From vintage up to the late 70's! Click on any picture to see full image size & details. If you need more info, just ask!
Vintage, Mod & 70's Era
Barbie & Friends
Fashions For Sale
Barbie Skiing Get Ups N Go Jacket #7787
from 1974
Excellent Condition
The colors are bright & clean. One tiny
speck of a dot on the back but I think it's
how it was made. One tiny trace of a pull in
the nylon on the back of the left sleeve.
Nothing horrible. Still looks great! Snap
closure has one thread loose but still pretty
secure. All red buttons are secure! Odd line
mark on the back of the right sleeve. This is
from the factory & it's not pulled. It's a red
color line in the white. At first glance I
thought it was a pull, but it's not. No holes
or blown seams. I have the hat & pants
listed separately below! $6
Barbie Togetherness Dress #1842 1968 -
Very Good Condition
Dress has no holes and only one light pull
on the back which I've already gotten some
to go back into place. Light piling on the
fabric but a clean & solid piece. Back top
closure is missing. No blown seams.
Minimal arm hole wear but no fraying. $10
Furry 'n Fun #3336 from 1972
Excellent Condition
Love this beautiful full length red coat!
Very pretty and nicely cared for. No blown
seams or stains. Fur is not matted and
looks clean. Snap closure is secure.
Unfortunately I don't have the belt or the
boots at this time but I will keep an eye
out for them. $10
Barbie Best Buy #7824 from 1974 Excellent
Missing lacy apron but a great display
dress. Nice sleeves and green trim. I saw
only a few specks on the lower front but
otherwise a very clean example of this
dress. It is meant to be an off white dress.
So the color is correct! No tears or blown
seams. $8
Barbie Best Buy #9619 1977
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Very pretty dress & crisp fabric! No holes or
blown seams. No stains on fabric. I saw one
very small faint light brown spot on the top
of the right side lace trim. I have not
washed it. The dress will display very pretty
as is or try to spot wash it carefully. It's a
light brown/tan color. The tie at the top is
knotted up a little but will untangle with no
problem. Snap closure secure. Fabric is not
dingy. Nice dress! $8
Barbie Best Buy #7420 from 1975
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The hat is near mint condition & super
clean! Missing the feather though. The
dress is really beautiful and clean as well.
Only reason I don't call it mint is for some
piling on the orange fabric. I do want to
make sure I mention one thing...the belt
for the dress IS INCLUDED!! I forgot it in
the picture but I have it. It is the correct
belt & in beautiful condition just like the
hat & the trim on the dress! The little
button closure & loop is good on the back!
No stains or holes! No snap on the back of
waist but I think it came that way.
Fantastic outfit!! $25
Best Buy #2551 Top Only from 1978
Near Mint Condition
One of the nicest examples of this top I've
come across yet. The decal looks great! It's
not peeling off. No glue residue. The pink
nylon tricot fabric is not faded. Only flaws
on it is a little bit of the top left collar seam
thread loose. No destroyed or frayed
fabric. A dark blue dot in the bottom
center front. It's right above the elastic.
Same color as the blue on the decal, so
maybe that happened at the factory. One
absolutely hard to see microscopic chip of
a pale speck on the top left front shoulder.
This is ridiculously hard to see! And the
elastic waist looks perfect! So it's a
wonderful replacement/upgrade if you
have a really nice pair of shorts! Great top!
Best Buy #7416 from 1975
Near Mint/Mint Condition
A fantastic example of this dress. I am hard
pressed to find any flaws on it at all! Super
bright and clean. Beautifully cared for! No
package residue, holes, blowns seams,
stains, dinginess or abuse. Even the elastic
on the button closure looks like it was
never used! I don't believe I've had a cleaner
example out of the package! $20
1979 My First Barbie Original Outfit
Complete with Brush
Good to Mint Conditions
This is a nice replacement/upgrade set for
your doll! The bodysuit looks perfect. The
pants are close. I see just some package
residue lines (not goo or paper) but faint
color streaks. The elastic waist looks
wonderful. Still excellent pants. The skirt
does have some water mark/discolorations
but excellent elastic waist & I haven't
washed it. The striped tube top looks
wonderful! Clean with great elastic & no
stains! The blue belt is mint. The brush is
mint condition as well! $8
Barbie Best Buy #9164 from 1976
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Super pretty & clean! Love this dress! Bright
colors with no dinginess. Long white ribbon
tie in the back. Back red loop & tiny button
closure are secure. A little stretch on that
red loop but still decent. Crisp fabric! The
white collar likes to pop up as you can see
in the pictured & just a little bit of the lace
cuff on the left is folded a little different
but a fantastic display dress! Sorry I don't
have the cap! Still a great dress! $14
Best Buy #2558 Gown from 1978
Excellent Condition
Only reason I can't call it mint or near mint
is that it's missing the shoulder straps. The
elastic waist looks wonderful! Just a tiny bit
loose on the bottom back row but looks
great! Bright sheer pink fabric is very nice
too. Maybe one super tiny trace of a snag!
The black lace trim looks just as nice! It's a
beautiful gown. Just add the peignoir and
it's a gorgeous set!
Vintage Barbie Sweet Dreams Baby Doll
Top #973 from 1959-63
Excellent/Near Mint
The only thing holding this back from
being mint is some handling/storage time
on the ribbons. Otherwise the fabric is
crisp, bright & gorgeous display! Tagged
with the black/white tag. No holes, stains,
runs or snags. Adorable!! $10
Barbie Best Buy #2221 from 1978  Excellent
This is a great looking piece! Only flaws on
it are that the blue gros-grain ribbon on the
waist bled a little color on the orange fabric
on the back. I can provide close up pictures
upon request! It displays beautifully and
was well cared for! $8
Best Buy #9620 from 1977
Near Mint Condition
The only thing that keeps this from being
mint is just a little bit of the bottom hem on
the back is starting to loosen up and a few
loops of thread on the halter straps are a
little popped up. Other than that, this dress
is gorgeous!  This version is the bright green
and it's beautiful! The white is a bright clean
white, the green is so pretty and the perfect
contrast is the little black bow. This is one
of my favorites of all the best buys and it
looks great on Malibu's as well as your
mods & the later 70's dolls! No dinginess or
fading! Snap closure is secure! $17
Barbie "Pink & White Lights The Night" Get
Ups N Go Dress #9738 from 1977-1978
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This one is incredibly clean. I don't think
it's ever been on a doll. The fabric is very
stiff. I've never seen one that stiff before
but it's perfectly clean. No water stains or
evidence of it ever being wet to make it
that stiff. Just how it's made! Pretty blush
pink satin with sheer overskirt & collar.
Flower at the waist looks great. Snap
closure on back is secure. The satin is not
faded or discolored. No heavy snagging on
the collar at all. Maybe a trace one or two
on the bottom ruffle from storage &
minimal handling but it's beautiful! An
outstanding example of this dress! $39
Barbie American Airlines Stewardess
Jacket #984 1961-64
Very Good Condition
Nice jacket with all 4 blue buttons & snap
closure secure. Tagged. Clean fabric. Only
flaws are some light stress marks at some
seams. Not blown apart. Will display
nicely. $5
Vintage Barbie Red Helenca Swimsuit
Excellent Condition
You can never get enough good ones & this
is a great one! No runs, snags or holes! Only
a few loops of seam stitching are loose at
the top left shoulder. No pulls or problems
from it. Minimal traces of handling on the
chest area. And that is minimal!!! Looks
beautiful! (NOT A REPRO PIECE!!!) $15
Barbie Sweet 16 Best Buy Dress #9555
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Only reason I can't call it mint is that it has
just a few very tiny speck dots on the back
of the right sleeve. About 3 or 4. Otherwise,
it's gorgeous & very crisp and clean! Snap
closure is secure. Pretty blue fabric with
pink tulip print, white nylon sleeves and
green rik rak trim. 2 tone pink bodice
looks very nice! No blown seams or holes!
Great looking dress!
Barbie Best Buy #7814
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Of course, like most, the flower is missing
but a great dress otherwise. Nice bright
orange color. Most of the elastic shirring is
excellent! Just a pinch loose on the top row.
Very minimal. The bottom row around the
back and heading off to the right the thread
is loosened up. This is so hard to avoid by
just getting on a doll. But it was handled
gently. A few snags but a pretty solid dress!
Best Buy #1358 from 1978
Near Mint Condition
So incredibly hard to find this dress
without being stretched out & separated
from the gold straps to the fabric. It's
beautiful! Only one gold band loose on the
back. Minor loose elastic from that but the
rest is wonderful! All secure on the front. I
don't think this was used but maybe once!
The color is all bright & clean. No fading as
can also be a huge flaw on these. The
elastic halter ties look virtually untouched
too! 1 hint of a snag on front. A trace spot
on the lower front from package backing.
Hard to see. MINIMAL! Best example of
this dress I've been able to find yet. Wow!!
Barbie Winter Holiday White Coat
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Lining is super clean & soft. Leather like
material is stiff. Wipe down needed but will
clean up nicely! $6
Barbie Winter Holiday Knit Hooded Tee
Excellent/Near Mint
Very nice piece! No holes or blown seams.
1 light pale spot but a great display! Zipper
works! $8
  Vintage Barbie Nude/Tan Sheer Thigh High
Excellent & Good Conditions
The one on the right leg is excellent and
looks fantastic! Both are clean and the toes
are not blown out on either piece. the one
on the left left looks great under clothes.
Only the top portion right there below the
seam is blown & has 2 splits on that upper
thigh. Even with a short skirt on, it will
display fine. The lower leg, knee area and
right above the knee (this is clearly visible
in the picture-click on it to see it enlarged!!)
all looks fine! So they will make a nice set
on your doll! $5
Fashion Collectibles Dress #1362 from 1979
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I couldn't find anything wrong with it!
Sweet halter neck & pleated bodice dress
made of orchid/light purple, blue & gold
floral print on nylon tricot fabric with
purple stitched trim. Snap closure on back
is secure. The stitching is all very nice with
nothing blown out or loose. No snags,
stains or heavy playtime. Looks beautiful!
Mod Barbie Best Buy #8620 from 1973
Excellent Condition
Nice, sweet dress with only minimal play
time around the edge of the bottom ruffle.
The red button is secure and the snap
closures are secure. $13
  Barbie Best Buy #2774 from 1979
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Sweet peachy/orange nylon tricot dress
with white trim & halter tie. Very clean &
bright. Minimal play time to the white
trim, mainly at the top edges by the ties. A
few snags but not too bad. Most of them
on the back. One on the front that is very
little. The elastic waist looks excellent.
Tiny speck of a spot on the back. Good
looking display dress! $7
Barbie Sweater Girl #
Straight Skirt & Knit Shell only
Skirt - Mint Condition
Shell - Excellent Condition
Both pieces look beautiful and well cared
for. Skirt is soft and clean. Shell looks great
but has 2 splits. 1 tiny one on the top and 1
on the bottom front. It does display
beautifully!! $22
Barbie White Scoop Neck Playsuit
Excellent Condition
This is a bright white with only traces of
handling on some edges. Looks great on a
doll! Snap closures are secure. It is tagged.
No holes or blown seams. $10
Rare Pair Jacket #1462 from 1970
Excellent Condition
This jacket would be absolutely perfect
but it has one pull on the top of the right
sleeve. Otherwise it's gorgeous. The colors
are clean & beautiful. The fabric does not
have much play time at all. It's one thread.
On display it looks like a tight spot on the
sleeve. The jacket is tagged. Looks
beautiful on display. $7
Barbie Baby Doll Pinks #3403 1971-1972
Good Condition
A nice looking display. It does have some
snags (so common with this piece). The one
strap needs to be tightened down but that's
not hard. Bright fabric and not dingy. Sorry
I don't have the scuffs. $3
Mainly For Rain Coat #3338
Excellent Condition
Pretty, soft & clean! All snap closures
secure. Missing one blue upper button. The
other is secure. Just a trace of a stressed
thread at the bottom of the left underarm.
Not blown out. They go on pretty well if
you're careful. No stains or matted fabric.
Sorry I don't have the hat! Pretty coat! $7
Barbie Best Buy #7823 Top
Good Condition
The main problem with this top is that
there is a red dye stain on the back. From
the front it displays fine. The elastic waist
looks very nice & not stretched out. Snap
closure is a little loose on the one side but
it's there. The top is not dirty and with the
rest of the denim pieces, it will look
adorable! No holes or blown seams. Hard
to find top! $7
Barbie "Ski Scene" Yellow Pants
Near Mint/Mint
Beautiful & clean pants. No blown seams or
holes. Snap closure is secure. Can't find
anything wrong with these! Great upgrade
pair for your set or a great reason to start
collecting the outfit! (2 tiny thread holes in
leg are from where it was originally sewn to
package & not abuse!!) $9
Barbie Best Buy Jacket #7822 from 1974
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is one of the better ones I've been able
to come across. Not blown out at the seams
& all the buttons are attached. A faint dark
smudge by the 2nd & 3rd buttons but not
horrible. Other than that, just mild few
sporadic handling/storage marks. Most
noticeable on the back of the left sleeve.
Overall a good jacket. Male end of snap
closure needs to be resewn to it's side (it is
a complete snap though). Blue stitching is
all nice. I do see evidence of one faint pull
in the fabric across the back (toward the
top). Not bad. It's still a very good jacket.
Most of these show up pretty beat up. This
one will display well! $4
Barbie Best Buy #9157
Excellent Condition
Very bright & pretty pink nylon tricot
gown with white lace trim. It's very clean.
Only a few light snags. No pulls or blown
seams. There are some loose loops of
thread on the seams but the fabric is not
fraying or abused. The elastic loop on the
back is there. A little stretched. But the
little button needs to be replaced. Still a
sweet dress on display!
Barbie Get Ups N Go "Spring Fling in Ruffles
'n Rose! Shawl #9594 from 1976
Near Mint Condition
Part of a gorgeous set in pretty pink. The
shawl is clean and very well cared for!
Delicate lace trim is all beautiful. Sheer rose
fabric with ruffle trim. Just a small handful
of very light snags on the main piece but it
will look beautiful on your dolls. The ruffle
is not abused & not snagged. No holes. Great
piece to complete your outfit!
Barbie Best Buy Skirt #7210 from 1975
Very good/excellent condition!
Bright floral colors and clean denim
material. Snap closure is secure. $3
Sweet 16 Barbie Bonus Outfit
Tank Top & Shorts from 1974
Fair & Good Conditions
The tank top is really nice but missing the
"16" decal. The golden yellow color is very
good! No holes or blown seams. Just a
trace tiny speck or two on the back but
super minimal. It's a great display! The
shorts need the front center seam
redone/tightened back up and have
stressed marks on the seams on the outer
legs. Some work on the back center seam
needed too. Just pulled wide. I don't know
why these shorts seem to all show up this
way. They are clean. $6 for the set
Barbie Best Buy #7204 Complete
Excellent Condition
Adorable dark blue with red, pink, yellow &
green floral print with fine white lace trim
on collar & hip ruffle. The dress and
headband are clean with no holes, stains or
blown seams. Just a little wide on the collar
elastic and then wide on the waist elastic but
it will look adorable on your dolls!
Barbie "Firelights" Jumpsuit #1481
Very Good Condition
This is much brighter & cleaner than my
picture is showing. The left shoulder strap
does need to be reattached but it can be
done & display nicely. Minimal fraying of
the silver & blue fabric at the seams. They
always tend to have to some fray at the
seams if they're out of the package. This
one looks very good! A few tiny pulls on
the silver in a few places. A little wrinkling
from storage (DON'T iron this!) Hook &
loop closure is excellent. Braid trim is
great! More me! $15
Barbie Best Buy #9623
Near Mint Condition
Beautiful & clean soft yellow robe with
white satin piping & tie at the waist. No
holes, stains or blown seams! It's a bright
color and has no abuse! Nice elastic waist
too. It's not dried out or stretched! Will
look adorable on!
Barbie Best Buy #8688
Well this piece should be categorized as "I
can't bear to throw it away" It is missing the
entire bodice but I believe someone could
use this as the velvet waistband is still here.
This dress has the plain black overskirt
instead of the standard flocked dot
overskirt. So it's a neat variation! There are
some snags on the overskirt and I did see
one tiny hole but the ruffle is all there and
the fabric feels crisp. So maybe this could be
used for donor parts! Pink skirt is decent
and not full of holes or stains. One snag on
the skirt. $5
Barbie Best Buy Skirt #7422 from 1975
Excellent Condition
Part of  a 3 piece set that had a striped top
with matching stripe top & red brim. I only
have the skirt at the moment. The skirt is
excellent! Fantastic elastic at the waist! The
only flaw on it is a little whitish smudge on
the right middle. It will display nicely! May
wash off with a very light handwash. I
wouldn't douse this fabric. It should be
fine. I haven't had one bleed color on me
yet but I don't soak them either! No holes
or blown seams. No package residue on
the back! Looks great!
Best Buy #7749 from 1974
This is a darling outfit (very first outfit I ever
got as a child) and it's in great shape! Nice &
clean blue dress with no stains, holes or
abuse. The only issue is that it's wrinkling a
bit. Easy fix there. The sweet lace trimmed
apron looks great! Clean white and not
dingy gray. I did find one tiny spot on the
lower left on the rik rak accent that has a
dull spot on it. Otherwise wonderful!
Minimal edge seam fraying on the tie, but it
looks great! Snap closure on dress is secure.
Cold Snap Coat #3429 from 1971-72
Excellent Condition
This just looks sooo cozy! Sweet red coat
with white fur trim. Very nice color. Clean
and soft. Some piling of the red fabric but
not horrible. No holes, runs, pulls or blown
seams. All 3 accent buttons are there &
secure. The fur looks nice. Snap closures
are secure. Barbie tag is inside. Cute coat!!
Barbie Best Buy Skirt #7753 from 1974
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Looks clean. Soft brown fleece. No holes,
stains or abuse. The elastic waist looks
pretty good too! They do get dry with age.
This one does not look stretched out. So
as long as you don't pull it wide and hold it
there for a long time, it will display nicely.
Sorry, for the moment, this is the only
piece I have available for this really good
looking set. But this is a very nice upgrade
piece or a great reason to start collecting
the outfit! $7
Barbie Winter Holiday Pants #975
Near Mint Condition
Very well cared for. No holes, blown seams,
stains or abuse. Excellent working zipper.
Fabric looks fuzzy in pictures but they are
not that played with. Will look great on your
doll! $10
Barbie Red Nylon Tricot Pantyhose
Near Mint Condition
I could not find anything wrong with these.
No holes, stains, blown seams. Elastic is
excellent! A great pair for your doll! $18
Barbie Yellow Mod Era Pantyhose
Very Good Condition
The elastic waist is excellent and these
were well cared for. The one toe needs to
be tightened up but I believe it will fix up
nicely as the material looks to have only
minimal wear. They have only a few snags
and will look great on your doll! Very hard
to get in good condition! $18
Barbie Beginner's Fashion #1372 from 1979
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Gorgeous colors in a watercolor style
pattern on nylon tricot fabric trimmed in
bright gold seam edging. The dress is very
clean and barely played with. Just the straps
have been in the tied position while in
storage but they aren't frayed. There is a
corner of the gold trim that in the pictured is
curled slightly upward near the top of the
bodice. I have actually been able to pull
most of that back where it belongs, so it will
display beautifully! That section is
disconnected from the back center seam but
is not elastic so it won't hurt the appearance
on display. It's a beautiful dress! $9
Best Buy #2550 Gown (top half only)
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
from 1978
Part of a great looking outfit. All of the
gold braid trim looks great! The ties have
only minimal fraying at the ends. The gold
foil leaf accent at the neck is straight and
bright! The blue tricot fabric has only one
trace of package residue on the back but
looks very nice! And one minor dot on the
lower left side that is not a stain but maybe
a water mark. It's not a big deal but I like
to mention all the little things. It will
display beautifully! Sorry I don't have the
skirt at this time! $6
Best Buy #2556 from 1978
Excellent Condition
This is a classy looking dress. It was well
cared for! From the front it looks perfect. I
only found a few pale trace specks on the
lower back that don't hurt the look of the
dress at all. And then one small light brown
mark by the back of the left arm seam.
That's not a horrific spot. I think they're just
from package residue. This dress is not dirty!
It will look gorgeous on your dolls. The brick
red seam trim is all nice & none loose or
blown. No snags. The long neck tie looks
nice. Snap closure is secure. All elastic looks
mint condition!!! Great looking dress!
Barbie Vintage Tennis Time Dress
Very Nice Needs restitch in crotch area
otherwise very nice-good zipper. $10
Light 'n Lazy
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
Only missing one bootie. The nightie
looks gorgeous. Just a few snags but not
heavy. No stains on any piece! Bootie
looks near mint. Panties have a stretched
elastic waist. A snag or 2 but not bad. The
most snagging is on the robe. The back
has a lot. A little repair needed by the
center of the back collar. All of the lace is
gorgeous! Email for more info!
Barbie Vintage Black Pantyhose for
Good Condition - The biggest flaw is
obviously the elastic waist. You'll need to
tighten it up. Otherwise the legs are
excellent! Toes are not blown open and
there aren't many snags! There is a run on
the front but with an outfit, bodysuit or
short dress, these can still display
beautifully. $7
Barbie Skiing Get Ups N Go Hat #7787
from 1974
Mint Condition
No flaws or abuse! It's clean, soft and ready
to display! No blown seams or holes. The
perfect piece to complete your outfit!
Hard to find!
My First Barbie Original Bodysuit from 1979
Mint Condition
Super clean & bright! I don't think it was
played with at all! No snags, stains,
dinginess or blown seams! A super clean &
crisp example of this suit. Perfect upgrade
for your doll! The ties are nice & the snap
closure on back is perfectly secure! Much
nicer than my picture is probably showing!
  Barbie Best Buy #8680 (PJ Dress Variation)
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I couldn't find anything wrong with it! It's
clean and well cared for! The snap closure
is secure. The ties are nice. No runs, stains,
blown seams or snags. It's too adorable and
such a fantastic piece to add to your
collection! These are very hard to get and
highly sought after!
Barbie Fancy That Purple Hose #3362
from 1972
Excellent Condition
Bright & clean. One tiny snag and I did find
one tiny hole on the upper right thigh. It's
small but it is there. No runs from it. They
otherwise don't look like they've been on a
doll! So they will display beautifully with
the skirt from this set. $13
Barbie Best Buy #9958 from 1977
Near Mint Condition
Only flaws are just some very minor edge
wear on the ends of the ties and a tiny trace
of package residue on the butt. Basically
looks like a light brown/tan spot. Very hard
to see and it displays beautifully!
Otherwise, this jumpsuit is clean & a ready
to display! No blown seams on the bodice
or legs. It's a sexy little number & you'll love
it on your dolls!!
Barbie Best Buy #2560 from 1978
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
Smart looking 2 piece skirt/dress set! Bright
red velvety like fabric with black braid trim.
The top looks great! Clean & bright with no
abuse! Snap closure is secure. No stains,
holes or blown seams! The skirt is very
good. There is one slight spot on the lower
front (visible in pic) but otherwise it's very
clean. That spot is not very dark. The elastic
is stretched wide but it is meant to be
tucked under the top, so it will display
nicely as it is. Sorry I don't have the purse to
complete this great outfit!
Barbie Dreamy Pink #1857 1968-69
Near Mint & Complete
Brilliant bright pink set! Only flaws are one
side soft and not matted. Two tiny snags, a
"mis-stitch" on the sheer overskirt of the
nightie microscopic speck on the back of
the nightie. These do not detract from
display ability at all! It's a beautiful set. I
would see if you can get a replacement tie
from a donor piece. Otherwise, it's ready
to display. You won't be disappointed with
this one! $32
  Barbie Sew Free Clothes 1974
These were sold as a kit for a child to
"sew". I have 4 pieces from the set. The
seams are put together with these "glue  
like strips". Seams are a bit stiff after all
these years but the fabrics are pretty nice.
The edges on the blue snail print mini
dress are unfinished so the ends are a little
rough. Sold as set $10
Barbie Knit Hit #1804
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Nice & clean with almost no piling of knit
material. This is the lined version. Tagged
piece. Only flaw is mild lining separation
from knit material on back right edge.
Fabric is not destroyed. You can leave it as
is or repair easily. Either way, it will
display nicely! Colors are bright and very
clean. Hanger is included (classic vintage
hard plastic) $15
  Vintage Straight Leg Midge Original
Orange Swimsuit Bottoms
Excellent Condition
Fabric is clean and free of runs/snags. Only
a couple tiny pulls of the seam thread but
no splits very nice display piece. These are
NOT very nice display piece. These are
NOT reproductions! $3
Barbie Best Buy #9571 from 1976
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Pretty dress for a spring & summer display!
Nice colors, clean lace that is not frayed or
torn!  The little white button & elastic loop
closure are intact. A little bit of a stretch
on that elastic loop but still pretty good. A
sweet dress for your doll! $12
Barbie Fashion Collectibles #2781 from 1979
Near Mint Condition
Pretty red & white dress with elastic waist &
cuffs. It is clean & vivid! No stains, holes or
blown seams. No runs or snags. A little
creasing on the bodice from storage but it
looks very pretty. All of the elastic looks nice
& not stretched out. Sorry I don't have the
white sash to complete the set but it will
look great on your dolls! $12
Best Buy Robe #3348 from 1973
Good/Very Good Condition
few tiny holes on the back that are clearly
visible in the picture. Otherwise, that a
couple snags and it would be near mint.
The lace looks great and it's bright white.
No stains or blown seams. The ties are very
nice! And from the front, it's a great robe.
When you have it over a nightgown it will
display beautifully! $6
Barbie & Sweet 16 Best Buy #9560 from
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Looks really nice from the front. Bold
yellow/gold color denim with pretty red &
blue floral print. No holes or blown seams.
Snap closure secure. The back does show
some light spotting near the bottom. A
faint reddish color. Likely from the floral
panel in the front. It will still display nicely
as it's the back.The front looks good. Part
of a pretty set. I only have the skirt at the
moment, sorry!
Best Buy #7815 from 1974
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Beautiful set & well cared for! The colors are
clean & bright. The collar is white! A trace
almost microscopic speck on the collar but
the outfit is really wonderful! The elastic
waist is great on both the jacket and the
skirt! Snap closure as well as the little red
accent button are both secure! This outfit
looks great!
Best Buy #3343 from 1973
Excellent Condition
Sweet floral print peasant dress in great
shape. Unfortunately as so many do, the
red flower is missing. Otherwise it's a very
clean example. The waist elastic is in
fantastic condition for it's age! It's not
dried out. No stains or dinginess. No blown
seams. I see the occasional oddball thread
but that is very common for Mattel
early/mid 70's quality. A super pretty
display dress! $10
  Fashion Photo Barbie Original Skirt
Very Good Condition
The only thing flawed with this skirt is that
the elastic is wide. Otherwise, it looks
fantastic! It's clean & not torn. Only 2 ultra
tiny & hard to see hints of a snag. On the
front but a wonderful display skirt. The
gold braided elastic is clean & bright
looking, just wide.
Barbie Best Buy Top #9574 from 1976
Very Good/Excellent Condition
A cute sporty nylon jersey that is in very
nice shape. The only flaws are very faint
traces of what I think is a pair of bluish
spot. 1 by the 7 and the other down toward
the lower left front. These are extremely
faint but you will see them. No holes or
blown seams. It will display very nicely!! $4
K-Mart Bargain Barbie Fashions #1024
from 1979
Mint Condition
Gorgeous! Super clean & vivid deep rich red
that is gathered on both sides with gold
braided straps & top band. I do not believe
this has ever been on a doll! No stains, runs,
snags, blown seams or package residue! It's
beautiful! The straps could not be a brighter
gold! If you are looking for a gorgeous
version of this dress, this is it! I do question
if the straps are too long just because of how
it's sitting on my mannequin, but this is how
Mattel made it. $20
  Fashion Photo Barbie Original Pants
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Just a few tiny snags but they are really
beautiful! The gold waist band is great
and not loose from the red fabric. Pretty!
Barbie Best Buy #7203
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Pretty bright red nylon tricot feet pajamas
with white lace trim & ribbon tie at neck.
They look wonderful. I don't think they've
ever been put on a doll. The elastic around
the ankles looks unstretched. The white
ribbon doesn't even have a wrinkle in it. The
lace looks perfect. No snags, holes or blown
seams. The little white buttons on the sides
of the hips are secure. Only micro trace of a
flaw is a dark & hard to see almost water
mark looking speck on the front of the right
foot. I don't know if that's from package
residue or not. Nothing sticky. The outfit
looks beautiful!  $12
  Fashion Collectibles #2782 from 1979
Near Mint/Mint Condition
It's complete with it's adorable yellow &
blue tote bag. The jumpsuit looks
gorgeous. Clean & bright with no abuse.
Crisp fabric. All the trim is securely in
place and looks wonderful as well! It's
barely used if ever. The tote looks perfect.
Maybe a tiny bit of stretch on the waist
but it's a great looking outfit! No package
residue either, so this is a beautiful
example of this outfit!
So cute for a summer display!
Barbie Fashion Collectibles Sweater #1367
from 1979
Near Mint Condition
A beautiful & super soft sweater in a pretty
rust color. Has a single snap closure on back
of the almost cowl neck. The sweater is
tagged inside. No stains, holes or blown
seams! If you have the pants, this is a
gorgeous upgrade/replacement sweater! Or
a good excuse to find the pants! Part of a
great outfit! This was well cared for! $9
Barbie Get Ups N Go Ski Pants
Good Condition
The fabric is very crisp and the elastic waist
is unstretched. I really don't think these
have been used. The flaw is that they have
some little dark spots on the legs. This
might wash out. This material should not
bleed as far as I know. $1
Barbie Get Ups N Go United Airline Blouse
Near Mint Condition
Beautiful & barely used. Only flaws on it
are two microscopic traces of package
residue on the back (which are
clear/white in color) and one loose loop
of thread on the bottom back center seam
and that's an easy fix. The rest is
beautiful! Snap closure secure. It will look
wonderful on your dolls! $10
Vintage Barbie Wedding Day Set Wedding
#972 from 1959-62
Fair Condition
As you can see it's a tlc dress and missing the
bodice lace. The skirt is all there though.
Some pin holes in the center of the bodice.
The rest of it is pretty solid and will look
sweet on a doll. No tears in the lace, so this is
very worth saving!! The lace/tulle is not
dingy. The skirt has some creasing but it will
display nicely with a steaming. The 2 snap
closures are secure on back. A little
brightening needed on that bodice but I
think this has some potential to be a great
It is tagged inside with the vintage black &
white Barbie tag. Some fraying on it. Not a
repro piece! This is genuine vintage. $10
Barbie Olympic Skier Original Hat
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I could not find anything wrong with this
hat. Bright red color. No snags/runs or
stains. No blown seams. A little harder to
find in this condition $5  
Barbie Olympic Skier Yellow Tie On Flag
Fair Condition
This piece needs the number replaced & it
will need an oxy clean. This should clean
up fine without hurting the fabric. Ties
have some edge wear but nothing
horrible. $1
  O-Boy Corduroy Red Jumper #3486
Excellent Condition
Super clean & soft corduroy fabric. No
dinginess or stains. It's adorable! Sorry I
don't have any other pieces for this outfit.
The only issue on it is some right back of
the bodice seam restitching needed. The
back of the shoulder strap came loose. Still
connected on the eyelet lacy portion. So it's
only a few loops of thread needed. Fabric is
not destroyed. It will repair easily & display
beautifully! $8
Best Buy #8684 from 1973
Excellent Condition
This dress is confusing me. It should have
come with a red flower at the waist but
instead I see it had a blue thread. I wonder if
it originally had a blue flower. This is not
something that bled on to the fabric.
Unfortunately the flower is missing (would
be gorgeous if it was a blue flower). The rest
of the dress is really nice! It's not dingy. It is
an unbleached color and this is the correct
color. It's a little creased from storage but
will straighten up fine on a doll. Give it a
light press if it bothers you. The ties have a
little edge wear but they are all there and
uncut. Just a few loops of the ruffle trim are
pulled (3 of them) but it displays fine. Very
sweet dress in person! And honestly, I'd find
a blue or red flower just to give it that
finished look. $9
Barbie Dream Wrap #1476 from 1969-1970
Good Condition
Clean pink & white colors. Lace trim looks
pretty nice. The elastic waist on the panties
are wide but I think they were made that
way. The biggest flaw that needs to be
helped is the satin tie at the waist was cut
off. Will need a new one. Will still display
nicely. A couple places on the top seam of
the panties that did separate from the
elastic. They still display good though. Tiny
dark smudge on the back of the robe but
not a big deal. Cute set! $8
Beauty Secrets Barbie Original Skirt from
Good Condition
It has some play time but will make a
good display. The satin is clean with no
stains. Has a couple small snags on it
down the backside by the slit. One little
one on the outer right front. The slit
opening has a little loose thread but it will
display ok. The lace trim at the waist is
ok. Not terribly torn up. Not mint. Elastic
is still ok. One snag right up under the
lace in the back. Overall decent. Not
perfect but it will look good on your doll!
  Get Ups N Go #7701 "Graceful Costumes For
A Ballerina" Leotard
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Nice to see one that isn't snagged/pulled to
high heaven! The only thing keeping it
from being mint is that the leg elastics are
stretched but it will display nicely.
Otherwise it's wonderful. Clean with no
snags or pulls. If I really want to get picky,
some of the threads from the seams on the
inside are a little loose but they are not
falling apart, unraveling. Everything on the
outside looks nice & solid. Excellent
upgrade/replacement piece! $5
Sweet 16 Top #9552 Top & Hat
(Fashion Fireworks)
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Sold in 2 different packages from 1976.
The Sweet 16 doll in yellow packaging &
the Fashion Fireworks set that would have
a Malibu Barbie on the card. Both pieces
are super clean & well cared for! Just
needs the red skirt. The elastic loop &
button closure are still secure. Only a tiny
bit of stretch on the elastic. No runs, holes
or snags. No stains or fading. You will see
the sporadic speck on the shirt. This is
from manufacturing. It's not staining. Just
like tiny pin dots. Several of these tops
have that. My own does as well. The hat
does not. Cute with jeans too! $8
Sport Star Mini Skirt #3353 from 1972
Good Condition
much worse than it is in person. There are
spots on the denim but this piece should
clean up beautifully. These spots do not
appear to be anything other than from
grubby little hands. Nothing ink-like. (I'd
had very good luck lately using Tide-they
should pay me for the cheap free plug). I
have not washed this piece and yes it should
hold up with a wash without fading or
bleeding the color. No holes or blown seams.
All the little white button are secure. Snap
closure is too. A little creased from storage
but not a bad piece at all. This one will
display great with a little wash. $4
Barbie Best Buy Jumper #9621 from 1977
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Very cute outfit. Unfortunately, I don't
have the top with the cloud decal. The
jumper is very nice. A little bit of
handling/playtime soil. Very minimal. A
few traces here & there. Won't take much
effort to give it a little brightening & it will
look perfect. Will display fine as is. No
blown seams or holes. Snap closure & blue
buttons are secure. $4
Barbie Best Buy #8685 from 1973
Fair Condition
Ok, here's another piece that someone
butchered (they probably stained the
devil out of the white portion of the top)
and left only the yellow sweater piece and
the pants connected. Now what's
very good! The fabric for both sections is
clean and not full of holes or stains. So
this is a chance to play around & get
creative. The only flaw I see other than
the missing blouse portion is some
restitching on the back for the snap
closure. It's just sloppy & whomever used
too much thread but the snap is there.
Have a little fun & make something very
cute or just try to replace the blouse. $1
Barbie Best Buy #2775 from 1979
Mint Condition
It looks very slender in the skirt but that's
because it's been folded for a long time in
storage. I don't think this dress has ever
been on a doll. The elastic bodice has never
been stretched! That is why I chose to not
have it pictured on a mannequin. The colors
are perfect & clean as they can be out of the
package! Not a speck of dinginess anywhere!
No package residue either. The red tie is
wonderful & attached at the waist. The
elastic waist is in great shape. That elastic is
not dry rotted. You can stretch it & it
bounces back to shape. The big worry I have
for this dress is that top elastic. You can tell
by looking at it, that it's dry. No way to avoid
it. If you put it on a doll, it's gonna stretch.
What I would probably recommend for this
dress is putting it on one of the straight leg
smooth body dolls like your Malibu's from
the Fashion Fireworks sets & similar bodies.
Even a mod era straight leg standard doll
can wear it and probably not hurt it too bad.
It's still a gorgeous example of this dress. I've
never had a cleaner example of it! It will
look wonderful on a doll! If you want to call
it a flaw, only that crease, which will
straighten out when displayed on a doll, is
the only minor issue & the top elastic being
  Icebreaker Bodysuit #942
Excellent/Near Mint
Solid bodysuit in great shape. Very clean.
No holes or blown seams. Zipper works
great! Sorry I don't have the rest of the
set. It's adorable on display, so this will be
a wonderful upgrade/completer piece for
your set! $9
Barbie Two Way Tiger Pants #3402 from
Near Mint Condition
Super clean & a great elastic at the waist. I
don't think these were played with much.
Sorry I don't have the top to go with it. No
holes, stains, blown seams or heavy
handling. Bright & pretty colors! Will be a
great replacement/upgrade piece for your
outfit! $10
Barbie Fab Fur Satin Blouse #1493 from 1969
Good Condition
This is not a mint condition piece but it can
be a pretty good display. It's gonna need to
be washed, so you'll have to be careful. A
little rub on the center of the collar lame`
& some handling & rubs on the bottom
trim but it's mostly even in color, so that's
presentable. The main issue is some
fading/discoloration on the lower front. It's
mostly on the right & center. There is a
spot right in the front center on the top.
Not sure of the best direction to guide you
in washing. Vintage & mod era satin is
tricky to wash. All I can say is if you wash it,
let is all get wet, so it will look even. Or
experiment & see if you can re=dye it. No
holes or blown seams. The loop closures on
back are: one missing, one wide. The two
little buttons for the loops are there &
secure! It is very much worth saving and
can be very nice with a little work. Some
creasing from storage but will press out
well (don't heat the lame`!!) Hard to find in
any condition but I hope someone can
restore this to it's true beauty!! $8
Barbie Best Buy Dress #9155
Fair Condition
It's not full of holes but the elastic waist dry
rotted & dirty. The actual woven dress fabric
is not filthy. I saw a tiny dark dot on the
lower left front and the right sleeve could be
just a hair brighter. It's been played with &
handled. What I would do is replace the
elastic band, give it an oxyclean (yes, this
fabric will wash safely!). It is worth saving.
The back yellow button & loop closure are
there. The yellow loop is stretched. The
inner edge fabric on the back right side is
fraying. That won't really show on display. A
little will if looking at the back but still
presentable. No holes or tears on the sleeves
or shoulders. 50 Cents
Barbie Best Buy #7414 Skirt from 1975
Near Mint Condition
Pretty yellow/blue/red/white calico skirt
with fitted elastic waist. No stains, holes,
blown seams or dinginess. This skirt looks
great! Sorry I don't have the yellow crop
top at this time.
Barbie Best Buy #9157 from 1976
Excellent Condition
Pretty bright pink long nightie with deep "V"
neck & lace trim. Only a little play time with
this one. Main issue is a light water mark
stain on the back right side. It's very mild so
it does display very nicely as is! Just a faint
tiny spot on the front. Almost blue but not a
heavy soil mark. The lace looks pretty nice.
No major snagging at all! No holes or blown
seams. The button & elastic loops closure is
secure.  A little wide on that elastic but not
horrible. A cute display nightie for your
dolls! $7
Barbie Best Buy #2223 from 1978
Pretty hot pink dress with the lightest pink
sheer ruffle trim down the front. This
version uses the very pale pink sheer
ruffles. Very solid dress with no major
snagging on the dress portion. There are
some light snags on the sheer ruffle
sections. Still a nice display though. The
gathering at the neck looks good.
Shoulders look good. The only real issue
on the main body of fabric is a large
watermark stain on the back. I do believe
this is from being stuck on that sticky
backing from the original packaging.
Stains like this happened many times
because of that sticky stuff! Still very sweet
from the front. And if you can wash that
spot out, the dress is just awesome! But it
does look very nice from the front
regardless! No holes or blown seams! No
other stains
Miss America Original Cape
Excellent Condition
This cape can be used with any of the
Walk Lively or Quick Curl Miss American
dolls. The cape is soft with both of the
gold braided shoulder straps still
connected. The regal white & black fur
trim is soft & in nice shape. The only flaw
is some wrinkling from storage. So you'll
need to work with it to straighten it out.
No stains, holes or blown seams! Good
looking cape for your doll! $6
Living Barbie Original Jacket
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super bright orange mesh with pretty gold
braided trim! Well cared for! I doubt it was
played with much. No holes, snags or blown
seams. Absolutely no stains or dinginess! Just
some wrinkling from storage. This will be a
pretty upgrade for your Living Barbie!
Barbie Best Buy #9625 from 1977
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Gorgeous! Super clean and very well cared
for! I don't think this was played with! It
does come with the adorable mini purse on
the belt too! Missing the white scarf & tam
unfortunately but it's great on it's own! The
suit has a velveteen collar, belt & mini
purse with yellow strap. Snap closures on
the back are secure. The elastic sleeve cuffs
are not stretched out. No package residue.
No holes, blown seams or dinginess!
Fantastic outfit & it looks so cute on!!
Barbie Fashion Bouquet Pale Pink Dress
from 1970-19732
Good/Very Good Condition
I love this dress but it's not for the mint
collector! The color is a pale pink by
nature. The black braid at the waist is in
good shape. The issues are: 2 wear spots
on the bodice. One in the center and one
on the right front side. Like a snag but a
little separated & pulled. The center one
is more prominent. Next is the top left
shoulder is only together by a few
threads. So that will need to be tightened
up. There is an area of underarm fabric
on the right bottom that has pulled out of
it's seam. Also a similar but smaller
amount on the bottom center seam on
the back. That one isn't a big deal. It's just
not a mint dress. The snap closures are
secure. It will display ok. Just know it has
some flaws. Email if you need any further
details or close up pictures. $12
  Pretty Changes Barbie Original Sheer Hat
Near Mint
Looks beautiful & very well cared for!
Pretty sheer yellow top with white netted
brim and yellow ribbon on back all looks
nice! Just slight & minimal fraying on the
ribbon ends. Nice & bright, clean! No
stains, runs, holes or separated seams. The
white net fabric is not flat & flimsy. Still on
the crisp side & holds it's shape! Wonderful
replacement upgrade hat since so many of
these show up abused or looking really
rough! $8
Sears Department Store Tutu #9650 from
Excellent Condition
Part of a very hard to find sest with lots of
pretty dark blue & pink dance gear! This
tutu is in great shape with only a little
playtime. Most of the edges only show
general light wear. The main thing I see is
the top layer of netted fabric curls a lot. I
think this is just the way the fabric is
made. Still looks very nice. The top layer
is a pale pink, the bottom layers are a hot
pink. The top layer looks darker in my
picture. The bottom layers don't curl up
as much. No stains on the tutu. The pink
satin ribbon is good. A little frayed on it's
ends but still very presentable. An overall
good piece to start you on collected this
adorable outfit. Right now it's the only
piece I have for this set!
Barbie Best Buy #9969 Tunic from 1977
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Unfortunately I don't have the pants to go
wtih it. The tunic is pretty nice. Not perfect
because it has some light package residue
but only on the back of the long tie. I was
able to tie this in the first picture and it
doesn't show up on display. It's really from
the back view that you see it. It's not very
dark pink in color. A bit of a pale stain left.
There is some on the front of the collar but
with it all tied around the neck I was able to
hide it from a front view. Other than that, it's
a wonderful piece. Only a few very tiny light
snags & single snap closure on back of waist
is secure. Not mint, but a nice looking tunic!
  Sweet 16 #9554 Peignoir from 1976-77
Near Mint Condition
Pretty pale peach nylon tricot fabric with
sweet ivory lace down front & tie closure
at the neck. It was packaged for the Sweet
16 doll but is the same size as Barbie's
pink version from 1975. Sorry I don't have
the nightie to go with it at this time. The
peignoir is very well cared for. No stains,
holes, blown seams, or runs! Not really
any snags but maybe a slight trace. The
only hint of any flaw I saw was a light
wrinkle or 2. Minimal at the most! Very
pretty piece that will look great on your
Sweet 16 or Barbie.
Barbie Best Buy #1350 Slip from 1979
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Sorry I don't have the panties to coordinate
with it. No stains, holes or blown seams.
Only reason I couldn't call it mint, was one
trace snag on the back. The lace trim is all
very nice (curls in down on the lower left
front but it's all there) & white. Elastic is
pretty decent looking. Not a strong elastic
but not all stretched out either. These are
not so bulky that they look funny under
skirts & dresses! $1
Barbie Best Buy Skirt #7205 from 1975
Near Mint Condition
This is beautiful! The color is bright &
crisp. The only reason I'm not calling it
mint is that is has just a little bit of
wrinkling from storage. It's a gorgeous
skirt with a nice elastic that isn't stretched
out. No holes, blown seams or dinginess.
This fabric can often times show up dull.
This one looks bright! No package residue
on back either! Great upgrade skirt!
Barbie Tangerine Scene Skirt #1451
from 1970
Excellent Condition
Bright & looks very pretty. The orange
vinyl is in wonderful shape! Just one tiny
speck of a split right as you get to the
bottom of the snap closure. This is
minimal. One light round pale beige spot
on the front but it likely will wash out I
think. A little oxyclean will probably get it
looking close to perfect. Displays nicely as
is. The rest looks great! $5
Barbie Best Buy Skirt #3346
Excellent Condition
Only issue is that the elastic waist is a little
wide. Otherwise it's beautiful! The fabric is
clean. No holes, stains or blown seams.
Adorable print! It will look great on your
Barbie Beginner's Fashion #1368 from 1979
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I could not find anything wrong with this
dress! It's clean, well cared for and looks
beautiful! The dress is a simple wrap dress
designed to be used on the first My First
Barbie doll from the same year. It was
meant to be easy for the very young girls to
use without worrying about snaps or
buttons. The tie at the waist looks
wonderful. The pretty rainbow V neck
collar trim is bright & pretty! An adorable
dress & will look great on any of your dolls!
Barbie "Fancy That Purple" Pantyhose
#3362 from 1972
Near Mint Condition
They look fantastic! One of the best pairs
I've had in years! Barely any snagging. and
I mean, just traces of them on the back
rear. Excellent color! No fading or stains!
No runs, holes or blown seams! The
elastic looks a little wide but not all
stretched to the point of ruining the
stitching. They are beautiful on!
Very hard to find in nice condition
Barbie "Winter Holiday" Black Zippered
Excellent Condition
The zipper works smoothly. A little
loosening up of the bottom of the crotch
seam but it's still pretty solid. Just starting to
loosen up in 2 loops of thread but not
completely blown open. The toes are not
split or torn. A couple tiny spots where the
seam thread has popped a couple stitches
open but easily fixable and will probably
display fine if you don't want to bother fixing
them. On the seam of the right leg. They are
clean. A trace couple spots of dust or lint but
they look nice! $5
Best Buy #7816 Babydoll Top from 1974
Near Mint Condition
Many of these show up looking very beat
up. This one is beautiful! Barely played
with! No stains, holes or blown seams. The
tie at the waist is wonderful. All the ruffle
trim looks sweet! Vivid bright color with no
dinginess. I found one snag by an arm hole.
That's it! Only reason I can't call it mint! For
some reason, I can never get the bottoms
for this one! Sorry I don't have a pair at this
time! Pretty babydoll top though! $7
Vintage Barbie "Ballerina" Black Tights
#989 from 1961-65
Excellent Condition
Pretty well cared for. Just some lint but no
stains. No runs or heavy snagging. There
is one seam opening on the lower back
right leg but it will restitch easily and the
fabric is not destroyed. The elastic waist is
not frayed or abused. Not super tight but
the stitching around it is all clean and in
place. The toes are not open or split.
They'll look great on your doll! $8
Barbie Tan Pantyhose
Good Condition
They aren't perfect but will display fine. They
are clean. The elastic waist is wide. The
stitching on the waist is fine on the front but
loosened up on the right back side. A little
bit of a hole on the back of the rear seam
and a split in the top center of the front. Still
pretty solid. The fabric is not heavily
snagged. If it weren't for a little hole in the
lower & outer left foot. On a vintage Barbie
body is sits exactly at the outer edge by the
heel. So it's from a shoe being put on a doll
with them on. They will look wonderful on
display because a shoe will hide it! The toes
are not blown open or torn. So my
description makes them sound rough, they
actually aren't!
These can be used for any era, but are
vintage & mod era. Because they are so
fragile, I recommend using them on straight
leg bodies
Best Buy Jacket #9161 from 1976
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Doesn't even feel like this was used at all!
It's clean, bright & has no holes, tears or
abuse! Part of an adorable set! Will make a
great replacement/upgrade piece!
Best Buy #7202 from 1975 Complete
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super crisp & clean fabric! This set is
absolutely adorable & one of my favorite
best buys! I don't believe it's ever been on a
doll. The elastic waist on the pants is not
stretched but I can hear that it is dry. So it's
gonna crack when you put it on a doll. No
stains, holes, blown seams or abuse! The top
looks fantastic. The white gros-grain ties
look almost untouched. Just a hair at the
bottom of each one loose. The white border
is nice. Just a little trace of dust from
storage. They will both look wonderful on
your dolls! $29
Fashion Collectibles #2779 from 1979
Near Mint Condition
Perfectly clean and never used or played
with! Bright red brushed nylon bodice is
soft & looks perfect. The blue paisley skirt
& sleeves are just as clean & bright! The
elastic is not all stretched out. The dress
has one loop of thread that looks a hair
loose on the top of the dart. Looks like it's
from the factory but that's the only reason I
won't label it as "mint". Otherwise, it is very
mint! I do not believe this was ever put on a
doll! Crisp fabric! Tag looks perfect as well.
Snap closure is secure. Fantastic dress! $23
Best Buy #9575 from 1976
Mint Condition
This has never been used! It's perfectly
clean & looks wonderful! The elastic on
the wrists are not stretched. My only fear
is that from the age, the elastic is likely
dry, so I haven't touched them. The elastic
loop on the back closure had never been
touched. I did use it for the picture. It is a
little dry but still not terribly stretched
out. The white nylon string on the bodice
is perfect. No stains, snags, holes, blown
seams or handling. It's a beautiful
example of this dress and so cute on your
dolls! $16
Vintage Barbie Red Flare Coat, Purse & Hat
from 1962-65
Excellent Conditions
All 3 pieces look very nice & well cared for!
They are clean with only minimal handling
time. The coat is all solid. Tagged with the
vintage black & white Barbie tag (no
repro's). The little bow is secure at the neck.
The snap closure is too. The white lining is
all even looking. Not stark white but not
filthy. Like a perfect even ivory color. No
moisture or water stains. No bald or thin
patches on the velvet. Just a tiny speck of a
loose seam thread at the underside edge of
the right sleeve is loose but displays
perfectly. It's at the arm hole edge. No seam
or thread problems on the hat or purse! The
rhinestone & elastic loop on the purse are
secure & nice. The little bow on the hat is
secure. Just minimal specks of lint or fuzz.
Minimal traces of handling but beautiful
pieces for your collection! They are well
cared for!
  Best Buy #2771 from 1979
Near Mint Condition
Both pieces are super clean & look
wonderful! The fabric is crisp and well
cared for. Feels brand new! The elastic on
both pieces is strong and not dry rotted.
The skirt is perfect. The top looks
wonderful but needs just a few threads on
the back left tightened back up. It started
coming loose from the elastic. The fabric
is all solid and not frayed or torn. So it will
fix easily and look perfect when you're
done. Pretty floral print. The gold elastic
is strong and looks nice. No package
residue on the outfit either, so it is a
beautiful display!
Barbie Satin Slumber Robe Belt #3414 from
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
So many robes show up without the belt!
This is a wonderful replacement piece. It is
original and not a reproduction. It is a clean
light blue satin belt with pretty sheer trim at
the ends of the ties. Just some creasing from
being in the tied position but it looks
beautiful in person! The color is all even and
not faded or dirty! The sheer ends look very
nice!  Part of an adorable pajama set! $13
  Barbie Best Buy #1355 from 1979
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Only reason I can't call it mint is that it's
missing the tie halter strap for the neck.
Otherwise it's a solid & very nice dress!
Known to collectors as the "fish dress". It's
a simple nylon tricot fabric with red
background & white fish in a head to head
print. Some nice silver threadwork in the
open leg seam puts a little pizazz in the
dress. No stains, holes or runs. Maybe a
tiny speck of a gray mark (super faint) in
one fish on the left side but very very tiny.
Trailblazers Jacket #1846 from 1968
Fair/Good Condition
The jacket is perfectly clean & soft. The only
reason I'm not grading it higher is that
someone did an underarm seam repair on
the left underarm and I can see some
threadwork. I know once those arms tear,
they can be hard to repair. So you may not
worry about it and leave it or you might want
to try to give it a slightly smoother restitch.
The rest looks great! Both hook & thread
loop closures are secure. The 3 accent
buttons are all there. the middle one is a
hair loose but one loop of thread will secure
that. Everything else is very nice. So it is
definitely a good piece. The tag only has
fraying on the left side & not much. So it
wasn't abused, but they do tear easily at the
arms. A trace edge of the right sleeve is loose
from it's hem, but not horrible. Still a good
jacket! $2
Barbie Mod Era Petti Pink Slip #1515
Good Condition
Just needs a section of lace on the back
regathered and attached to the pink nylon
fabric. The elastic is a little wide but it's still
a clean piece and all the lace is in wonderful
condition! The little silver bow is perfect. So
it's very much worth reattaching that lace.
Approximately a 1 inch section. Just a couple
snags but very light. Will look cute on your
dolls! $2
  Tangerine Scene Bodysuit #1451 from 1970
Near Mint Condition
Only minimal variances in the color.
Specifically a light line on the lower right
front.It's minimal! It feels crisp. The
elastic waist looks never stretched. I don't
think this has been on a doll. The snap
closure is secure. The elastic at the wrists
looks unstretched! There are two faint
dark specks on the front right sleeve.
Again, these are very minimal! I'm being
super picky about it but it's very pretty in
person and definitely a great upgrade if
you have a clean skirt!
Get Ups N Go Scrub Hat #7700 from 1973
Very Good/Excellent Condition
The fabric is crisp but there is a little
handling on the front center seam but not
horrible. The ties have some fraying. I'd say
that is the biggest flaw but it's still a nice
scrub hat for your set!
Get Ups N Go Doctor Coat #7700 from 1973
Excellent Condition
This looks great! Just a little creasing from
storage but it looks nice! No blown seams.
THe single snap closure is secure and the 4
little white buttons on front are all there!
It's pretty white too! Not a lot of handling
or dinginess. And no major stains or abuse!
So this is a wonderful display and upgrade
piece for your set! $10
Great Coat Hat #1459 from 1970
Mint Condition
I see no flaws, stains or abuse! It looks
great! The fur is clean and not matted.
One of the cutest mod era coat sets made
for Barbie
I don't have the coat at this time, sorry!
    Vintage Bubblecut Barbie Red Helenca
Fair Condition
This suit has potential! It just needs a bath
for some handling/playtime. The top
collar area is undone from it's original
seam thread. That can be restitched to
look great! There is a tiny section of the
front left leg area that is loose from its
seam thread with a very small run in that
spot. This can be tightened up to keep
that from getting worse. Also a small loop
of thread on the back of the right leg hole
that is popped from its seam but no runs
on that side. It is not a reproduction and
is very worth saving! $2
Vintage Barbie 1962 Red Helenca Original
Swimsuit (not a reproduction)
Very Good Condition
This swimsuit is pretty clean and will look
wonderful on your dolls. The front looks
almost perfect. I saw two very tiny specks of
piling on the fabric. Still looks great. The
reason I don't call it near mint is there is an
area (not super huge) of fabric that is loose
from the seam thread. It's at the bottom of
the scoop back going up the right for a total
of 1/2" inch of fabric approximately. The
fabric has not started to run much but looks
like it could if not tightened up. A few
stitches will set it to rights and it will display
nicely. All of the legs & arm hole area seam
stitching is solid. There is a tiny popped loop
of thread on the inside of the collar area but
from the outside it looks wonderful. Still a
good looking suit. Just a little work on the
back & it will be wonderful! It is genuine
vintage and not a reproduction suit! $10
Barbie Best Buy Skirt #7200 from 1975
Good/Very Good Condition
This skirt is beautiful and I really would
love to call it near mint but it has a dark
smudge stain on the right side as you can
clearly see in the picture. The rest of it is
beautiful. The elastic waist is strong and
not stretched out. So if you can get the
stain out (and yes red can be washed-if you
need instructions, just ask me). It will look
nice on a doll. There is a dot of red that can
flip forward. It is a speck of fabric that
looks like piling right on the middle front.
It's how it was made. Remember, this is 70's
Mattel quality. It left something to be
desired but it is a nice skirt! $3
Cut & Sew Blue Mod Floral Dress
Mint Condition
This is absolutely adorable! A pretty sky
blue cotton dress with white & blue
dotted & solid flowers on the lower front.
It has been constructed nicely! It was
actually sewn and not "glued" together.
The only thing was that it wasn't given real
buttons to fasten the dress on a doll. It's
meant to have that wide open mod look
to it's styling. No stains, holes or blown
seams. Very crisp fabric. Basically it was
sewn and put together but never played
with! I haven't seen a cleaner example of
this one! It's too cute! $15
Marie Osmond Wards Dress
Near Mint Condition
This dress was made specifically for Mattel's
Marie Osmond doll and issued by Wards. It
features a yellow ribbed knit dress with
asymmetrical hem and contrasting burnt
sienna color accent inner skirt. The black &
multicolor border on the hem, sleeves and
collar look great! It is a super clean dress. No
holes, stains or blown seams. The two snap
closures on back are secure! One miniscule
trace hint of a snag but that's it. It's a great
looking dress that will look so sweet on your
Marie doll! SOLD
Barbie "Bridesmaid's Dream" Dress #1417
from 1979
Mint Condition
Super clean & crisp yellow fabric with satin
bodice, vertical lacy bib & collar, full
length ruffled skirt with matching lace
panels. It's so sweet & I don't think it's been
on a doll! No abuse, stains, snags or
handling. The snap closure on back is
secure. I do think the bodice looks a pinch
on the wide side but it's how it's made. It is
tagged inside the skirt. Looks gorgeous! $13
  Vintage Barbie Pink Gathered Pak Skirt
from 1962-1963
Very Good/Excellent Condition
A nice solid skirt. Just a little bit of
playtime/storage/handling. It just needs a
little touch of oxyclean and it will display
perfectly. No blown seams or holes. Snap
closure is secure. All stitching around the
large pocket is solid. It has the black &
white vintage Barbie tag inside the back.
No beige/yellow stains. Just a shade dull. $7
Barbie Plush Pony Dress & Coat #1873
from 1969
Fair & Very Good Conditions
Both pieces have a lot of potential. They
just have handling & play soil. Not major.
Mainly a dull handled look on the left
sleeve and shoulder. A little loose thread
popping out of the left bodice dart right
by the sleeve. A little bit of the hip seam
loose that connects the bodice to the fur
skirt. Easy fix there. I do suspect that the
back of the right sleeve may have been
resewn. Not by me, this is how it came to
me. The fur is fine. The snap closure is
secure. The little thread closure loop is on
the back of the neck but needs a little
orange button replaced. The coat looks
great! Maybe a pinch of handling that
could be oxycleaned off but a solid coat
with no major issues. No bowns seams,
holes or resewn areas. It is tagged on the
coat. $10
Barbie Best Buy #2217 from 1978
Excellent Condition
This is such a cute outfit! Looks fantastic on
Malibu's! The jumpsuit has only a little
handling/playtime on the bodice & edges.
Decent elastic on ankles & top. Doesn't look
stretched on them but the ankles elastic
doesn't feel like it's strong. Just a little
stretch at the waist but it will still look great
on a doll! No blown seams or holes. No real
stains. Just that handling at the top near the
top elastic. Mainly on the front. You can
probably oxyclean this and it will look
wonderful! Very cute! $7
Barbie Vintage Fancy Free Dress #943
from 1963-64
Very Good/Excellent Condition
It's a solid dress and it does look nice as is.
Just a little bit of handling/playtime. It
wasn't abused and it feels nice. Just some
of it could be brighter. All of the rik rak
trim is solid and no loose threads, blown
seams or holes. Needs to be a pinch
brighter though. Snap closures are secure
on back. All of the stitching around the
pockets are nice. Will display very sweet.
  Salute To Silver Dress
Good Condition
The lame` on this dress is pretty nice! It's
not rubbed to a dull gray! The left end of
the bow is folded over but no major issues
on the lame` fabric. The bodice is in very
nice shape and the left sleeve only has just
a couple pulls on the thread. The main
flawed area is on the right sleeve. A good
size section of the outer & leaning to the
back side of the right sleeve is pulled out
and shows the base fabric. So you can
either just display it as is or just work
with/replace the right sleeve. The rest of
the dress is pretty solid. From the front it's
a pretty nice display! The back is also
pretty nice. The snap closure is secure. Just
a little bit around the collar area is pulled
but not bad. No stains, holes or blown
seams. I do see a pin hole on the skirt
where it was sewn to the original package.
Underprints Slip #1685 from 1967-68
Very Good Condition
Cute pretty pink floral print with white lace
edge trim. The fabric is clean, just wrinkled
from storage. A lower front section of the
white lace has come out of the seam thread
but it's an easy fix and the lace is in good
shape. Only minor edge wear on the lace but
mainly on the back. The elastic waist is in
great shape and strong. So it will wear nicely
and is not a loose piece!
Cute! $2
  Vintage Barbie Nighty Negligee Robe #965
Fair Condition
The main body of fabric is in very nice
shape. The main issue is that there is
some heavy snagging to the sleeves and a
main back seam connecting the upper
back panel to the skirt of the robe & a
little bit of the sleeve. That actually will
restitch and look nice. The sleeves need
to be replaced in my opinion & the left
sleeve underarm seam is completely open
for the length of the sleeves. The ties are
ok but have play wear. The little pocket &
embroidered flower are very nice! A little
unraveled on the one end of the pocket
elastic but that's very old & a thin fine
elastic, so that's common. The rest of it. A
lot of potential. You might even want to
just use it for parts. The color is all even.
It's not filthy. Could be a little brighter
but that's easy to get with a little oxyclean.
My First Barbie Original Stripe Tube Top
from 1979
Fair/Good Condition
The top will display fine. It is clean just has
some wide double elastic on the bottom.
There is some edge wear on the bottom
below the elastic & a slight upward tear on
the back. It runs from the bottom up to the
beginning of that double seam, so it does
not affect the display ability of the top. The
top edge does not look bad. A hair wide but
can still work fine. No snags. Just the edge
wear. 50 cents