Ken Doll & Friends
For the time being, the Ken Doll page will feature all Ken & Male Doll friends from vintage to modern day.

I will have Vintage, Mod, 70's & all eras on this page. I'll also have Donny Osmond, Kevin, and all of Ken's guy friends
in here too! Even the little guys will be listed here like Todd, Tommy, etc.

Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal.
Sun Set Malibu Ken in Original Outfit & Towel
Excellent Condition
He was well cared for! Ken has excellent golden blond hair
paint. His face looks excellent. Only flaw is a couple light rubs
on his left eyebrow but still a nicely done face! All fingers &
toes are in great shape. No chews, nips, pin pricks or green
stains! His legs are fantastic! Both knees click and hold 2 times
each. They actually click 3 but only hold 2. They are very strong
though. His limbs are not swingy. There is one little dark spot
on his left hand. It's not horrible, just needs to be mentioned.
He is marked Mattel & Hong Kong on the left rear. Ken wears
his original red swim trunks. They are a bright & clean red
nylon tricot. The only flaws on them is just a little bit of
snagging on the left rear right near the back & inner leg, and a
handful of seam threads are popped out of place but they are
not torn. They display nicely as is. The towel has some aged
pale beige/brown/tan stains. It's otherwise really nice and has
all of its fringe. This is a very nice display doll and will look
great in your collection! $15
Malibu Ken in Best Buy #8617
Excellent Condition
He's from the mid 70's and I believe he should have the green
swim trunks. If you prefer him to have the trunks, I have one
available on my Ken Doll Fashions page. Ken is marked 1968
and Taiwan on his rear. He is a nice solid doll in great shape. He
will need some retouches to his hair paint but his face paint is
all original and very nice. A little rub to the left eyebrow & a
trace off the end of the right. A fine line rub in his teeth but
that's minor. Overall still very nice. All original. There have
been no retouches to his paint. No neck splits and his head is
not loose. All fingers and toes are very nice. None missing.
Nothing chewed. Both knees click and hold 2 strong positions.
Nice loud clicks! A trace swingy on the right leg but no broken
or repaired limb knobs. The arms are not swingy. Ken will come
to you wearing a fanastic outfit from 1973 that looks perfect for
the fall and winter! Best Buy #8617 is a 3 piece set of beige suede
cloth with white sherpa looking trim. It's not perfectly mint but
it's a fantastic display! The pants look wonderful!! Only flaw on
these are just a slightly wide elastic but they look great! Super
soft and all of the white trim stitching is secure. No blown
seams. The deep gold dickie looks very nice too. No holes or
blown seams. Minimal handling and the snap closure is secure
at the back of the neck. The jacket is the only piece that you
need to be careful with. So many of these did not survive
because they are technically made just a trace too tight. The
shoulder seams are the trouble spots. These are not completely
blown out but they are stressed. I got it on him as gently as
humanly possible. I do not really move the arms much though.
The front of both arm holes are coming undone and somewhat
wide. The back of the right arm is stressed but not open yet.
The back of the left arm is not stressed or blown. So you will
need to be very careful with these areas. Pulling or putting on a
doll is going to eventually make that seam wide open. See if you
can tighten them up. As he stands in the pictures, it displays
beautifully because it's a thick and heavy fabric. It is clean. The
white sherpa like fur trim looks very nice & is soft. A little bit of
that fur trim is separated at the top left collar just around the
back. That's an easy fix! Beyond that, minimal dust on the
outfit. It is clean and that is another thing that is hard to find on
this outfit. Minimal handling. The trim on the bottom left cuff is
slightly short. I think it's in the sleeve a bit more than the right.
Overall Ken looks wonderful & the outfit is so nice on display!
(email if you have any questions on those arm hole
areas/anything else!) $25
Wet & Wild Ken in Original Outfit
Excellent Condition
Well cared for doll and outfit! Nice face paint. Hair not rubbed.
Maybe a speck or two but that's it. Body is solid and sturdy!
Both knees are very stiff but that's normal for these later issue
dolls. They click and hold 2 bent positions. No cuts chews or
abuse. All fingers and toes are excellent. I saw a trace and very
pale washed out dark spot on the back of the left calf. I
pictured this so you can see exactly how light it is. I did find
after I took these pictures a stray hair must have been hanging
on Ken. I see it in the close up of his head picture. That of
course, is not a stain! I just didn't catch it at the time! The top
looks wonderful! Super clean & bright! Snap closure on the
back is secure. Bermuda shorts look great too! A few light trace
speck spots and a micro snag on the back but they look great.
Velcro closure on back is fine. He's a great display doll! $7
Steven Doll in Hollywood Hair Outfit
Very Good Condition
Steven was not originally a Hollywood Hair doll. I do not believe
they issued the black dolls in the Hollywood Hair line. (at least
as far as I know). The doll does have some rubs to his paint,
(eyebrow & hair only) but is very good otherwise. No stains or
cuts. Steven is not abused. All fingers & toes are good. No hard
playtime. Just some light scuffs that are typically found on the
arms/hands, but nothing too bad. Strong bending knees! No
pricks on feet or ankles. The outfit is in great shape! Nice &
clean. The gold stars are not dull. The white fleecy top is pretty
nice. Decal looks good. Minimal fuzz on the shirt just from
storage. All in all, a nice display doll & outfit. No shoes
included, sorry! $10
Rollerblading (era) Ken Doll in Clone Jeans & White Cotton Tee
Very Good Condition
This doll is definately from the 1990's era. I believe he might be
the rollerblading Ken doll (not sure). He does have 2 tone
blonde hair. Some rubs to the paint but not bad. (eyebrows &
hair). Some playtime on his arms but nothing serious. All
fingers & toes are excellent. No pricks, chews or stains on legs.
The top is a soft white cotton tee shirt in very nice shape. It is a
Mattel piece. Velcro closure. A thread or 2 of the bottom seam
is loose but no big deal at all. The jeans are clone or
homemade. I do believe they are clone though. Soft denim &
very clean. No abuse on them. They have a snap closure. Very
nice display doll! $4
Todd in Fashion Collectibles #1933
Good Condition
Todd is in excellent shape! Good face & hair paint. Body is clean
with no abuse or stains. Feet & hands have no missing fingers or
toes. Both knees bend & hold 3 positions each. No cracks
around his neck. He's a great display doll. Sorry I don't have his
original tuxedo at this time.
The outfit is a fair/good display. Looks pretty nice from the
front but there is a split in the belt. Not sure how to go about
fixing that one. The buckle is fine. The front of the outfit looks
fine otherwise but the back has some package residue. An
unfortunate problem from all those sticky back cards and that
awful adhesive Mattel used to keep them in place. I've pictured
the outfit pretty well so you can see every mark on it. The outfit
will look great from the front. You'll just have to come up with a
solution for the belt. SOLD
Wedding Day Todd from 1982
Excellent Condition
Todd is wearing his original tuxedo jacket and pants but
unfortunately I don't have the rest of his outfit. The doll is in
very nice shape. He really only has one flaw. His waist is very
swingy. I suspect the black rubber band that keeps him
together is aging. He's not broken, so he displays fine but he
can flop around a little. The arms & legs are not swingy! All
fingers & toes are in nice shape. Both knees bend & hold 3
positions each. They're very strong! He's clean. No stains, cuts,
nips, pin pricks or voodoo experiments. The jacket is
wonderful & very well cared for. Only one half of the snap
closure needs to be reattached. It's all there & an easy fix. The
pants are played with. Lots of piling & general play time. The
snap closure on back is secure & they are not torn. The picture
is making them look very shiny. He's a nice doll! $8
Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken in Original Swim Trunks & Glasses
Excellent Condition
He looks very nice. A few rubs on the hair paint (mainly on the
front) but a nice face. His body looks pretty good. Unlike many
that have been in a childs collection, this one actually has
almost all of his pale skin paint color on the legs & hips!! There
have been no retouches to this area either! All fingers & toes
are in great shape. The knees click and hold 4 times each!! And
they are strong! There are some very pale dark almost dark
smudges inbedded in the knees & a little bit of a line mark
going up the left thigh. You can see them in the picture if you
click on them for the full size view. He still displays very nice
though. There is a peeled circular spot on the backside of his
left elbow. Just from age. No pin pricks or green stains. There is
a line mark on the outer top of his right foot. It's not a cut. I
checked & it does not have any separation. It starts at a dimple
in the foot. This is from the factory. It's nothing major anyway.
Just want it mentioned. Some general play/handling scratches
but nothing severe. The most notable one is on the top of the
left hand. Still a solid doll. His swim trunks are very nice. One
trace tiny dot smudge on the left front but not bad & one
smudge on the upper left back too. The elastic waist is not dried
out and the "K" decal is still attached! It's folded over but it's
there! Ken does come with his original glasses too! They are in
near mint condition & look great! He is a very nice display doll!
Heart Family Dad in White Tuxedo
Good Condition
He'll need some retouching to his hair paint but he's not bad.
One main rub on the front but the back isn't too bad. Good
face paint. He has a gold painted wedding band but it's rubbed
fairly well in the middle. So that will need to be touched up.
Some scuffs & scratches to the hands but no chewed fingers.
His body is very good but the right foot has nibble marks on it.
Just a little bit on top of the left foot but that foot is for the
most part ok. They aren't terribly deep marks. Just numerous.
The toes are all there. He'll look fine with shoes on. Both knees
click and hold 3 positions each. They are strong knees. He is
wearing a genuine tuxedo outfit. I believe it's likely from the
90's era. A one piece with a satiny top, felt like/flocked collar
and velveteen type pants. Some snags on the satiny chest on the
front & back. Velcro closure on the back. It is clean though, so
add a jacket & it will display fine. Just a light amount of lint on
the pants. Pretty presentable though! Good project doll! $3