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All of the items on this page are made by Ideal. You'll see Tuesday & Tiffany Taylor, Crissy & Tammy family, and many
more! Check back often for the latest updates! Email for a full description of any doll you are interested in. Dolls &
outfits are in no particular order.

Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal.
Tuesday Taylor Orange & White Polka Dot
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is adorable and it is very well cared
for. It has the pretty white flower & pearl
button applique at the neck with ruffled
collar. No stains, or heavy handling. A few
sporadic tiny snags but none of them are
big. Only flaw I see is a little bit of a split
on the back right by the rear seam.
Tuesday Taylor clothes are very tight so
this is fairly normal. Be gentle handling it
and dressing the doll. And I do
recommend not putting them in the seated
position with the snap closure "together".
So it allows for some room. It will still look
wonderful on your dolls! The rest of it is
beautiful! It is a dusty orange color. Not
faded. $15
Tuesday Taylor Mint Green Jumpsuit
Excellent Condition
It's a great display. Just a few little flaws
but nothing too terrible. A tiny dot on
the inner left thigh above the knee. It's
on the inside of the leg so it won't show
up much & it's light. Next is a little bit of
a popped seam thread on the right dart.
It will display nicely as is. Then just tiny
traces of edge fabric on the center
vertical bodice seam. Nothing major on
that but I like to mention everyting. The
pink gros-grain bow is perfect. I did get
the one end back through the center & it
now looks adorable (not seen in picture).
the pink & white trim looks very nice. No
blown seams or stretched out look to
that & that's hard to get. The elastic cuffs
look wonderful. A few trace light snags
but nothing too heavy & no runs! It's not
abused at all & it's going to look
adorable on your T.T.'s!!
SunTan Tuesday Taylor Original Caftan
Excellent Condition
Beautiful bright colors. Clean fabric!
No fading! I did find one microscopic
mint green dot on the front but it's
very tiny. The only flaw is a rough edge
on the back where the yellow braided
cord is. The edge seam on the two
upper sides is a bit open. The fabric is
only undone in those two small
sections but thankfully it's on the
backside and it will display beautifully
from the front. Just tighten that up
back there and it will look just about
mint condition. It's a great looking
upgrade piece! No other blown seams.
Just some end unraveling of the yellow
cord, but again, very nice! $6
Tuesday Taylor in Mint Green Jumpsuit
Excellent Condition
The doll looks great! She is all original with
no retouches or reroots. She has a full
head of shiny & soft blond & brunette hair.
Her scalp twist piece works nicely. A few
unruly strands but that's common. Still
very nice! Her face has a nice peachy
complexion. She is not the suntan version
of this doll. She has most of her lashes on
her left eye. A bit sporadic & thinner on
the right eye. Nice face paint!!! No rubs. No
green stains. She has a nice body with all
fingers & toes. Both knees click & hold  3
positions on the right leg. The left leg
prefers to hold 2. No swingy limbs. The
arms can hold any bent position nicely.
Light scuffing on the outer ankles from an
original T.T. stand but nothing dramatic.
The outfit is a decent display. Clean but
has some playtime & needs to be tightened
up in the back center seam. A trace wide
seam on the top front bodice under the
pink trim. A little pale spotting on the legs
but very pale. Nothing too terrible. Not for
the mint collector but still very
presentable. Still has the nice hot pink bow
at the waist & the trim underneath looks
nice. The left side seam will need to also
be restitched as well. No shoes are
included. This is for the doll & jumpsuit
only. $25
Super Model Tuesday Taylor Walking
Fair/Good Condition
2 issues. On the right leg thigh brace the
plastic is getting a golden brown aged
look to the plastic. On the left leg brace,
2 sections of the thigh portion of the leg
brace are broken off. If you can work
with it and handle it gently it does work.
If you are good with plastic that brace an
be replaced/repaired. This is a little hard
to find, so it's a good start. A doll can use
this to stand when not walking as well as
it is. $5
Tammy Garden Party Dress
#9054-4 or 9901-0
Good/Very Good Condition
A solid dress but it needs to be
brighter. The straps do move so you'll
see dark marks behind the straps if
they do slide. I assume they must have
had some kind of fabric glue or
something to keep them in place. No
holes or blown seams. There are 2
brown spots, one the upper right
side(partially visible in picture) and
the other is a lighter brown on the
upper back on the right near the end
of the strap. This needs a good oxy
clean job. It is not for the mint
collector. The brown stains will take
some work to remove. The rest is
handling/age & play wear. Mainly on
the back and the bodice. The lower
front does not look too bad. Both
snap closures are secure on back. It is
tagged Tammy inside. $8
Tammy Sweet Dreams Baby Doll Top
Fair/Good Condition
The colors are very pretty but the big flaw
is the top is stretched wide. The straps are
definitely wide as well, so that will need to
be redone. It's clean otherwise. The lace
has some edge wear. It is tagged $6
Tammy Target From "Beau and Arrow"
#9117-3 or 9925-9
Excellent Condition! $7
Tammy's Mom "Evening In Paris" Dress
Near Mint Condition
This is a beautiful gold brocade shift
dress was not played with much. It is
tagged. Both sets of snaps are in good
shape. A beautiful display piece. $29
Tammy Family Top or Clone Top
Excellent Condition - Not tagged but it is
mass produced as I have had more than
one of this top. Beautiful velvet material in
red and blue. Only flaw is one little hole
under the left arm but a very nice display!
Jody "An Old Fashioned Girl" Original
Near Mint Condition
Crisp fabric. They are a creamy off white
with pink ribbons at elastic. Lace trim is
very nice. Solid elastic in good shape.
This is my last pair of these and they can
be a little tricky to find in nice shape! $8
Velvet Doll Clogs
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Complete with original elastic ties in great
shape. These look beautiful! One is
marked R and the other is marked L on the
bottom to show which is for the left and
right foot. $10
  Tammy Red Tights
Very Good/Excellent Condition
If it weren't for a round dark spot on
both sides of the right knee, these
would be just about mint condition.
I'm sure this can be washed. It's not a
heavy solid stain. Looks like it's from
handling/playtime & something
rubbed on it. Waist is not stretched
out. No holes, runs, snags or blown
seams! $4
Pepper "Flower Girl" Dress #9332-8
Fair/Good Condition
It's got some play time. The sheer floral
overskirt is really nice. There is a dark gray
smudge & stain on the lower left side
front. This can be seen easily in the picture
but it could wash out. I have not washed
this. The rest of the skirt is very nice. The
bodice could be cleaner but I do believe it
will wash up pretty nice. The blue velvet
waistband has some white threads fraying
out of it. Just snip them off and that will
improve that area easily. With a little wash
it will definitely be a nice display dress. No
holes or blown seams. The snap closures
on back are secure. The white underskirt is
fine but some wrinkling from storage. So
I'm making it sound awful but it really
does have a ton of potential to be
beautiful again. The overskirt is pretty
crisp in it's feel. Not dried out but it's not a
limp fabric that feels "whooped". $10
  Ideal Tammy White Shoes
Made in Japan
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Both shoes are in great shape. They
need only a little wipe down but my
picture makes them look dirtier than
they are. No chews or cuts. Both
marked Japan underneath. $5
Ideal "Jody" Original Dress
Excellent Condition
It is tagged. Looks great but the left sleeve
lace cuff is worn. The right side is better.
The rest of the dress is super nice. It is a
"natural" color down front. Not white.
Probably could use some brightening but
decent as is. The floral print looks great! 2
snap closures on back are secure. Will
display nicely! $7
Ideal Jody Doll Body
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Looks great! Well cared for! All fingers &
toes are there with no abuse. The knees
bend 4 times each but hold 3 times each.
No pin pricks, stains, cuts, nips or chew
marks. The limbs are not swingy. The
inside of the upper left thigh has a
dimpled look. Trace line in the left
breast. Again, I think this is factory. If
someone had pushed it in, it wouldn't be
so light. Just getting hyper picky with
details so you have no surprises! It's how
it's made and not from any abuse.
Dipslays perfectly well! It is marked on
the back 1975 Ideal with the copyright
mark. Hong Kong & "P" on the lower
back. Will make a wonderful
replacement/upgrade if you have a nice
head with an abused body!