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All dolls on this page will be from the 70's through the late 80's. They all come dressed as you see pictured. If they are pictured
with accessories, they will be included too! Stands are NOT included unless otherwise noted!  

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Golden Dream Barbie in Original Outfit with Styling Wand
Excellent Condition
She has a nice head of hair. It is bi level, so it's only shorter where it's
supposed to be! It is clean with lots of shine! There are a few plugs
missing on the bottom back row. These were plugs that had the gold
wire strands but the rest of her head is very nice. Her hair is not thin.
Nice face paint with no retouches or rubs. No green stains or fading.
Her head must have leaned forward and just off to the left slightly for
a long time. There is a little bit of a melt mark line on the left
underside of her neck. It's not deep so she displays fine. Just needs to
be mentioned. The rest of her body is wonderful! It's a clean body with
no missing or chewed/nipped fingers or toes. No pin pricks, stains,
voodoo or cuts. Both knees click & hold 2 positions each. There is a
tiny line bubble speck on the outer side of her left knee but no holes
or anything that makes me think it didn't leave the factory that way.
There is also a light trace of one on the right knee. Not sure if that's
just from being in the bent position or not. Her limbs are not swingy.
Just a trace speck of a scuff/knick on the arms & outer right hand by
the pinkie but again, she's a very nice doll & she was not played with
rough. She does not have any of her jewelry unfortunately. I only
received her with her original bodysuit, pants and the short sheer
capelet. She does have her original curling wand. The outfit is clean
and very well cared for! Just a little edge wear to the ends of the ties
but the pants look wonderful as does the bodysuit. No stains or blown
seams. Snap closures on bodysuit are secure. Elastic waist on the pants
looks nice. Overall a very nice doll & ready for her hair to be styled
however you like!
Loving You Barbie in Original Complete Outfit with Accessories
Excellent Condition
She's a beautiful doll and very clean! She was well cared for when she
came to me, I just restyled her hair and gave her a nice light wash.
Nice face paint. All original. She does have traces of chips off the
bottom and upper lip but I felt she looked nice and to not retouch it.
No green stains or abuse. No chips/cracks or splits/breaks in the neck
or neck knob. All fingers and toes are nice with no cuts, chews or nips.
No pin pricks. Both knees click and hold 2 positions each. They're not
hard clicking knees but that can be a bit more like normal for a post
mod era doll. She comes dressed in her original complete outfit.
Though they are not pictured, she is wearing her original white
underwear with the red trim and yes the little red heart is still
attached. They look very nice! The outfit looks great! Just some
sporadic little tiny snags here and there but overall very clean and nice
soft red hearts. They are not rubbed. The sleeves are not abused. All
snap closures are secure. I saw one trace tiny speck on the front of the
sheer skirt. It's a speck, so nothing horrible. The only flaw is her one
shoe is split. I actually think they are 2 shoes that are for the same foot
but they are what she came with from the original owner. She does
have most of her accessories which is nice. Missing the little
card/envelope pieces. We do have the heart shape drawing pad, the
heart case for it, her pencil & stamper, and the original red brush &
comb. They are all in excellent condition! Her hair is thick and full. No
trims or cuts. Her hair has been given a fresh rubber band and a nice
set of baloney curls. If you decide you don't like them, feel free to
brush them out or style however you prefer. The only thing she's
missing is her jewelry. I apologize I wasn't able to come up with a set
for her. Her jewelry has red stones and they are a little harder to come
by. She's a wonderful doll and sure to be a wonderful addition to your
collection! $45
Angel Face Barbie in Original Outfit
Excellent Condition
She is a beautiful doll! She's had her hair washed & restyled with lots
of curls. No missing plugs or trims and no frizz! She has that sweet
pink/ivory skin complexion with no rubs and no retouches to her face
paint. Her body is in excellent condition with no abuse, stains or
missing fingers & toes. Both knees click and hold 3 positions each.
Barbie comes with her original ring. She is missing the earrings
though. Sorry! She wears her original dress. Looks very nice. A little bit
of separation of the black waistband on the back. This is an easy fix.
Just loose from where it would sit on top of the snap closure. This can
be seen in one of the bottom pictures. Both snap closures are secure.
Just a little wear on the edge of the sleeves. This is from the hands and
removing and redressing the doll. It is clean and still has the brooch
decal! She is wearing her original pink open toe shoes. No abuse on
them. They look great! Barbie also has almost all of her original
accessories. She has her white brush & comb. She has the pink
hairband piece with the white flower attached. She has the handheld
brush & comb in pink and one of her hair picks. I thought I had it, but
she seems to be missing her makeup case. I will keep an eye out for it.
If I find it, it will be included! She is a fabulous doll and absolutely
gorgeous in person! You'll love her on your shelf!
Lilac & Lovely Barbie in Original Outfit
from 1987 Sears Exclusive
Very Good/Excellent Condition
She's adorable! She wears her original lacy purple outfit with satin arm
gloves, stiff tulle boa/wrap, shoes and purple rose dangling earrings
and the stud earrings and matching ring. She has a great face! Pretty
orchid/lavender eyes with pink lips. Nicely done! No rubs or abuse on
the face. Her body looks great! Both knees click and hold 2 positions
each. No stains, cuts, chews, nips, no pale spots. All fingers & toes
look great! She is marked "Mattel Inc. 1966" on her back. Her hair is
full. It is the very soft version of the later 80's Barbie hair. (the kind
you can't do a boil restyle job on or it will burn!!). No missing plugs or
cuts. A little combed through at the ends but not totally frizzy. It feels
very very soft to the touch. A little untamed on the left side front of
the bangs but I'm sure that can be tidied up with a touch of hair gel.
She's a very cute doll though! The outfit looks very nice. I want to say
there is a slight trace amount of handling on the bodice of the
bodysuit but it looks very nice. The lace skirt looks great as does her
satin arm gloves. Her boa looks wide I think but I have not unraveled
it from around her back & head. I didn't think this was how they were
sold but I could be wrong. It's a clean piece. I don't think she was
played with much at all. I think she was appreciated & displayed but
not abused. Her shoes look great! So all in all, a very nice display doll!
Malibu Barbie in Best Buy Halter Playset #9959 from 1977
Made in Korea
Excellent Condition
She's adorable and such a nice example of the mid 70's issue Malibu
Barbie. She has a very nice head of hair. No missing plugs or cuts.
Excellent face paint with no retouches or rubs. No earring holes. She
has one tiny green dot on the back of her head but nothing major at
all. No neck splits. She is on her original Korea twist n turn body. It's in
great shape. Very nice smooth arms with excellent hands. No abuse,
scratches or stains. No swingy limbs or waist! Her legs are very pretty.
Both knees click and hold 2 positions each. The toes are all there. I
had thought there was a nip on the big toe on the left foots, but it's
just a funny finish to the edge. No pin pricks, splits, chews or abuse.
Her legs look wonderful! Barbie will come dressed in the very cute
playsuit from 1977. Sorry I don't have the cap & socks to match. It's
missing the 1 from the 10 decal but it's still very nice. It's a clean suit
with no stains, holes or blown seams. Snap closure on back is secure
and the ties are very nice! She's an adorable Barbie & will look great in
all your outfits! $16
  Star Dream Barbie in Original Outfit
from 1987 Sears Exclusive
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This doll is adorable! Pretty blue eyes, sweet face that is not overdone!
No rubs on the face paint. She wears her original gown set (bodysuit &
full skirt) with streamer wristband, wide tulle layered belt, white
pantyhose, white shoes, blue jeweled vinyl crown, large necklace,
earrings and ring. She was displayed and played with just a bit but not
horribly handled. First her face is wonderful. Looks great! Her hair is
soft & silky blond. No cuts or trims and it is the silky hair. It can be
restyled without hurting it. Her hair seems pretty straight with just a
slight hint of wave. She would have had more new in the box. I'll leave
this restyling to the new owner though. Her body is in wonderful
condition. Both knees click 3 times but prefer to hold 2 positions each.
All fingers & toes are great. Her outfit has never been removed, and
everything from what I can see is free of stains, cuts, or any abuse. No
pale spots on the legs either! I could not see her markings since the
bodysuit has never been off. Likely Mattel Inc 1966. Her outfit looks
very nice and it is clean! It does have fraying on the bottom edge of
the skirt. Mainly on the right side and around toward the back. There
are light snags on the skirt but not a huge amount to make it look
terrible. She wasn't abused. The belt tulle layers have some play
handling/fraying and just a little bit on the shoulders of the bodysuit
but overall still very nice. Her shoes look great and her pantyhose
don't look like they had much handling time at all! The crown is
adorable. Her earrings and ring are all nice. Her necklace is broken
somehow. It stays in place on her neck but has no clasp! So it just sits
in place on her neck and a little bit of glue mark on the left side of the
"stone" section. Still a decent display, I just haven't figured out why
there's no clasp. I didn't think they were made like that. And her
streamers are bright and clean. No abuse on them at all. Also included
is one of her original cardboard pictures and her original brush. The
brush was played with so some of the teeth are bent but it's ok. The
picture is ok. A piece of tape on the back and a crease. Still a very nice
displayable doll or wonderful to give as a play doll. She's sweet! $8
Malibu Barbie in Best Buy #2223
Made in Korea
Very Good Condition
Great Shape Barbie in Original Outfit
Made in Phillipines
Excellent Condition
She's very sweet and in nice shape. Barbie has a great face with
excellent makeup and no retouches. She has a thick head of blond
hair. No cuts or missing plugs. Some unruly strands toward the front
but her headband keeps it all tucked in nicely. Her body is in good
shape. Her fingers and toes are all there but there are some scratches
on the right hand. Mainly on the thumb area but no missing or
crushed fingers. Some scrapes on the right arm but she'll display fine.
Both knees click and hold 2 positions but they are not a strong bend. 1
first position is very good but the 2nd bend is weak. The legs look very
nice. No stains, cuts or chew marks. No pin pricks. She comes dressed
in her original bodysuit. It's in good shape but not for the mint
collector. A couple spots on the left side under the belt. Overall it's a
solid piece. Some light snags, but no holes, runs or blown seams. She
has the pink belt in good shape, a pink headband (not original but I
got it with her) and the two striped leg warmers. Some piling on the
leg warmers but they are very good. Some handling, playtime. Overall
a nice display doll!