Larger Size Doll Clothes
Madame Alexander
American Girl & More
This page will be for all larger doll clothes, shoes & accessories like Madame Alexander, American Girl and even a
couple pieces for the Coleco Cabbage Patch Kids. Also some unknown pieces that might be well constructed
seamstress pieces.
There will be much more to come!
American Girl Sized Black & Floral Striped Dress
Near Mint Condition
It's not tagged so I don't know who made it but it's absolutely gorgeous
and beautifully crafted! The dress has a lace up bodice and fully lined
in pink. There should be some kind of skirt underneath it and likely
bloomers or pantaloons. I don't have anything else to go with it
unfortunately. The dress is clean and well cared for. It's gathered at
the waist and has pretty wide bell-like cuffs. It's just adorable! Will fit
any American Girl or similar sized doll. This could be used with the
Felicity & Elizabeth dolls because this seems to be in their
Revolutionary era style. Or maybe Kirsten from the 1800's. Will look
fantastic on your dolls! $15
Madame Alexander Pink Stripe Baby Doll Top
Good Condition
This is a nice piece but has one flaw. A pink smudge stain on the lower
right front. Otherwise it's a nice top. It's tagged Madame Alexander
New York  NY on the back under the eyelet collar. Inside is a soft pink
fleece. No holes or blown seams. It has a velcro closure and white satin
trim. The top measures 10 3/4" wide from one sleeve cuff to the other.
6 1/2" across bottom laying flat. The back length is 4 3/4" from center of
collar on back to bottom. There is no real sleeve seam so I couldn't get
a true "shoulder to shoulder" measurement. I'm still researching the
name of the doll it was made for. I'll update that as soon as I have it. $8
Mattel or similar brand Pink & White Knit Baby Doll Top
Excellent Condition
I believe this top is from the 70's and it may be made for a Baby Tender
Love or Tiny Tears style doll. Perhaps a Sister Small Talk Doll. The top
is in great shape with fine silver thread work in the knit. It looks pretty
clean with no holes or blown seams. A little bit of smudging on the top
front edge of the collar but not too bad. It has a single metal snap
closure on back that is secure. The top measures as follows. All
measurements taken laying flat:

Chest 4 1/8"
Shoulder To Shoulder 2 3/4"
Back Length 4 3/4"
Sleeves 1 1/2"
Waist 4 3/4"
Bottom/Hip 5 3/4"

It's a very cute top. Also a possibility that it was sold in a catalog outfit
set too.
Dusty Pink Doll Dress with Ivory Bloomers
Excellent Condition
Not sure who it was made for. Neither piece is tagged. They are both
manufactured and not homemade. The dress is a dusty pink with
straight mock collar, gathered sleeves with white lace trim and
gathered skirt. The zipper on back works beautifully. The bloomers
are a creamy ivory with full elastic waist and lace trim on the ankles.
The bloomers have a little bit of light brown speck stains on the lower
legs but mainly on the back of the legs. Still not horrible and they do
look otherwise very clean. The elastic waist is not dry rotted or
stretched. The dress is mostly clean but has some light brown spotting
on the lower left front. You can see this in the picture. It will need a
wash for that area but should be easy to clean and not harm the fabric.
No holes or blown seams on either piece. These are size for a 12-14"
The measurements are (straight across left to right): Chest- 3 1/2",
Waist- 3 1/2", Sleeves- 3 1/2", 3" 3cm, Back Length- 7 3/4"
Autumn Rose Dress for 12-15" Dolls
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is beautiful! The dress features pale peach & light brown/beige
rose print with green leaves. It is a manufactured piece and not
homemade. The dress appears to be made for a 14-15" doll. It has a
straight mock collar neck with gathered sleeves with soft eyelet trim
on the sleeves, gathered waist, full skirt and a semi stiff crinoline skirt
underneath. It has a velcro closure on the back. The dress is very clean
and looks barely played with/handled. No blown seams or holes. The
few green dots on the back of the dress not far from the bottom of the
velcro are just part of the print & not stains. The following are the
measurements taken laying flat from left to right: 4" chest (underarm
to underarm), 3 1/2" shoulder to shoulder, 4" waist, 5 1/8" sleeves, 10 1/2"
back length.
It's beautiful! $10
1990's Era Baby Doll Blue & White Stripe Bloomers
Good Condition
They will display nicely. They appear to be sized for a doll
approximately 12-16 inches tall. Measurements are as follows:
Waist 3 1/2" (relaxed) 8" (stretched)
Hips 8 1/2" (stretched as wide as possible)
Leg Openings 4" (stretched)
Front & Back Rises 3 1/2"

Possibly for a Cabbage Patch Doll but I cannot confirm that at this
time. Still researching. They look good but there are sporadic stains
(light brown and a little bit of a pale pink discoloration on the inner
leg right by the bottom of the crotch seam. Can be seen in the larger
main picture. Click on picture for full size. The white eyelet trim is
nice! The elastic on waist and legs is super strong & not stretched out.
They will display nicely! Not dingy. No holes or blown seams but there
are some loose threads on the inside of the bloomers. That's just how
they were finished at the factory. $2

Richard Toy Co Ltd 1925 Flapper Doll Original Dress
Made in Hong Kong
This dress is for one of the 8 1/2" plastic collectible dolls in the
Bicentennial Fashion Friends Collection. I believe this collection is
from the late 70's/early 80's. I don't have the doll or the rest of the
outfit, but the dress is in excellent condition. It is not faded or stained.
The soft white fringe is all very nice. The faux pearl tone necklace is in
great shape. It's meant to wrap around her upper arms & neck (I've
seen one in the box). The two riveted snap closures on back are
secure. Pretty velveteen collar, sleeve trim and belt with buckle all
looks very nice. No holes, blown seams or heavy playtime. Great
replacement dress for your doll! $4
Remco Mimi 19" Doll Original Dress from 1973
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
It looks wonderful. Beautifully made of soft fine knit bright rustic
orange halter bodice with rolled over collar and fitted bust with open
back and dark burgundy heavy twill knit mini skirt with fine blue
vertical stitching. The back snap closures on the skirt are secure as is
the single snap closure on back of the collar. It's clean with no holes,
stains or blown seams. I'm sorry this is the only piece I have of Mimi's
right now. It will make a great display for your doll!
Vintage Cabbage Doll Original Fleece Diaper
Fair/Good Condition
This is from the 1980's Cabbage Patch Doll line. It is clean but it is not a
bright white color. The elastic on the legs and waist is completely
stretched but I can attest that this is perfectly normal for these after
all these years. My own were the same way. No holes or blown seams.
Just redo the elastic and they will look great on! $2
Madame Alexander Single Black Velveteen Boot
1970's Era for 8" Dolls
Near Mint Condition
I only have one right now but it's in wonderful shape. It is designed
with just a little open slit on the front upper fabric to allow a dolls foot
to slide in without splitting the fabric. Just a little bit of lint but it
brushes right off. No stains, rubbed or bald spots! There is one crease
in the sole but it will display beautifully. It stands approximately 1 1/2"
tall. $5
Madame Alexander "Cleopatra" Gown, Slip & Collar
#1315 from the 1970's for 11-12" Dolls
Excellent Condition
I have 3 pieces for this set. I have the multicolor & gold collar, the
gown with gold braided belt attached and the slip. The collar is very
bright & clean. Snap closures are secure. No abuse. There is a brown
speck on the inside gold but doesn't show up on display and it does
not stain the dress. Likely there since it was manufactured. The slip
looks great. Excellent strong elastic waist. No holes or blown seams.
The only flaw on it is some rust marks right on the back center seam
inside. Most of this does not show up on the outside. It's very old so
I'm wondering if a doll may have actually gone bad or stored badly.
The outfit does not have any odors or foul smells. Only a couple light
brown almost cross like marks show on the back of the slip. Nothing
gooey that would harm your doll & it does display perfectly! The dress
looks beautiful! Just a little bit of fraying on the ends of the gold tie at
the waist but it's bright & clean on all of the gold trim. The pleats are
nice & there are no blown seams or holes. Only one tiny faint pale
brown speck on the lower front pleat (very close to the bottom) and
one light smudge on the upper left side of the pleats. This is light and
very hard to see, so it does not hurt display ability at all. It's a pretty
set & will make a great replacement/upgrade for your doll!
Green Berries & Blossoms Dress
Untagged/Unknown Manufacturer
Near Mint Condition
This is a beautifully crafted dress made of sturdy linen/cotton blend
fabric I believe with long sleeves, gathered shoulders, lace cuffs &
collar and gathered waist. It has a zipper on the back in excellent
working order. It also has 3 tiny pearl white buttons under the lace
collar. The dress is clean and well cared for. It's a manufactured piece
but I don't know by whom. It appears to be made for dolls ranging
from 14-16". The dress measurements are as follows (laying flat & from
left to right):
Chest- 5" (underarm to underarm)
Waist- 5" 2cm
Hips- 7 1/2"
Sleeves- 6 1/2" (includes lace cuff)
Shoulder to shoulder- 4 1/4" (taken on back)
Back Length- 10 3/4"

It is a sweet dress! If anyone knows who made it or who it's for, I would
love to hear from you! $10
Ashton Drake Gene, Madra Lord, Violet Waters Sheer Pink Pantyhose
Good Condition
They do have 3 holes in the upper thigh not far from the built in pale
pink panty area. No runs in the fabric though. One on the inner left
leg and 2 on the right inner leg. The rest is excellent. I can remove
them and redress a body without hurting them. Just handle them
gently and they will be a beautiful display. The toes are not snagged or
blown out. The lower legs and the outer legs look excellent. I did see
one little snag on the right outer thigh not far from the knee but it
displays fine. Excellent elastic on the pale pink panties. They are
perfectly clean. No blown seams. They'll make an excellent display for
your Gene or any doll sized like her from Integrity Toys, Ashton Drake.
Darlie Industries Inc Quilted Pattern Vinyl Covered Baby Doll Crib
Excellent Condition
This is from the late 60's or 70's. Made by Darlie Industries of NY of all
new materials and urethane foam. The measurements are 8 1/2" wide
by 4 3/4" including the binding edge. The pillow is not torn or splitting.
It has a quilted pattern to the vinyl covering and then flat on the back.
It has a fabric binding border in good shape. Could use a light wipe
down but not in bad shape considering its age. Can be used with many
bedding sets from the era. The foam inside is not compressed or flat at
all! Some wrinkles on the back but nothing cracked. The original tag
from the manufacturer is on the back with al the license information.
One corner of the binding is loose but still in great shape. Great piece
if you have a vintage crib set!