Hi, My name is Julia Rooney and for a long time I was called Jewels by
friends (started in grammar school). I'm a doll nut as you can tell!  I've
been a collector since I was 4 years old and no, I never stopped collecting.
Even in those high school years. I sort of kept it a closet secret for a long
time. Back in the 80's (yeah I'm showing my age), I would have been
laughed out of school if anybody knew I still played with dolls. Good thing
I got over that!
I owe this collection to my Mom who (thank God!), would never allow me
to yard sale or give away my dolls. I even still have my some of my baby
dolls, Sweet April collection, almost all of my Fisher Price toys and of
course, my Barbie's!! My first doll was a titian TNT Skipper doll that really
didn't belong to me but I had a screaming fit to my Mom about it and
committed my first "hostile takeover"! Oops! Well, what can you do with a
4 year old screaming brat! She was forced to give in and well, my poor
sister had to give up her doll. Don't worry folks, she's got plenty of
Skipper's (I've paid for that episode dearly!) and is my prime cohort in
collecting. We laugh about this now, but I think I laugh more than she
does. But my first real Barbie family doll that was ever bought for me was a
Fluff doll. She's one of the pride and joys of my collection that you can't
put a price tag on! No matter what her condition. She's loved but she's in
pretty good shape considering she was a gymnast! Didn't know it as a
small girl but I remember the day I got her, she was in a white box, no lid
but she had the neatest extra clothes with her (yeah, you know where I'm
going with this!). It would take many years to find out that she was the
Sears Exclusive "Sunshine Special" gift set. I had no clue as we never had
the box lid. My Mom got these on a close out sale (she bought 2 of them) for
a mere $5.00 a set! And throughout my childhood I slowly got as many
items as Mom could afford but no Barbie doll would ever be loved to this
day, the way Fluff is. I have a bunch of very special dolls but she has
something special about her. It's that impish face!!

I love lots of different fashion dolls. Barbie, Tuesday & Tiffany Taylor,
Gene, Darci, Crissy & her family, Fashion Candi and clone dolls too! I love
variations of outfits too! I love Montgomery Wards, Sears issue clothes. The
fabrics Mego used to make clothes for Barbie were awesome! I don't mind
helping someone identify their dolls too! And if I can't help you, I might
know some great people who can, so always feel free to ask. I don't give
appraisals though. I don't call myself a pro. There's always something new
to learn, I find! But I love sharing information and stories.

I've spent a lot of years going to doll shows and having a wonderful time,
then ebay came along and I joined in 1998 and started selling not long
after. My collection exploded even more, which is one of the reasons we
had to buy a bigger house. The one that I lovingly call the Jewels Doll
Castle. So now me, my incredibly understanding husband, our 2 gorgeous
little girls (they really are!) and now somewhere over 1000 of my closest
vinyl friends share this cool old house. And so now that my ebay selling
days are winding down due to their new fee and feedback structures, I
have built this site. No bidding hassles, just straightforward descriptions
and prices. And if you ever feel like you need more information or a
picture of an item you see on my site that is for sale, just ask! I want to
make sure that you are happy with any item you buy from me! I may not
always know the history of a doll or item, but I'll give all the details I can.
And if I ever question whether something like makeup has been
retouched or body parts swapped, you'll know!! I don't like surprises and I
wouldn't want you to get any from me either!!

And a note about Talking Barbie doll repairs. My husband takes care of
all my dolls broken leg knobs and talker mechanisms. We've sold several
over the years. He's had so many years as a plastic model kit builder that
his knowledge of plastics and materials is endless! Any doll you buy from
us that has been repaired will have notations and specifics of the type of
repairs done. Once repaired, they are no longer meant for a child's play
toy. The talking mechanisms are a rather "primitive" design by todays
standards but I always make sure that each doll is in excellent working
order when they leave. I always recommend that to every buyer of one of
my talking dolls that you pull the string and test them every other week or
so just to keep them in nice shape so the band inside doesn't sit stagnant
for a long time. We do not use neoprene bands as many people in this
business do because neoprene has a 5 year shelf life! If you decide to buy a
repaired talking doll from me, the one requirement that I will have is that
the doll is insured for both domestic shipping or international shipping! I
cannot stress enough the importance for this. If the doll were to not be
covered and arrives in a box that has been put through a rough handling
process and arrives banged around and no longer talking, I cannot
replace it. I pack them all as safely as possible but I want to know that we
are both covered against loss or damage! So please understand that I will
be firm on this requirement. I want you to have a great experience buying
from me and feel confident that I care for your item as much as you do!

In my 15+ years of selling on ebay, I had the privilege of meeting some
wonderful people and made some great friends along the way, all over the
world. I ship to almost anywhere but there are certain locations that will
be more difficult than others (Mexico is one of them for insurance
reasons-for some reason, insurance is not available above a certain dollar
amount). And there are size limitations on some packages to Australia and
New Zealand. Above a certain size, the post office requires more
expensive methods. So if you're buying a very large item or live in an area
that may have certain restrictions on insurance coverage, check with me
about shipping availability so we don't have confusion over shipping
prices. I will do my best to keep shipping low but remember, the post
office is raising rates this coming May (again!).

With all that said, I want to thank you again for stopping by and checking
out the Jewels Doll Castle and hope to hear from you soon!

  All the best!!! Julia-Jewels