Clothes & Shoes
This page is now devoted solely to Mego Brand Clothes & Shoes. Will include Cher, Fashion Candi, Maddie Mod & any of the
Mego Action Figure Doll Items and many more. It's only just being started, so keep an eye out for new additions soon.

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  Cher Original Pink Shoes
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Great color! No fading, splits, chew marks or
discolorations! Will look wonderful on your
Cher or any of the Mego dolls (Suzanne
Somers, Toni, Diana Ross, Jaclyn Smith &
Mego Cher Pink Panther
Near Mint!
Pretty light pink color. Most are a darker
shade. The fabric has an almost frosty sheen to
it. It's beautiful in person! Just a slight faint
couple traces of handling on the front right
leg. Nothing horrible! The fur is not matted or
flat. This was handled carefully. No holes or
snags. Gorgeous display!
Maddie Mod "Kriss Krinkle" Coat #1704
Near Mint Condition
Cute pebbled black vinyl/"pleather" with white
soft yarn fringe and broad collar with
velveteen cuffs. The coat is very clean & has no
splits, tears or abuse! 4 silvertone accents
buttons on front are secure. It has 2 snap
closures as well. It's creased at the ends of the
sleeves but will look great on your doll! Cute
coat! $9
    Mego Cher Dragon Lady Red Shoes
Near Mint & Good Conditions
One shoe is flawless and the other suffered
some kind of melting on the front. You can
see this clearly in the picture. It will still
display well enough but not a mint shoe. $6
Maddie Mod Embroidered Dot Thigh High
Very Good & Near Mint Conditions
Both are clean! Only flaw is a split in the top of
the one as you can see in the picture.
Otherwise they are both adorable and will
display beautifully! They are a sheer white
color with a hint of pink & pale green on the
embroidery. I believe these were made by
Mego for the Maddie Mod outfits. If I am
wrong, let me know. A little bit of fraying on
some of the embroidered dots but no heavy
snagging or holes/runs (aside from the top
split mentioned). The tops had unfinished
edges, so they look just a hair loose, but will
display nicely!
Wonder Woman Original Star Print Bottoms
Excellent Condition
They look great but have just a little bit of
unraveling or sloppy seam on the back of the
right leg area. A tiny bit of a stain look in a
white star & right at the edge from a dolls
melting starting to affect the material. I think
someone caught these in time before it could
do a lot of damage. So the thread is a little
sloppy back there & a little staining but
otherwise they are clean. The left side of the
rear is clean and so is the upper right side on
the back.  The snap closure is secure.
No runs in the fabric and they are not
snagged. Seam is just a trace open looking at
the right side on the back. They will display
nicely! $6
Maddie Mod Doll Swimsuit
Very Good Condition
Excellent bright pink color. This is a halter
version and will be a great display. The only
flaws are some loose seam threads. The front
you can see in the middle but there are some
loose ones on the center of the back. It will
display fine as is but will look great and not
fray apart if gone over. There is one pull
middle of the left side (not horrible!) and no
other pulls. If the front center is not tightened
up in the seam this suit will run the risk of a
run. It isn't at this point but it could. the ties
look great and have no abuse on the ends. No
stains anywhere! Very clean! $2
Mego Cher Hoedown Jumpsuit
Good Condition
Colors look nice but has just a tiny speck of
beige tan colored spot by the lower snap
closure (nothing major). There is a seam repair
done to the crotch area. (I didn't do it) Looks
pretty good but they used light blue thread and
a few runs in the fabric at the crotch. Displays
nicely though! $7
Mego Cher Mint Julip Jumpsuit
TLC condition
This is more of a fabric donor piece as you
can see from the picture. Big run going down
the left front. I figured maybe someone could
use some of the good fabric for another
purpose. 50 cents
Mego Cher Original Dress
Runs on lower back but good display from
front $2
Dinah Mite "Tennis Anyone?" Top
Fair/Good Condition
The top would be wonderful but it has some
discoloration right in the middle where the red
buttons are. It's a pale coffee like/tan color. I
hope it can be washed out. The snap closure &
the 2 red buttons are secure. The dress has no
holes or blown seams. So it is very much worth
saving! The red trim all looks great! It is not
tagged. Cute dress!
  Mego Fashion Candi Black Sheer Jacket
Near Mint Condition
Part of a great outfit for Candi. This is for the
11 1/2 inch version. No snags, runs or holes. Tie
closure is wrinkled but that's just from use.
    Maddie Mod Guru Gold Dress
Fair Condition
It's clean but its gonna need some help. The
lower front left corner has a blown out seam
and to restitch it will mean having to bring the
hem up. It might have to be turned from a
dress into a tunic. The right underarm is not
blown out but is coming loose. Some threads
are out but for the most part the fabric is still
nice. You may even want this for donor fabric
to fix up your own or use this to make a
matching purse or headband. Get creative &
see what you can make out of it! The snap
closure is on the back but a little loose. $1
  Maddie Mod Pink & Yellow Bikini Top
Tagged Mego
Near Mint Condition
This is the fleecy later version of her 2 piece
bikini. It features yellow front, pink backing
& yellow rik rak trim on the shoulders. Single
snap closure on back. The only reason I don't
call it mint is that the snap closures is a touch
loose but still secure enough. Nothing major
at all! Very clean & no blown seams! Trim is
very bright & cute! $2
Fashion Candi Original Purple Top
Good Condition
The shirt looks very nice & has the Candi
decal securely intact. 2 flaws. One dark speck
on the shirt I didn't try to pick off. And the
snap closure is aged & won't open. So it
should be replaced. That's an easy fix. The
shirt is not torn or faded. My lighting got a
little weird but it's a solid purple & needs
some Goo Gone to remove that black spot. It
should come out with that!! 50 cents
Barbie Maddie Mod/Shillman Pale Pink
Pantyhose - Excellent Cond.
They were well cared for and clean. Only
minimal playtime with a small amount of
snags. One little seam restitch needed on the
center back seam at the top. A great display
pair! Hard to find! $11
Barbie Maddie Mod/Shillman
Orchid/Lavender Pantyhose
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Another nicely cared for set of hose from the
60's/70's. Rare color! No blown seams, stains
or abuse. Only one or two very tiny snags.
They look beautiful! $16
Maddie Mod Wedding Dress
Fair Condition
The main wear is on the sleeves. The left
sleeve is better than the right. The right sleeve
is pretty well worn on the backside closer to
the shoulder seam & underarm. The basic
dress section is not that bad. It needs a
whitening, but overall pretty good. The little
gold tone button is secure as are the 2 snap
closures on the back. A little bit of the
waistline lace is pressed upward but not torn.
It is worth putting a new sleeve on or making
it a sleeveless dress! SOLD
Cher "Electric Feathers" Hat
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This hat was very nicely cared for. Still retains
most of it's feathers too! Chin strap is secure.
The black & silver woven fabric is super clean
with no abuse or holes. Just a little of a tan/soil
spot on a feather or 2 but it looks fantastic on!
The feathers do fly a bit but it still looks very
full! Fantastic upgrade piece! $10
Maddie Mod Swimsuit Bottoms
Excellent Condition
This is only the bottom portion for her
(technically) one piece suit. It was connected
to the top with a chain. Sorry I don't have the
rest of it but if you need to replace a damaged
suit, this is perfect! It is a clean piece with
only a little handling to the white trim. The
vinyl is all clean & bright with no blown se
The snap closure on back is secure. There was
no damage to the material from being
separated from the top & chain. 50 cents
Cher "Fortune Teller" Hat
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Shimmering black & silver fabric with silver &
black braided trim and chin strap. The fabric
is all clean & well cared for with no holes,
stains or blown seams. The braided trim &
chin strap show the wear. Putting this on the
dolls head is why. It's a tight fit. Still decent
and very presentable!