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Darci "Blue Angel" Dress
Mint Condition
I can't find anything wrong with it!
Beautiful light blue fabric with glittering
blue/silver lurex style fabric on the left
side. Snap closure secure on back of neck.
No stains, holes, blown seams, snags or
runs! It's gorgeous and looks amazing on
Darci, Erica & Dana!!
  Bionic Woman Floral Delight Dress
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Gorgeous dress! Super crisp clean
fabric! It has its original orange braided
cord halter neck tie in very nice shape.
Only minimal edge wear. I don't think
it's been played with. No dinginess,
handling/play wear, stains, holes or
blown seams. Unfortunately it did not
come with the shawl to complete the
look but it's a wonderful upgrade dress
if you have a shawl. A little bit of
creasing from storage but will wear
nicely. Snap closure is secure on back.
Super pretty! Will look wonderful on
your dolls! $36
Dusty Sports Tennis Set Sneakers
Excellent Condition
They look great! No splits or chew marks.
Very nice green paints with only maybe 1
little rub. A tiny black speck on 1 & dark
smudges & black paint spot from the
factory on the bottom of one but overall
excellent shoes! $5
Bionic Woman "Red Dazzle" Double
Strap Sling Back Sandals
Mint Condition
These are in beautiful shape! Rich red
color with no splits, chew marks, fading
or discolorations! They are gorgeous!
Bionic Woman Salon Accessories
Mint Condition
All 3 are in beautiful condition with no
abuse, bends, breaks or stains! They'll
be great in your salon set! Very hard to
Darci "Suit Yourself" Boots
Good/Very Good Condition
The boots picked up some tan like spots
from another pair of boots on the other
side than the one pictured. I will update
the pictures! The blue color is even and
not faded but you'll need to work on those
spots. They are fairly muted, but visible.
The top/side of the boot on the right has a
slight thin spot in the rubber/vinyl but it is
in no danger of splitting & it displays
perfectly. It bows inward slightly on that
spot but nothing that will hurt the look of
the boot on a doll leg. A few light scuffs on
the upper side of that boot but they came
together as a matched set & will look
wonderful on your dolls! No bite marks,
splits or abuse. $7
Darci Original Bodysuit & Wrap Skirt
Fair/Good & Near Mint Conditions
The bodysuit is nice but has a pale pink
discoloration on it. I haven't washed it
but this material should wash safely. The
skirt looks barely used and is wonderful.
It is perfectly clean and white with no
discolorations on it. No holes or runs. A
few loose edge threads on the bodysuit
but nothing major. Will still display
nicely. $9
Darci "Running Free" Sneakers
Mint Condition
They look great! Clean pink color with
while soles. No splits, chew marks or
stains! They are hard to get and will be
a great replacement pair for your outfit!
Darci Original White
Near Mint Condition
My picture is not showing this as crisp as it
is in person. The suit looks barely played
with! It is a clean white with minimal
handling! No snags, pulls or runs in the
fabric. The lace section is soft and in great
shape too. No blown or loose seams. A
beautiful upgrade! $7
Bionic Woman "Classy Culottes" Top
Variation (Blue Stitching)
Near Mint Condition
Originally I thought it was for the Bionic
Woman doll Party dress set that came
with the Dome House however, it has
blue seam stitching and not the 2 tone
from that set. This is the exact same
fabric. The tube top that came with the
Culottes outfit had yellow seam stitching.
So I am still researching which one this is!
I will update as soon as I am sure. It is
perfectly clean and in wonderful shape.
No blown seams, holes or runs. It has
creases like it had a halter strap around
it but will display nicely as is. Will make a
great replacement top! $8
Darci Original Silver Shoes
Near Mint Condition
They look wonderful and very well
cared for! Maybe a few light surface
scuffs on the bottom of one shoe but
beautiful uppers and they are
incredibly shiny! A perfect pair to
complete any look for your Darci, Dana
& Erica Dolls! $10

I have 2 pairs available!
    Bionic Woman Red Dazzle Dress
Very Good Condition
Not for the mint collector but a nice
solid dress. It was given a new gold
halter neck tie (not by me) and it does
look good so I left it alone. The dress is
clean but does have some sporadic
snags. No runs, blown seams or harsh
play wear. The snap closure on back is
secure. The single rhinestone accent on
front is securely in place. Will look very
nice on your dolls! $9
Dusty Golf Champion Cleats/Shoes
Near Mint/Mint Condition
They were well cared for and not abused.
The pink color hasn't really "bled", it's just
how they're painted. You might want to
just give me a little wipe down from years
of storage and handling but they are not
filthy or grubby. Good looking shoes with
no splits or bite marks! $7
Darci "Simply Smashing" Swimsuit
Good Condition
Nice suit but someone removed the neck
straps. Must have been done very
carefully. The suit is damaged from
removing them. The front ruching is very
nice. A little bit of a stressed look on the
right vertical seam but still a solid piece.
The left seam has traces of that same
effect but displays fine. No stains! $6
Dusty Doll Western Boots
Fair & Excellent Conditions
Soft rubber brown boots for Dusty's
riding outfit that came with her horse
Nugget. One is perfect. The other has a
few nibble marks. Someone probably
had a hard time getting the boot off her
foot. $1
Dusty Softball Top
Near Mint Condition
My apologies for the slightly fuzzy picture.
This shirt is much nicer in person. No
snags, holes or blown seams. The "3" is
very nice. The colors are very pretty. It's
an unplayed with top. No residue from a
doll. No stains! Looks a little wadded up
but it's not from abuse, it's merely the way
it was sewn. Will straighten up properly on
a doll. Sleeves do open up nicely. Snap
closures are secure. Can't find anything
wrong with this one! Great upgrade piece
for your Dusty or Skye! $6
I have 2 of these available!
Dusty Gymnast Jacket
Good Condition
Part of an adorable set for Dusty! A white
fleecy jacket with blue & gold trim. The
3rd color on the trim has faded out a bit,
so it appears yellow. Should have been
pink. Still has the signiture "daisy" on the
front. Snap closures are secure. The trim
is curling up on the ends of the sleeves
but that should be easy to fix. No blown
seams or stains. I think it could be a hair
brighter but still pretty nice. It's very soft!
Kenner Dusty Dark Blue Swimsuit
Fair/Good Condition
This would be a near mint condition
suit but it has a run down the front
center and stops at a small hole in the
center of the suit. The stitching on all of
the white seams is all clean which is
difficult to find if they've been left on a
doll! All of the leg & arm holes are clean
with no vinyl and plastic residue. One
little snag on the back. This is worth
experimenting with!! See if you can add
something cute to the front & disguise
the run & hole and make a nice suit out
of it!! The original daisy is missing. $1
Darci "Garden Gal" Green Shorts
Near Mint Condition
They look great! Soft green terry cloth
fabric is bright & clean. No stains, holes or
blown seams. Full elastic waist is strong
and tight. Not stretched out or dryrotted.
Sorry I don't have the top or bracelets at
this time. Will make a great
replacement/upgrade for your set or to
begin collecting! $8
Bionic Woman Mission Purse &
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
Not a complete set but plenty to get you
started! The red soft vinyl mission purse
is in great shape. It closes over the little
square tab nicely. Inside it has the yellow
purse in great shape, the yellow wallet
also in great shape. Inside that it does
have the sheet of credit cards. "The
Kenner Kard", Library Card, Jaime's
Ventura ID, "Play Charge" and her drivers
license. There's some wear, creasing and
a split between her driver's license and
her Ventura Id side. Just a little bit
connected there but it's still cute.
Unfortunately it didn't have any Kenner
bucks inside but the cc's are much harder
to get anyway, so it's still really cool! And
then the 2 maps and the vinyl case holder
for them. The case is great! The maps
have some play time but still very good.
Just from handling & play. Cute set! $20
Dusty Tennis Sneakers
Very Good Condition
They need a little cleaning for the fine
storage/handling soil but will display
nicely. No splits, ink stains, chew marks
or heavy abuse. $3
Darci "Lovely Lavender" Skirt
Near Mint Condition
A wonderful upgrade replacement skirt
for your outfit. No stains, discolorations,
holes, blown seams or abuse! Only
minimal use at the top elastic. It's not dry
rotted. The skirt's trim all looks
wonderful. This will look beautiful on
your doll! $10
Oscar Goldman Original Jacket (Six
Million Dollar Man Series)
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean! Looks like it was never
played with. No blown seams, abuse or
stains! Snap closures are secure. Great
replacement jacket that will fit either the
Oscar G. doll or Steve Austin.
Darci "Jean Scene" Yellow Sweater
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Beautiful yellow soft knit sweater with
multi color print monogram. The
elastic cuffs are all in great shape and
not dried out. No blown seams, stains,
holes or runs in the fabric. An excellent
replacement/upgrade piece!
Darci "Red White & You" Bracelets NIB
Mint Condition
Never opened or touched! Three reds, 2
whites. No fading or abuse! Perfect to
complete your set!
Darci "Suit Yourself" Vest
Excellent Condition
No holes, blown seams or matted finish
on the vest. I do see some handling,
mainly on the left front. It displays fine,
but you may opt to give it a gentle
wash/oxyclean. The handling is not
heavy. You can opt to leave it as is and it
will display very well. All trim stitching is
in excellent condition. A great
replacement for your set! $8
Kenner Darci White Wrap Skirt
Near Mint Condition
Very clean and well cared for example
of this skirt. Clean white fabric with a
good ribbon at the waist. Only a little
bit of unraveling at the ends of the ties
but it's a very nice piece! No holes, runs
or snags. $5
Darci "Suit Yourself" Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This piece looks perfect to me. I couldn't
find anything wrong with it. Super clean.
Ok, only the elastic at the waist is dry. It
doesn't look stretched though. No stains
or holes. Seams are all in nice shape! $9
Bionic Woman Beauty Salon Chair
Mint Condition
I don't see any cracks, stress marks or
abuse! The color is all even & it looks
I don't have the stool that goes with it,
Dusty Tennis Champion Dress/Top
Good/Very Good Condition
Not for the mint collector but will still
display well. The green floral trim is in
nice shape. The little daisy applique` is
attached but a bit loose. It's in nice shape
otherwise. The white polyester fabric
needs to be cleaned just a bit for some
play/handling soil. A couple snags/pulls in
the fabric. A couple on the back are not
bad. The one on the lower right front is
not a hole but I would handle it gently in
that area. It's a sturdy fabric so these are
just from play. One half of the lower snap
closure is missing. The top snap is secure
and complete. Still a good top. $1
  Dusty Trendsetter Floral Strapless Gown
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Only reason I can't call it mint is that
someone taped a little loose section of
the bottom green trim up in the back of
the dress. No stains from it. They did it
just to keep it from hanging a bit. It's
not super long. The rest of the dress
looks just about perfect! The elastic
shirred bodice looks fantastic and is not
dry rotted or stretched wide! The fabric
is very light sheer cotton and is clean.
No blown seams, stains or holes. There
is one single loop of thread on the top
of the dress a little loose but displays
nicely. A very sweet look for your dolls!
Darci Portfolio & Picture Set
Near Mint Conditions!
The portfolio has only minimal traces of a
blemish or two. Minor ink spot on one
side of the handle and minimal dust in the
cracks. Otherwise, it's an excellent piece.
The pictures all look wonderful! No folds
or creases! They are the thinner paper
versions and they were never played with!
Great upgrade set for your Darci's! $8

I have 2 sets available.
Darci Gold Shoes
Mint Condition
Both have a deep gold color! Not faded
or rubbed looking! Will look great on!
Darci "Garden Party" Shoes
Mint Condition
Both shoes look wonderful! Pretty
yellow color. Both have their original
white flower attached. No abuse.
  Darci "Mellow Yellow" Jumpsuit
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Bright sunny yellow terry cloth jumpsuit
with elastic waist. Nice & clean. Only
traces of piling but not much. No blown
seams, stains, holes or heavy handling. It
is not dingy. The elastic waist looks great!
The top elastic is not super stretchy
anymore but will display nicely. The top
elastic never was very stretchy on these
anyway. Sorry I don't have the belt or
bracelets at this time. Will look great on
your Darci & friends!
Bionic Woman "Gold Dust" Single Shoe
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a hard plastic sandal for Jaime with
quasi flexible straps. Sorry I don't have the
mate for the shoe. The color is creamy
ivory with almost a hint of super pale
peach tone in it. No splits, stains or chew
marks. $7
Bionic Woman "Lilac Butterfly" Single
Near Mint/Mint Condition
The shoe looks great! Pretty dusty
grape/lavender color. No fading, stains,
chew marks or splits! A pretty looking
shoe. Sorry I don't have a mate for it!
Darci Lovely Lavender Dress (Top & Skirt)
Fair/Very Good Conditions
Both pieces have great potential! The top
does have a big section of the right side
bodice elastic pulled away from the
pleated fabric. So that needs to be done to
display properly. The skirt is solid and
does not have this issue. The main flaw
with both pieces is that they have
succumbed to that odd syndrome I've seen
on several of these outfits now. That
dreaded "coffee" colored spotting. It must
be the fabric "aging". I can't explain it
otherwise. I haven't washed either piece
so I don't know if it comes out or not. The
skirt does not have much at all and none
on the front, so the skirt you probably
don't have to worry about washing. The
top has some on the front and back. So
they aren't mint but still have potential! $10
  Darci Running Free Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I couldn't find anything wrong with it!
Super clean & well cared for! No stains,
holes or blown seams! No snags or pulls
either! Pretty rainbow cuffs &
waistband. Snap closure is secure.
Clean pink fabric! Often they can show
up dingy. Not this one! This is one that
will make a beautiful upgrade piece if
your set is heavily played with! Pretty! $8
Darci Original Booklet
Near Mint Condition
Straight & looks just about perfect. I saw
only one trace bend in the upper top
corner. No other use otherwise! No
writing in it. No tears or abuse! Taken out
of a box and never touched basically!
Adorable illustrations inside! $4
Bionic Woman Original Red Criss Cross
Slingback Sandals
Mint Condition
They look wonderful! No stains, fading,
chew marks, splits or abuse! A perfect
upgrade/replacement for your Jaime
Bionic Woman "Classy Culottes" Blue
Single Shoe
Excellent Condition
The shoe looks great and is solid but it
does have on the side a paint mark
from the factory that is the "jute" paint
color on the front strap and a light
mauve/pink mark on the side of the
back strap. I know the front strap beige
color is from the factory as it is a
perfect match. It is very small. The
mauve one on the back is only inside
the grooves and not a big problem. This
shoe will display nicely! No chew marks,
splits or abuse! The top of the strap
looks wonderful in person, so it will be
very nice on your dolls! $6
Dusty "Trendsetter" Sky Blue/White Polka
Dot Bell Bottom Pants
Very Good Condition
Part of an adorable outfit. They would be
near mint but one problem. Whoever
took them off their original packaging,
tore the lower right leg off without cutting
the thread. There is a split/hole on the
back lower right side leg that is right at
the seam and a few cm's on the back. So
it's a nice display on the front side but it's
there on the back. Just a split line but
needs to be mentioned. The rest looks
great! Snap closure is secure. Clean
otherwise. They will still look very nice on
a doll! $5
Dusty "Safari Vacation" Top
Near Mint
Well cared for! It is tagged Dusty inside.
Very clean muslin khaki fabric with
brown stitching cuffed sleeves, 2 real
front pockets, 3 brown accent buttons,
and the cute daisy flower on the right!
The snap closure is secure. No residue on
the inner arm or shoulder areas. I saw a
couple light marks on the inner collar, so
it must have come from a dolls neck at
one point but not left on a doll to do
more severe damage. It's just a couple
color marks. No actual gooey vinyl on the
inner collar. No stains or any gooey vinyl
at all on the inner or outer arm/shoulder
areas! It is a clean top otherwise. No
blown seams or holes! This is hard to find
and will look great on your dolls!
Glamour Gal Doll Silver Glittering Tights
Near Mint Condition
These look wonderful. They are either
made for Dazzle or the Kenner
Glamour Gals. Not sure which. I'm
posting on both pages but have only
this one set available. They are well
cared for & clean. No blown seams or
holes. Elastic waist looks good. Only
one tiny smudge at the bottom of one
foot. It's minimal and will display
perfectly. Very pretty sparkly fabric! $5
Bionic Woman Original Outfit (Blue Pants)
Fair & Excellent Conditions
This version has the bright cobalt blue
pants with velcro closures at the sides of
the leg openings. The top is in rough
shape. The left cuff is almost completely
disconnected. The rest of the front is ok.
The white could be brighter but the main
problem is the entire back panel of the
shirt. This is the fabric just disintegrating
with age. Lots of holes & thin spots. I don't
know how it happens but it happens to a
lot of them. If you can reattach the cuff &
ignore the back it will be fine. The snap
closure is secure. Missing the Bionic
Woman decal. The pants are wonderful!!
The color is not faded at all! They only
need a little back edge of the elastic
tucked back in the seam and the rest of
the elastic waist is fantastic. It's not
stretched out wide! The blue fabric all
looks great! Only other flaw is a little
bottom edge of the inner right leg seam is
loose. Easy fix. Just a couple loops of
thread on that & it will look perfect. The
pants were well cared for, for the most
part & not snagged. They do not have
those strange thin spots or holes from
age. So they have lots of potential to be a
wonderful upgrade for your Jaime doll! $11
  Dusty "Hawaiian Vacation" Grass Skirt
Excellent Condition
This is a hard to find piece of Dusty's
adorable Hawaiian set. It is in good
shape and clean. A few wayward grass
strands and the stitching of the waist is
uneven looking in the back. It's not
torn! It's all perfectly intact just not
consistent stitching pattern. And for the
wayward grass strands, just gently slide
the shorter end downward and the
longer counterside will become the
right length. I did it with several and it
was a big improvement. Just needs a
little straightening out on the back but
still very nice. No stains or any residue
from a Dusty body. The elastic waist is
strong and not stretched out! $12
Glamour Gal Doll Stand
Marked 1075068
Excellent Condition
No abuse or cracks. All 4 sides of the stand
leg section are excellent with no abuse or
chips/cracks. Will work great for all your
Glamour Gal dolls! $1
Six Million Dollar Man Original Single
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I couldn't find anything wrong with it.
Clean bright color that is not faded,
dingy or abuse. The stripes in blue &
white look great. No chew marks, splits.
Darci Original Pink Bracelet
Mint Condition
Just one single pink one in perfect
shape. Sorry I didn't have others to go
with it. No abuse & nice color. $4
Darci Original Stand Base
Excellent Condition
Just a few traces tiny dot marks on it, but
overall very nice. I don't know who's been
eating all of the leg braces for them but I
unfortunately don't have one available to
go with it at the moment! No heavy abuse
or cracks/breaks. $2
Dusty "Golf Champion" Outfit
Very Good/Excellent Conditions
The skirt would be absolutely mint
condition but someone snipped off the
length of the white ties. Snap closure is
secure. Very clean and pretty with all 3
pink accent buttons. Still very very pretty!
The bodysuit could use a little oxyclean
but a good solid piece. Has the daisy in
very nice shape! Both snap closures on
back are secure Good solid piece! No
snags or runs! Both will display very
nicely! $6
Bionic Woman "Fiesta" Skirt
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a slightly deeper red version
than the full outfit I have listed above.
Sorry I don't have a top to match it. It is
very clean and crisp. Snap closure on
back is secure. Nice colors! No holes,
blown seams. Will look great on your
Jaime dolls! $10
Bionic Woman "Red Dazzle" Single Red
Mint Condition
Perfect if you need a single shoe to
complete your set! The shoe is a beautiful
rich red with no stains, fading, chew
marks or splits! Will look great on your
dolls! $5
Bionic Woman "Elegant Lady" Single
Peach Shoe
Near Mint Condition
Looks great! Minimal handling. No chew
marks, splits or fading. The color
matches the stitching on her dress
perfectly! $6
Darci "Autumn Days" Pants
Near Mint/Mint Condition
They look wonderful! No stains, holes,
runs, snags or blown seams. The elastic
waist looks great and it's not dried out.
They are made of that lightweight nylon
fabric. Almost the feel of parachute pants
without the square pattern.
Darci "Jean Scene" Skirt
Near Mint Condition
Beautiful medium blue long skirt with
yellow stitching detail and open front
lower slit. Snap closure on back is secure.
Only reason I don't call it mint condition
is because of some creasing from
storage. Clean with no stains, holes or
blown seams. $15
Darci "Lovely Lavender" Armlet
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
It looks super nice. Not 100% perfect
but really close. Looking closely at it,
there are tiny traces of  threads at the
elastic just barely loose. They are
located on the front side (without the
seam stitching running vertically).
Handle it gently and it will be fine. Then
on the backside (with the seam running
vertically downward), there are 2
microscopic speck dots/traces of a spot.
These are absolutely minimal. I'm
getting super nutty picky about it. This
will be an excellent display piece. They
are fragile by nature, so this is a good
replacement piece. $8
Dusty "Volleyball Sports Set" Top
Near Mint Condition
It looks great! Sturdy cotton lime green
fabric with bright spring green rik rak
trim and the daisy applique` securely
intact. The elastic shoulder straps are in
excellent shape and not dried out! Snap
closure on back is secure. Some light
storage/handling but nothing heavy or
severe at all. No residue from a Dusty doll
body! Hard to find! $8
Dusty "Trendsetter Fashion" Red Jacket
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Part of a great looking set for Dusty! The
jacket is a bright red with deep blue
stitching and 3 little navy blue accent
buttons on front. It looks very nice. A
little bit of storage/handling soil on back
& light trace marks on back of sleeve but
still very nice looking. Nothing severe.
No blown seams or holes. Very cute!
Dusty Original "Golf Champion"
Good Condition
It is missing the daisy and needs an
oxyclean but not a filthy piece and it is
not torn. No vinyl residue from being
on a doll! No runs, snags or blown
seams. The snap closure on back is
secure. It will be a very nice piece. Just
add the skirt and a daisy if you have
one! $4
  Dusty Baseball Bat
Near Mint Condition
A little bit of rubbing on the white paint
but not bad. Mostly on one side. It is
molded Kenner and also Dusty on the
brown area on one side of the bat. No
breaks or cracks! Really cute piece to
display with your dolls!