Fashion Doll
(all brands)
Barbie Roomfuls Kitchen Napkin
Near Mint! $3
Barbie Dream House Finishing Touches
Oven Mitt #3770
Mint Condition
I don't think it's ever been played with! Super
clean & crisp! No abuse! VHTF! $7
Day To Night Barbie Original Purse
Mint Condition
Looks great! No abuse or breaks. Just the
soft vinyl strap is curled a little but in nice
shape! Decal looks nice! Opens & closes
nicely! $6
Vintage Barbie Gold Clutch Purse
Very Good Condition
All it needs is a new button closure sewn in
place. The hole for the original is not blown out.
Some creases but not torn & the button is an
easy fix! Genuine vintage & not a repro!
Barbie Friendship Tray (only)
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Pitcher & lid are sold. $2
Vintage Barbie Gold Foil Belt
Good Condition
The belt will display nicely but there is a
worn section when the buckle would sit at
the waist. Otherwise, it's nice. This is a
vintage item & not a reproduction. $7
Miss America/Ballerina Barbie Roses
Excellent Condition
They are just loose & don't have a ribbon but
they are both very nice! Different leaf pattern
on each but that's how a set is supposed to be.
They're great displays & a nice find!
Day To Night Barbie Original Hat
Mint Condition
Just too cute! Hard plastic white hat with her
pink & white polka dot band in beautiful
condition. No fading or abuse! Just a few
traces of handling up underneath. Will all
wipe out easily. Nothing major anyway.
Cute hat! $5
Barbie Townhouse Pull Tab
Great Shape!
No breaks, stress cracks or stains!
Skipper Fun Runners Scarf
Good Shape $2
Western Barbie Original Photos
Excellent Condition
These are 5 of the original card/photos that
came with Western Barbie in 1980. You'd take
the blue "Barbie" stamper and she'd
autograph the photos. VHTF! $5
Barbie, Skipper & Francie Swim Fins &
Snorkel Mask
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The fins are perfect. The mask  has no
elastic (easy to fix) and has the slot for a
clear lens but that is missing. Otherwise
perfectly clean & not abused! $5
Quick Curl Barbie Pink Brush & Comb
This is the first issue of these combs and brushes
for Quick Curl Barbie. Both are in excellent
condition and very clean. No bent or missing
bristles. $3
Barbie Size Clone Purse Group
Excellent/Near Mint Conditions
These are really cute! Likely from Sears or
Montgomery Wards from the later 70's. All 3
are made of plastic. No breaks on any of the
ties. Will need a mild wipe down but very cute!
Barbie Pillows
Excellent Condition
I can't remember off the top of my head
who/what these came with. Researching! I
know they are genuine. Very clean velet with
lace trim. Snap closures are all secure. $8
Barbie Superstar Traveler Single Plate
Excellent Condition
The plate can be used with almost any kitchen
set as well but was made for her large Superstar
Traveler from 1977. It is not abused or
discolored. The plate has a slight inward speck
from where it was disconnected from its original
plastic tree but this is very minimal & it's a nice
display. $1
Barbie Finishing Touches Straw Hat from 1984
Near Mint Condition
Barely touched! It's straight, clean & the red
flowers and ribbon are wonderful. Only issues
is keeping the ribbon over the wider crown of
the hat. It seems to naturally sit tighter than I
think it should. Otherwise it's adorable!!
Barbie Dream Furniture White Pitcher
Excellent Condition
No heavy abuse or serious wear. Came with
the late 70's blue Dream Furniture Kitchen
Table & Chairs and also the Buffet Hutch
set. Just a little wipe down for some
storage/handling but nothing horrible. $1
Barbie Mod Era Red Vinyl Handbag
Mint Condition
It looks wonderful & unplayed with. Sits open
wide, so it definitely didn't get crushed in
storage. The single button closure is secure. No
splits, discolorations or abuse! Came with some
great pak sets from the early 70's! $8
Mattel Silver Belt w/Navy Buckle
Near Mint Condition
Great looking belt! It is a genuine Mattel piece.
Not sure if it's Ken's or Barbie's. Should fit
either one. Just a little curling on the silver but
no tears. Buckle looks perfect! Great belt!
Barbie Friendship Yellow Vinyl Apron
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
The hardest piece to find for this set. It even
has the white vinyl belt which is even rarer
to find! A tiny split on 1 end (not bad!) & a
couple specks on it but a great display! $20
Barbie & Friends Denim & Red/Star Purse
Near Mint Condition
Not 100% sure but it might be from the Barbie
All Stars era. I believe it's a late 80's/early 90's
era purse. It's a faux denim with soft red
stretchy knit and gold stars. Yellow stitching on
the strap. Clean & looks cute! $3
Evening Splendour/Golden Girl Corduroy
Purse  Near Mint!  Doesn't like to stay closed
but it is a great looking purse! $17
Barbie Hair Fair Blond Curl & Pink Barette
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Aside from some rubs on the barette, the
hair piece is in wonderful shape. Hair is not
a tangled mess & it's not frizzy at all. Will be
so cute with your dolls! $4
Barbie & Friends 90's Era Visor & Frisbee
New in Baggie
Made in Malaysia
Mint Condition
They have never been opened. A deep bright
blue visor & super hot pink frisbee set. Both
are perfect & untouched. $3
Gold Weave Texture Belt w/Red Buckle
Near Mint Condition
Not sure if this is Mattel or not. Nicely made.
Does not feel cheap. Super clean & bright gold!
Nicely made red round buckle. 1 ultra tiny
knick on the top of gold edge. Looks great
though! Pretty belt! $4
Barbie & Ken Dumbells
Near Mint Condition
These are so cute to display with your dolls!
No breaks, cracks or stains! This pair was
not made with handles. One tiny speck on
one but they look fantastic!
Mod Era Barbie Live Action House & Surprise
House Kitchen Pot - Excellent Condition
One of a handful of cute kitchen accessories
included with these 2 editions of the house.
Very Hard To Find!! $4
Barbie 90's Era 3 Piece Jewelry Set
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
No flaws. They are ready to display! Cute hoop
earrings & broad necklace. No fading.
Barbie Finishing Touches Kitchen Apron #3770
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Part of a very cute accessory set that would
have matched the 1st issue Barbie Dream
Furniture kitchen set! The apron is a bright
yellow nylon tricot with bold orange satin
ribbon and reddish orange stitching. It has 3
pockets to hold her cooking accessories. No
tears, stains or abuse! The ribbon looks great!
It's a cute piece to display with any of the
kitchen sets. Would even look adorable with
the older Roomfuls kitchen too!
Red Clutch Purse
Excellent Condition
Cute, not a closed piece. It's a folded over soft
vinyl with white pearl tone button sewn shut.
Looks great! Has a small trace black spot on
the right side edge. Still very cute! $1
Quick Curl & Deluxe Quick Curl Doll Comb
& Brush Set
Very Good Condition
These came with the Quick Curl Francie and
the Deluxe Quick Curl dolls. Both are nice.  
A little bend to one of the bristles on the
comb but very good pieces! $2
Vintage Barbie Green Tumbler in the "Go
Together" Line of Accessories
Excellent Condition $1
Vintage Barbie Spatula from her Apron Pak
Very Good Condition - Missing red "handle"
and one minor bend on the right corner. A
good display piece though! $2
Barbie Dream House Finishing Touches
Tablecloth #3770
Mint Condition
I don't think it's ever been played with!
Super clean & crisp! No abuse! VHTF! $8
Barbie Video Camera Recording Boom Piece
late 80's/early 90's
Very Good Condition
Not sure of what this piece belongs with.
Minor scuffing on the edge of the blue
microphone but not chewed. $1
Barbie Fashion Add Ons Straw Tote
Excellent Condition
This is part of the set with the purses & flowers
from 1978. This bag is in wonderful shape. Bright
red gros-grain ribbon straps are not abuse or
split. The tote is clean. Just a piece of the straw
loose on one side but it displays fine. Cute! $2
Flight Time Barbie Original Accessories.
Excellent Condition
Not a complete set of accessories but a
good start. Only flaw is on the front decal
of the suitcase. A little glue drop needed to
reattach the corner. Other side looks great.
Barbie Dream House Flower 1977
Near Mint Condition & VHTF!
This is one of the original flowers for the
window boxes of the Barbie Dream House. No
broken stems, pieces or abuse. $3
Barbie Dream Piano Original Sheet Music - From
1977. These are very hard to find. Good condition
but some have some discoloring. No rips and
they will make a cute display. (these belong to
the baby grand piano that makes music when you
push down on the keys-ivory color) $4
Barbie Restaurant Accessories
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
These could have come from a couple
different sets but I'm thinking they belong
to the Barbie Hot Dog Stand (late 80's
California Barbie era/series) or the Barbie
Hamburger Stand (late 80's/early 90's All
American era/series). Great displays! $5
Ken Campus Hero "State" Pennant
Good Condition
The felt curls toward the tip but it's not cut or
split. Some cracking in the "state" print but it's
all there. The tassel is all there but has
handling & storage time. It's messy looking
but clean! The pole is nice and not broken. It
will display fine just not mint condition
Vintage & Mod Era Barbie & Friends Yellow
Comb - this is a genuine Mattel piece in near
mint condition.
I have 2 of these available. Very hard to find! $3
each or both for $5
Barbie Wind Up Video Camera
Near Mint Condition-Works Great!
This is a wind up piece from the late
80's/early 90's. Part of a collection of wind
up toys from the time. Winds properly and
can be stopped with the tiny white side
button. Very Cute! $4
Barbie Wall Portrait 1988
Near Mint Condition
Depicts the 1988 issue of Superstar Barbie
No abuse or wear to the picture. $3
Barbie Clone Red Briefcase
Near Mint Condition
This is a great accessory. I see no abuse. Looks
like it was never used!
Barbie/Clone Jewelry Pieces Lot
Varied Conditions
These are really cute. Some pieces missing
a bead & might need a little reworking but
will be cute displays. All vintage/mod era
materials. No treating of metals has been
done! $4
Barbie & Friends Pink Visor & Frisbee
Mint Condition
Both pieces look great with no abuse or
Vintage Kellogg's Rice Krispies Doll Size Cereal
Excellent Condition
Before the days of licensing, you could find the
most adorable accessories. This is a rare find! It's
a plain box with just elf and logo. Printed on both
sides. Not crushed & is pretty nice! Just an aged
look to the white. $10
Barbie Perfume Bottle
This is a yellow version of the Barbie
Dream Furniture perfume bottle. Most of
them are blue. Bottle is in near mint
condition. More than likely an 80's issue.
Barbie Water Glass
Excellent Condition
This piece was made by Arco and came with
many Barbie playsets of the late 80's and
throughout the 90's. 25 cents
Vintage Clone Red Soft Vinyl Handbag
Mint Condition
Super clean and has no splits or abuse! Use it with
any 11 1/2" fashion doll! Looks great!
50 cents
Barbie Halloween Bag & Invitation
Fair/Good Condition
These pieces have some storage wear but
still good pieces to complete your dolls
original accessories. These would have
come with the 90's issues of Halloween
dolls from Target I believe. 50 cents
Barbie Corvette Seatbelt
This is an orange seatbelt. It's from the 70's. A
couple stress marks at the ends. No breaks in
the plastic! I only have the one, sorry! The
middle does not have stress marks! Picture
makes it look white but that's not correct.
Horse Saddle
Excellent Condition
Don't know which horse it might belong to but
it's in nice shape. $1
Clone Fashion Doll Soft Vinyl Red Clutch
Mint Condition
This is too cute! It's well made with a single
white button closure. No inner storage. It's
just a solid folded looking bag. Soft vinyl
material is clean! $3
Semi Shiny White Fashion Doll Shoulderbag
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Just needs a little wipedown in some of the
crevices but it's an adorable purse with a
single white button closure. No inner storage.
It's sewn shut. Strap has no breaks. Straps are
molded into the vinyl flap so those 2 dots you
see are how it's made. Has a crease line that is
intentional in its styling too. Cute! $2
Peaches & Cream Barbie Original Hair Pick
Excellent Condition
One of those hard to find accessories that is so
cute to have on display with your doll. Just a little
bit of inward bending on the teeth. Nothing
major. No breaks or stress (white) marks. $2
Barbie Babysits Bathtub from 1975
Excellent Condition
Can also be used with the Sunshine Family
& Baby Sweets dolls. Clean and not abused.
Catalog/Mego Tan & Brown Weave Handbag
Excellent Condition
This looks almost exactly like the purse made
by Mego for Cher's "Laverne" outfit but it's
Barbie & 11 1/2" fashion doll size! Looks nice &
clean! Has hook & button closure. Straps are
not torn. Cute! $2
Barbie's Cat "Fluff" Bed
Excellent Condition
Only thing it's missing is the quilted foam pad for
the center but all the decals are nice! $1
Cheerleading or Teen Skipper Megaphone
Near Mint Condition
Nice decal! No breaks or abuse. One side of
the decal is slightly upward but not dirty.
Great display piece! $4
Clone or Catalog Pale Pink Suit Case
Hong Kong
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Pretty in person. The plastic has a marbled
look in a pretty pale pink! A little bit of
leftover plastic at the bottom of the strap but
no breaks. Light melt mark on one side.
Opens & closes nicely. Hinges are not broken!
Cute case!! $3
Barbie Wind Up Dream House Accents Phone
Very Good/Excellent Condition
It works fine! It has a steady solid ring (made this
way), so if you want to simulate a ring, you switch
it on & off yourself. Winds up fine. A slight lean
on the right side of the pink holder but it's great
otherwise! Adorable accessory!
Victorian Barbie Ice Skater Musical
Good Condition
This is in excellent working order. All it
needs is to have some spots washed off.
Should clean off with a magic eraser.
Victorian Skater Barbie is a beautiful doll
and if you need a replacement music box,
this will work nicely! $3
Barbie Or Other Fashion Doll Dark Teal Towel
Excellent Condition
Not sure which doll it was made for. It's a very
soft almost microfiber like fabric. No holes or
heavy playtime. Just a speck or two from play
but overall very nice! $2
Barbie/Tressy Clone Blue Tote Purse
Excellent Condition
Often seen in red, this blue purse is wide with
metal strap fasteners. One strap is split close to
the metal fastener but displays fine as is. VHTF in
blue! $3
Barbie & Clone Silver Dimpled Clutch Purse
Mint Condition
This one was very well cared for! Perfectly
clean with no abuse. Single white button
closure is secure. The slit opening is not
spread. Just how it's made. Looks great! $3
Barbie Clone Silver Dimpled Purse
Excellent Condition
Great looking purse that was well cared for!
Only a tiny slit above the pearl tone button but
not blown out. Nice bright silver
25 cents
Lot of 3 Filligree Mod Era Barbie & Francie
Near Mint Condition
The green one says Francie, the red & yellow are
Barbie. All are nicely cared for. $2
Barbie Red Brush
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is in the style of the old Quick Curl
doll brushes. This one is from the 80's. Nice
red variation & the bristles are in great
shape. $2
Sears/Montgomery Wards Red Ski Set
Near Mint/ Mint Condition
These are so cute! No abuse or breaks. They
are a soft plastic. The round bottom piece of
one pole can slide off. It goes right back on &
doesn't fall off unless you pull it off. Straps are
all in great shape! Middle bottom side of one
ski has a clear like look in the plastic edge. It's
a clone set, this is common. Just from
manufacturing & it's perfectly solid.
Adorable display! $4
Barbie Dream Furniture Bedroom Blue Fur Rug
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
A fantastic accessory whether you have the
dream furniture or not. They're getting harder to
come by in nice shape. Pretty clean fur. Not
matted or torn. No holes. $5
Quick Curl Doll Comb
2 in mint condition, 1 in very good condition
Selling individually. Pick n choose. 2 are
the lighter color, one is a darker rosy color.
The 2 left & center are $1 each. The 3rd on
the right is 75 cents
(make sure you list your preference in
Strawberry Shortcake Blue Comb
Mint Condition
I think it's SS! I will research. Just a little over 1
inch long. Pretty color! 50 Cents
Barbie Grey Earring
Near Mint Condition
Sorry I don't have a mate for it. This is likely from
the 90's. 25 cents
Barbie Clone Glasses
Near Mint Condition
Not sure of the brand but likely a
Shillman/Maddie Mod pair from the 70's. 25
Barbie Boom Box Radio
Made in China
Good Condition
General play wear (scratch or two) but a cute
display. The antenna is a little bent but not
cracked. I've straightened it up some since
taking this picture. $25
Barbie Blue Necklace
Excellent Condition
Unmarked but a genuine Mattel piece. From the
90's I believe. Not much play wear. The flat
bottom of the center is from the factory not
chewed off. 50 cents
Barbie Blue Terry Cloth & Lace Bath
Near Mint Condition
I cannot find anything wrong with it. It's
clean and the lace is bright white. Velcro
closure on back. Very cute & a nice display
Small Pink Dawn or Same Size Doll Suitcase
This is adorable! It's unmarked but it has
"Spain" "France" "US" & wings on both sides. I
thought this might be Dawn's. I could be
wrong. It's in great shape. Opens & closes
perfectly. Very cute!! $5
2 Piece Red & Black Handle Frying Pan Set
Made in Hong Kong
There should be a handle on the larger pan but
you can use it as a large bowl too. The smaller
pan is excellent. No cracks or discolorations!
Barbie Video Camera
Near Mint Condition
Made in China
In very nice shape with no abuse or
scratches. Not a wind up piece. 25 cents
Barbie Yellow Lotion Bottle
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but a genuine piece. This is from
the 90's and could be found with several
playsets. No abuse on it. 25 cents
Barbie Yellow Camp Cookware Lot of 3
Near Mint Condition
One sided plate, pitcher & small pot (no handle)
all in nice condition. A little wipe down needed
but nothing filthy. $2
Vintage Barbie Ken & Francie Orange Juice
Fair Condition
It's got a few cracks running down the sides
so this is not for the mint collector but it's
still very cute. No cotton inside. Some light
residue from a package maybe. Most of it
scrapes right off without hurting the finish.
Barbie Yellow Frisbee
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong (not clone)
Very common accessory from the 90's.
Available with many dolls and play sets. There
is a dirt mark in my picture. That has been
removed. Light play time but not chewed.
10 cents
Barbie Go Together Era Mauve Plate
Excellent Condition
Only flaws on this plate are on the bottom. Some
melt marks (pictured) but otherwise a great
display from the top. $2
Ken Fashion Add Ons Suitcase
Excellent Conditoin
Looks great. Opens & closes nicely.
Someone put a Barbie sticker on it, but
otherwise it's a nice suitcase! No abuse or
breaks/cracks! $2
Barbie Purple Hair Dryer
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel. A nicely made
handheld accessory (non working). Sorry my
picture is fuzzy. It is purple and not bluish.
25 cents
Clone Barbie Gold Medal with Blue Ribbon
Near Mint/Mint
This is adorable! It's a thin gold tone metal medal
with a dark blue gros-grain ribbon at the neck. It
was well cared for & just a really cute display! $2
Barbie Neon Orange Visor
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel. This is the
style made around the time of the
Baywatch Doll series. No scratches and
vivid color. 25 cents
Barbie Hot Pink Sun Visor
Made in Hong Kong (not clone)
Excellent Condition
This style was made in the late 80's and
throughout much of the 90's. Available with
many dolls and play sets. There is a pale
whitish mark on the inside (right side) and one
faint light mark on the back end of the right
side but this is not broken or cracked
anywhere! A very nice display! 10 cents
Barbie/Ken Yellow Ski Goggles
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel. These were
available with a few outfits. In great shape and
not abused at all! 50 cents
Barbie Tennis/Racket Ball Rackets
Made in China
Near Mint
Not technically a matched pair but close in
styling. Both are in great shape! 50 cents
for the pair.
White "M" Ken Baseball Cap
Excellent Condition
This has to be a clone of the original red Ken
Baseball cap. It's a soft rubber material. Not a
smooth finish but well done. It has the same
"M" monogram on the front and button in the
top with stitch marks. Looks just like the red
one. It does have a mold separation spot on
the back edge. From it's original mold. Looks
like a split spot but just how it was made in the
mold. That's why I say it's a clone & not Mattel.
A cute variation though! Just use a light
wipedown but no ink stains or anything
red/pink. Cute hat!!! $10
Dried Silk Flowers in Wooden Pots (Set)
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Not sure who made them but they are adorable!
These are doll size painted wood pots with pretty
dried silk flowers. They're in nice shape. A
broken tip or 2 off some of the stems but they
look very nice! Sold as set $3
Golden Dream Barbie Original Hair
Excellent/Near Mint Conditions
I have the brush, comb, curling wand, one
barrette and one hair pick. They all look
very nice & have lots of the gold paint.
They are not abused pieces at all! Just a
couple slightly crooked teeth on the comb
but that's it. The bristles on the brush are
nice & straight. Great
replacement/upgrade set for your doll!
Tiffany Taylor Clone Size White Purse
Excellent Condition
This is a larger size clone purse. More like
what you'd see with the Tiffany Taylor size
catalog outfits. One bottom hinge is split,
otherwise it's a great purse. Opens & closes
nicely! Strap is not broken. $2
Clone Red Ski Poles
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Sold with catalog outfits of the 70's. They are both
in nice shape. Unfortunately I don't have the
matching skis for this pair. No abuse or issues.
They'll display nicely. $1
Barbie Friendship Suitcase
Near Mint/Mint Condition
A very clean example of this accessory! No
breaks or stress to the hinge. Handle &
hook work nicely and stay closed! $4
Barbie Yellow Pages Phone Book
Very Good Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel
The decal is in good shape. A slightly browish
mark on the backside but a great display. It
could open but I don't recommend it. I don't
think it's meant to open. 25 cents
Catalog Flower Basket Bouquet
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is one of 2 bouquets I have like this. This one
is specifically designed to sit in a flower basket
(no finger/hand loop!) & is harder to find. Has all
5 flowers & is adorable! $2
Vintage Barbie Ken & Francie Tennis
Fair/Good Conditions
These rackets are not mint but they are
good displays. One has a split on the
handle. This can be cured with glue. That
same racket has a little bit of string moved
over a hair. The other racket has some
melt marks & tape on the handle. Still cute!
Both for $5
Barbie Peach Colored Lotion Bottle
Excellent Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel
This is a cute little accessory. No abuse. 25
Gold & Green Shoulder Bag
Near Mint Condition
I am researching this piece. Definately a Mattel
piece from what I can see. Adorable & clean!
Barbie Pink Scooter Helmet
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel
This came with a Scooter set from the late
80's. A couple other sets might have also
used it later. 50 cents
Barbie Riding Cup Trophy
Excellent Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel
This is a cute accessory that could go with
almost any horse/stable/riding outfit/set. I see
one scratch on it but nothing major. Cute
piece. 50 cents
Barbie Hot Pink Pail/Bucket
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel
This is another cute piece that could be used in
almost any play set. It likely came with a stable or
horse set. 50 cents
Barbie Light Red Soft Drink Glass
Near Mint Condition
Unmarked but genuine Mattel
The last of 3 soda glasses that I currently
have. These make great displays. The top
has ice cubes like the others and a straw
tip. $1
Barbie & The Rockers Original Brush (1st Issue)
Mint Condition
Sorry I didn't catch the piece of hair in it
before I snapped the picture but the bristles
are all straight. It is the 1st issue brush with
shorter bristles. Nice & straight! $2
Unknown Yellow Container/Bottle
Near Mint/Mint Conditon
I'm researching what this might have come with. I
do believe it to be a genuine Mattel piece, but
not sure. It is very cute, tiny & in great shape. It
has a lid look but is one solid piece. $1
Secret Hearts Barbie & Ken Ice Pouch
Near Mint Condition
This is the little "zip loc" pouch that came
with these dolls. You placed an ice cube in
them or cold water and watch their outfits
reveal these "secret hearts". No abuse and
it still opens and closes nicely. $2
Barbie Purple Hand Held Phone
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Cute little accessory with a handle for Barbie
to hold it. Likely a 90's era piece. It is marked
China on the inside. Probably made by Arco
for Mattel. 25 cents
Barbie & Ken Peachy Pink Ski Goggles
Mint Condition
These are from the 90's era. No abuse or
discolorations. A slight translucent look to the
color but that is by design! 75 cents
Doll Size Portable TV with Horse Picture
Near Mint Condition
This is one of those adorable little pieces
from the 60's/70's. Could have come with
anything, so I can't be 100% sure of it's
origin. It's unmarked. Very well cared for.
3/4 of an inch tall. $2
Barbie Pink Ski Goggles
Mint Condition
These are from the 90's era & they look great!
A slight translucent quality to the color but
this is by design. No abuse or discolorations!
Barbie Purple/Black Decal Cell Phone
Near Mint Condition
This is probably one of the earliest cell phones
made for Barbie. It actually folds open and
closes. Well cared for. Very cute display piece!
Barbie Pink Hair Brush
Near Mint Condition
This is a brush that came with many
different dolls from the late 70's all the way
through the 80's. It's very clean and well
cared for $1
Barbie Light Pink Coffee Pot
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is a 90's piece that is unmarked. Likely
made by Arco for Mattel. It is a hollow piece
(lid does not open). Cute display. 25 cents
Barbie Entertainment Center Console
Near Mint Condition
This is marked China on the inside. The back is
hollow. This is an Arco piece from the 90's. Well
cared for! 75 cents
Barbie Pink Cups, Bowl & Plate
Good & Excellent Conditions
The bowl and 2 cups definately came
together. The lighter pink plate is close in
size but not the same style. Cups and bowl
are in great shape. The plate has a cracked
spot underneath but looks like it was from
the way it was molded. 50 cents for all
Catalog Flower Bouquet
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This is the 2nd bouquet I have like this. This
one is meant to held as a wedding bouquet. It
had the loop for the finger/hand. That loop is
split unfortunately but can still display
beautifully. All 5 flowers are in great shape as
is the greenery. You can put it in a basket but
it would display better in a taller vase. $2
Barbie "Friendship" Single Tumbler from 1974
Mint Condition
A hard to find accessory. This one looks great! No
cracks, stains or fading! A great piece to
complete your set! $3
Barbie Cash Register & Misc. Items
Excellent Condition
These are from Barbie's Ice Cream/Soda
Shoppe. 50 cents
Barbie Pink Coffee Pot
Good Condition
This piece should have a lid and I don't have it.
Still a cute display. A little pinch on the lower
part of the handle where it connects to the
pot. This is from the manufacturer. 10 cents
Barbie Purple Video Cassette Tape
Excellent Condition
Made in China
No decal was ever placed on it. They actually did
a nice job of making this look like a real case.
They gave it a textured look! 2 available. 50 cents
Barbie Purple Phone & Answering Machine
Excellent Condition
Made in China
A cute piece that looks like many modern
day phone sets. 50 cents
Large Brown Coffee Pot (Marx??)
Excellent Condition
I believe this was made by Marx for the Jane
West doll. I am researching. It is in very nice
shape. Has an open bottom. Solid lid does not
open. No abuse! $2
Clone/Catalog Red Driver & Putter Golf Clubs
Fair & Near Mint Conditions
Both are straight but the one is snapped off at
hte top. It could be used for a little Kelly size doll
though, so I didn't just throw it out! They came
with many different Sears/Wards catalog outfit
paks. $1
Jewel Secrets Ken 3 Colored Cummerbund
Very Good Condition
Some play time but it will display fine. The
back edge of the blue section is curling
back from the plastic near the snap. You
won't see it on display since it's only in that
back snap area. It's from having a jacket
over it & rubbing it with time & play. The
rest is fine. $2
Renwal Red Bathroom Scale
Excellent Condition (missing decal))
It will need a new scale decal but it will display
fine as is. Only minimal edge wear. It's from a
vintage doll house set. Marked Renwal USA No
10. Very cute!
Tall Yellow Ridged Vase
Very Good Condition
This is an unmarked piece. Has ridges on the
bottom half. Very pretty with almost a hint of a
marble look in the plastic. There is a crack in it's
side but not fully down top to bottom. I have
tried to pull apart to make sure it won't break.
It's still very solid & does not split easily. So it will
display fine. No missing chunks of plastic.
50 Cents
Strawberry Shortcake Bonnet/Cap
Excellent Condition
This is a vintage piece from the 80's line of
the SS dolls. I believe it's a night cap or
some kind of hat. The only flaw is that it's
missing one red tie. Otherwise it's perfectly
clean & has a nice elastic. No stains, holes,
snags or abuse!
I have a huge selection of Barbie & many other fashion doll brands of accessories to choose from!! You'll find all
eras, from vintage to modern and everything in between.  Scroll to bottom for the latest additions.
Email for invoice if purchasing with Paypal.
Barbie Best Buy #7418 Original Red Pleather
Purse Fair Condition
This has potential. Needs a new strap fabricated
& to have the golden bead replaced to close it
but the stitching is a clean white & it will display
fine. A little package residue on the back that
will clean off and it's good to go. Not the easiest
piece to find. $1
Peaches 'n Cream Barbie Original Hair Picks
Mint Condition
Both look wonderful are lighter than this
picture shows! Sorry about that! No breaks or
bends on the bristles. They are a great
replacement set for your doll!
Maddie Mod Black & Gold Purse
Very Good Condition
Much cuter in person! Bright gold thread in
a zig zag design. A little bit of threads have
been pulled but still looks very cute!
Barbie/Skipper Stripe Leg Warmers
Possibly Clone
Near Mint Condition
A very cute pair. I want to say they look more
Skipper size. I recognize this material as being
from a clone manufacturer. $2
Barbie & Ken Original Brushes Early 90's
Excellent Condition
All in very nice shape. No missing bristles. $2
for all 3.
Kenner Dusty Orange Hard Plastic Mirror
Near Mint Condition
This is Kenner Dusty's from her shower set!
It's a smaller doll size. Approximately 2
inches tall. $2
Slit Opening Alligator Style Clutch
Near Mint Condition
This is chic! A nice vinyl clutch bag that has a slit
for an opening. I do question whether it had a
chain attached to the back originally. There is a
perfect circle from the manufacturer on the
back. Very nice! $2
Shiny Gold Doll Bag
Very Good Condition
The gold finish is pretty good. There is some
play time but overall a good display. There is
some unraveling on the top side seam threads.
Somebody probably wanted to store
something in it. Cute! $2
Dream Girls Duffel Bag
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Very clean fabric with no holes, stains or
blown seams. Approximately 2 inches long.
Peaches & Cream Barbie Pair of Barrettes
Mint Condition
They look like only one has ever been used.
They lay perfectly flat like if it was flexed once,
it was never on a doll heads. This picture looks a
pinch darker than what they are in person. They
both look wonderful! $4
Barbie Superstar Traveler Pitcher Plates &
Near Mint/Mint Condition
All of these pieces are in wonderful condition!
A great group to complete your Star Traveler!!
Sold only as a group. $10
Barbie Dream House Finishing Touches
Brown Rug #3770
Mint Condition
I don't think it's ever been played with!
Super clean & crisp! No matting or bald
spots. No abuse! VHTF! $8
Dark Blue Hard Plastic Bowl
Near Mint Condition
This is some kind of clone piece from a kitchen
set but I don't have any other pieces to match it.
Made in Hong Kong. 25 cents
Scandinavian Airlines Systems Jack Bag
Good Condition
Yeah yeah I know they're for jacks, but they're
so darn cute for Barbie & her airline outfits &
the Friendship plane. So forgive me, here it is.
A cute hard to find bag that will work as a
great accessory for you display. One handle
strap is split from the bag. Zipper works fine. A
little rust spot on the white fabric on the
zipper but still good. I do think it's possible
someone might have repaired the seam that
connects the zipper fabric to the bag. Lots of
big white thread stitches. I don't think that's
original. Still cute though! These are extremely
hard to get! $15
Doll Size Boxed Groceries Set
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Not sure what set they are from but they are
all brand name pieces before all the
licensing requirements took over. Each one
is in great shape. Very minimal
handling/playtime. Nothing crushed or
torn. They are too cute! Use in any kitchen
set or grocery store playset! You get Ivory
Snow, Ritz Crackers, Lipton Tea, Corn
Flakes Cereal, Domino Sugar, Sun Maid
Raisins & another box of Corn Flakes.
Too cute! $10
Cheerleading Barbie and Skipper Baton
Mint Condition
This is from the 80's I believe or early 90's at the
most. Straight & in perfect shape. No bending or
cracks to the handle! A very cute accessory!
Came with the Skipper silver & pink megaphone
listed below.$5
Barbie Pink Unjeweled Tiara
Mint Condition
Made exactly like Jewels Secrets Whitney's
crown but a solid pink color. No breaks,
bend/stress marks or abuse.
Unknown Manufacturer Red Rose Comb
Excellent Condition
Not sure who this was made for but it's cute.
A couple bristles are minorly bent but not
bad. 50 cents
Barbie Animal Collar
Excellent Condition
I don't know exactly which animal this is for but
it's too tiny to be a Barbie belt. No breaks in any
of the holes. 50 cents
Twirley Curls Barbie Original Barrettes
Near Mint Condition
Very nice & hard to find! They open & close
nicely and stay latched. No heavy playwear. No
discolorations. Great replacement pieces for
your doll! $4
Tracy & Todd Original Calendar from 1981
Excellent Condition
A very cute accessory that came with the
dolls. Minor corner bend but not severe. $1
Shillman Maddie Mod White Purse
Near Mint Condition
A very cute accessory. Came with many clone
outfits. $1
Shillman Maddie Mod Pink Purse
Excellent Condition
Very cute! A little scuffing but very nice
display! Opens & closes with no problems
Skipper Horse "Chelsie" Original Saddle
Very Good Condition
A cute piece. Denim with pink trim and a
fleecy blanket saddle. One piece $3
Supersize Barbie with Super Hair Rose Necklace
Mint Condition
Looks like Pretty Changes Barbie's necklace only
it's the size for Supersize Barbie (the 1979 issue
with Super Hair)! Beautiful piece with a pearl
looking strand. It's adorable! I"m still
researching it to get the accurate name of it.
Pretty necklace with no abuse!
Clone Barbie or Ken Western Cowboy Hat
Near Mint Condition
Has 2 sets of holes on each side for either an
elastic chin strap or ribbon. No cracks or chew
marks. The back center of the brim has a
lighter look brown circle. This is a variation in
the plastic, not popped. The underside of that
spot had the same thing but is peeled. Very
presentable hat! Common with clones!
Barbie Shower Playset Accessories 1970's
Near Mint Condition
3 pieces to the cute little vinyl shower set.
The mirror is near mint & has a clean decal.
The brush & soap are in perfect condition.
Great display pieces for any set up! $3
(Green Soap will not be returned so
unfortunately it is not available. I'll try to
find another!)
  Vintage Barbie Flower Filled Tote
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Adorable & so cute! Carry strap is secure. One
pink flower on the top (clearly visible) can pop
out but slips easily back in place. Closing knot
clasp is secure! The bag is clean (all straw areas
are clean too!)! Adorable with just about every
outfit! $10
Starr's Math Book from 1978
Very Good Condition
The cover is still attached and it looks
pretty good on the outside. Just a light
almost water mark on the lower front but
not horrible. There are 2 pages that have
some writing & scribble in them. All of the
rest are fine! Still very cute for any of the
dolls to display. Works great for Skipper
too! $2
Day To Night Barbie Original Suitcase &
Accessories Set
Excellent & Near Mint Conditions
The suitcase looks great as do many of the
hard to find accessories. The only one not
perfect would be the large white
international card. It was stuffed in the
suitcase for years so the bottom is curled
somewhat. The little white credit card is a
little curled too. The diary does stay open for
the most part but still very nice. The rest look
great!! An excellent set to complete your dolls
original outfit! $10
Barbie Fashion Playsets #9264 from 1984
Excellent & Near Mint Conditions
This is 4 pieces of the traveling playset. 3 nicely
made luggage pieces and the "pleather" hat. All it
needs is the coat, sheer scarf & plastic luggage
rack to wheel the pieces around on. The hat looks
very nice but this is that type of vinyl that does
flake away with age. Right now, it's holding up
well. Bright white & not dirty. The luggage is
pretty nice. A little edge wear to the decals on the
plastic piece and someone had some baby powder
in there at some point. Washes right away. The
nylon luggage pieces have no powder in them and
are very clean! Cute display pieces! $6
Great Shape Barbie Original Duffel Bag
Near Mint Condition
This can with both the Great Shape Barbie
& the Great Shape Skipper as well. $2
Barbie Wide Blue Swim Fins
Excellent Condition
Made in China
A late 90's/2000's issue. Minimal playtime.
Plastic is not flexible. I believe these might be
made by Arco. No splits. $1
Barbie Size Baby Blue Shower Wrap
Near Mint/Mint Condition
I could not find anything wrong with this piece.
Super clean & soft! Excellent elastic. No holes,
blown seams or abuse! $5
Barbie Pink Dog Food Dish
Mint Condition
This style was first used for Barbie's Afghan
dog named Beauty in the early 80's. It has
since been used with many dog play sets.
No abuse! 25 cents
Barbie Whitney & Stacie Bike Purple Helmet
Near Mint Condition
This piece was actually made for the bike
riding Whitney doll (Stacie size). Can be used
by almost all of the Barbie family dolls except
maybe Ken. This does not appear to have
been used much at all! $1
Barbie Bridal Bouqet
Near Mint Condition
I'm not 100% sure of the age but I believe it to be a
90's era or newer piece. Very clean and well cared
for $2
Barbie Gray Plastic Clutch Purse
Excellent Condition
This is from the 90's. A simple gray plastic
clutch purse. A tapered fold design on the
front. A faint scuff but nothing severe.
10 cents
Barbie Vanity/Original Doll Accessories &
Mint Condition
Not sure if this is for Western Barbie or not.
The stamper prints Barbie's logo. Definately
from the late 70's or later. The hair pick is a
later 80's piece, so that's why I wasn't 100%
sure. All pieces are in nice shape! Still some
ink in that stamper too! $7
7Up Soda Can
Excellent Condition
Does not have a pull tab, not sure if it did. Only a
trace corner peeling up but adorable & looks
exactly like the old 7Up cans did years ago! Very
cute to get a correct brand label piece. Perfect for
Barbie & her friends! $2
Barbie Yellow Terry Cloth Towel
Near Mint Condition
This is a piece from the 70's. Not a part of
the Dream Furniture Commode or bath set
though. Seems more like the towel from
the Superstar Traveler (but mine was blue).
The ends were cut from the factory
somewhat less than straight but a great
towel that was not abused. Very clean! $5
Barbie & Skipper Blue & Pink Duffel Bag
Mint Condition
This looks exactly like the bag for the Great
Shape dolls from 1984 but the colors are
reversed. Could be just a variation. Nice
accessory for any doll! $2
Unknown Manufacturer Blue Rose Comb
Mint Condition
Not sure who this was made for but it's cute. No
abuse or bent teeth.
75 cents
Bright Green Cookware Dish
Very Good Condition
Unmarked. Just needs a few dark specks
washed off. Very cute. Hard plastic. No
breaks. A few melt marks on the bottom
Barbie Yellow Modern Tableware Group of 3
Near Mint Condition
Unfortunately these only arrived with one
goblet. All 3 pieces are very nice. They look to
be from the 90's. $1
Barbie & Ken McDonald's Uniform Hat
Excellent Condition
This is a slightly larger version from the one listed
higher up on this page. Not sure if it's Barbie's or
Ken's but I think it will fit both. Minimal play wear
but looks very nice! $3
Barbie Blue Sunglasses
Near Mint Condition
A more modern pair. Likely from 2000 or
newer. They look very nicely cared for. No
breaks or cracks. $1
Barbie Dust Pan
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Sorry I don't have any broom or sweeper to go
with it! It is not abused or discolored
Barbie Pink Fur Wrap
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This is a pretty pale pink fur. This is either from a
Dream Store playset or one of the pak add ons
from the late 80's. Either way, it's a cute piece! No
abuse. The fur is not matted. $2
Clone Catalog Red Binoculars
Excellent Condition
Cute displays with only minor edge
roughness (from manufacturing)
25 Cents each 2 available
Clone Red Radio & Binoculars
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
I believe these are from a Sears/Montgomery
Wards set. They came with the guitar in the
next picture. The antenna was either meant
to be short. It is not broken. The radio needs
a little cleaning for a few dark tinged spots
but the binoculars look fine.
50 cents
Barbie Clone Accessory Lot
Near Mint Condition
This is a nice little group with a cool blue camera
that a doll can actually hold, red binoculars,
yellow transistor radio & pink hair dryer. All
pieces are in nice shape. $2
Barbie Friendship Accessories
Excellent & Near Mint/Mint Conditions
All of these pieces are very clean. Only a
dark speck in a mold spot on the bottom of
the pitcher. The suitcase is mint as are the
tray, plate & lid. Nice examples of these
pieces! $11
Barbie Superstar Fashion Stage Show
Mint Condition
If you've ever had this set, you know how
fragile that tip that inserts in the podium can
be! This is a very hard to find piece for the
stage show. It is well cared for and the tip is
not stressed. Can be held by a doll as well as
inserted in the podium for awards ceremony
play! VHTF! $10
Red Flash Camera
Near Mint Condition
Ok, this is adorable! A more 80's style flash
camera. Actually has some nice detail on it. It is in
great shape with no abuse! Will look very cute in a
traveling dipslay! $1
Unknown Pink Hair Brush
Mint Condition
Unfortunately I don't know which doll this
would have been produced for. It's not
marked anywhere on the handle. A thicker
and shorter version (almost) of the old
quick curl Barbie brush but a little
difference on the smooth side. No abuse.
All teeth are straight. 25 cents
Catalog/Clone Black Binoculars
Near Mint Condition
Very cute display & very nicely made! These
are a smooth plastic with excellent detail
work. They don't look like clones. I couldn't
find any markings on them. $1
Catalog/Clone Red & White Electric Guitar
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
Adorable! These came with catalog outfits from
Sears & Wards. I have one from childhood. They
are very nicely made with pretty good detail. No
strings but they didn't always come with strings.
My childhood piece did not have strings brand
new. So that is normal. No breaks or cracks!
(2 available)
Brown Acoustic Guitar
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
This was pretty well done! A brown plastic
with pale yellow & brown decal for the
strings. It has a pale red braided cord strap
too. The decal only has a little folding over
down by the end but no tears in it. A drop
of glue will hold it down & look fantastic. A
light white line on the back from the
plastic but a cute piece with  no breaks or
cracks! $4
Skipper/Barbie Yellow Bar Soap
Near Mint Condition
Made in Hong Kong
From one of those wash/pantry toy sets made
for Barbie dolls. Likely from a catalog set.
These were common from Sears/Wards in the
70's. The soap is a little on the large side but
cute piece to display! 50 Cents
Catalog/Clone Ivory & Red Trim Binoculars
Near Mint Condition
Very cute & well cared for. No breaks. I did see a
tiny pin head size hole where the plastic didn't
meet in manufacturing but you won't see it on
display. It's really tiny. They are very cute! Sold in
many catalog sets from the 70's! 75 Cents
Barbie Superstar Traveler Mirror
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Part of the travelers vanity accessories. It is
a creamy ivory color with blue & white
mirror decal. Decal looks very nice! A faint
line in the white section, but a nice mirror.
Minimal scuffing on plain side.
Soft Vinyl Light Pink Star Belt
Very Good Condition
Looks like it's missing the buckle. That should
be all it needs to display beautifully! I'm
researching who it belongs to. Appears to be
a 70's piece. It is a nice soft vinyl with no splits
or breaks. No fading. Very cute belt!
Starr Doll Original Microphone
Near Mint Condition
This is Starr's microphone. You can use it in other
sets like the Fashion Stage Show but the color is
different slightly. The microphone has no abuse
or splits. Handle for the doll is not cracked or
chipped! Great replacement! I have several of her
pieces available! Check other listings on this page!
Starr Doll Original Tambourine
Near Mint Condition
An adorable display piece that can be hard
to find! Will display great for any doll but
part of her great set of accessories! No
abuse or discolorations! $5
Yellow & White Megaphone
The middle is white (almost marbled
looking), the ends are yellow. The Go Team
decal has some edge wear but mainly at the
top. Handle is secure & not broken or
cracked. Very cute display! $2
Dream Glow Barbie Umbrella Skirt
Mint Condition
I could not find anything wrong with it! Super
clean & looks untouched! One snap closure is
secure. I believe this is the umbrellas skirt & not
her boa. It looks beautiful & bright! $10
Barbie Yellow Plastic Belt
Near Mint Condition
Looks like one of the accessories made by
their Arco division. Definately a later 90's
piece. No stains, breaks or fading. 75 Cents
Barbie Catalog/Clone Badminton Rackets
Excellent Conditions
Made in Hong Kong
These have the most authentic look to the
handles & the racket overall. They truly look
like a genuine Badminton racket. Nice detail
on them. They are a soft pliable plastic, so
they won't crack when you play around with
them. I only have 3 available in this style.
State quantity desired when ordering.
75 Cents each
Barbie Catalog/Clone Tennis Racket (closed
Excellent Conditions
Made in Hong Kong
These 4 are a soft pliable plastic. They do not have
any opening in the handle for a doll to hold it.
They are all in nice shape & will display cute!
Make a doubles team display with them!
State desired quantity when ordering. 4 available
25 Cents each
Barbie Catalog/Clone Tennis Racket (Open
Excellent Conditions
Made in Hong Kong
I have 6 available in this style with the
handle open. They will allow a doll to hold
the racket in the hand on display without
falling off. All are in nice shape.
Slightly less pliable plastic than those listed
to the left. Still flexible though. So they will
not crack or break unless you intentionally
try to snap them in half.
State quantity desired when ordering
50 Cents each
Barbie Clone Green Bead Necklace
Near Mint Condition
I love this! It's a great bead necklace for
Barbie & 11 1/2" dolls. Likely from a catalog set
from the 70's. No breaks or abuse. It's ready
to display! Will look fantastic with mod & 70's
outfits! $3
Barbie Clone White Bead Necklace
Near Mint Condition
Another great necklace! Also for Barbie or 11 1/2"
dolls & from a catalog set. No stains, breaks or
abuse either. Will display great with almost
everything! $2
Clone/Catalog 3 Piece Denim Luggage Set
Excellent Condition
This is a cute set! Tote & duffel bags with a
garment bag are a dark blue & white
denim fabric with bright red trim. They're
all clean! Only the back side of the
garment bag needs some restitching where
the denim pulled away from the red trim.
The zipper works nicely! So cute! $5
Catalog Clone Yellow Purse
Good/Very Good Condition
Sold with many different catalog sets from
the 70's. It opens & closes fine, but the
bottom hinge on one side is broken & the
other is cracked. Still displays nicely! The
plastic is slightly harder so that's probably
why it cracked. It does not look abused! The
handle is not broken or cracked. No fading or
25 Cents
Starr Original "Soda"
Near Mint Condition
This is a very cute accessory for Starr! It is in great
shape with no abuse or fading/stains. Straw &
handle are not broken or cracked!
Clone/Catalog Tennis Accessories
Excellent Condition
I don't have an outfit to match these cute
pieces but I have a visor, a racket and the
matching duffel. The front of the duffel is
too small to get the racket in to. The duffel
is a soft thin vinyl with green & yellow trim
while the visor is a cotton fabric and only
green trim. No tears or stains! They're very
cute! $3
Pink Clone Plates
Very Good & Excellent Conditions
Made in Hong Kong
Both are nice but the one on the left is faded.
No breaks or cracks. Still cute displays.
50 Cents for the set
Barbie & The Rockers Pink Fur Hair Piece
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Clean & well cared for! All of the fur is super soft
& clean! No matting and the purple tie looks very
nice. Maybe a couple super light snags but
nothing major at all. Looks great & will make a
great replacement piece for your doll! $3
Barbie & The Rockers Wristlet/Glove
1st Issue
Mint Condition
Looks unplayed with! Clean with no stains,
holes or abuse. The silver stars are not
super silvery but they are all perfectly
even. This is how it was made. Has a single
hole for Barbie's thumb. Not a
reproduction! This is a 1st issue from the
1980's. $5
Barbie/Clone Catalog Black & White Camera
Excellent Condition
Sold with many Sears/Wards catalog outfit
sets! Very cute accessory! It's in great shape
with  no abuse! $1
Pretty Changes Barbie Original Yellow Brush &
Comb Set
Mint Condition
No flaws or abuse! They look great. One bend on
one bottom tooth in the comb but the rest are all
straight and the brush is straight as well!
Fashion Doll Clone Brush Comb & Curler
Mint Condition
All four pieces are in great shape & don't
appear to have any play time. The mirror
decal has that "brushed" look-not a shiny
mirror image (intended from factory) but
it's in great shape! $2
Barbie Catalog Red & White Radio
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
So adorable! Came with several catalog sets
from Sears/Wards & others. Nice condition
with no discolorations! These always look so
cute on display with Barbie & her friends!
Barbie Sears Exclusive Olympic Fashions Hat
from 1975
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Couldn't find anything wrong with it! It was well
cared for and the dusty red band & stitching are in
nice shape. No stains, holes or bleeding of color!
Cute hat! $8
Shillman/Maddie Mod Blue Round Purse
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
This is a tiny one! Handle to hinge, it's the
size of my thumb tip to the first knuckle.
Pretty blue color that doesn't come around
as often. It opens & closes nicely. Hinges
on the bottom are not cracked or broken.
Cute purse! $1
Barbie Clone/Catalog Pink Princess Phone
Excellent Condition
No your eyes are not deceiving you. The
handset and the base are different colors but
they came this way and are not pieced
together, I promise! Goofy but it's very nice
otherwise. The dial does have numbers under
the rotary finger dial piece. This is the
original soft vinyl pink cord too. Cute phone!
Mattel Dream Furniture & "Shaun"  Brown Radio
Near Mint Condition
This was used for the Shaun Doll from 1979 as well
as one of the accessories that came with the
Barbie Dream Pool Lounger Set! It's in perfect
condition. Marked Mattel in 1979 with the part
number & Taiwan on the inner back. An adorable
accessory for your Barbie & Shaun Dolls
$3 (2 available!)
Clone/Catalog Ivory Doll Brush
Excellent Condition
This is a tiny doll size version of the Quick
Curl Barbie brush. It's a soft plastic. Just
over an inch long. Will be a cute display
with your dolls. No missing bristles
50 Cents
Catalog/Clone Brown Handbag
Mint Condition
Very cute bag in a nice brown color! Most of
these are white, so this is a cute variation
It opens & closes nicely! No splits or cracks!
Cute purse! $1
Clone Hard Plastic Hair Dryer
Good Condition
Made in Hong Kong
This is a fairly large hair dryer. It is over an inch
wide & just about an inch tall. This could work
nicely to display with a Cher or Farrah Fawcett
Doll as well as a Barbie size doll. The front looks
pretty good. The backside does have some light
yellowing/discoloration. Where it's stamped Hong
Kong has a little soil in it. That should clean up
fine. Still cute! 50 Cents
Barbie & Friends Blue Visor
Near Mint Condition
Made in China
One of a rainbow of colors Mattel & Arco
produced. Pretty light blue color! 50 Cents
Clone Screen Changing TV
Indian in Canoe Scene
Excellent Condition
Made In Hong Kong
So adorable! You can see the little Indian row
in this scene. No breaks or abuse! $1
Barbie Yellow Necklance
Near Mint Condition
This is a mid 90's piece. No abuse, stains,
discolorations or cracks. Pieces like these were
made by Mattel's Arco division for several
different types of playsets. $1
Barbie Car Side View Mirror
Good Condition
Not sure what car it came from but the
mirror decal is in very nice shape! I don't
see any abuse that would make it
unusable. It has a 3 knob hinge piece that
should just click into place on the car from
what I can see! $3
Barbie Clone Duffel Bag
Near Mint Condition
Part of a garment bag set from the 80's I
believe. I thought it might be made by Mego
but it's not tagged. Very close in color & style
to the Brooke Shields set but opposite colors.
No tears or blown seams. No stains! Carry
strap is in nice shape too! $2
Barbie Yellow Cats Eye Sunglasses (2000 era or
Mint Condition
They are unmarked but genuine Mattel glasses.
No breaks, stains, discolorations or abuse! They're
adorable! $1
Barbie Yellow Visory
Near Mint Condition
These visors are genuine Mattel pieces. I
believe these too are made by Mattel's
Arco division. Very common accesories in
the 90's. They came with almost everything
from outfits, playsets & paks! No breaks,
stains or discolorations!
50 Cents
Clone/Catalog Pale Pink Brush & Comb Set
Excellent Condition
A soft plastic pair. Both are in great shape
with no splits or abuse. The handle on the
comb is very cute. Brush is sturdy enough to
use. Not the cleanest edges from
manufacturing but very presentable. They'll
be cute displays. 25 Cents
Barbie Manicure File & Cuticle Tools
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
A little large for Barbie but they are genuine
pieces. Likely another 90's set that was made by
Mattel's Arco division. Nicely made with no stains,
abuse or discolorations. $1
Clone Fashion Doll Gray & Black Record
Player & Record
Hong Kong
Mint Condition
The record is not removable and the arm is
a molded piece. So no loose pieces. Great
display with no abuse or breaks/cracks. No
discolorations. Looks nice because of the
realistic colors. $1
Barbie & Clone Gold Dimpled Clutch Purse
Mint Condition
This one looks great! Single white closure
button is secure. The button slit in the purse
is not split open wide. Nice & bright! Looks
great! $2
Pair of Football Helmets
Excellent Condition
No these are not Barbie or even meant for dolls.
They were sold in the 70's in bubble gum
machines! Yeah, I know...what are they doing
here?? Well, I just couldn't help it. They'd fit Todd.
So if you have an idea to make a little football
outfit for him, these would be hysterical! The
sticker on the white one is loose, so it will have to
be glued back on. The black Steelers helmet only
has one side sticker. It's missing the other side.
Face guards are not broken!
$1 for both of them!!
Pair of Vintage Clone Mirrors
Good Condition
Made in Hong Kong (both)
These are pretty old. One is a very pale
pink plastic (the one on right) and the
other is a baby pink with a more keystone
shaped mirror. The baby pink has
oxidation on the mirror finish but still
cute. The pale pink is a very light soft
plastic/vinyl. The mirror section has heavy
scratching to that silvery paint. Pretty
authentic looking design work & handle in
the plastic though! Very cute displays!!
$1 for the pair!
Barbie Spring Green Visor
Mint Condition
Made in China
Pretty light spring green color!! No abuse at
all! Came with a multitude of Barbie or
Skipper outfits from the 90's!
50 Cents
Unknown Straw Hat
Mint Condition
Could be a part of a catalog set. It's the right size
for Barbie & any 11 1/2" doll! No abuse. the fabric
tie looks great! No holes or fraying! $1
Pink & Multi Print Cap
Mint Condition
I'm still researching this piece. Looks like a
more modern piece & likely Mattel or well
known brand. No stains, holes, or abuse!
Has a double tail on the back. Pink fabric
is a stretchy knit with elastic. The print is a
cotton fabric of gray, tan, dusty pink, off
yellow & white. Cute hat! $2
Barbie Red Boom Box
Mint Condition
Came with several different Barbie & Skipper
outfits of the 1990's. Made by Arco for Mattel.
They were cute accessories. Only downside
was the backside was hollow.
50 Cents
Barbie Yellow Hobo Bag
Mint Condition
Another piece made by Arco for Mattel from the
90's. No abuse! It is cute. It is hollow on it's
backside though  too. Only a "6" is stamped inside
the back. 50 Cents
Navy & White Ribbon Duffel Bag
Excellent Condition
I'm not sure if this is a homemade piece or
not. It could be a catalog accessory. The
navy fabric is a polyester knit. the stitching
on the white satin is stitched nicely to the
bag. Very clean stitches which is why I'm
not 100% sure of it's origins. The lower
right satin ribbon has just a slight
tannish/brown hue. Otherwise very nice.
Suited for 11 1/2" dolls. 25 Cents
Starr Hair Pick
Mint Condition
From 1979. It was made for Starr. No abuse!
Starr Original Barette
Excellent Condition
Opens & closes nicely. Needs just a little bit of soil
washed out in edges of star. No ink stains. Just
simply handling soil. Cute for any doll! $1
Pile of Bananas
Fair & Mint Conditions
These are cute! Must have come from
either an Arco picnic set or from a grocery
store playset. The top of each banana has a
tiny hole in it. Like they were strung
together. The perfect size to display in
Barbie's hand. Only one is missing the tip
of where the hole would be. All the others
are perfect. $2
  Clone & Catalog Red Purse
Near Mint Condition
Made in Hong Kong
These were sold with many catalog sets from
Montgomery Wards & Sears in the 70's. This red
version is a great looking piece. Nice bright color.
Opens & closes nicely! Only a little variance in
plastic finish but this is from how it's made in the
mold at the factory. And only minimal playtime or
handling/trace tiny scuff or 2. Looks adorable!
Barbie Superstar Traveler Dishes
Mint Condition
I have the 2 plates, 2 tumblers, the pitcher
and it's lid. All pieces are in mint condition
and clean with no abuse. Great displays for
your traveler or use them for any of the
Barbie vehicle! $9
Sears/Wards Gray & Red Transistor Radio
Near Mint Condition
The tiny little antenna is still in perfect shape
with no breaks off the top. It's adorable! Little
bit of a melt mark line on the back right
slightly diagonal but still displays nicely.
Barbie or Clone Tennis Racket (blue grip handle)
Fair/Good Condition
Made in Hong Kong
This racket will display fine. It does seem to have a
slight bow to it. One half of the handle is split
from the blue grip portion. It's still usable, just be
careful with it. There is a lot of yellowing and the
net is a little disconnected from the frame in one
side. Still cute, I like the blue handle, not so plain.
50 Cents
Miniature White Skis & Poles
Very Good/Excellent Conditions
Made in Hong Kong
I believe these are sized for Mego's Dinah
Mite Doll. The skis are 4 1/4" long & the
poles are 4 1/2" tall. They are a flexible soft
plastic and not broken. The only issue is
that the one pole is missing the bottom
round piece. Handles & straps are not split.
Nice set! $3
Clone Champagne & Silver Clutch & Satchel
Excellent & Mint Conditions
These are so cute in person! They are a
champagne colored fabric with fine silver
thread woven in the fabric. The clutch has a
little white button closure. The satchel has an
elastic inner toward the top. Unfortunately
the satchel seems to be missing any carry
strap. So you'll need to recreate one. No
stains or blown seams. Very pretty set! $4
Starr's Friend Shaun Original Brown Guitar
Excellent Condition
From 1979. This came with the Shaun doll. Part of
the Starr series that had a 2 year run. The guitar
can be used with any Barbie or Ken doll too!
It is marked Taiwan on the inner backside. Looks
like the only flaw is that one of the little frets was
nipped off. Otherwise it looks great!
Clone/Catalog Silver/Gray Camera
Mint Condition
Made in Hong Kong
This is a cool looking piece. The soft
(almost pliable) vinyl/plastic has a swirled
look to it's coloring. It looks great in
person!! No strap (it wasn't given one or
any holes for a strap). No abuse. Very cute
display for your dolls!! $2
Barbie/Ken Lime Green Glasses/Goggles
Mint Condition
These are fom the later 90's or 2000's. No
breaks, cracks or abuse! No discolorations.
Bright clean color! $1
Barbie or Clone Light Blue Headband
Mint Condition
Looks great. It's a light baby blue color with no
cracks, breaks or abuse. Will be very sweet to
change your dolls hairstyle! $1
Vintage Barbie Fruit Filled Tote (Suburban
Very Good Condition
Adorable accessory! The large piece of
fruit pops out of place and the banana like
piece has a crack but it is very cute. Clean
straw purse & carry strap is secure as is the
knot clasp closure. It leans on 1 side a bit
but a cute purse! $10
Starr Doll Original Yellow Comb
Mint Condition
Can be used with any of the Barbie dolls but
made in 1979 for Starr. No abuse. It does have
the tiny yellow star molded on the side.
Dusty Red Horse Blanket
Good Condition
Untagged, so I'm not sure who it was made for.
This is a good size blanket with single opening for
just the head to get through. Stitched seam front.
Unfortunately it has some fading. 2 tiny holes
toward the back. One on the left side and one on
the right. Will still display ok. Just not for the mint
collector. Has a couple tiny dot speck marks on it.
Soft fleecy style fabric. $1
White Flower Pot (or wastebaskets)
Excellent Condition
Made in Hong Kong
I believe these are meant to be flower pots.
Just tall ones. If you prefer, you can use
them as wastebaskets but I'm leaning
toward flower pots! I have 4 available. All
are in great shape. The plastic almost has a
slight marble look to it. Will need a little
wash just from playtime/storage, but all
will display beautifully!
$1 each
  Gold Clutch Purses (split closures)
Fair/Good Condition
Both of these have splits around the buttons. The
left has a 3 way split, the right has a vertical center
split. State your choice via email. 10 Cents each
Gold Clutch Purses (no splits)
Near Mint Conditions
All 3 of these have no abuse. They all have
white button closures. Just state your
preference via email (mention left, center
or right!) $1 each
Dark Brown Hard Plastic Horse Saddle
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This seems more vintage to me than 70's. It's
not a pliable vinyl. Not sure what horse it's
made for, but it's beautifully done! Has a vinyl
strap underneath with riveted snap closure
(in nice shape!), and round felt tabs inside,
covering the rivet holes to prevent scratching
on the horse. Nice detail work on the saddle!  
(cannot ship in an envelope! box only!) $10
Silver Mini Clutch with Cross Body Strap
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
This is a great display. It's not a full purse. It's a
dimpled silver piece folded over with a white pearl
tone button to keep closed. But it can't actually
hold anything since there is no fold on the sides.
The mini clutch has a white braided rope strap
built in. Nice shape. Probably could be a little
brighter on the strap but it's likely from the 70's.
Very cute display purse!!
Clone or Peggy Ann Red Round Hand Bag
Very Good Condition
Pretty bright cherry red with a hint of
translucent quality. Carry strap & closure
are nice. The only flaw is one piece of the
hinge is broken on the bottom. The other
is fine though, so you can open & close it
without a problem! Cute! 50 cents
Pink Button Edge Comb
Mint Condition
Made in Hong Kong
Pretty soft plastic comb with pretty button
look edging. the plastic gets paler as it goes
down the bristles. That's just from design, not
fading or abuse. It's in great shape & not
chewed or abused! Cute! 50 Cents
Barbie Bathe & Beauty Place & Salon Mirror
Excellent Condition
This piece came with a few different sets. It is
from the mid 70's. It is a pink color with a shiny
mirror decal, not the later issue blue paper decal.
This one has an excellent mirror on it! The other
side has a light amount of storage soil but that
should wipe off easily. The mirror side looks
great!! Most of these show up heavily scratched.
Very cute display! $3
Clone & Catalog SilverGray Record Player
with Red Record Set
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
Unlike most that I come across, this record
player is a hard plastic. The arm on the
record does not move. There is a old white
thin glue around it. This looks like it might
have actually been done this way at the
factory. Doesn't look like a home job. No
breaks or abuse. Very cute display!
Barbie Yellow Visor
Mint Condition
Made in China
No abuse or stains! Came with so many
Barbie & Skipper outfits of the 90's.
50 Cents
Barbie Clone/Catalog Flowers & Basket Set
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Such a cute set. This basket is an all white version
with no tinted color on the sides. The flowers look
great! No breaks to the basket! Adorable
accessory for any play set! $2
Barbie Beach Party Case Yellow Surfboard
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Made in Taiwan
This is marked Mattel 1978 on the back.
This actually had stickers on it new.
Someone must have peeled them off. I can
still see the design. It had the stars & the
stripe design. This is the board that came
with the Beach Party Case set that had the
doll & accessories. No breaks on the board
or cracks. Just sticker residue. Very cute!
  Great Shape Skipper Original Headband
Mint Condition
Looks barely handled! Bright sky/turquoise blue
with excellent elastic! Will make a great
replacement piece for your doll! $2
Hair Fair Barbie Double Fine Braided Fall
Very Good Condition
The braids are in great shape!! The ribbon
has some edge fraying but still very nice.
The tiny barrette is still attached, so it's
ready to display! Pretty piece!! $4
Barbie Clone/Catalog Black Camera
Mint Condition
Slightly pliable vinyl strap. The camera body
is well done. It looks like a real camera from
the 70's/80's era. Nice shape! $1
Hair Fair Barbie Baloney Curl Fall
Good Condition
The curls look ok on the lower portion with a little
flyaway. The main issue with this piece is the
unruly section at the top. The rubberband is
dryrotted. Still there but broken. The ribbon is
fine. The hair will need to redone on that top
area. Will need some patience to pull it off, but
definately worth sprucing up!! The barrette is still
there even though it can't be seen in the picture. It
is in great shape  and not bent!! So it's great for
that alone!! $2
Hair Fair Barbie Straight Fall
Fair/Good Condition
It looks worse than it is. All this needs is a
nice smoothing out. This one will be easier
because it's a simple straight style. Some
snuggle fabric softener with smooth it out
and then set it how you'd like. The ribbon
is in pretty nice shape. Just a little bit of
edge fraying. A little bit of the top loop
needs to be reset in place, but this should
be an easy fix. No barrette included with
this piece. $1
Magic Curl Barbie Purple Bow Barrette
Mint Condition
Cute little rectangle plastic barrette. No
breaks or abuse. Snaps closed & stays closed
without problems. Very cute! $2
Western Fashion Doll Suede Chaps & Saddle Bag
Set (Unmarked)
Near Mint Condition
Both the chaps & the saddle bags are super clean
& soft. The suede like material is not matted. All
the fringe is there. Some wrinkled though. The
chaps have a tie around the waist & also for
around the upper legs. I don't know who it was
made for. A doll of the 11 1/2"-12" style. No holes
other than the little ones intended for the leg ties.
Silver vinyl tops on the chaps looks bright. Likely
came with one of the saddle sets I have listed in
the next line (they all came together!). $10
Leather Saddle & Rein Set
Excellent Condition
I don't know who this is made for. No
markings but sure enough it's real leather.
Soft & nicely made quality! The little
buckle piece joins the straps underneath a
horse. I know it's missing one of the
stirrups and one strap for the back left
side. I'm sure something can be made to
replace it. It has a foam lining underneath.
Looks like it will fit most of your Barbie
sized horses. Adorable set! $14
  "Weathered" Large Vinyl Horse Saddle
Near Mint Condition
Nice looking saddle. Unmarked, so I don't know
what horse it was made for. Looks like it will fit
most of your fashion doll size horses. Very soft &
pliable vinyl. It is intentionally "weathered" with a
black & burnt red coloring on both sides. The
smaller saddle pictured to the right is a mate for
this one. So this one must have been for a mare
and the other for her foal or pony. Strap is in
excellent condition. Cute saddle! $5
"Weathered" Small Vinyl Pony/Foal Saddle
Near Mint Condition
Part of a set that included the larger saddle
to the left. It has the same "weathered"
look with black & burnt red on the soft
pliable vinyl. This one has a smaller "seat"
and round stirrups for a smaller dolls feet.
The strap is in excellent condition! Should
fit most of the foal/pony horses (ie: Dixie,
Chelsea, etc)
Red Fleece Horse Blanket
Excellent Condition
Not sure which set it came with. Likely
belongs to one of the saddle sets listed above.
This is a soft red fleecy fabric with dark blue
zig zag stitching all the way around. Only one
faint dark speck toward the center (visible in
picture) but otherwise wonderful & no hole
or blown stitching.
Barbie Western Feed Buckets & Brush Set
Near Mint Condition
These are from a Play Pak set and have the blue
handles. They are all original. The large feed
bucket strap is adjustable. The water bucket &
brush straps are not. All three pieces look
wonderful & they're so cute to display! $8
Barbie Travelin' Trailer Horse Brush
Mint Condition
No abuse! This one has the brown strap.
Part of an adorable display set!
Barbie Fashion Add Ons Silver Satchel Set
Near Mint Condition
Double silver weave satchels with a knot in
the strap make a perfect pairing for all the
Disco era outfits of the late 70's! They're so
cute! Clean! The strap has only minimal
handling. A few tiny knots in the strap but a
great display! $3
Catalog/Clone Lime Green Handbag
Good Condition
These came with outfit groups from Sears, Wards
& JCPenney from the 70's. This one is presentable
and has a split on the bottom end of one side of
the strap but displays fine! It opens and closes
properly! Cute lime color! 25 cents
Barbie & Clone Slightly Textured Gold
Clutch Purse
Very Good/Excellent Condition
This one is slightly smoother in its texture
from most of these clutch purses. It looks
nice. The white button closure is secure. A
little rub spot on the back side where the
button might have been pressed inward
but still decent. A little bit of wear on that
closure split but still a very nice display!
Barbie Clone/Catalog Western Hat
Excellent Condition
It should have a chin strap on it since I see a
tiny hole on each side of the brim. It's a nice
hat. A little bit of a rough edge on the top but
not bad. It's a light firm plastic & not firm
rubber. 50 cents
Western Barbie & Ken Original Hat
Excellent Condition
Just missing the chin strap but a good hat with no
stains or abuse! Will look great on any of your
dolls! $2
Blue Floral Potted Plant
Mint Condition
I don't know who made it but it is
adorable! Looks pretty well cared for too!
Has textured "soil" under the leaves (all
hard plastic). No abuse from what I see. No
breaks or cut leaves/petals. Will look
precious with any Barbie or other Fashion
Doll House! $6
Clone or Catalog Fashion Doll Blue Comb &
Brush Set (70's)
Hong Kong
Cute set in a royal blue color. The combs
teeth are so close together you can't really see
between them. The brush can be used. No
abuse! Cute displays. 25 cents
Barbie Baby Sits Yellow Bottle (1970's version)
Mint Condition
This was also used for the Sunshine Family baby as
well. No abuse or stains. Great for all of the Barbie
babies! $4
Barbie Baby Sits Yellow Bath Tub
Near Mint Condition
Looks great! No abuse or heavy playtime.
Maybe a trace or 2 of handling/play soil but
nothing heavy at all. No cracks or abuse. $2
Barbie Baby Sits Baby Blanket
Excellent Condition
Came with the yellow accessories listed above
but can also be used for the version with the
pink furniture and Christening gown set. It's
very soft and doesn't feel like it was played
with much. Just a faint orange spot on the top
left near the edge but it will display
beautifully! $3
Ken or Clone Soft Rubber Baseball Hat
Mint Condition
This one does not have the "M" on the front. No
other markings. So I'm just going to assume it's a
clone. It's made beautifully and doesn't feel like a
cheap piece. So the quality is nice! Could be for
another brand like Ideal or something maybe. No
abuse, stains or splits/chews! Adorable hat! Same
size as Ken's vintage hat! $4
Doll Size Miniature Portable Green TV
Mint Condition
This is too cute! Perfect for any bedroom
or living room Barbie display! It is marked
Hong Kong on the back. It's in great shape
and clean. Handle is not broken. The
holographic screen is clean. Tilt it up and
down and you'll see a baseball player
swinging a bat. $4
Vintage Barbie Long White Gloves
Excellent Condition
Nice gloves. Some snags on these but they'll
still display fine. The one glove's fingers like
to fold over, but it looks fine when you put it
on a doll. The web area between the thumb &
index fingers are not torn. One is a trace
longer than the other but will still look fine
on your dolls. These are not reproductions!
Vintage Barbie Long Black Gloves
Excellent/Near Mint Condition
They look very nice. Only 2 very pale and hard to
see specks of handling soil and 2 trace snags but
minimal and they will look very nice on your dolls!
The seams are not blown and the web between the
thumb and index fingers are not torn.
They look great! They are not reproductions!
Barbie & Skipper Pale Pink Ballet Bag
Good Condition
The string has a few extra knots in it but is
long and uncut. The fabric is a pale pink
and not faded. It is clean for the most part
but has some storage/handling soil. The
main flaws I see are some pin holes that
look like it was sewn to it's original
packaging. So the fabric doesn't look
perfect. Still a cute bag though!
Vintage Barbie "Purse Pak" Red Velvet Clutch
From 1962-63
Near Mint Condition
Looks beautiful! Has the gold bead closure
instead of the rhinestone for the Red Flare
set. The loop closure is perfect & everything is
original. Clean & well cared for! White satin
lining is all clean too. No bald or flat spots in
the velvet fabric! Pretty purse! (genuine
vintage! not a repro!)
Vintage Barbie Evening Splendour Turquoise
Clutch Purse from 1959-64
Fair Condition
Some handling on the velvet but will still display
fine. The main issue is that the button closure fell
loose from the little metal hook. The metal wire is
still in the purse and pokes out through the front.
The loop section of the closure is still perfectly
secure. There is a hole in the white satin lining
(likely from that bare wire). Just add a new bead
or closure of your choice & it will display nicely
again! (genuine vintage-not a repro!) $2
Barbie Late 80's/Early 90's Computer
Keyboard Accessory
Marked "2449-2128 10" on the underside
Excellent Condition
This should have a monitor piece to go
with it. I only have the keyboard, sorry! It's
in very nice shape. Just a little upper right
corner creasing but still very nice.
Catalog Barbie Size Record Player with Black
Mint Condition
This one looks more realistic having a black
record! Very nice display! The arm is secure
and there are no splits, chew marks or
discolorations! Cute accessory!
Late 80's/Early 90's Era Pink Hair Pick
Near Mint Condition
Came with several dolls, Barbie, Teresa, Skipper
and many more. Nice shape. Trace inward bent on
the one side but no white "stress" marks from
abuse or rough handling! 25 cents
Barbie Hot Pink "Walkman" Cassette
Player with Attached Belt
Mint Condition
No abuse, cracks or discolorations/fading!
It's cute. Sorry I don't have any headphones
to go with it! It just slips over the dolls
Mod Era Skipper Yellow Filligree Hanger
Near Mint/Mint Condition
These are so cute. Just a slight trace curvature
in the center but this is minimal! No stains,
broken letters or filligree work! $1
Barbie 80's Era Dream Store Pink Hard Weave
Hat, Mint Condition
I can't find anything wrong with it. Part of an
adorable playset from the 80's! No fading or
cracks. It is a hard plastic piece with a woven
texture. Very cute! $3
Barbie Dream Furniture Blue Ice Cube
Tray from 1977
Mint Condition
This came with the first edition of the
Dream Furniture refrigerator set (yellow
fridge). No breaks or stress marks and no
aging of the plastic. It's an adorable
accessory! $1
Michael Jackson Single Silver Glove by LJN
Excellent Condition
Clean and well cared for. No abuse or holes.
A great replacement piece to complete your
dolls outfit! $6
Barbie Size Clone/Catalog Silver Sequin Beret/Cap
Mint Condition
This is not a handmade piece that I can tell. It's
beautifully made and looks like a factory piece.
Fine white knit underneath with evening spaced
silver sequins give it a perfect late 70's disco/club
wear look. Clean and in beautiful shape! Cool
cap/beret! $4
Catalog or Homemade Knit Hat
Mint Condition
Not convinced if this is handmade or a
catalog piece. It's beautifully made in red,
green & white. Soft knit and clean
stitching. No stains, holes or abuse. Pretty
50 cents
Barbie Size Clone/Catalog White Tennis
Mint Condition
No abuse, discolorations or flaws. Cute
displays for all your dolls! $1
Superstar Ken Original Sunglasses
Near Mint Condition
Very hard to find and in great shape! Very little
handling/playtime. No stress cracks or bends to
the frames. The silver lenses look very nice! Just a
light rub on the right lens. They will look great on
your Ken doll!! They're the best part of his outfit!
Vintage Doll Hanger Group (Multi colors)
Very Good to Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Some melt marks on the large ivory hanger
but the rest look very nice!
Barbie Off White Brush & Comb Set
Made in Taiwan & Phillipines
Near Mint/Mint Conditions
Both look nice. Just a trace of an off white
color. Brush is from Taiwan with no bent
bristles. Comb is from the Phillipines. A trace
curve on the comb handle but a great display
and no bent teeth. $1
Orange & Blue Hanger Group
Mint Condition
The picture is making them look red. They are a
true orange color and then the one single blue is a
royal blue. All are in nice shape. They are the
more softer pliable plastic hanger. 50 cents
Barbie Rose Pink Brush & Comb Set
Made in Phillipines
Mint Condition
Both pieces look wonderful & have a nice
matte rosy pink color. No abuse!
Barbie/Barbie Pet Double Sided Comb
Made in Taiwan/1979
Excellent Condition
A few bent teeth but none missing. I believe
this belongs to one of the Barbie dogs. It's
marked 1979 but I'm thinking this would have
been from the 80's for maybe the afghan dog.
I could be wrong. Still searching. Nice comb
50 cents
Barbie Bright White Brush & Comb Set
Made in Taiwan
Mint Condition
Both are bright & clean. Barely handled with no
bent or broken teeth/bristles. Both are marked
Taiwan. Nice set! $1
Peachy Pink Barbie Brush & Comb Set
Made in Phillipines
Mint Condition
Both pieces are very well cared for and in
great shape. A peachy pink color instead of
the standard pink. $1
Translucent Hot Pink Barbie Brush & Filligree
Hanger Set
Made in Phillipines
Mint Condition
Pretty color! Not sure if they came with a
vanity set or a doll. Still researching. Both
pieces look wonderful & nice! $1
Barbie/Mattel Size Comb #9182 2139
Made in China
Mint Condition
Not sure which doll this came with. Cute handle
with molded curve pattern. This is likely from a
later 90's or early 2000's era doll. No abuse!
50 cents
Fashion Doll Clone Blue Round Hand Bag
Mint Condition
Adorable & a very pretty medium blue. No
breaks on the hinge on bottom, Handle is
nice and clasp is not broken. Looks great!
Gray Suede Chaps & Purse Set
Mint Condition
These are so cute! Likely from a catalog set.
They are a soft dove gray crushed velvet
(meant to look like suede) set with fringe and
a single gold tone button on the chaps and
cute diamond cut out design on the fringed
front shoulder bag. The bag's flap does open,
so it can be used. Super clean and I don't
think they were ever played with. No blown
seams, stains or abuse! A little folded on the
strap and some curled fringe on the one chap
but adorable! $6
Barbie Reversible Metallic Pink/Purple & Silver
Oval Accent Belt
Excellent Condition
Only lightly played with! It is a fantastic display.
This is from the 80's era (I'm thinking Rocker's Era
& later). Has a very light gray plastic buckle. Can
be used for both sides. A couple very light bends
but a cute piece! No tears. $5
Barbie & The Rockers "Ken" Original Silver
Neck Scarf (2nd Edition)
Mint Condition
Very bright silver lame` and very well cared
for! This is for the 2nd Edition Ken with the
long silver coat & pants with the pink top.
It's a great replacement piece!
Small Fashion Doll White Hand Bag
Mint Condition
I am suspecting that this could be used for a
Topper Dawn Doll. It would be a trace on the
large size but not too far off. A pinch small
for Barbie but would be adorable to display
with a Francie. Very cute & no abuse! This
does open & close. No breaks on the hinge or
handle. $2
Fashion Doll Clone Yellow Handbag
Near Mint Condition
Just traces of very light scuffs but they are minimal
and I believe they are from how it was molded
at the factory. Nice yellow color. No breaks or
cracks! Very cute! $2
Clone/Catalog Red & White Transistor
Made in Hong Kong
Near Mint Condition
Very cute display. A trace speck of dust in
the black but nothing major. No breaks or
abuse. Did not have an antenna.
25 cents
Day To Night Barbie Original Scarf
Very Good/Excellent Condition
It was tied for several years in storage so
that's why you seen gathered creases but it's
in very nice shape. Just some light end fraying
and not heavily snagged. Just a small few. Will
be a very nice display! $3
Barbie Purple Scarf
Near Mint/Mint Condition
This looks fantastic! It was tied in storage for
several years but still in wonderful condition.
Bright & clean. I didn't see any snags on it. The
ends look great too!  I don't think this was used
much at all! Great piece! It is older. From the
70's/80's I believe. $5
Barbie Red Soft Woven Knit Scarf
Near Mint/Mint Condition
Super clean and soft! It has unfinished
edges but not abused. It is very well cared
for & will look great on your dolls! No
stains, fading or holes. $4
Clone Fashion Doll White Hair Care Set
Mint Condition
They are a soft plastic set in great shape with
no abuse or bent teeth/missing bristles. The
mirror decal is secure. A few lines in it but an
excellent display! $2
Black, Red & White Leg Warmers for Barbie &
Similar Fashion Dolls
Mint Condition
I'm still researching which outfit these belong to.
Very clean and they look barely touched. Soft
woven knit fabric that is very clean & bright. No
fading, stains, holes or blown seams. They look so
cute! $3
Larger Fashion Doll Rosy Pink Hair Curler
Mint Condition
This is sized exactly like the ones for the
Ideal Crissy & Velvet dolls. No splits or
cracks in the tube. It is 1 3/4 inches in
length. Nice shape! 50 cents