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1968 Hasbro Storykins Cinderella in
Original Dress & Single Shoe
Very Good/Excellent Condition
She is missing her crown, coach and one
shoe but she's a cute display. She'll need
some dust cleaned off and her hair
cleaned. There's a dried up rubberband
in it so it's got a color stain of blue/green.
This most of the time does wash out. I
have not cleaned this doll. Her curls will
hide it, if it does not come out. It is a
dark color, so it's going to take quite a bit
of patience. She's otherwise a very nice
doll. Her outfit is dusty on the velvet, but
the white lace front looks nice. She needs
just a nice wipedown on the face but she
has excellent facial coloring and paint. A
little pale on the forehead and a pale
spot on the left side under her side spit
curl that has a trace of pale green in it.
No missing hair plugs. Full hair. All
fingers are there. You can see the wire
tips out of the fingers but no chew marks.
Just really needs a good cleaning and
she's going to be a nice display. $6
World of Love "Love's Original Outfit"
from 1971
Near Mint/Mint Condition
The blouse is gorgeous! So many of these
show up shredded and this one looks
barely used. The colors are super bright
& crisp. No blown seams or holes. It has
all of the little white buttons down front.
Both snap closures on the back are
secure. It is tagged The World of Love
Hong Kong Hasbro inside. Just a few
hairs of green thread popping out of the
sleeve. That's just from the inner edges
under the seam. Great blouse!! The
pants look wonderful too. Soft clean
dark purple fleecy fabric. Snap closure
secure. No holes, blown seams or stains.
Great outfit for your Love doll!!!
Jem Clone White Heels
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
These shoes fit the Hasbro Jem doll.  
They are 1 & 1/4 inches from the back of
the heel to the tip of the toe. Sold with
the Sears Jem Outfit set and very hard to
find! Shoes are a little dusty but very nice
otherwise. Straps are not broken.
Jem/Jerrica Original Dress & Tam
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Both pieces are super clean and barely
played with. The tam looks mint & the
elastic is unstretched. Not dry rotted
either! No holes or stains! The dress is
almost mint. Only reason I can't call it
mint is that there is a popped thread on
the left shoulder seam. Easy fix. No
destroyed fabric. Just a little open. Will
display beautifully though! Clean soft
fabric on both pieces! Fantastic
replacement/upgrade pieces!
World of Love "Flower" Original Dress
Near Mint Condition
Looks great! Clean with only minimal
handling. Several inner loose threads
but no blown seams or loose handling
seams. Both snap closures are secure on
the back. Lace trim collar is very nice
and clean white. No stains or holes. A
very nice upgrade/replacement dress for
your Flower Doll! $5
Vintage GI Joe Navy Search & Rescue
Light from 1964 by Hasbro
Made in Hong Kong
Mint Condition
The light is in great condition. Has a
yellow decal at the lens in great shape.
No breaks or abuse! Great replacement
piece for your dolls.
Jem/Jerrica Original Microphone
Mint Condition
No abuse or cracks/breaks. Silver paint is
all there with no rubs. Looks great! 1st
issue, not a reproduction.
GI Joe Camo Shorts
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Nice & clean. Good elastic at the waist.
No stains, holes or blown seams. Tagged
"Made in Hong Kong" inside. Great
replacements for your GI Joe! $3
Jem Poster
Good Condition
Jem/Jerrica feautured in cute graphics. In
good condition with minimal handling
but a great display. $5 (T)
Jem Light Pink Microphone
Near Mint Condition
Just a trace bend in the staff but
otherwise excellent & clean. Light rubs
on the top but again very nice! $8
Maxie "Cool 'n Classy" Denim Ruffle
Skirt #83148242
Mint Condition
Crisp & clean fabric! Sorry I don't have
the top for it. Velcro closure on back is
secure. Single button accent on waist is
bright & secure. Looks great! $5
Charlie's Angels "Night Capers"
Pink Shoes
Near Mint Condition
GI Joe Camo Jacket
Near Mint Condition
This jacket/shirt is not tagged so I believe
it notch & it is not a clone piece. I know
70's era pieces are tagged but this may be
a modern GI Joe piece instead. No rips or
stains. Great piece! $3
Charlie's Angels White Bodysuit
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This would be for the Cheryl Ladd Doll I
believe or Farrah Fawcett Doll. Can't
remember which! It's a solid piece in
good shape. I think it could be just a
little brighter but it's not stained or
yellowed. No pulls or snags and no
blown seams. $4
Jem Iridescent Jacket
From the 2nd Generation of her outfits.
I'll update this description asap!
Excellent Condition. Missing the red "V"
decal but a very nice and hard to find
Charlie's Angels Red Sabrina
Original Outfit
Good Condition
It looks very nice but needs the right
underarm resewn closed. The fabric is
not run/frayed so it will repair easily. A
few light soil areas but overall it will be a
great display! No heavy snagging and all
of the stitching is solid (with the
exception of the previously mentioned
underarm). Good cuffs. Good elastic at
the wrists. $2
Maxie's Boyfriend "Rob" from the late
80's (nude)
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
All he needs is an outfit! He's very clean
with a full head of silky blond hair. Great
face paint with no rubs or green/pale
stains. All fingers and toes are in
excellent condition. He is marked 1988
Hasbro China H 1 on his lower back. His
knees click and hold 3 strong positions
each. No splits, chew marks or pin pricks
on the legs, ankles or feet. He's going to
be a great display doll for your Maxie
collection! $8
Charlie's Angels "Peasantry" Pants
Good Condition
Theses will display fine but they do have
a rub on the velvet fabric on the left top
front and a smaller amount on the top
right front. They also have the same rubs
on the back on both sides of the snaps.
The legs don't have the rubs, so they'll
look fine on a doll if you can cover the
rubs with a top. I did find a dark stain on
the back of the left leg. I have no washed
it for fear of rubbing the material. That's
the only stain I see. The rest is clean. The
gold braid trim is very nice & clean. Snap
closure is secure on back. No blown
seams or holes. Not for the  mint
collector but they will fine till you get a
mint pair. 50 Cents

Hasbro GI Joe Canteen & Carry Sack
Near Mint Condition
Everything looks great on both pieces.
The 2 snap closures are secure & in
excellent working order. They are a tight
fit! The strap is not torn on the other
side! Cool accessory!