Liddle Kiddles
& Similar Dolls
Here's my newest page, the Mattel Liddle Kiddles. They all come dressed as you see pictured. If they are pictured with
accessories, they will be included too! Stands are NOT included unless otherwise noted!

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1967 Mattel Liddle Kiddle Kolony in Box
Excellent Condition
What a beautiful display set! The Kiddle Kolony is a fully
assembled piece with the exception of the umbrella & pole. They
are not pictured on the box anywhere but I do believe they belong
with this set. The rivet for the top center of the umbrella is gone
but it can balance on the pole fine. This house is unbelievable
adorable!! A very rare find in the box! Well cared for too! I saw 1
stress crack on the roof where the speckled roof/floor meet
(pictured above-yellow floor section). Structurally, it's very sound. I
do think it has a lean to it but doesn't appear to be from abuse. It's
probably from the factory. I doubt this was played with much. You
may want to just wipe it down for a perfect clean but it's not filthy.
The colors are great. The graphics are precious! What amazes me is
the lack of melt marks! It's not melted at all. There is one split in
the vinyl door on the edge. This is the door with the poodle
pictured on it. Nothing that detracts from display ability. This is an
outstanding piece and sure to be an eye grabber on your shelf! Box
does have wear & pencil hole marks on the front. Very good storage
though & is strong. $95
Liddle Diddle Kiddle & Her Crib
Fair/Good Condition
Liddle Diddle needs some clothes and a little bath (just a wipe
down). Her face is wonderful & has no green stains or
cuts/nips/pricks. Her hair looks full. I think it might be a tiny
bit short on the sides but the spit curls are all there & it might
be that she's made that way. Hair is shiny. A few fly aways but
not bad. If the sides have been trimmed, it still doesn't look
bad. The left is a little shorter than the right side. Her body is
ok but has it's flaws. Not chewed or pricked. The feet & legs
are excellent. Wires inside are great on them. The backs of
the hands have splits so the wire is poking out on hte back left
wrist & right front by the pinky. All fingers are there! The only
light green mark is running up the back toward the neck. You
can see where the wire is & that's it. Otherwise, just from
crubby kid handling, she's pretty good. The right shoulder
wire will not bend. The arm will. Left shoulder wire will bend.
So basically she needs the 2 hand splits glued & a wipedown &
she will display beautifully! Marked 1965 Mattel Inc Japan on
the back. Her crib is missing the rails. It has melt marks. It is a
solid piece & does not lean or have any breaks on the
"casters". So no, it's not for the mint collector but it will do
until you get a mint one. Still a lot of potential for a nice
display! SOLD
Liddle Red Riding Hiddle's Wolf
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
A very hard piece to find. He's well cared for an clean. All the felt
pieces are there and he is fully bendable. What a wicked little face!
The must have completer piece for your doll! $37
Liddle Kiddle Single Pink Shoe
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Pretty bright pink with mary jane styling. No splits or
discolorations. A slight translucent look to the color. A faint
upward line on the inner sole but this is merely a trace. It's a
beautiful shoe & will look great on your dolls! So hard to find!
Greta Griddle
Excellent & Mint Conditions
Greta is fantastic! She comes in her original outfit with her little
white shoes. The shoes are not split! Her outfit top does have a
little clear spot on the top center. You can see this clearly in the
picture. It's a colorless spot so it just looks like a wet or darker
blue. The fine lace trim is very nice! The snap closure on the back
of the top needs 1/2 resewn to the other side but it is a complete
snap & attached to it's mate. The tiny little matching panties are in
good shape. Not all stretched out. I doubt they have ever been off
of her. Not a perfectly mint clean outfit but not still pretty
presentable. She's got handling soil mainly. She'll need only a little
wipedown! So it's just not out of the package perfect. Her arms &
knees bend but the hips will not let her stay in the seated position. I
see one tiny blue mark right above the front outer left shoe. Shoe is
not stained, only the doll. Her left knee has a little lighter (not
quite white) mark. I think this is from bending the knee. It does
bend. But I don't like to mess around with these dolls much
because they're so tiny & I don't want to break them. Greta's face is
high color!! No green or pale marks! Great paint! Beautiful full
head of hair. The only thing is the original rubber band is gone. Still
in original set. Just needs new band. Silky, shiny & full. No frizz or
cuts! Her furniture & the darling little dishes are fantastic!! The
dishes are still attached to the original plastic "tree"!!!! WOW!! No
breaks or cracks on the furniture. The set is just adorable!! $50
Florence Niddle with Baby Buggy
Very Good & Near Mint Conditions
Florence & her buggy are in nice shape! She has a full head of
light strawberry blonde hair. Since this picture was taken, I
have put her hair in a new orthodontic rubber band to keep it
as it should be. She has a great high color face with nice paint.
Only light spot is right on the top right of her forehead. It's
not bad! and it's not green! She does have a light speckle of
paint on her right side close to her ear. I think this is from the
factory. And a tiny dot the size of a pin  (sharp side!) near her
right eye in the picture. That came off. I removed it for the
most part. Only a micro trace of that is still there. Just needs a
proper wipedown! Her body is solid & bends nicely on all
joints! Her little dress is a bit dirty but it's not full of holes.
Her shoes are wonderful & not split or abused! Her buggy is
absolutely darling! Ony the tires & legs that support them bow
in just slightly. Otherwise it is fabulous! It does say Liddle
Kiddles on the white canopy section!
She's precious & Florence will be a great addition to your
Liddle Kiddle Sky Blue Single Shoe
Mint Condition
Beautiful even color! No stains, splits, chew marks or
discolorations. Likely came with Telly Viddle as it matches her
outfit but I'm sure it can be used for several outfits as well!
They're so hard find! Will look fantastic on your dolls!
Soapy Sliddle & Her Robe
Excellent Condition
Soapy has gorgeous deep red hair! It's full & silky! We retied it
in a new orthodontic rubberband. She still has some flyaways
but it's pretty hair! Bright & high color face paint. Just a little
paling on the left cheek closer to her ear but she displays fine.
Soapy has a good solid body with all the joints working nicely.
No cut or nipped toes or fingers. No green stains! I did see one
very fine & slight line split on the left hip (right at the bottom
of her tummy). This is likely from moving the left leg in an
outward position-that's how I found it). It's not bad at all &
there is no missing skin or anything that looks gouged out.
You can't see it until you start to move the left leg to check
her. Soapy's robe is very good. Biggest flaw is that spot on the
right of the collar (clearly visible in picture). But the exterior
fabric is pretty nice. Only the white terry cloth shows the age
from handling & play. She's a cutie & will look so sweet in your
Kiddle Kollection!! $10
"Honeysuckle" Kologne Kiddle
Good/Excellent Condition
The only issue this girl has is that someone cut her hair into a "bob".
Otherwise, she's fantastic! She'll display really cute as is. She can
just be a short hair version for someone. Only thing you might want
to give her is a light "spot wipedown". She has no heavy soil. Just
light handling on the face & feet. Her dress looks fantastic. Her
little arms & hands don't look like they've been played with. No
breaks, chew marks or splits. Little feet & the yellow paint are
excellent (just the storage/handling soil). She has little yellow
bloomers/underwear on underneath. Doesn't look like she was
handled under the lacy skirt. Her little pearl button in the flower is
secure on her dress skirt. No rubs on her high color face paint. She
will look very sweet the way she is or you can use her for a reroot
and make your own one of a kind! Sweet doll! $10
  Lucky Locket Kiddle "Lottie"
Very Good Condition
The only flaw on this doll is that she has some missing hair plugs on
the left sided. Her hair will come down & cover that. Still looks full.
She'll need a restyle just to put it back the way she came but it's nice
hair. 6 hair plugs are missing. Her bangs are fine. The rest is not
cut. Her face looks great! She's the version with the more realistic
looking eyes & not the large "cartoon" looking ones. No green
stains on this doll! Her dress looks near mint!! It's not dirty, played
with or worn. Nice & clean. Her feet are still white. She is painted
pink underneath to give the look of bloomers/underwear. Her
body is not abused at all! All tiny fingers are there, no nips, cuts,
bite marks! She will be a wonderful display with just a restyle on the
hair (or if you want to do just a little reroot on the 6 plugs). She's
adorable! $18