Kenner Dolls
This page will cover all my Kenner Dolls I have for sale. From the fashion doll style to action figures and
celebrity dolls. And anything in between. If you have anything in particular you're looking for, just
Darci in Original Outfit
Excellent Condition
Beautiful doll with a gorgeous full head of hair! No missing
plugs! I see 5 or 6 short strands of hair that almost look like a
spit curl on the lower right side of her head but everything else
is wonderful! Darci has a beautiful face with no rubs or
retouches to her paint. Her body is in excellent shape. All
fingers and toes are in very nice shape. No chew marks, nips,
cuts or pin pricks. She is fully poseable. Both knees click and
hold 4 positions each. One tiny pale green dot on the back of
her left calf and a couple larger spots on the outer/back of the
right arm. I have pictured this so you can see what they look
like. The dot on the leg is hard to see. It's minimal. The right
arm does bend but tends to pop out into a straighter position.
The left arm bends and holds the bent position without a
problem. Her arms, legs and head are not swingy. No earring
holes! Darci will come to you wearing her original outfit in
white. The bodysuit has some playtime. An open seam on the
left waist side area. The left shoulder has some wear/seam is
rough and a little open looking. The right side looks fine. It's a
clean suit and the lace looks nice. It displays fine. The skirt
looks beautiful! Clean with no heavy handling or abuse. No
holes, blown seams, runs or snags. The ties at the waist are very
nice with only minor edge wear. The shoes look very nice! She
will be a gorgeous doll to add or start your Darci collection!
**Please note** The dark dot on the outer left hip is not an ink
spot. That is a spot of the inner leg showing thru the vinyl. This
is one spot of 2 on that leg. That's how she's made from the
factory & not a flaw/tear or abuse spot. It's perfectly normal to
have that mark on a dolls leg. $32
Sarah Velvet Brown "International Velvet"
Excellent Condition
She is made to look like Tatum O'Neal but Kenner used the
Princess Leia head mold. Her outfit is not complete but she's in
wonderful shape! Beautiful dark blond hair that is super soft
and shiny. Full! I don't see any missing or thin hair plugs. No
cuts or trims. Excellent face paint. No green stains, earring
holes or neck splits. All fingers and toes are in great shape as
well. Both knees click 3 times each but hold 2 bent positions
each. That's normal. No pin pricks or chew marks/splits on the
feet, ankles or legs. She is wearing her original blazer. It does
have the 2 gold accent buttons on front and the Union Jack flag
on the left but it is curled up. Some creasing on the jacket from
storage. She is wearing her ivory/white jodhpurs. They look
pretty nice. Some handling and a little bit of loose seam at the
back of the left leg seam but no runs, blown out seams or holes.
Good elastic waist. She just needs her boots & scarf/neck tie
piece. She will make a great display doll for your collection!
Dusty Trade In Doll in Original Swimsuit
Fair to Excellent Conditions
I love the Dusty doll but unfortunately her poor torso. They
cannot survive age with the chemical reaction to the vinyl limbs
and head. This sweet doll is no different. She has severe
melting. Her head does turn. The legs also move. I'm very
gentle with them. I don't move them without being very gentle
and not too much. I don't want them to disconnect from the
hip sockets like so many do. The legs are still attached at the
hip. The arms can pop out of the sockets. Particularly the right
arm. I have to struggle to keep that one in place because of the
melting. It's so soft that it's hard to keep in place. It's best to
just leave the suit on for now. It's a good suit if it weren't for
the vinyl staining and being stuck to the fabric. The daisy is
secure. No runs or other stains on it. All of the limbs are in
wonderful shape! No chew marks, missing fingers or toes. No
cuts, pin pricks or play damage. Dusty's face looks great! Her
hair is wonderful! That's what I love about her the most. This
one has great hair! No missing plugs or cuts. It's nice and soft
too! Not frizzy! I would love to see this girl get a great home
and see if someone can help her because she could be a
wonderful doll! SOLD
Darci Doll in Original Pink Outfit
Very Good Condition
Pretty doll with a couple flaws but still a very pretty display!
Darci has a very nice head of shiny blond hair. Missing one plug
in the front center but still plenty of hair (not enough to worry
about rerooting her). The face looks beautiful! All original
paint with no rubs or retouches. No earring holes. Her biggest
flaw is a cracked away spot on the back/right side of her neck. I
have pictured this so you can see exactly what you'd be getting.
She is in no way loose or swingy in the head. The neck is not
continuing to chip away. I would just handle that gently but she
feels sturdy. I would not sell her if she felt like she would fall
apart at any time soon, but please do remember when combing
her hair, if you are too hard, you could encourage it to split or
crack more. I do not put guarantees on dolls but she does feel
sturdy to me. The rest of her is very nice! Her arms and legs
look very nice. I saw one little green spot on the front of the left
calf (slightly leaning toward the inner calf) but it's minimal. No
pin pricks, cuts, chews or missing toes/fingers. Both knees work
nicely. The left knee holds 4 bent positions. The right knee
holds 3 bent positions. The elbows do bend but both pop out to
a slightly straighter position. The legs, head and arms are not
swingy but the hands have a mild swing to them. Not severe.
They are firmly in place, but move easily. Darci will come
wearing a pink version of her original outfit. It's very pretty!
The bodysuit/swimsuit looks very nice. A few snags on the back
but no blown seams, heavy abuse, holes or runs. No stains on
either piece. Her matching skirt looks beautiful! Both ties are
very nice with only mild edge wear. No runs, snags or abuse on
the skirt! It is well cared for! The shoes look very nice with only
light handling. She's a pretty girl and will look sweet on display!
Glamour Gals Shara Doll with Original Stand
Excellent Condition
She is marked on the back C R G 1981 Hong Kong . Her name is  
Nice hair & face. Body is not chewed. A little bit of orange
looking color on the knee. Some play time but a great display. I
believe she is "Bronze Beauty". Stand is in great shape. $6