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This page will also include items for Starr & Friends, Jazzie & her friends as well.

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Starr "After School Date" Dress #3319
from 1981
Near Mint Condition
This is absolutely adorable and looks like
it's never been on a doll. The dress is a
pretty bright red with sweet
orange/purple/white floral print and faux
yellow suede collar and waistband. The
dress is perfectly clean with no stains,
fading, holes or blown seams. Both snap
closures on back are secure. The yellow
suede trim is clean and not matted at all.  
It will be a wonderful dress for your Starr
doll or any of her friends! $11
Francie Snake Charmers Coat #1245 from 1970
Excellent Condition
The coat would be mint condition but the
front closing vinyl piece is broken off. It has
both gold tone buttons. The Francie tag is in
wonderful shape. The vinyl is all clean with
no splits or blown seams. The yellow faux
fur trim looks great! It will display nicely.
Just get creative and make a new closing
loop and it will look beautiful on your dolls!
Francie "Snazz" Dress #1225 from 1969
Fair/Good Condition
This dress would be gorgeous however the
front & back of the left sleeve has holes in
it. This would be a good dress for parts or
if you have the ability to correct/replace
this sleeve the dress will look great. The 3
daisy accent buttons down front are all
secure. The hook & loop closure on top
are secure. The pink ribbon at the drop
waist is excellent. The collar looks nice.
The bodice & mini skirt sections of the
dress look excellent. The right sleeve has
a spot on the front that needs to be
tightened up but it could be saved without
looking rough. The Francie tag inside is
very nice. A few light trace specks on the
back from storage but I think this dress
could make great donor fabric & parts or
a project if  you can replace this sleeve.
Francie Sleepy Time Gal Pajama Top #3364
from 1972
Excellent Condition
Looks very clean. All 3 blue buttons are
secure as is the snap closure. No blown
seams or stains. Pockets  have never been
stressed or blown out. Sorry I don't have the
pants at this time.
Francie Sears Exclusive Go Gold Jacket #1294
from 1967
Very Good Condition
The jacket is a light gold lame` finish with
deep rose pink base fabric. It is in very nice
condition. The gold lame` has rubs as you
can see but the jacket looks fairly even in
it's coloring. The only thing the jacket really
needs is the left underarm resewn. The
fabric is not destroyed so it will restitch
nicely. It will also need one gold tone button
replaced on the top row. The other 5 are all
secure and both metal snap closures
underneath are secure as well. It will display
nicely. Some creases from storage. $25
Francie Get Ups N Go Camping Set
Shirt/Jacket #7846  1974
Very Good/Excellent Condition
No blown seams & crisp material.
Missing one red button on front & very faint
beige spot on lower left front(very difficult
to see!). Displays great! Not dingy or dull. $8
Busy Francie Jeans
Good Condition
The jeans will display nicely. The waist
elastic is very wide though and the "rise"
seam is stretched on the front and back
side. Also some of the hip seams too. I think
someone tried to put them on a bigger doll
like Barbie. They are clean and the legs are
fine. So they are not junk jeans. Just needs a
new waist elastic & some tightening on
those seams! $7
Reproduction Francie Swimsuit
Near Mint/Mint Condition
No play time. Looks beautiful with no stains,
pulls or abuse! It does have a reproduction
tag inside!
Starr Doll Original Sock
Excellent Condition
Just a few threads on the back of the lace is
loose but it tucks under the folded fabric
anyway, so it will display fine. There is a tiny
faint smudge by the toes but won't hurt
display ability at all. No runs or holes. A nice
replacement piece for your Starr doll. $1
Hair Happenin's Francie Hair Piece
Very Good Condition
Plenty of curls but they'll need a nice
tidying up. The barrette piece is nice. No
green or oxidizing. The hair is a shiny
almost lemon blonde. Nice & thick too. It's
not abused. Just some handling/playtime &
storage but it's clean with no odors. Just
needs a good combing & you'll love it on
your dolls! $5
Starr Original Jacket
Near Mint Condition
This was not played with much at all! Most
show up looking pretty rough. This is very
crisp & clean! the "S" is still very silvery and
clean. No blown seams, holes or stains. The
elastic cuffs are excellent & not stretched
out! Maybe one light snag on a sleeve but
overall a wonderful jacket! The braid trim
likes to curl up on the front of the left sleeve
but it will display nicely! $4
Starr "50's Dance" Gray Poodle Skirt #1390
from 1980
Fair/Good Condition
Missing the pink poodle. So you'll  need to
fabricate a new one. There is yellowing from
the glue that was used to attach the original.
So you can use that as your guide to creating
& attaching a new one! The skirt is not torn.
The only stain is from that glue backing. It
does have the gold braid "leash" in nice
shape. Snap closure on back is secure. Sorry
I don't have the blouse at this time.
  Sun Lovin' Jazzie Original Tank Top from
Very Good Condition
Super hot pink wide tank top with
fluorescent green, yellow, orange & pink
tropical scene iron on patch. Could use a
little oxyclean but still very presentable.
Snap closure on back is secure. One snag on
the front and one on the back but still very
nice. Some cracks in the iron on patch but
will look cute on. $2
Francie Checkmates Jacket
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Doesn't have the belt and unfortunately I
don't have any other pieces to the outfit at
this time but it's very good. It's a solid jacket
with no holes or blown seams. No repairs in
the past either! It does have two gold tone
buttons on the front and a secure snap
closure on the front. I do think this jacket
could use an oxyclean to get the white in it
brighter. This can be done safely (email me
for instructions if you'd like help with this)
and it will display nicely. SOLD