Kenner Dolls
For Sale
This page will cover all my Kenner Dolls I have for sale. From the fashion doll style to action figures and celebrity
dolls. And anything in between. If you have anything in particular you're looking for, just email.

Email or Call Me directly before you checkout for availability and the correct shipping rates!
Brunette Darci MIB
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Gorgeous doll! She has been removed from the box but looks
wonderful. If she was displayed, it was only for a short time. She has
a gorgeous full head of brunette hair. Lots of curls. It's not cut,
trimmed or frizzy. I do see it's tied with a green rubberband. I don't
think this has been messed around with though. She does not appear
to have been played with or combed. Her outfit looks untouched!
Everything is perfectly clean & bright. I don't see any evidence of
handling. Shoes are bright, flower is great. Skirt & suit look
wonderful! I did check her body just to make sure it wasn't stained
(never removed the outfit). Only a light trace of a green dot on the
inner right arm. Everything else looks wonderful! No abuse or
cuts/pricks/etc. All toes & fingers look perfect. She has all 5
bracelets. Her booklet & stand are in their original baggie. The base
has 2 melt marks. The leg piece looks fine. Just a little yellowish
from age. The only flaw I saw on this doll is from the factory. She has
a couple black specks on her lips. It's not from play. I did try to
remove it, it won't budge. It's from the factory. Not the first I've had
with this. I've got one of my own that has the same thing. Kenner
just got sloppy. She displays nicely. I have them pictured so you can
see exactly what you're getting. They're not horrific. Just tiny traces.
One on the upper lip and 2 on the bottom. She is absolutely
gorgeous! And there are no rubs on the lips or any face paint. Her
face paint is beautiful! She is a fantastic display doll! Her box is
pretty decent. No severe abuse but it's been stored and the cello is
loose so it will fall in if you lay it down. It was taped in place at one
point. Not torn but it does have kinks in it.  $89
First Issue Darci in Running Free
Excellent Conditions
Beautiful doll in an almost complete outfit. Only missing the
bracelets. Darci has a gorgeous head of blond hair with the center
part and a great curl in the back. Very nice hair. It's thick, uncut &
not frizzy! Looks great! Her face is beautiful. Nice paint with no rubs
or green/pale stains! Her body is very nice. Both knees click & hold 3
strong positions. Feet & ankles are not chewed or pricked. The 2
areas that have flaws I have pictured. She's got a green stain on the
inner right arm above the elbow and then the same green
discoloration on the right upper arm (this can be common). Both
elbows do bend a little but not super strong click. Soft & only 1 bend
each. Fingers are nice & not cut or broken. Her outfit is pretty nice.
The jacket looks great as does the stripe top, the visor, and the
sneakers! The socks are just a little dingy but look decent. Not torn!
The shorts have one little run in the front center from the seam. It's
not horrible & they do display fine but it is there. They are clean! the
visor does show a couple creases on the pink clear visor section & the
elastic is dry rotted. Still cute though!  Overall it's a very nice outfit
& does display nicely. Very beautiful doll! SOLD
Glamour Gals Shara Doll with Original Stand
Excellent Condition
She is marked on the back C R G 1981 Hong Kong . Her name is  Nice
hair & face. Body is not chewed. A little bit of orange looking color
on the knee. Some play time but a great display. I believe she is
"Bronze Beauty". Stand is in great shape. $6