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Lots of unique goodies
This page has all sorts of odds and ends for Barbie & friends. Booklets, instruction sheets, paper dolls, Colorforms
sets, club exclusive pieces, ornaments, figurines, clocks and more!

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Horse Lovin' Skipper Instruction Sheet
from 1982
Good Condition
It has folds but that's how they are in the
box. It's a single 2 sided print sheet
showing how to use her lasso with her
hands and her legs on the back. No tears
or stains. A few creases but a solid sheet
and this is an original. No photocopies!
Barbie Dream Bed Instruction Sheet
from 1982
Good Condition
A little bit of creases and some age spots
on the back page but all the information
is there. It is a tri fold sheet with
instructions & illustrations on both sides.
No writing or tears. No photo copies.
This is an original instruction sheet. It
looks very good. $2
  Barbie Trading Cards New In Pack
A pack of 10 trading cards with fun facts
and fashions pictured on every card! 300
were made. $3
1997 Barbie Calendar
Made by Ambassador
This calendar has beautiful pictures. A
little wear from age but the pictures all
look great. Not written in. $5
Hallmark Springtime Barbie Ornament
This is an adorable ornament. One of
several Barbie ornaments issued by
Hallmark. $7
Barbie Colorforms Set
Very cute pak that is still sealed and
never played with. Likely came with a
Barbie fan club membership since it's
not in a box. currently on ebay
Skipper Skooter & Ricky Booklet
"Junior Edition Styles" from 1964
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Fantastic shape & clean! No writing, torn
pages. Just minimal top edge tiny bend
marks. These are minimal & it is a great
looking booklet if you are collector
clean examples! Super adorable
illustrations inside! $10
Skipper "Junior Edition Styles" Booklet
from 1963
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Very clean & no writing or torn pages! A
little bit of creasing but nothing horrible.
Just from being looked through. Trace
curl at the bottom corner but clean
illustrations & absolutely adorable too!
Clean back cover as well! Nice booklet!!
Living Barbie & Skipper Fashion Booklet
from 1970
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean & barely used! I'm hard
pressed to find anything wrong with it!
It's straight! The corners look great! Only
very minimal oxidation on the staple.
This one was taken out of it's package &
put aside! No writing, torn or creased
pages! Looks wonderful!
Barbie Ken & Midge Dark Blue Booklet
from 1962
Very Good Condition
A nice solid booklet but it has a number
written on the top front cover and just a
couple pages inside have a small blue
ink "x" on them. No torn pages. A little
bit of a funny residue on the back cover
so I pictured it for you. Click on it to see
it in full size. Still a very nice booklet.
Cute illustrations inside! $6
Hallmark Barbie & Ken Wedding Day
Keepsake Ornaments MIB
Dated 1997
They are both in great shape. The set has
been opened but everything looks mint.
The Ken is slightly loose from his waist
tie. The Barbie is not. She does carry a
little bouquet. No abuse to the box.
Great set!
Barbie & Ken Original Blue Booklet
Very Good Condition
Just a little bit of writing. A # on the front
cover top and then a couple blue ink "x"
marks on some of the pages. Not a
bunch but a few. Still excellent
illustrations inside. A little kink on the
top back cover. Straight booklet. $5
Barbie Ken & Midge Yellow Booklet
from 1962
Good Condition
A nice solid book with no torn pages but
some writing & little blue ink "x" on
them. Some light warping to them, so it
had to have had a little exposure to
moisture. The back cover does have a
little old dried up residue of some kind
on it. Still very nice illustrations. Just not
mint. $3
Colgate Barbie Toothbrush
New in Sealed Package
Never opened. No tampering to the
It is an Extra Soft brush, ages 3 to 8. Has
the tapered head style and marked "32"
on the upper portion of the package. $1
Barbie Booklet from 1961
Very Good Condition
Some writing on the top cover & a couple
pages have a blue ink "x" on them but
most pages inside look perfect. No torn
pages but one back page has a little
crease. Back cover is clean. Staples are
not rusty & are secure! $5
Barbie Booklet from 1961
Excellent Condition
No writing or torn pages. This one has a
staple sticking out the back page. So I
bent it downward to not get hurt on it.
Just minimal white specks on the front
cover. Slight warping on the back cover
but a solid booklet with clean
illustrations! Nice! $7
  Barbie McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
Group of 4
All are marked on their bottoms 1992
except the Rapunzel. She is missing her
stand. Rapunzel is in very nice shape and
clean. The solid body ones have some
paint scuffs but still good. $3 HOLD
Barbie Doll Case White Clothes Rack
Near Mint Condition
These would be found in several of the
late 70's/80's doll cases. No splits on any
of them. 4 available. 50 cents each
Barbie World of Fashion Booklet
from 1981
Excellent Condition
A few numbers have blue pen lines
through them but the booklet feels
otherwise like it's mint condition. No
tears or stains. It is a matte print version.
Barbie Fashions Booklet "Book 2" from
Near Mint Condition
Looks like it was never touched! No bent,
torn or writing on pages. Both back &
front covers are nice. Traces of age look
on the binding edge but this is minimal
at the most! A trace top speck kinked in
on the back top cover. Minimal!! An
excellent booklet for the "clean or mint"
collector! $10
American Character Tressy Purple
Very Good Condition
Only reason I can't call it mint is that the
back page has a missing top corner and a
couple tears. The rest of the booklet is
wonderful! The front cover is bright. The
black & white illustrations inside are all
nice with no writing or tears. $6
Barbie World of Fashion Booklet
From 1984
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Approximately 10 outfit numbers
underlined in blue pen but otherwise a
very nice booklet. No tears to the pages.
The crease in the middle is how it was
originally packaged from Mattel. $3
American Character Tressy Booklet
from 1965
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Looks wonderful! Straight, clean & no
abuse or water marks! Color illustrations
inside look wonderful. No writing or torn
pages. Great booklet for the collector!
Barbie World of Fashion Booklet
from 1985
Good Condition
A little fold on the top behind the front
cover (on all pages) but nothing torn or
heavily worn. A little bit of pen lines on
some of the numbers but not too many.
Clean otherwise & great reference $2
Barbie Real Telephone in Box
Fair Condition
This is from 1983. I only have the handset
and not the wall bracket/stand. I have
not been able to get it to work. You
might be able to if it needs the correct
base to make that work properly. The
back side with the decoration has
yellowed with age. It does not look
abused in any way and the cord is
included. All the buttons look decent
and nothing pressed in or abused that it
shouldn't work by the look of it. The box
is ok but the glue on the back side seam
gave out. The cello is still there but glue
has dried up on the top portion. $15