Sindy "Dinner Date" Dress
from 1979
Mint Condition
This looks gorgeous and never played with!
Beautiful dark blue & floral pattern in
white, red & yellow with green leaves.
Trimmed in white lace on the ruffle skirt
and bib bodice. Both snap closures on back
are secure. No stains, holes or blown seams.
A trace light crease/wrinkle from years of
storage but no musty odors or abuse! Crisp
fabric! It's beautiful!
Sindy "Dinner Date" Dress from 1979
Near Mint Condition
Gorgeous red floral dress with fine white lace
trim. Only flaw on it is the back center snap
closure is loose but both pieces are there on the
one side. Easy fix! The rest is gorgeous & clean.
Crisp fabric with barely any handling or
playtime! Upper snap is secure. No blown seams
or holes. Adorable & will look gorgeous on your
Sindy! $22
Sindy "Night Spot" Brown Satin Long Coat
#44305 from 1977
Near Mint Condition
This is beautiful & very well cared for! The coat
features shiny brown satin fabric with gold
braided trim all along the front and collar. The
coat is super clean with no stains, holes, blown
seams or previous repairs! Many times this
coat will show up with the seams blown out in
the arms, so this is a fantastic upgrade or
replacement for your outfit!
Sindy "Barn Dance" Dress from 1978
Excellent Condition
This is adorable and beautifully cared for!
The dress is a sweet green and white
gingham dress with lace cuffs and square
neck collar trim. It has gathered slightly
puffy shoulders fitted waist & ruffle skirt.
Both snap closures on back are secure. It is
clean crisp fabric. One little trace of green
speck of thread out of the weave pattern on
front and a very small amount in the white
fabric. This is only from manufacturing and
not abuse! There is a fine & very pale line
mark on the upper left sleeve & a pin dot
speck on the back of the right sleeve. A
slight open seam right at the top of the
vertical rear seam. Displays fine just watch
putting it on your doll. And then an open
seam on the top of the right sleeve. There is
a missed thread in the weave diagonally on
the back right. This is pictured so you can
see exactly what you're getting. I do believe
this is just from manufacturing as the dress
was not really played with much. It looks
wonderful just not 100% mint because of
these tiny flaws. Any questions, email me & I
will explain them further if you'd like! Still a
beautiful dress!! $15
Sindy "Sweet Dreams" Nightie from 1978
Mint Condition
Part of a gorgeous set from 1978. I'm sorry I
don't have the doll or any of the other pieces to
complete the set. This is the nightie and it was
never really played with. Adorable pink flowers
with blue on white dotted fabric with ruched
bodice, lace trim & pink satin ribbon straps.
The ruched elastic is perfect! Strong and not dry
rotted! The satin straps are in great shape and
not frayed or dingy/dirty. The snap closure on
the upper back is secure. The lace is all bright
white and in beautiful shape! This was not
played with and it will look gorgeous on your
Sindy dolls! The only flaw you might say it had is
some creasing from storage. No funky odors,
stains, holes or abuse! You'll love it! $14
Sindy Nightgown from 1978

Excellent/Near Mint Condition

It's very well cared for & clean! Just a little bit
of light surface snagging but nothing heavy. It
is a gorgeous display with nice satin ribbon
shoulder straps! Super clean white lace trim on
the bottom. Snap closure on the back is
perfectly secure. It's a beautiful nightgown &
will look great on your dolls! S
Sindy "Let's Go Shopping" #1105 from 1978
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
I only have the jacket and pants for this set
but they are in great shape and clean! Both
pieces are tagged "Made in Hong Kong". The
jacket is not made with a snap closure. No
blown seams or holes on either piece. They
are both clean. Some creasing & wrinkles on
the pants but otherwise nice. The snap
closure on the pants is secure. The fabric is
made with little tiny trace pulls in it. This is
not from play but how it was manufactured.
They do look very nice! The horizontal
stitching on the back of the jacket is how it's
made from the factory & it is correct
according to their design. Will look very
cute on your Sindy dolls! S
Sindy "Let's Go Riding" Jodhpur Pants #1102
from 1978
Excellent Condition
Only reason I can't call them mint is the elastic
on the left foot/bottom leg is missing. It's an
easy fix! The rest of them is wonderful! Perfectly
clean and well cared for otherwise! The pants
have no snags, runs, holes or blown seams. The
felt pads are soft & clean. The snap closure on
back is secure as is the right foot elastic. It is
not dried out. Cute pants for your doll! $5
Sindy Saddle Bag
Near Mint Condition
Clean and well cared for (or barely played
with!)! The bag has clean soft brown corduroy
trim on the top and bottom. The carry strap
looks great and still has a nice shiny brass like
buckle closure. A trace miniscule speck of
piling here & there but most picked right off!
One ultra tiny faint gold speck (can be seen in
the picture). It's minimal and the bag is a
wonderful display! $3
Sindy Barbeque Apron
Near Mint Condition
It's super clean and well cared for. Dark
blue with light white vertical stripes and
black ties around the waist & neck. No
stains, holes or blown seams. Only light
handling on the ties. It looks great!
Sindy Winter Nights from 1977
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Beautifully cared for and clean set! Sweet white
nightgown trimmed with red and yellow
floral/rose embroidered border trim on hem
and shoulder straps. Elastic waist & bodice for a
nice fit is in beautiful shape. I don't think this
set has been on a doll. Perfectly white with no
major signs of handling. Both snap closures on
back look perfect. The yellow terry cloth robe
looks untouched as well. Snap closures are both
secure. No signs it has been handled. Clean and
bright yellow. Crisp fabric! No holes, stains,
dinginess or abuse! Beautiful set! Just missing
the scuffs. $25
(by Marx & Pedigree)
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