Dawn & Small Size Doll
Outfits, Accessories & Shoes
For Sale
Topper Dawn Doll & smaller size dolls like Remco Heidi, Flatsy and others! Clone items will be
included in this page too!

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Model Agency Denise Portfolio
Pale Pink
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Needs a little wipedown on the
front left side but it's a solid piece
and the inner strap is secure. No
splits or tears. It is not red as the
picture shows. It's a salmon pink
color. A little rubbing to the some
of the letters but still a nice
display. Sorry I don't have the
pictures for it! $3
Little Miss Dollikin/Triki
Miki Orange Mod Jumpsuit
Good condition
From the front, looks great!
A little frayed open/split &
seam bust at the bottom of
the rear back seam. It will
still display fine. Probably
from putting a doll in the
seating position repeatedly.
The snap closures are secure
& the crotch seam is not
split. Could be brighter but
it's handling/storage wear &
not ink stains. Underarms
are not split or fraying
apart. $1
Dawn Hot Pink Sheer Hose
Good Condition
These are genuine Topper
pieces. The top edges have
some wear. There are some
little snags but they will
display nicely! No blown
seams! Very hard to find! $7
Red Dawn Clone & Similar
Doll Boots
Hong Kong
Near Mint/Mint Condition
These are nicely made and in
great shape! Nice even red
translucent color. No fading,
chew marks or splits! They'll
look great on your dolls!
Dawn Hot Pink Shawl
This is in very good condition. I
saw one little brown line/spot on
one side. Nothing major but needs
to be mentioned. A good display
though! $2
Dawn's Apartment Bed
Fair/Good Condition
Needs to be cleaned. As you
can see there is some
staining to the lace in 2
areas & on the yellow fabric
as well. The foam pillow
inside is not dryrotted (is
the original)! This was never
sized properly for Dawn (it's
Penny Brite's bedroom
recolored for Dawn
technically), so it's a bigger
scale set than Dawn should
have but it's original. $2
Triki Miki or similar doll
Original bodysuit
Near Mint Condition
This is extremely clean &
well cared for. I think it
might fit Miki. Could fit
Dawn clones too but it might
be a hair wide. $1
Remco Hildy & Pip Dress
Excellent Condition
This was part of one of their
outfit paks. It is adorable and
pretty well cared for! A sweet
sunny yellow cotton fabric
dress with sheer lacy skirt,
blue ribbon at bodice. Some
light wear on the fine white
looped trim at the bottom
but overall it's ok. A little bit
of pinkish spots. One on the
bottom front white loop trim
and a faint spot on the front.
Not super big so it will
display well. Probably from
storage. I see a little bit on
the underside of the skirt and
trace on the back. Might have
been in a box with something
that rubbed on it. Snap
closures are complete but the
bottom one has one half
loose from the side. Still a
cute display just not for the
100% mint collector. $3
  Dawn Fashion Mannequin
Good Condition
Stands straight & will display
nicely. Has a vertical crack
on the right side of the
thinnest stand portion (leg
area). I did try to take a
close up picture. Click on
the smaller picture to see
this in a larger size, so you
can see exactly what you're
getting! It stands fine on it's
own & will display nicely as
is. Marked, Made in Hong
Kong inside the torso area.
  Dawn Fashion Mannequin
Fair/Good Condition
Only issue is the rubbed gold
finish. Otherwise it's sturdy
and not broken. Great
candidate for trying a new
color. Paint it silver for a
variation or just put a new
gold finish on it. No cracks,
stress marks or abuse other
than the color rubs.
Dawn White Solid Front Shoes
Excellent Condition
They both look very nice! Just a
trace of a mild center seam split
on one. It's minimal at the most. A
light wipedown needed but very
good shoes! $3
Dawn White Window Front
Near Mint
They look fantastic! Well
cared for and a solid
looking shoe. There is a pin
mark on the tip of one.
Might have been
accidentally sewn into the
packaging (or intentional)
They'll look great on your
dolls! $6
Dawn Red Bow Front Shoes
Mint Condition
They look fantastic! Pretty
color with no stains, fading,
chew marks or splits! Well
cared for!  Great for so many
of Dawn's outfits! $ 7
Dawn or Same Size Pink
Plastic Travel Bag
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is so cute! One side has
"London" and the other has
"Paris" embossed in the
textured mold of the bag.
The bag does actually open.
It has a single peg closure
and it's in nice shape. The
handle is not broken but it
has a thin spot in the plastic
handle. That's how it was
made. Looks fine. The hinged
bottom is very nice too. It's so
cute! $3
Dawn Strawberry Sundae Top #726
Excellent Condition
Looks really nice! All of the gold
chain is there, just needs the
middle reconnected. The little
pearl closure buttons are on the
back. The 3 brown buttons are
secure on the front. A couple
microscopic tiny pin dot size spots
on the back.  They are ultra tiny &
barely visible. A little amount of
hairs of fabric showing loose from
the underarms but not blown out.
Will still wear nicely. Part of a
pretty set!
Dawn Party Puffery Purse
Near Mint Condition
Super clean and well cared
for! Has the little pearl
button and the silver hand
strap underneath it.
Adorable purse and the
silver is bright & clean. So is
the blue base fabric! Nice
replacement/upgrade for
your outfit! $3
Dawn or Clone Yellow Tennis
Mint Condition
It's the perfect size for Dawn!
It's in great shape with no
breaks, cracks or stains. No
chew marks. It's slightly
bendable plastic but not
rubbery. Very cute accessory
for Dawn or any size similar!
Dancing Dawn Original Dress
Very Good Condition
No holes or runs. The main
thing is the bodice needs to
be cleaned right in the center
of the chest. It will clean up
well. Has 2 pearl buttons on
back but needs new threads
loops. Solid dress though! $6
Angie Original Orchid Dress
Fair Condition
It needs a good wash but it's a
solid dress. A little fray to the ends
of the bow. The hook & loop
closure on back are in good
shape. The silver braiding & straps
are good. Just give it a wash on the
front of the bodice & it will display
nicely. No holes or blown seams.
Pink Slink Dress
Excellent Condition
Gorgeous dress with silver
foil & black collar and trim.
Organdy ruffle skirt looks
gorgeous! Just a few tiny
specks on the satin and a
little unraveling on the back
left shoulder strap but it's
still attached. The hook &
fabric loop are secure. Dress
is pretty display!! Hard to
find! $14
Dawn Pink Jacket
Fair/ TLC Needed
This jacket would be great
but it has a split in the fabric
on the lower left not far from
the center seam. Can't
fathom why! The rest looks
great. Use it for donor fabric
or just for the gold buttons.
A little unraveling on the
collar but not much. It can
still be used but you'll need
to hide that split. 50 cents
Small Doll Red Helenca
Mint Condition
This suit is approximately 2
1/4" total height. Possibly
made for a miniature slightly
bigger than a Little Miss
Dollikin. The know the torso
is longer. It is a slender suit
in its relaxed position. I'm
still researching it. It is
perfectly clean and feels new
but it's an older piece from
the 70's at the latest. No runs,
stains, blown seams or snags!
Small Little Miss Dollikin or Triki
Miki White Shoes
Excellent Condition
Not sure exactly who they are
made for but they are exactly 3/4"
in length from toe to back of heel.
They are pretty nice. A little
cleaning needing for storage soil
but nothing major. They are a soft
rubber & have an "H.K." on each
sole and a tread pattern on each
sole. $2
Dawn & Friends Mauve Pink
Single Shoe
Excellent Condition
The color is not a solid
color. Kinda speckled to
some degree. Like it either
faded or bled. It's pretty
though. So I'm not sure how
this came about. It's a pretty
color. No splits or chew
marks. $1
Dawn & Friends Buckle Front
Brown Soft Rubber Single
Mint Condition
Beautiful shoe in person! My
apologies for the slightly
fuzzy picture! It's in great
shape. Molded beautifully
with better detail than shows
in the pic. A pretty brown
color with a slight trace of
translucent look. No abuse
stains or splits! This one has
the buckle on front and is
not the firmer plastic plain
front shoe!
Dawn Bright Pink Hanger
Near Mint Condition
No cracks or breaks. It's solid
& a pretty pink color. Came
with the mauve shoe listed to
the left. Only flaw is a tiny
little melt mark on the
bottom on one side. Not
horrible. 50 cents
Dawn & Friends Red Twin Dash
Front Semi Soft Rubber Single Shoe
Near Mint Condition
Nice even tomato red color. No
splits, chew marks or abuse. The
front does not have a buckle but a
pair of "dash lines". No stains. Nice
looking shoe! $2