Bargain Barbie &
Fashion Dolls
Everything from Vintage to Modern Era dolls will be listed. Some will need tlc, some may just need clothes. Check back often
for the latest updates!
These dolls are all sold "as is". If they're on this page, I will not be making any hair restyles or further repairs, retouches of
paint, etc.
Malibu Ken in Original Swimsuit from
1975 Marked Hong Kong
Fair/Excellent Condition
This would be a great display doll. He has
2 main flaws. His legs lean slightly inward
to the right. He was standing in a case for
years & it must have been too much for
him. He also has splits on the tops of
both feet. No missing chunks of skin but
they're good size splits. If you can glue
them, he'll look fine. The left knee is a
soft bending knee so it's not clicking
strong at all. It will bend but only holds
one or two positions. The right leg clicks
and holds 3 nicely. The fingers and toes
are all there. Some scuffs & scratches on
the fingers. Nice face paint. A trace of a
rub on the left eyebrow but very nice.
Some rubs on the hair paint but that's
easy to fix. Slightly swingy arms but not
really bad. His head bobbles just a little
bit but he's on the correct body. This is
that infamous 70's quality! He's the
darker version of a Malibu from the mid
70's wearing the original & (I like it
better) harder to find swimsuit. It's in
very nice shape. A little snag on the back
but clean & not faded. No stains. Good
elastic waist! He's worth it for the suit
alone but he really will display nicely! $6
Bratz Chloe Doll in Skirt Set & Boots
Excellent Condition
She has a beautiful head of silky blonde
hair with bright blue eyes. Very nice face
paint! She wears a cute little black & green
sleeveless sweater, pleated plaid skirt,
white shorts with pink trim underneath
and big black & green striped boots. The
outfit looks nice. The skirt likes to slide
down somewhat. The boots look great. The
sweater is great too! She's got a full head of
hair that I believe should be in pig tails.
Only thing I see missing would be earrings.
She has holes, but none came with her
when I got her. A very cute doll though! $7
Baby Bratz Yasmin Doll in Original Top
Excellent Condition
She is well cared for! She has her two
ponytail pieces and her earrings. She
wears a purple top with green frog iron
on and fuschia trim in great shape. She
just needs pants & shoes! Nice face paint
and no heavy stains. Just a rub on the
hair paint on the back and a little dot on
her left outer thigh. She's a nice display
doll. She is marked on the back, 2004
MGA Made in China
Baby Bratz Chloe Doll in Tiered Skirt
Very Good Condition
She is missing her hair pieces but she has
silver earrings and this pale blush pink
skirt dress. She does not have shoes. She
is marked 2004 MGA Made in China on
her back. Painted underwear. She has a
few tiny greenish blue stain specks on the
back of her head under the hair. A few
rubs to the hair paint but still a good
doll. A couple spots on her right cheek
but that should wash off I think. One is a
faint pink/red. A tiny red speck on the
hair paint toward the front. The skirt is
very nice. Nice eye and lip paint! $2
Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken in Original Swimsuit
Fair/Good Condition
Ken has been played with. The main flaw
on him is that there is a pink mark on his
right cheek. If you can lighten or remove
that he will display great! He'll need some
hair paint redone but that's easy. His body
is very good but the limbs are swingy. You
can see in the pictures that his arms are
loose from the sockets. They don't fall out
and aren't broken, they just swing. The
light paint on his hips has been rubbed &
scratched up some. Refinish it or leave it.
He still has plenty. the main section is right
on the front. Ken has nice face paint! All
fingers are toes are there. There is a pinch
mark on the left thumb but it's not
horrible. No cuts, chews, nips or pin pricks
on the legs. Both knees click & hold 2 times
each. The left knee is a pinch on the soft
side but it works fine. The legs are not
terribly swingy. The swimsuit will need the
right side seam redone. It will repair easily.
No holes but it has play time. It is his
original suit. He's a decent display doll. Not
for the mint collector but not junk either!
Movin' Groovin' Kira Doll from 1997
Excellent Condition
All she needs is some taming to her hair
and a new rubber band to keep the top
twisty braid secure. Her jet black hair is
nice & full. No cuts. Not frizzy. Just a
gentl combing & the retie needed for it.
Unfortunately she's wearing correct
clothes for the series of dolls but the
wrong ones for her. She is wearing
Teresa's dress and the shoes that came
with the Barbie version of these dolls!
She walks perfectly as she should. Her
body is in great shape. Just a trace
smudge line on the back of the left leg.
Nothing major at all. All fingers and
both foot pads (they are a slightly softer
foot mold) are in great shape. She is a
straight leg doll. She has a beautiful
face! Great makeup with no abuse. She
wears her original silver ring and
matching earrings. The dress looks very
nice! Shoes are perfect. No abuse on the
outfit and she looks cute in it even
though hers should be pink & blue. She's
a cute doll for your collection! SOLD
2002 Bratz Chloe Doll in Outfit
Excellent Condition
She is wearing what I believe is her
original outfit. It is a pink spaghetti strap
top with jeans, rust colored belt and
matching boots. She has 4 twisty braids.
Full head of shiny blonde hair and very
nice face paint. The hair will need some
tidying up but still a nice doll!
No heavy abuse or missing fingers.
2002 Bratz Chloe Doll Nude
Excellent Condition
Unfortunately she came to me nude but
she's a good doll. She has 5 twisty braids in
her hair but one is missing the rubber
band. Nice face paint. Body is in great
shape. Just needs hair tidied up some.
Marked MGA China on the back. 2002 MGA
and the trademark symbols on the back of
the head. $1
2002 Bratz Yasmin Doll Nude
Excellent Condition
She also came to me nude. She too is a
very nice doll. Full head of brown hair. A
few stray strands right at the front
(maybe a few broken strands but not
bad at all) She does have a lip rub but
the rest of her face paint is nice. Body is
in great shape. She is marked MGA
China on her back and 2002 MGA with
the trademark symbols on the back of
her head. $1
Tropical Miko in O/O from 1985
Poor/Excellent Condition
As you can see from her poor sweet face,
she's had a close encounter with some
kind of black marker. I tried to get some
off. It lightened up but only one spot
came off. Heartbreaking too, because
the rest of her is great! Beautiful face
paint under that. If you know how to
remove marker, she will be great. She is
very worthwhile though, if you need a
better body! Her body is excellent. No
chew marks, cuts, missing fingers or toes.
Both knees click and hold 2 bent
positions. Light wipedown for years of
storage & handling but no marker or ink
stains on the body. It's a fantastic
upgrade body if you have a nice head!
Her swimsuit looks gorgeous! It's the
green, yellow, blue, pink & purple. The
suit it clean with no holes or runs.
Probably some seam edge wear as it rides
up into her leg/hip joint but looks great!
The yellow ruffle collar has some
playtime wear & loose from the snap
closure but that's an easy fix. I'm leaving
her hair in the dreadlocks as this is a tlc
head. It is a full head of hair and looks
pretty shiny. I hope someone can save
her but if not this is really for the suit &
the body! $3
Tropical Ken in O/O from 1985
Poor/Fair Conditions
Ken has seen better days but could display
fine with a little tlc. The head is very good.
It needs a repaint on most of the hair but
that is really easy! The rest of the head is
fine. He has a very dark complexion but
that's quite normal for these dolls. The big
issues for this doll are his very nipped toes
and the back edges of his heels. Some kid
was just sick and wanted him to hobble
around! Both knees click but the right
knee is very weak. The left holds two
positions better. His arms are swingy but
they don't fall out. They have some scrapes
on the hands particularly on the right hand
and even the right arm has a little bit of a
rough spot from play in a couple spots. The
fingers are there though. The torso is fine.
The lower left leg does bow slightly inward
at the ankle. He does have the suntan lines
(paint) in decent shape. Pretty nice on the
body, some rubs on the upper legs. He is
marked 1088-0500 5 Mattel Inc 1968 Hong
Kong on the rear. The suit is played with.
Looks nice on the front. The back has a
hole on the left side. A few light snags but
it is clean. The yellow lei is played with and
half of it is stretched wide. That might be
able to be fixed. With a little attention he
will look pretty decent. If you put shoes on
him, no problem! If not, you might want
better legs or use him for parts. $2
Mattel Starr Doll in Original Jacket &
Shoes from 1977
Good/Very Good Condition
This doll can be absolutely wonderful.
She is only missing her right hand. If you
can replace that, the rest of her is
excellent. The body is pretty clean with
no heavy stains but you'll want to give her
a light wipe down for minor handling. No
pin pricks on the legs. Both knees click
twice. No missing toes. The left hand is
fine. There is a small side piece of plastic
missing at the joint of the wrist. This is
what leads them to falling off. Just very
thin plastic right there. Her face is very
nice! Full head of hair! No cuts. It's soft
and shiny hair but will need a nice wash &
reset. The jacket looks mint condition!
No handling or flaws. It has the Silver "S"
in great shape. She does come with her
open toe shoes. The straps are gone from
the back of the ankles but they display
nicely. These are the only pieces she had
left of her original outfit, but they did
come with her. A little effort and you can
have an excellent display doll!
Late 80's/Early 90's Era Fun Time/Bath
Time Style Barbie in Black Velvet Gown &
Excellent Condition
I do not have the exact name for this doll. I
know she's from that era of dolls with the
late 80's style bodies but might be an early
90's because she has no white spots on the
legs. She has the more basic rear facing
palms. Very nice doll! Full head of hair
with no cuts or missing plugs. She'll need
her ribbon taken down & retied to get the
stray strands under control but she has
nice curls.  The color is a light golden
blonde. Great face with no rubs on the
makeup (maybe 2 specks on the teeth).
Body is very nice. All fingers & toes are
there. A little bath/wipe down needed but
not filthy. A tiny bit rough on the left
thumb but she's a played with doll. Minor
scratches & play time. Toes are not pricked
or cut. A couple brown spots on the back
of the left calf but some of it wiped right
off for me. Just a bath & she'll be
wonderful. Both knees click & hold 2
positions each. These are those later
Mattel legs when the knees don't bend like
the mod/70's & 80's era. They got to be less
pliable. Body was made in Malaysia &
marked Mattel 1966. The outfit is really
great! It is handmade but pretty well done
with some very soft velvet. Black straight
skirt with gold sequined bodice, snap
closures and a beautiful coordinating
jacket. The jacket lining is the black velvet.
I think the seamstress did a great job on
this. Only flaw I could really nit pick on
would be slightly low cut on the right side
of the dress, but I think it's pretty cool! I
think she'll be a great display
  Wedding Fantasy Barbie from 1989
Very Good Condition
Sweet doll in a beautiful lace gown. She's
been handled but somehow her dress
managed to survive quite well. The dress
looks very good. Only minimal amount of
any light smudging on the skirt. A little bit
of a light tan water mark on the bottom
right edge of the skirt. The lace is not torn
or pulled. The bodice looks great. She
wears white underwear, sheer white
pantyhose and off white pumps
underneath. The shoes are still banded on
her from how Mattel did it at the factory.
She carries a purple tulle corsage/bouquet.
I haven't figured this out yet but hers is
purple. All of the ones I'm familiar with
carried a pink version. It's in nice shape.
Her veil is ok but has some soil on it. Looks
dark brown. The larger section of veil is
where the stain is. That section is not
heavily snagged or pulled. There are some
snags on the smaller front section of the
veil. Just not mint. Her hair will need a
good restyling. Someone put a kids hair
band in it. Just needs a good going over.
Nice face. Good paint. Has a little spot on
the forehead but that should clean up fine.
She is wearing her original ring & earrings.
No cuts, chews or abuse to her face. A little
bit of scuffing on her right fingers but no
bite marks or missing fingers. The shoes
have never been removed so I'm sure
they're fine. Both knees click & hold 2
positions each. The veil should wash up
safely since it's white. She will make a nice
display doll with a little fine restyling &