Celebrity Dolls
from the 60's to
modern day
Boxed & Loose
Boxed & loose celebrity dolls from varied manufacturers. All boxed and sealed dolls will remain as they are unless
they have been previously opened. I'll state MIB for those that have been opened. NRFB stands for never
removed from box. All nrfb dolls will remain sealed and I cannot open them for further inspection. As always,
please ask me any questions you like. I'm happy to give all the information that I can so you are happy with your
purchase! No returns on nrfb dolls that have been opened.

Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal..
Mattel Marie Osmond Doll from 1977-78
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
She is beautiful and so well cared for! Marie has a thick
head of brown hair. No missing plugs or cuts. Wonderful
face paint with no rubs or stains. She is on her correct body
marked 1966 Mattel Inc. Korea. Her body is in excellent
condition. No missing fingers or toes. Both knees click and
hold 3 positions each. Very strong. She's not cut, chewed or
pricked. There is one faint green like dot on the side of the
left knee. It's from her inner leg. You can see it's something
from what is used inside to create the main leg behind the
vinyl skin. And one mark above that, that almost looks like
more vinyl. It's not a patch or a cut. It's the same color as
her leg vinyl. I think it's just how she was made in the
mold. No lumps or cuts in that spots. Like a blemish I guess
but the same color, so she displays perfectly. She has the
hole in her right hand to hold the microphone (sorry I don't
have it!). Marie comes dressed in her original outfit with
the shoes! The shoes are not broken at the straps and they
look wonderful. The dress has it's rounded floral faux
rhinestone medallion at the waist. One stone missing but
the rest are secure. The dress is very nice but does show
some wear on the edges of the pink & violet sheer ends. It is
clean. The snap closure is secure. She's adorable and will be
a great display in your collection! $18
Princess Diana Doll NRFB by Goldberger 1982
Near Mint Condition
A formal gown set of silver and white fur. This is the only
doll of this set that has been opened at some point. She is a
bit loose in the box but still complete. She'll need the hair
straightened up a little bit. $25
Prince Charles Doll NRFB by Goldberger 1982
Mint Condition
Only minimal shelf wear to the box. Doll and contents are
mint and untouched. These dolls were made to
commemorate the royal wedding in 1981. $40
New Kids On The Block "Joe" Doll made by Hasbro in 1990
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Not complete but he wears his original pants, socks &
shoes. Played with but not abused. $5
New Kids On The Block "Danny" Doll made by Hasbro in 1990
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Not complete but he wears his original pants, socks & shoes.
He needs a spot washed off his right cheek and on his left
arm on the side of the upper arm. Should come off with a
"magic eraser". Played with but not abused. $5