Vintage to Modern Ken
& Same Size Doll Fashions
Pet Pals Fashion #3665 from 1987
Near Mint Condition
Looks great! Super soft knit 3 piece outfit
made up of pink crop shirt, white elastic
gathered pants and light blue shorts that can
be worn with or without the pants. Included is
a light brown furry cat/dog. It's never been
clear if that was to be a big cat or a dog. White
sneakers complete the outfit. The elastic on
the shorts & pants looks great. Only flaw on
the pants is a faint yellow dash/mark on the
back of the left leg. Nothing major. The shorts
look great. The top looks great but a little
unraveled hem seam on the front center
bottom edge. That's an easy fix. Wears nicely
as is! The dog/cat is super clean! A little tiny
snag or two on the pants but again, nothing
horrible. A wonderful display outfit & so cute!
Ken Fashion Originals "A Very Deluxe Tux" #9745
from 1977
Excellent Condition
Looks gorgeous! The tuxedo jacket is crisp &
clean. Just a little crease on the left collar but it's
a wonderful display. The pants are excellent and
clean as well. A little stretch on the elastic waist
but will still wear nicely. The dickie is in good
shape but the red braided elastic waist is
stretched & dry. The snap closure is secure on
back of neck. There is a black loop on the trim
that is loose but still a nice display. A clean suit
for your dolls that will look great on! No stains,
holes or heavy abuse. $24
Donny Osmond Starlight Night
Dickie & Black Pants #9816 from 1977-78
Good/Very Good Condition
Sorry I don't have the jacket or socks but
these 2 pieces are a good start! The dickie is
in very nice shape. Only flaw is that the
elastic waist is stretched & wide. It's from
age. The rest of it looks wonderful though!
Just needs a little loose thread at the one
side of the snap closure tightened up & it
will display very nicely! The pants are very
good but again, only flaw is a wide waist
since the elastic dried out. No stains  on
either piece. The pants could use just a loop
of thread at the top hip of the right side to
tighten it up. The silver & black braid trim is
pretty good. Just a few little light frays in it,
but nice! $7
Malibu Ken Original Green Shorts - Mid 70's
Excellent Condition - These shorts are for the
mid 70's issue Malibu Ken. They are very hard
to find. Elastic is excellent. A little snagging
on the backside but a very nice display with no
holes, runs or stains! $5
Mod Hair Ken Original Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
So nice to come across one that doesn't have the
underarms blown out!! This jacket looks
fantastic! It's super clean. No holes or blown
seams. And I looked, no repair jobs!! Super
upgrade/replacement jacket for your doll! Snap
closure is secure. I do see some oxidation on
one side of the snap but the outfit is not stained.
Fashion Favorites "Blue Chip Dressing"
Jacket #2800 from 1979
Excellent Condition
A dusty blue & white pinstripe jacket with a
tan handkerchief. Tagged. Very clean and
well cared for. I do believe the cuff seams
have been resewn in the past (not by me). 1
looks a little crooked to me. But this can be
redone and look perfect. Otherwise, it's
really a near mint piece. $4
The Yachtsman Jacket #789 from 1964
Excellent Condition
Just a little light handling on the center front
but a solid jacket in nice shape. It is not dirty,
just that bit right over the zipper area &
mainly the lower portion. Pretty crisp fabric.
Does not feel like a worn out rag. Nice tag.
Zipper works nicely! The pocket flaps are
clean. The dark blue cuffs, bottom edging &
collar is all soft & clean. This is nice jacket. No
blow outs under the arms. No holes or blown
seams. A very good upgrade! $5
Now Look Ken Original Outfit
Very Good Condition
If you can remove a couple spots from these
pieces, you'll have a fantastic replacement
outfit! There are no rips or repairs from past
rips on this set and that is very hard to find!
Most of these jackets show up blown out in the
sleeves. The spot is not as dark as my picture
projects it to be! It does look pretty decent in
person but yes, that spot is there. The pants do
have that watermark look spot. It's not that dark
in person but if you study it very hard you'll see
it. Seams on the pants are tight & never torn. All
brown buttons & snap closures are secure. The
elastic on the back of the pants looks wonderful!
Great potential here! $8
Ken Glitter Beach Shorts Set #3730
from 1992
Near Mint Condition
This set is an easy to dress style short set for
Ken. It is from the 1990's. It has a velcro
closure on the shorts. No snap or velcro on
the shirt (by design). No stains, holes or
blown seams! Very mint/clean! Tagged.
Came out around the same time frame as
the Totally Hair Barbie & Ken dolls. Great
outfit & much brighter in person! $4
Vintage Ken Original Beach Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean and well cared for! Minimal
handling on the fine terry collar but it looks
great! The white & red stripes are not dingy,
dirty or yellowed. No stains, blown seams or
holes. There is a little fraying on the ends of
the tag but it's still in excellent condition. The
fabric is crisp and feels nice. One thread loose
on the right center but it's nothing major. A
great looking upgrade/replacement for your
vintage Ken! $5
Crystal Ken Original Jacket
Excellent Condition
Soft white velveteen jacket with purple tulle
floral lapel and and 2 tiny button accent buttons
on front. The buttons and single snap closure
are all secure. No blown seams or holes! Just
needs a little brightening. Basically
handling/play time soil. No ink stains or
anything that looks like it won't wash out. I
haven't washed this. I don't think the purple
tulle material will run, so it should be perfectly
safe to wash as far as I can tell. Will make a very
nice display! $3
The Yachtsman Stripe Top #789 from 1964
Excellent Condition
A very nice top. Just a little bit of
handling/age but it's not a filthy piece. I
think it could be one shade bright but it's a
very nice top. No holes but there is a tiny bit
of a popped seam on the inner edge of the
collar. This can be seen on the left. It's an
easy fix. $12
Get Ups N Go Unite Airline's Uniform Pilot's
Cap #7707 from 1973-75
Near Mint Condition
Only missing the front insignia, the cap is
clean and well cared for! A fold on each side
of the black vinyl brim. That's just how it was
made/rests when not on a doll. No holes,
blown seams or heavy handling. It will look
great on your dolls and a very nice
replacement piece for your outfit! $9
Best Buy #9702 Shirt
Fair/Good Condition
Not for the mint collector but it will display
pretty well. From the front it looks great. Decal
is nice and still attached. A crease from
wrinkling but not horrible. A seam on the right
sleeve needs to be tightened up. It's an easy fix &
the fabric is not destroyed. There is a spot on
the back right where the fabric starts to fold
inward. I think this will wash up. I have not
tried. It is a pinch bigger than the size of a pencil
eraser, so it's not too big. Snap closure is secure.
A little bit of fabric wear on the back bottom
edge. Won't show on display when tucked in
pants. Still a very presentable shirt! $2
Pet Pals Kevin Pants
Near Mint Condition
I believe these are from the Pet Pals era. I
could be wrong. They are definately from
the 90's. Excellent elastic waist & velcro
closure. Clean print in black/white/pink
with no dinginess or stains. No holes or
blown seams. $3
Ken Dark Blue Shorts
Near Mint Condition
These have a velcro closure on the back. I'm
assuming they are from the 1990's era. No
colored stitching. Just a straight dark
midnight blue color. They are very clean &
well cared for. No abuse or holes. Lightweight
cotton fabric. $2
Best Buy #9132 from 1976
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Bright red denims are very crisp & clean with no
holes or blown seams. Knit shirt is very nice but
missing flag decal. Button & loop closure are
both still on the back. No holes or blown seams.
Just a tiny bit of fraying at the inside piece of the
loop closure but it's still secure. Cute set! $11
Ken White Vinyl Gloves - Unknown
manufacturer - Good Condition
These gloves would be mint but someone
had them connected with a safety pin to
keep them from getting separated.
Otherwise they are wonderful with no splits.
They will make great display gloves! $2
Ken Velveteen Rust/Maroon Tuxedo Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Great looking jacket. I want to say this is a late
80's era jacket but I haven't been able to find
which outfit it is for yet. I'm still researching.
It is very clean and well cared for. The edges
are unfinished from the factory. No blown
seams, holes or stains. No bald or matted
areas. It is clean, soft & will make a great
display! I want to say this jacket should have
white dress pants. I don't have any other
pieces for this outfit at this time.
Best Buy #7758 from 1974
Excellent/Near Mint
I only have the knit top & single sock for this
outfit currently. Both pieces are very clean &
bright. Almost no piling. The sock doesn't look
like it's been used. 1 trace of a thread out of
place at the top. The sweater may have 2 or 3
threads slightly out of place but no holes. $8
Vintage Ken Rally Day Cap from 1962
Mint Condition
This is super clean and looks like it's never
been touched! I haven't seen a cleaner
example! $6
Ken Best Buy Shorts #7760 from 1974
Near Mint Condition
Excellent elastic waist. Minimal handling. No
blown seam. No holes. They look very nice. A
little fray on the inside of the elastic edge but
it's not falling apart or torn. Just at the very
end after the seam ended. Nothing major at
all. Great display! $5
Ken Brown Vinyl Belt
Near Mint Condition
Not sure which outfit this belongs to. Only flaw
might be a bend on the buckle but it looks nice.
Fashion Collectibles #2796 from 1979
Very Good Condition
According to the Eames book, this muted
floral trunks look is intentional. The fabric
is reversed inside out (I guess too bold floral
of a print was too girly for Ken). Elastic is
wide & a little bit of restitching on a side
needs to be done but it will display fine.
Sorry I don't have the robe! $3
Ken Guruvy Formal Tuxedo Vest #1431 1969
Good Condition
From the front it's a wonderful display and
looks great (almost mint condition). Just some
creasing from storage. The back side is solid
but has a big water stain & slight amount of
pinkish discoloration. Probably just got wet.
No holes or blown seams. All of the gold
brocade looks beautiful. All 3 tiny gold tone
accent buttons and 2 snap closures are all
secure. It will display beautifully! SOLD
Big Brother Ken Original Shirt
From the late 90's.
Near Mint Condition
Ties look great & it's very clean! $2
Ken Swim Trunks
Near Mint Condition
I'm researching who these came with. I
believe these are from the later 90's. Green
tie is great and elastic waist is excellent. $1
Ken Best Buy Shirt #8615 from 1973
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is a great example of this shirt. All of the
white dots are nice. Only light amounts of
handling. Slight rubbing where it seems to
have been creased in storage. The cuffs are
nice and white. 2 small white accent buttons
and single snap closure on the front are all
secure. No blown seams or holes. The back of
the shirt looks just as nice as the front.
Probably the only reason I don't call it mint is
a slight bit of handling on the collar but it's
very nice! All of the red seam stitching is very
nice! Very good looking shirt! $10
Barbie & The Rockers Original Ken Shirt
Excellent Condition
Just a little bit of edge wear to the decal but not
bad at all. 1 or 2 very tiny snags and just a speck
of a dot on the lower front and a trace of 2 pale
bluish spots on the back Very hard to see. 1
super faint tan looking line on the back. I'm
getting ultra picky here. This is a nice display!
Not a dirty piece. $1
Ken Sport Shirt from 1962
Excellent Condition
The only real flaw with this shirt is that
someone resewed the snap closure using
white thread. This can be fixed easily. No
other repairs to the shirt. The underarms
are not blown out. I see a tiny loose thread
under the left arm but it's not bad at all. The
2 decorative buttons are secure. Tag is
curled up a little but the fabric is nice. Great
shirt! $3
Tuxedo Jacket #787 1961-65
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The only attention this will need is some
wrinkling from storage. It's a clean jacket.
Boutonniere is attached. It does need the
button for the closure replaced but the loop is
there and not torn. Nice fabric! Very clean. No
blown or stressed seams. Tag is inside. Satin
labels have no pulls or abuse. Excellent
display piece! $8
Vintage Ken Striped Sock
Near Mint Condition
Very Clean and bright. No holes, runs or blown
seams. Just add a mate! $1
Ken White Cotton & Silver Lame` Western
Tagged (Purple & White B Barbie Tag)
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a later 90's/2000 era western shirt for
Ken. It is very clean and looks great! The
collar, cuffs & button trim are done in silver
lame` with black trim above it and across
the top of the chest. Plastic snap closure on
the bottom is secure. No holes or blown
seams. Will look great on! $4
Sleeper Set Pajama Bottoms #781 1961-63
Excellent Condition
The only flaws are the elastic waist being
stretched (all too common) and 1 faint dot on
a front tan stripe. So hard to see, but I wanted
to mention it. Very clean fabric otherwise! No
blown seams and the fabric is not dingy! Very
nice display pants! $4
Ken Fashion Classics #5820 from 1983
Excellent Condition
Cute plaid shirt with khaki cotton pants. Only
thing missing is the neck scarf and shoes. Both
pieces are clean & free of blown seams or holes!
The elastic on the pants is good. Doesn't not
look completely stretched out. The shirt never
had snap or velcro closures. A little wrinkling
from storage but will look nice on! $8
5 Piece Clone/Catalog Ken Black & Pink
Western Outfit
Good & Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Adorable set with a slightly Spanish flair to
it. Bold pink shirt with gold rik rak trim,
pink accents & single snap closure. Shirt
looks mint. Bright & clean. Only a little
creasing. The pants, vest & belt are made of
short velveteen fabric with stiff backing.
Very cute! Gold trim on pants, gold rik rak
trim on belt & then same gold rik rak on
vest with pink, yellow & green embroidered
design with black braided & loop trim as
well! The belt is very nice. The vest is
adorable & very clean. Vest is mint. Belt is
near mint/excellent. Patns have some light
spots on the lower front of the right leg. I
have not washed them. Do this delicately if
you do. There is a little bit of the back
center lower seam under the snap closure a
little loose/undone but the snap closure is
there. A trace loose on one side. Will still
display nicely. Black western clone boots
complete the set and are in mint condition.
Adorable set! I've never seen this one
before! $13
Mod Hair Ken Original Jacket & Pants (Pale
Near Mint Condition
These 2 pieces were extremely well cared for! I
love this version. I personally think it's
sharper looking that the standard issue. The
jacket is a lighter "heathered" pattern with on
blown/stressed or repaired seams. Snap
closure is secure. No stains. Can't find
anything wrong with either piece. The pants
are a deeper richer brown than the standard
issue. I love this color! And what's really nice is
the back side elastic is mint! It works & is not
dry rotted No stressed or blown seams on
these either. Both pieces are outstanding and
will make a great replacement for your doll!
Sport Shorts #783 1961-63
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Other than just being pressed on the one leg as
you see in the picture, these are very clean.
Zipper works fine. No holes or blown seams. Not
dull or dingy. Great upgrade! $6
Ken Sleeveless Blue Top
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Very clean fabric with a back velcro closure.
One side of the velcro is pulling away from
it's seam but will be an easy fix. Fabric is not
destroyed. It is a nylon knit material. No
runs or snags. Probably from the 1990's era.
Vintage Ken In Training Shorts
Excellent Condition
Very strong elastic at the waist. Some handling
& playtime but a pretty solid piece. No blown
seams or holes! $2
Vintage Ken Sailor Bag #796 from 1962
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Nice solid blue chambray/denim duffel bag for
his adorable Navy outfit. No holes, blown seams
or stains. Just a little handling on the drawstring
and slight dinginesss to the letter U. Otherwise a
great bag! Perfect to complete your set!
Ken Silver Belt/Cummerbund
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This looks to be a piece from the 90's. It is a
clean shiny silver with a snap closure that is
secure. No splits or tearing.
Play It Cool Brown Coat #1433 from 1970
Good Condition
This coat would be just about mint condition
but there is a little nipped off corner on the
left collar tip. The rest of the coat is great! I
think it will still display fine just not for the
mint collector. The felt is all clean & soft. I
saw one tiny pin hole on the lower back. The
tag is nice. No blown out sleeves or
underarms. All 4 buttons are secure. The snap
closures are secure as well. A little creasing
from storage but not bad at all. Still a nice
coat. $4
Ken Fashion Favorites Top #3796
Excellent Condition
Part of an adorable baseball outfit! I see one
tiny spot on the front left toward the snap
closure. A few grayish spots on the back from
package residue. Otherwise, the shirt is crisp &
clean. I think someone opened the package, saw
the spots & decided not to use it. Doesn't look
like it was played with.  Will display nicely as is!
Ken "Big Business" Short Sleeve Shirt #1434
from 1970
Excellent Condition
Hard to find shirt! No holes, blown seams or
heavy wear. Some light handling/playsoil
but it's all very light. Both snap closures
secure. All 4 little white front buttons are
secure. I do think the bottom button looks a
little melted on the bottom. Some wrinkling
from storage but will wear beautifully. It has
the cut out on the back of the collar for the
Talking Ken pull string/ring. $11
Big Business Jacket #1434 from 1970
Fair/Good Condition
This jacket is a nice solid piece but there are a
few dark stains on the back that need to be
removed. From the front it displays fine. The
little dark blue buttons and the two snap
closures are all secure. The Ken tag is good.
No blown out shoulder or underarm seams.
Could be brighter but this fabric can handle a
good wash and not get hurt. It does have the
cutout in the back of the neck for the talking
Ken pull string. $3
Ken & Derek and The Rockers White Satin Pants
Excellent Condition
Could use just a pinch of whitening but they will
clean up beautifully. Not filthy, just handling!
They were meant to have that slightly crinkled
look I think. There is some evidence of creasing.
Not bad. Just needs to be freshened up to look
perfect. Will display nicely as is. No holes or
blown seams. $6
Ken White Best Buy Nylon Tricot Dickie
Mint Condition
This can be used for several 70's Best Buy
outfits for Ken. It is a genuine Mattel piece
and in great shape! Clean white with a single
metal snap closure on back. A little light
creasing but an excellent piece! No stains,
runs, holes or blown seams. Will make an
excellent upgrade/replacement piece for
several outfits! $6
Best Buy #2243 from 1978
Mint Condition
Both pieces look like they have never been on
a doll! Super clean & crisp fabric. No stains,
holes or blown seams on either piece. Snap
closure is secure on the back of the top. The
floral print is bright with no handling! The
pants are a tomato red color and the elastic
on the back looks like it's still pleated but
made wide. This is normal. It's not stretched
out looking as the gathers are not wide. Just
more fabric on the back. A very cute set for
your dolls! $18
Dream Glow Fashion #9193 1985
Near Mint
Highly sought after outfit! I unfortunately only
have the jacket. It is super clean & ready to
display! No holes, blown seams or stains! The
jacket has iridescent cuffs & collar. Braided
iridescent trim on sleeves, shoulders & front.
Snap closure is secure. It is tagged Ken. If you
have the pants, you will have a fantastic outfit.
One of Ken's best looks from this era! $8
Best Buy #9705 from 1977
Near Mint Condition
This outfit is one of my favorites. It's very
classy  & features a red/golden yellow & blue
knit mock collar top with blue suedecloth
vest & deep red long sleeves to match the
deep red pants! It looks really sharp on
Ken!  Both pieces are very well cared for!
Super clean & crisp fabric! No holes, stains,
blown seams or abuse! A trace of storage
soil on the lower left side that sometimes
shows up under bright light. Other times I
look at it & it's fine. So to err on the side of
being insanely picky, it's a faint line mark
but still a wonderful display! The left top
side of the elastic seam has one popped
thread. I wouldn't worry about it. The pants
look fantastic. Mattel did funny things at the
factory. I see a few threads on the left side
leg seam but they aren't popped. They're
secure. I checked inside, no holes, just left
with little pieces on the outer hip edge. A
great looking set! $17
Ken Fashion Favorites Top #1404
from 1980
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Dark blue nylon tricot fabric with burnt
orange fleece collar and bottom trim and
orange & yellow braided trim on sleeves. The
elastic cuffs look great & not stretched out.
Snap closure on back is secure. A few dark
smudges on back. One on the left shoulder
not far from the collar but not too big. A thin
line on the back. Possibly from the package.
Not severe! Somewhat hard to see. Displays
great! None on the front. One tiny start of an
open seam under the right arm at the chest. 2
or 3 loops of thread and it will be perfect.
Fabric is not blown out or frayed.  No
snags/runs. Fleece is soft & clean. $ 5
Ken or Similar Fashion Doll Army Hat
(not Vintage Ken!)
Mint Condition
This is not the hat from #797! It does not have
the signature braided trim edging. This is the
classic khaki color but a more modern issue. I
have not been able to figure out which set it
came with as of yet. I will update as soon as I can
verify which set it came with. The hat is perfectly
clean with no flaws, stains, holes or abuse! No
playtime or handling! It looks big enough that it
could possibly be used on Barbie too. I received
it with a large group of late 70's & 80's Barbie
items. Will make a great display hat!
Best Buy Knit Top #8616 from 1973
Excellent Condition
The only thing needed on this is the bottom
front hem restitched for a few loops. It's
otherwise very clean & well cared for! This
one does not have the "73" in red on it. There
were some that didn't! There are no signs of
it having ever been there. No glue residue!
No other blown seams. The shoulders &
underarms are not tearing or stressed. Snap
closure is secure.  One mega tiny trace gold
thread raised but not pulled. This is
extremely minimal. Easy fix on the bottom
& you've got a basically mint condition top!  
The V.I.P. Scene Jacket #1473 from 1971-72
Near Mint Condition
Looks fantastic! Clean with no holes, stains,
blown seams or dinginess. It is tagged Ken but
the tag is wrinkled up some. It has all 4 black
buttons on front. Both snap closures are
secure. The jacket has the hole in the back of
the collar to allow the Talking Ken pull string
to come through. No blown shoulders or
underarms! Just a little bit of wrinkling from
storage but it's a great jacket! Nice
replacement/upgrade piece!
Vintage Ken Single Yellow Sock
Mint Condition
I see no flaws on it. It's clean and has no blown
seams or runs in the fabric. Looks great!
Todd McDonald's T Shirt
Good Condition
I believe this shirt belongs to the Todd doll
(Stacie & Whitney's friend) from the 90's.
The shirt is a decent display but needs a
little light handling/dingy look on the front
left side washed. I think it will brighten up
pretty well. It's a soft cotton fabric in black
& white with a large McDonald's drink &
ring patch in the center. It has a plastic snap
closure on back which is secure. No holes or
blown seams. Just a little oxyclean & it will
display nicely. 50 cents
Vintage Ken or Same Size Red Shirt
Near Mint Condition
This is a manufactured piece. At first I
assumed it was by Mattel but I was unable to
find the exact name of this shirt. It's
beautifully made and with excellent quality
fabric. It's a fined ribbed soft cotton. The
sleeves are cuffed and it has 3 clear not quite
white accent buttons & 2 metal snap closures.
The top snap closure is missing the female
end. The lower button is complete but one
side is a little loose. The shirt has only a little
bit of play/handling soil & some creases from
storage but no blown seams, holes or heavy
stains. This shirt is super tight in the arms on a
mod era & later issue Ken. This would be for a
vintage doll or perhaps a Tammy family doll.
I'm still researching. I would not recommend
this at all for a 1968 issue doll or newer
though. $7
Ken Clone/Catalog Black & Red Stitch Jeans
Near Mint/Mint Condition
These look great! Nice deep black denim with
fine red stitching at seams. They have a single
velcro closure on the back that is secure. No
stains, holes or blown seams. Just some creasing
from storage but great jeans!! $5
Best Buy Knit Top #8616 from 1973
Fair/Good Condition
The top is pretty solid and it does have the
"73" felt number attached. A bit loose on the
bottom of the 7. It is clean and has no runs
or holes. The biggest issue is a lot of piling
to the material. Take a lint shaver to it and it
will look great! The bottom hem seam needs
to be resewn for about 1 1/4" on the front.
Just a couple loose loops of thread on the
lower center back. No blown out shoulder
or arm seams. The snap closure on back is
secure. Even though the piling is making it
look rough I think this top is going to be a
great display once you take a lint shaver to
it! It's hard to find with the numbers still
there! $6
Ken Best Buy Shirt #7225
Fair/Good Condition
If it weren't for that split on the lower left
inner sleeve this would be excellent condition.
The rest of it is beautiful. You can either
replace the sleeve or experiment with it. See if
you can use it for parts which is such a crime
because it's so nice otherwise. Maybe even just
shorten the sleeves to make it a short sleeve
shirt. That would be cute too! It has both of
the littel red accent buttons. Faux pockets are
nice and has the one little accent button on
the right faux pocket. I did actually study this
under bright light. It does have traces of
storage/age spots but hard to see if you're not
looking for it. I still think it would be adorable
if you made it a short sleeve shirt! $1
Ken Catalog or Clone Dark Green Jumpsuit
Very Good/Excellent Condition
I actually really like this. It's a manufactured
piece. Looks like a workman's uniform or like
an old fashioned pair of "Dickie's" or Carhardt
suit just in dark green! It would be near mint but
has a little dark residue down on the lower right
leg in front. This could wash up potentially too.
It's not ink. Just something slightly shiny. Maybe
use Goo Gone on it. There is one very tiny pale
spot/speck near that stain but it's pretty small.
There is a tiny undone seam under the left
underarm. Not huge, and it will repair nicely.
Strong elastic at the waist and the snap closures
are both secure. One at the waist and one at the
neck. The rest of the suit looks great! A little
wrinkled from storage but it will be very cute on
a doll! $10
Ken Skin Diver Hoodie #1406 from 1964
Fair Condition
Needs a new drawstring at the neck. There is
a hole in the inner left sleeve toward the
cuff. A little play handling soil in a few areas
(mainly the sleeves need to be brightened)
but I think it could be a decent display. Will
need a little restitching where the
drawstring was but this can be fixed up
nicely! $2
Ken Prince & The Pauper Blue & White Dress
Tagged "Fashion Avenue Ken" (pink tag)
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is the shirt that would be included in the
Dominick Doll set as originally Mattel didn't
issue a "Julian" doll. This would be the shirt
worn by Julian in the movie. I apologize I
don't have the coordinating breeches to
complete this part of the set. This shirt is the
version without the ruffle bow at the neck
(that would have been sewn in place). It is
clean. Just a light amount of handling on the
sleeves but the shirt looks great. There are
tiny marks from where the shirt was sewn to
the backing in the original box but no holes or
runs. No blown seams. The gold work on the
shirt is all bright, clean and shiny. $3
Ken Prince & The Pauper Dominick Boots,
Breeches & Julian Wedding Gift Set Formal Shirt
Near Mint Conditions
The boots look wonderful. One has a slightly
different finish on just the top foot section but
no abuse or stains! No holes or blown seams!
The burgundy/maroon breeches look excellent.
They still have the tiny plastic tabs from being
sewn to the original box or something in them.
One tiny black speck dot on the back but they
are super clean otherwise with no holes, stains
or blown seams. The formal shirt is actually
much harder to get. It was made for the Julian
doll sold in a wedding gift set. I did not pair
these up properly I suppose but they all work for
the same Dominick or Julian dolls. The top is
very very nice! Clean cream color satin with gold
braided trim & ruffled collar. No holes, stains or
blown seams! $10
Ken Prince & The Pauper Dominick & Julian
Shirt & Breeches
Very Good & Near Mint Conditions
The shirt came with Dominick and the gold
breeches came with the Wedding Gift Set
with the Julian Doll. The shirt is good. Has
some handling/packaging snags from
removing from the original back but it looks
very nice still. This one has the ruffled collar
sewn at the neck. I think the sleeves could
be brighter but will look fine on a doll. The
gold breeches are near mint and much
harder to get. They are not abused. Clean
with no stains, snags, runs or blown seams!
Ken 2 Piece Green Fleece Jogging Suit
Near Mint Condition
This is a catalog outfit likely from Wards or
Sears. It features a super soft emerald green
hoodie with elastic bottom & cuffs. 3 Snap
closure on the front (all secure). Matching
non elastic waist pants with elastic ankle cuffs
(no snap closures). Both pieces look super
clean and are very soft! No blown or stressed
seams. No stains or holes. This is a
manufactured set and not home made. Came
with the denim/orange set listed to the right.
Ken 4 Piece Catalog Casual Outfit
Near Mint Condition
This is a casual denim & shirt set likely sold by
Wards or Sears. It features an orange shirt with
blue & white floral/starburst pattern and dark
blue & white elastic waist jeans. The elastic waist
looks great! The shirt has one snap closure on
front & a light brown pearl like accent button on
the front center. No stains, holes or
blown/stressed seams. Some creasing from
storage but no handling or dinginess. Part of a
cute set. Was originally sold with the green
jogging suit to the left and the business suit to
the right! Not pictured but included are a pair of
white casual textured shoes marked Hong Kong.
They are in excellent condition with no stains,
splits or chew marks. $9
Ken 2 Piece Business Jacket & Pant Set
Near Mint Condition
This is the 3rd part of a catalog outfit sold by
Wards or Sears. It features a green, black &
white check/plaid pattern jacket with 2
silver tone front accent buttons and single
snap front closure with tan dress pants. Both
pieces look great! Super clean. Some
creasing that you'll want to give a light press
but they'll display great! The colors of the
jacket are really nice together. It's super
cute in person! A little popped inner/upper
leg seam but no destroyed fabric. They'll go
on a doll fine. Maybe 3 or 4 loops of threads
will make them perfect. No blown seams on
the jacket. Snap closure on back of the
pants is secure. No stains or holes in the
fabric! Will look very cute on your dolls! $9
Ken Denim Shorts
Very Good/Excellent Condition
These are from the later 90's/2000 eras. They
are very nice. Just need a little light play
handling/storage soil washed off. They will
display fine as is but the picture does show on
the front raised sides of the pleats they have
that duller handling appearance. The velcro
closure on back is in good shape. No holes or
blown seams. $1
Ken Light Blue Plaid Shorts
Mint Condition
These look great! Crisp cotton fabric in light
blue, yellow, black & white fine plaid. Full
elastic waist is in great shape. No stains, holes or
blown seams. I am still researching what outfit
they belong to. Likely from the 90's or later eras.
They'll look great on your Ken dolls!
Ken Fashion Avenue Plaid Jacket #13567
from 1995
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Part of a great looking set for Ken. It is
clean with no stains, holes or blown seams.
It is tagged Barbie with the pink tag inside
the lower left side. Sorry I don't have any
other pieces for the outfit at this time.
My First Ken Easy On Fashions Pajama
Bottoms #4862 from 1990
Mint Condition
Part of a cute 4 piece set. I only have the
bottoms at this time but they are clean with
no holes, stains or blown seams. They are a
white fabric with red & blue print. No run
colors or fading/dinginess. The elastic waist is
in great shape. Will look great on display on
their own or a nice upgrade to complete your
set! $3
Ken Clone/Catalog Orange Fleece Beach Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is an oversized burnt orange beach jacket
sold in catalog outfit sets for Ken & similar size
dolls. It's in great shape. Very soft fleecy
material with white trim. No snap or velcro
closures. It's clean with no stains, holes or blown
seams. Minimal traces of handling on the whtie
trim but it's very nice! No bald/thin spots in the
fabric. It's a cute display! $4
Ken Clone/Catalog Black Satin Trimmed
Tuxedo Pants
Near Mint Condition
They look great! Nice & clean with a black
satin edging down the outer legs. They are a
satiny knit with single metal snap closure on
the back. They are from the 70's/80's. No
stains, holes or blown seams. Also, no runs. I
saw 2 tiny snags or piling specks. Sorry I
don't have a jacket or dress shirt to
complete them at this time.
Ken Twice As Nice Shirt #2309 from 1985
Near Mint Condition
A nice looking shirt that can go from stripes
with a yellow tweed/denim collar to a green
fine ribbed knit look with a velveteen collar.
It's clean with no stains, holes or blown seams.
Collar is in nice shape. Metal snap closure is
secure. A little light piling but nothing severe.
The fabric is still very nice. Sorry I don't have
the jeans to complete the outfit at this time.
My Ken Doll Fashions page will now also include clone fashions as well. This way you can shop for Ken and similar
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