this outfit at this time.
Sweet 16 Doll Original Swimsuit
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This was sold for Mattel's other fashion
doll from 1976. She was the platinum
blonde with the big brown eyes. Had a
very Japanese anime look about her face.
She came with this simple orange nylon
tricot one piece swimsuit. Other outfits
were sold for her but are generally mixed
in with Barbie's Best Buy outfits. This suit
is clean and has no blown seams or heavy
play time. Just a trace snag or two on the
back but nothing horrible. It looks very
nice! It can fit a Barbie but I think the
waist is a loose cut for Barbie. $10
Unknown Small Baby Doll Top
Near Mint Condition
I do believe this is made by Mattel. If I
am wrong, I'll gladly update this listing.
It's a soft tie neck top with solid pink
gathered short sleeves and white
check/plaid design on the front & back.
Very well cared for (or barely played
with). No blown seams or abuse. The tie
is nice & long. It measures 5 1/2 across
the chest, 3" shoulder to shoulder across
the back (not counting the sleeves!), 3
3/4" on the back length (from collar &
down!). Definitely from the early to mid
70's. $5
Wee 3 Lila Deep Red Corduroy Mini Skirt
Mint Condition
This is really cute! Pretty little pleated
ruffle trim mini skirt with tiny little
stitched pocket on front. The skirt is soft,
perfectly clean and has no abuse, blown
seams or stains. Velcro closure on back.
Part of an adorable outfit for the
redhead doll. $2
Sunshine Family "Kitchen Craft Kit"
Apron, Potholder & Oven Mitt #7792 from
Excellent & Near Mint Conditions
Very hard to find pieces! The oven mitt
and potholder are just too adorable! Both
are very nice. Minimal handling. The
apron is very nice too! Just a crease on
that corner and one in the middle, but it
will wear fine. The apron strings like to
pop out of the holes. You might want to
make that knot a little bigger if you can!
Just a little spotting on the pocket Decal
is still attached and it still has the yellow
hankerchief in the pocket! Super clean
hankerchief. That is seriously hard to get!
Sunshine Family Camping Craft Kit Top
#7790 from 1974
This is the denim top for Steve from this
set. Missing the decal but no stains,
holes or blown seams. Only mark is from
where the decal was attached. $2
Sunshine Family Grandparents
"Grandma's Original Blue Apron" #9112
from 1976
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean & has no stains. Nice long
light blue ribbon ties around the waist.
Has red accent stitching and 2 front
pockets. It's in great shape & no abuse.
Just a crease from storage. Will look
great on your doll!
Rockflowers "Long In Fringe" Vest #4050
from 1971
Fair/Good Condition
Al the fringe is nice and the vest is solid.
No blown seams but it could be brighter.
Some rubbing on the left front side but
it's still cute! Will look cute on your doll!
Mattel Brand Items
This page will feature any item made by Mattel that isn't standard 11 1/2" Barbie. I'll have
Sunshine Family items, Supersize Barbie and many more in time posted here!

Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal.
Dazzle Doll Original Golden Sheer Wrap
Near Mint Condition
Made from the same material as Golden
Dream Barbie's outfit pieces, this skirt is
beautiful. A fine sheer white fabric with
bright golden weave throughout with
gold braided tie at the waist! It is well
cared for & clean! The tie is in a knot
currently from the original owner. Just
undo it gently. Minimal edge wear but a
nice display! $2
Steffie Original Dress
Excellent Condition
Pretty black, green & floral print with
white trim. Nice & clean. Snap closure is
secure. Good elastic. No holes or blown
seams. A tiny bit of wear to the white trim
on the back. It's on an inner edge &
minimal! Looks bright white. Great
upgrade dress for your doll! $3
Mattel Disney Aladdin Jasmine Pink
Iridescent Jewelled Over Skirt #2557
Mint Condition
This is part of the original outfit for
Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin made in
1992. Can be worn with either her original
aqua outfit or the purple dress set that
came with her. It is a pink iridescent color
with triangular blue jewel and velcro
closure on back. No stains, holes or
blown seams. Clean & crisp! Nice
replacement/upgrade for your Jasmine! $3
Baby Beans Mini Doll Titian
Excellent Condition
She is too cute! She has a Mattel tag on
the back (some fray on it). She has titian
semi curly hair and a cute hot pink
fleece playsuit with matching bonnet.
The ribbon is long and in good shape.
She's adorable. She is approximately  2
1/2" tall. Nice face with green eyes.  She is
very well cared for! $12
Disney Princess Summer Sun Ariel Doll
Disney Store Exclusive
Bikini Bottoms
Tagged Disney Princess Made in China
Mint Condition
Sorry I don't have the other items to
complete the outfit. These are perfectly
clean & will be a great piece to complete
your dolls original outfit. No stains, holes
or blown seams/snags. The velcro closure
on back is great. The colors are bright. No
dulling/tarnishing of the gold tone buckle.
Honey Hill Bunch "Spunky" Doll
Good Condition
He's very cute. Nice clean face. Hair has
some frizz & play but still very nice. No
tears in the body but there is some
handling/soil on his jeans. The vest looks
very nice. Velcro is all good. Cute doll! $3
Wee 3 Stacie Doll Original Jeans
Near Mint Condition
They look fantastic. Not much play time
or handling. They have a velcro closure
on back and cute pink trim toward the
ankles. No holes, stains or blown seams.
Marie Osmond "Satin 'n Shine" Pink &
Silver Shell Blouse
Near Mint Condition
It's clean and brilliant looking! Pretty
pink with silver woven lurex fabric. No
stains, holes or blown seams. It's been
well cared for. A fantastic
replacement/upgrade to complete or
start your outfit for Marie. Will fit any
Barbie or 11 1/2" fashion doll as well!
Sunshine Family Baby Cradle
Good Condition
Who keeps swiping all the legs for these
cradles?? It is otherwise excellent but
needs the legs! No stains. A little bit of a
scratched spot right inside the headboard
but displays fine. 50 cents
Small Doll Princess Pink Dress
Good Condition
It's bright & clean but has some snags on
the skirt & overskirt but the sleeves &
bodice are nice. The sheer & star fabric
is pretty. The white lace collar, cuffs &
trim are bright white. Velcro closure on
back. The dress is approximately 5 3/4"
total length from collar to hem. The
shoulder to shoulder length laying flat
across is 1 1/2" across the back. The waist
is 2 1/2" laying flat across. It is untagged
Cute dress! $2
Sunshine Family Dress-Up Kits RicRac
Stephanie Dress
Excellent Condition
A little light reddish package residue on
the inside front of the dress. The outside
displays fine! Long green ricr ac tie is
nice. Just minor edge fraying. Just a
couple threads loose of the left side of
the ric rac. Easy fix & an adorable display
dress! These are tricky to find! $10
Mattel Sunshine Family "Kitchen Craft
Kit" #7792 from 1976 - Near Mint
Condition - Very rare piece that is clean
and well cared for. No stains, or holes. An
adorable piece for your set! $7
Rockflowers "Long In Fringe" Single Blue
Shoe #4050 from 1971
Sorry, I only have the one, but it's a nice
It's clean & in very nice shape. A trace of
a split on the front edge but a nice shoe.
Minimal trace of a heel scuff. Still very
pretty. No chew or bite marks. No stains.
Sweet 16 Shirt Belt #9556 from 1976
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Part of an adorable outfit for the Sweet
16 doll and often times used on Barbie.
This belt is clean with no stains, blown
seams or abuse. Just a couple threads
hand loose from the ends but it's
essentially unfinished at the ends. This is
normal. $3
Mattel Pink Doll Top
Excellent Condition
I am still researching who this was made
for. It looks to be a Mattel piece. It is
made of a hot pink fleece type material
with yellow & orange braided/mini pom
pon trim. It seems to be size for a Mini
Baby Tender Love or perhaps a Tiny Tears
type doll. The top measures as follows:
(all measurements taken laying flat)
Chest 3 1/2" across
Back Length 4 1/8"
Shoulder to Shoulder 2 1/4"
Waist 3 3/4"
Bottom/Hip 4 1/4"

It is not tagged. The back snap rivet is
complete however one half is detached
from the opposite fabric section. A few
light spots but nothing severe. There is a
split on the back lower pink fabric right
above the pom pon trim. I will update as
soon as I can confirm who it was made for.
Sunshine Family Dress Up Kits Patches
Steve's Overalls from 1975
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean and still folded as they were
from the original packaging! I don't
think these have ever been on a doll! The
only thing I see is some loose seam
threads but that's how it was packed
from the factory. And I want to say that
one leg looks a hair longer than the
other but that's 1970's Mattel quality for
ya! They will be adorable on your doll
though! Hard to find! $10
Sunshine Family Dress Up Kits Patches
Stephie's Denim Dress from 1975
Mint Condition
Adorable dress with a pretty & long
cobalt blue gros-grain ribbon at the
waist. No stains, holes or blown seams.
Came with Steve's overalls to the left. I
do not believe this was ever on a doll
either! Looks wonderful! Only a trace
loose thread at the ends of the ties.
They're unfinished from the factory so
this is to be expected. Great dress!
Barbie Babysitter Baby
Excellent Condition
It is marked M I 1986 on the back of the
head. (Mattel Inc). I'm still researching
the era. Likely came with either a
babysitting Skipper or Barbie doll. The
baby comes wearing its original blue
romper. In very nice shape. Excellent
head, body & limbs. No cuts, missing
digits or stains. The outfit looks very nice.
Some fraying threads on the ribbon but
the tulle ruffle is very nice. Some age
spots on the back of the romper but not
severe. Velcro closure is good. Very
sweet! Nice paint all around! $3
Heart Family Baby Boy in Original Outfit
Very Good Condition
He will need a really good wash on his
clothes but he is an excellent doll. Full
head of medium brown hair, blue eyes
and all fingers and toes are in good
shape. Missing his cap. He is from set
#9079 from 1985 "Dad and Baby".
Dazzle Doll Silver Glittering Tights
Near Mint Condition
These look wonderful. They are either
made for Dazzle or the Kenner Glamour
Gals. Not sure which. I'm posting on both
pages but have only this one set
available. They are well cared for &
clean. No blown seams or holes. Elastic
waist looks good. Only one tiny smudge
at the bottom of one foot. It's minimal
and will display perfectly. Very pretty
sparkly fabric! $5
Sunshine Family Steffie Original Dress
Fair Condition
Looks nice but the elastic waist is a bit
wide. The fabric is crisp & clean but there
is a hole in the front of the right arm area
at the bodice. Not sure if this can be
tightened up and display properly or if it
will end up with a tight fit. Can be used
for spare fabric or parts. The fabric feels
great, just the hole is the main flaw. The
fine lace trim is all solid. Snap closure is
secure on back. You may choose to use
this as donor material to create
something else out of it. The fabric is
excellent and clean other than the hole. $1
    Sunshine Family/Barbie Baby Sits Baby
in Red Romper & White/Red Trimmed
Jacket (Backyard Picnic Project??)
Good Condition
This little one has some frizzy hair but
still a very nice doll. The hair is full. A
nice wash should make him/her a little
calmer in the hair. I have not cleaned the
doll. All fingers and toes are in nice
shape. I would say the eyes have just a
little bit of that "ring" from age look. Not
melted but there's a ring around the pupil
look to them. Otherwise the baby looks
great. The outfit will need to be
brightened. Just from handling & years of
storage but it is an actual Mattel outfit
and very hard to find! The snap closure
on the back of the romper is secure.
Some wear to the ends of the neck ties
but a solid piece. The jacket has some
loose red stitching on the left but still
very cute! I am thinking the outfit is from
the "Backyard Picnic Project" but
researching!! $5
Sunshine Family Steffie Original
Mint Condition
This was either barely used or just that
well cared for! Bright & clean red nylon
tricot with single snap closure at the
back of the neck. No stains, holes,
fading, blown seams or snags. A
wonderful replacement upgrade for
your Steffie! $5
Honey Hill Bunch Darlin' Original Top
Very Good Condition
Very nice with no holes or blown seams.
The eyelet collar and skirt trim is all nice.
It's a nice white but does have a little
aging discoloration on the left side. It's
visible in the picture but it does display
beautifully! It's very light but it's there.
You might be able to wash that up too.
The snap closure on back is secure. It's
really good replacement/upgrade for your
doll as so many show up missing this top!
Supersize Barbie Sheer Robe
Fair Condition
This is a piece that if you are handy with a
needle & thread you might be able to
make a great display out of. The robe has
a tear on the back in an an "L" shape. The
horizontal end is right on top of the back
seam. This will display fine from the front
but if you can at least tighten this up, it
will look decent. The vertical tear is
almost 1 inch tall and the horizontal tear
is 3/4" long. There are some snags and a
couple spots that will rinse/wash out on
the lower front. The lace looks nice! The
tie is missing unfortunately. The bottom
edge is rough but seems to naturally curl.
Not for the mint collector but not total
junk either! $2
Steve Original Mock Neck Top
Excellent Condition
This version is a burnt sienna color.
Good looking color! Came with pants
pictured to the right. Well cared for!
Clean! No holes, blown seams or snags.
Minimal bottom edge wear. Looks
great! Sanp is secure. $3
Wee 3 Lila Original Burgundy & Pink Hat
Mint Condition
Beautiful & clean! It's a wide cap with
raised knot textured knit and pink lower
brim area. No abuse, holes, stains or
blown seams. Part of an adorable outfit
from this set of 3 dolls but came on the
Lila doll I believe. $2
The Happy Family "Father Hal" Original
Excellent Condition
These were sold in 1975 for the black
version of the Sunshine Family Dolls.
These jeans have the red stitching on
them. Unfortunately I don't have any
other pieces for this outfit. They are in
very nice condition with only the elastic
waist being stretched but will look very
nice on your dolls! These are much harder
to come by. They will fit the Steve doll
too! Some play time but not filthy & no
blown seams. $10