Barbie & Other Fashion Doll
Furniture, Structures,
Accessories & Miscellaneous
Fashion Plaza Table & Chairs
Excellent Condition
My last set available! All 3 pieces are very nice.
Good color with no stains. No broken pegs. A
slight lean on the table leg that makes it just a
hair off balance but the table top is straight &
the legs are easy to work with! These are great
even if you don't have the plaza! $15
Barbie Townhouse Backdrop Clip
Near Mint Condition
If you've ever had one, you know how easily
they can break. This one looks great! Some
light storage dust but a solid piece! I have 7
$1 each
Fashion Plaza Signs
Excellent Condition
Minimal wear to the decals. Will be great
replacement pieces for your set! $7
Barbie Townhouse Backdrop Top/Bottom Clip
Excellent Condition
This is specifically for the top or bottom row for
the backdrop. In nice shape. Slight outward bow
but that's very common on these. I have 4 of
these available. Both are nice.
$1 each
  Barbie Pool Party Deck & Brace
Very Good & Fair Conditions
The deck panel itself is excellent. No issues
with that. There is one brace that is fine and
ready to go. The other has snapped and I do
have the broken off piece (not pictured), so I
will include it just in case you'd like to try to
repair it. As long as you don't use a lot of
pressure on that broken brace it might repair
& work without a problem (not 100% sure). I
will not break up the braces from the deck.
They sell together! $2
Barbie Dream Furniture 1977 1st Issue Bed
Pink Butterfly Bedspread
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is going to confuse people. The bedspread
is actually very clean and in near mint condition
but Mattel really missed on the print with this
one. You can see in the lower portion of the
picture where they missed on the print/color
and it has white areas. 4 of them exactly. It must
have gotten folded/kinked in the processing at
the factory. It's super soft and clean. No holes,
runs or abuse. Just off in the printing. Still a nice
upgrade and you can use it toward the bottom of
the bed tucked under the mattress. $7
1977 Barbie Superstar Traveler Original Table
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This table was part of a 3 piece set for
displaying on the top movable deck. Decal
looks almost perfect. No abuse! $5
Barbie Pool Party Slide Ladder
Excellent Condition
This is the ladder for the slide on the 1973
Barbie Pool Party. It is in excellent condition,
with only minimal leaning from storage. Will
display nicely and hold up the slide without a
problem! A great replacement piece for your
set! $2
Zee Toys Puff 'N Play Animal Print Sofa &
Excellent Condition
This is a large size sofa with matching ottoman.
Both pieces are in nice shape and hold air.
Could use a good wash/wipe don on the white
section of the sofa. I haven't done anything with
them personally. No issues holding air on either
piece!  Cute set! $10
Barbie Dream Furniture Backyard Grill, Hot
Dog & Server Pieces
Excellent & Mint Conditions
Everything looks great! Not a complete set
but a great start! The grill looks very nice. No
heavy abuse or breaks. The top opens and
closes nicely. The base is not broken/stands
crooked or showing any stress cracks or
marks. The inside of the grill is great. The
grate piece is perfect and the inner "coals"
are not touched. Only mild storage soil to be
wiped off but nothing horrible at all. Comes
with one original hot dog and the fork and
spatula/flipper piece. All 3 of them look
wonderful! A very nice addition to your
dream furniture collection from the 70's!
Barbie Dream Furniture Vanity, Bench &
Very Good/Excellent Condition
The vanity is solid and looks nice. Some aged
look to the main section but still very
presentable. It has all 3 drawers. The top
drawer has a decal inside in very nice shape.
The mirror is very good. Some standard
handling & a few line marks but a very nice
display. The bench is very nice looking. The
little side inner tabs are missing but it sits in
place without any problems. The main thing
is a good wipedown/cleaning from years of
storage. It does have the little fabric cushion
piece in very nice shape!  Included are some
genuine Mattel/Barbie accessories. The blue
hair dryer is original. There is another larger
hair dryer. A light green perfume bottle, and
grooming set. $12
Barbie Cat "Fluff" Set
Excellent Condition
Fluff comes with her scratching post, carrier
(Barbie tag still attached), bed, kitten food, and
dish. The cat is gray looking so she'll need to
carefully cleaned up. The rest of her is fine. The
bed is missing the foam insert but the decals
look nice. The scratching post looks very nice as
does the feeding dish and her kitten food. The
carrier is very nice but the back door on the
carrier is missing. Displays fine from the front
though. An adorable display set!
Barbie Dog "Prince" in Box from 1984
Near Mint Condition
Beautiful set and very well cared for! Prince
is bright and clean. No matted hair or bald
spots! A trace speck of fuzz here & there but
he is not dingy or heavily handled at all! His
accessories look to be in mint condition!
Almost complete. Comes with 2 dishes (water
and food), pink comb, hot pink metallic
beret, pink ribbon, metallic hot pink leash,
silver collar with black bow(on dog in
picture) and the instruction sheet. Only
missing the reversible pink/silver collar (I do
have one listed on the Doll Accessories all
brands page if you need one!). A little wear
on the box flap but it does have the inner
cardboard and is very sturdy storage. This is
a great set and a nice find almost complete!
Will be a wonderful display in your
Barbie Lively Living House Chair & Game
Fair/Good Condition
Not for the mint collector but still a cute
display. The table is missing the inner
support piece. That does need to be replaced
as it has allowed the table side legs to bow
inward. They will straighten up fine once a
new one is put in place. The decal has some
rough corners but still looks very nice on the
top. One corner is snipped off. The board
area showing the game pieces is all there.
Just creased up corners from those legs
bowing inward. The pieces that connect the
legs are not broken so this will be a sturdy
table with a new brace and it will stand
straight. No chips or broken sections on the
plastic. The plastic is not yellow. Some
handling storage soil but mainly a few darks
spots on the underside of the table top.
Won't hurt the look on display. Not a filthy
piece. The chair looks very good! Some wear
on the "3" decal pillow. Some of it is torn of.
The actual cushion decals are decent. Some
edge rubs and some staining left behind
from the pillow decals so that's why it's not a
cleaner looking decal on the bottom seat
cushion decal. The chair stands straight. The
connecting pieces are not broken. The
plastic is not yellow. Will make a good
display for your doll house! Also can be used
with the Live Action House & The Suprise
House! S
Barbie Lively Living House Kitchen Furniture
Excellent & Poor Conditions
The chairs look great! A smooth looking melt
mark on the side of the seat section on one
chair but very sturdy, they stand straight and
the decals are pretty decent. Edge wear on the
decals but still nice. The backs are straight &
not broken or cracked. On the lower brace in
the back of one chair there is a melt mark line.
It's a little rough looking & feeling but still
solid. Since it's on the back it won't show up on
display too bad (unless you're looking at the
back of the chair). So no, not for the mint
collector but still cute. The table is only gonna
be for parts. Sadly the one leg is broken off
short 3 other legs are leaning to a side. Use this
for parts. The top is in good shape. Decals have
some wrinkles but still pretty nice. Good color.
So I would get another set of legs. The wings on
the table work. I do think one side is a little
fragile so just use that one side gently. S
Barbie Superstar Traveler Grill, Pitcher,
Plates & Tumblers Set
Excellent Condition
The pitcher is missing the lid. One plate has a
little bend to it. Everything else is in great
shape & well cared for! No breaks or abuse!
Barbie Pool Party Liner Rails/Clips
These are a complete set of 4 but you can buy
1, 2, 3 or all. I will update as they sell so you
are aware of availability. All 4 are in perfect
condition & ready to use. They look curved
from use & storage but will go around a liner
& the walls fine.
$1 each or all 2 are SOLD
2 available!
Barbie Beach Bus Orange Bench from 1973
Excellent Condition
Looks great! I see 2 little tiny melt like stain
marks on it but the rest looks wonderful! Nice
orange color is even and not stressed (white
marks) or faded. It stands straight & even, so no
chipped or broken legs. The top little melt mark
is on the center top edge (looks a trace brown)
and one smaller one on the back edge not far
toward the left end. Neither mark is large and
they do not detract from the bench at all. $8
Barbie Superstar Traveler Hibachi Grill
Excellent Condition
The original owner put the decal on a little
crooked but it's otherwise a great piece! Just
a little bit of soil needs to be wiped off (no
ink or any permanent stains-just soil).
Handles & legs are solid! $3
Barbie Beauty Salon Sink Basin
Excellent Condition
This is a piece of the Barbie Beauty Salon from
the mid 70's. Part of a very large set. No abuse or
cracks. Will hold water without any leaks. $2
Barbie Dream Furniture Stove/Microwave
Orange Kettle & Flat Saute Dish 1978
Mint Condition
Both pieces look wonderful and ready to
display. No stress marks/cracks, stains or
abuse! Very cute pieces to help complete
your set! $4
Barbie Dream Furniture Stove/Microwave
Oven Rack/Shelf Piece 1978
Mint Condition
Looks great! Excellent replacement piece for
your set. It is clean and will lay flat in place.
California Barbie Folding Chair
Excellent Condition
I believe this belongs to the Surf Shop but I could
be wrong. Cute orange folding chair with pink
decals. A little bit of creasing in the circular
Barbie decal but the side decals are perfect. No
cracks or damage. Cute display! $3
Barbie Townhouse "S" Chair
Near Mint Condition
This is very well cared for! Most of these
chairs show up with at least one white stress
mark on the underside or front leg area. This
one does not have any stress marks. It's a
vivid bright orange. No breaks or cracks. It's
very clean too! Will look wonderful with your
Townhouse or use it in any Barbie doll
display! Cute chair! $5
Barbie Stand Pieces
Good Condition
Everything being offered together. All
Mattel pieces. $3 for the group.
Barbie Dream Furniture Bathtub/Commode
Original Red Terry Cloth Towel
1st Issue from 1977
Mint Condition
This is one of 2 that would be included in the
commode set and also for the bathtub set as
well. It is a deep dark red in great shape. Soft
terry cloth fabric. No runs, stains, holes or
abuse. A trace of creasing from storage and the
ends curl up slightly but almost all of them do.
Great replacement piece for your set.
Barbie Superstar Traveler Original Blue Towel
Near Mint/Mint Condition
No they were never cut evenly. Even my own
from childhood came with a very odd cut.
This one is clean and very well cared for! No
stains, dinginess or holes. A little bit of an
end thread a little loose but no runs in the
fabric. It's a great replacement/upgrade for
your rv set! $9
Barbie Townhouse Yellow Sofa 1974
Very Good Condition
Very sturdy piece. I did find one crack on the
back. It doesn't show on display and the sofa
is in NO way compromised. I think
somebody just tried to pinch it in their hand
from that back board to the front edge of
the couch and it cracked. It's not abused
otherwise. Nice display! Legs are all fine! $5
Barbie Fashion Plaza Jewelry Counter/Perfume
Near Mint Condition
This is a hard to find piece loose. So if you're
trying to piece together the Fashion Plaza, you'll
love this! It's adorable. The legs are in nice shape
and the decals are wonderful! It's cute even if
you don't have the plaza but have the Dream
Store set. This would make a nice addition to
that even! Cute graphics! $13
Barbie Dream Furniture Bathtub Yellow Bath
Coverup from 1977 1st Issue
Near Mint Condition
This came from the 1st issue of the Barbie
Dream Furniture Bathtub set. It's in great
shape and the red stitching and elastic
band/waistband are in great shape. It's clean
and soft. No stains, holes or blown seams.
The red elastic has only a little stretched look
but not dried out and will make a great
replacement/upgrade piece for your set!
Zee Puff n Play Yellow Dresser
Excellent Condition
This is a very cute piece. It's a blow up
dresser with mirror decal and has a vinyl
covered top in green with printed on brush,
comb & hand mirror items. It's clean and it
does not leak or have any repair patches.
There is a square piece of tape on the back
center of the mirror. I do believe this is from
the factory. There is a mold hole spot
directly in that area but it does not leak. The
mirror decal has wrinkles but that's how it
was made. Very cute! $3
Barbie Ivory Bench/Stool or Side Table
Mint Condition
I couldn't find any markings on it. I think it's
made by Mattel (still researching). It is clean and
stands straight. Even ivory/cream color
throughout with no stains or discolorations. If
it's a stool, then it should have a cushion. Might
also be a serving table or a vanity bench. I'll
update as soon as I can confirm. Definitely from
the late 90's or newer. Not a vintage piece that I
can tell. The plastic is too modern. 3 inches tall
by 3 1/8" inches wide. $3
Barbie 1973 Pool Party Pool Ladder
Very Good Condition
Aside from some slight curving the ladder is
in excellent condition. It's ready to install in
the set and display. These lighter plastic
pieces are prone to warping anyway but it will
display fine. $2
Barbie 1980's Era Issue Townhouse Bed
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This bed is a richer light pink color than the
70's version of the Townhouse bed. Not by
much, just a little brighter. It looks very
nice. Stands straight. No broken legs. It does
say Mattel 1973 inside. I just suspect that it is
a later version because the plastic is not like
that of my original. It is slightly pliable.
Some storage and handling soil but minimal.
A good wash and it will be a great display.
Nice even color. $7
Barbie Dream Furniture End Table
Excellent Condition
Sorry I only have 3 of the 4 necessary pieces for
this cute table. I have the top, the lower shelf
and one leg. All 3 pieces are in very nice shape.
Add a donor leg & it's so cute! See my Doll
Accessories (all brands) page for the 5 piece
accessories that came with the table! $4
Wicker Living Room Chair (single only)
Excellent Condition
Part of the living room set sold by Sears &
Wards in the 70's. This is a single piece with
no others to go with it at this time. Sorry (see
my full set listed above). A little unraveling
underneath by a leg but not bad. No stains!
Looks nice! $4
Barbie Gray Dog (Mattel Inc 1981)
Very Good Condition
This dog is likely from the later half of the
1990's. Dogs like this came with things
similar to the Target exclusive furniture,
certain playsets or even a pet care set/pet
loving type of Barbie doll. He's posable & in
nice shape. No chew marks. Nice face paint.
Much cuter in person! The main body looks
slightly yellowish. It's from handling & he'll
wash right up nicely! Cute dog! $3
Barbie Babysits High Chair 1976
Very Good Condition
Nice clean piece. The two bottom connector
pegs are broken into the female end (very
common!) but the top two pegs are perfectly fine
and the highchair displays nicely!
Zee Puff N Play Living Room Sofa & Table
Fair & TLC Conditions
The table does hold air. It's definitely a bit
warped on the top but still presentable. Feels
kinda soft on the top. There are a couple jagged
scratch hole marks in the underside edge and
some split corners on the table. Still looks ok to
display it. I guess the base is not connected to
the top, hence it can still hold air without a
problem. There are no leaks or pin holes to the
base. The plug valve set is in nice shape & not
torn. A little light wipedown needed maybe but
nothing severe. The sofa has a split under the
left arm and has tape on the left front corner by
the arm. So that's gonna need a repair kit or hot  
glue gun maybe. Not sure which. The plug/valve
set is still secure.  A little nipping away at the
edge of the plug end but it's secure.
50 cents for both.  
Barbie Mountain Ski Cabin Sleeping Bag
Good/Very Good Condition
This is from either the Camping Out set or
the Mountain Ski Cabin. It is yellow on the
front & a muddy tan/brown on the back side.
The only issue with this one is that the very
top should be longer on the brown side.
Someone snipped it off. The seams are all
fine & not split or torn. It was folded for a
while so you'll see a little wrinkling in the
picture but it's a good piece. I see two tiny pin
holes on the top center on both the back &
front & then one on the lower front. They're
very tiny. Could use a little wash/wipe down
from years of storage & handling but nothing
too horrible. Will still display nicely! $3
Barbie Townhouse Sofa
Very Good Condition
Looks fine on display but you can see in the
picture it has a slight upward turn on the
center of the cushions area. Looks to be just
how it was made. I see no cracks or splits in
the plastic. It's otherwise fine and is a sturdy
piece. It could use just a little wipe down
from years of storage & handling/play time
but nothing severe. A good sofa for any
display. It is marked on the underside Mattel
1973. $4
Barbie Star Cycle Scooter Basket from 1981-82
Excellent Condition
Sorry I don't have the scooter available! The
basket is very nice & the decal on front looks
great! It has two hooks on the back to hang it on
the front of the scooter. They're in nice shape.
No breaks, chips, cracks. Just needs a little wipe
down on the inside from years of storage &
handling/playtime. It will be a very nice
upgrade/replacement piece for your scooter!
Barbie Play Pak Picnic Set #5757 from 1982
Excellent & Near Mint Conditions
Adorable pieces! Not complete but lots of great
items to make an adorable display. The one
that really didn't come with this set is the tree.
I'm going to include it anyway just because it's
so adorable! I have the pretty tablecloth in mint
condition! Clean & looks great! The picnic
basket, the grille, the chair/lounger (I have it
wrapped around itself to fit in the picture
better. Nice shape but a little stressing at the
tiny tips on the brown frame. None broken but
please assemble very carefully. They will let go
at some point if you force them! I have the 2
badminton rackets (a little bend on each but
still nice) and the badminton birdies, the
pitcher, 2 soda bottles, the fruit and the fruit
bowl. A fun set for a spring/summer display!
Vintage Barbie Suzy Goose Armoire
Good Condition
Not for the mint collector but still an
excellent display piece! The armoire is the
first version is all ivory color plastic with the
yellow/green wallpaper border in the back of
the interior. The armoire stands straight. All 4
legs are sturdy. Nothing chipped or shorter
that would cause it to lean on 3 legs, so it's a
steady straight display. The right door is
secure. The left door (handle side) is missing
the bottom hinge section, so when open it
will lean inward on the bottom. Needs a new
support. Displays perfectly fine when closed.
The shoe rack is secure on the right door. The
lattice tray on the inner left door is secure on
one side but disconnected on the left. Still
secure enough where it can sit straight. The
middle interior drawer is missing. The other 2
are fine. Shelf & hanging rod are secure. The
wallpaper border is pretty nice. A little bit of
a scuffed/slightly torn surface mark on the
bottom center but not horrible. There is
some kind of faint gray circular mark on the
upper left side. Not sure if someone stored a
stamp next to it or not. Almost looks "clock"
like. It's fairly faint. Will need an in general
all over cleaning except for the inner
wallpaper backing. That is not filthy or dirty
to the touch. The mirror decal is very nice. A
little line spot on the upper left side but
nothing too bad. The top peak looks great.
Someage look to the plastic but that's very
common with old plastic. Cute display! $13
Barbie Lively Living House Sofa from 1968
Very Good Condition
Not for the mint collector but it is very nice
for its age! The sofa is sturdy. The legs are not
warped, bent or chipped/broken. It does not
lean on any corner so it sits properly. The
decals have some wear but still presentable.
The "2" decal is actually loose and can be
placed anywhere you like. The animal print
pillow decal looks pretty good! The edges of
the decals show the wear. The "2" decal is a
big rough. The plastic is not yellow but it
could use a little wipe down. Stays together
nicely. No broken connecting pieces. Good
solid piece for your doll house. Can be used
with the Lively Living House, Live Action
House or the Surprise House. S
From furniture to playsets & accessories. Some are Montgomery Wards or Sears issue pieces/sets.

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